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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get all three starters?

I saw some one say you could in this game, and if I could get all three without trading it'd be nice

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From: Kike0692 4 years ago

Start game, Save before picking pokemon, pick it and continue the game until Elm give you pokeball.
Catch a pokemon, attach a pokeball to your starter, put your starter in the pc, change box(turn off game while says ''Saving...dont turn off the power''.If its in Crystal you should turn off right before saves after ''power.''. Remember, right before the saved sound.
Turn on game, you should appear right before picking the starter, pick it and continue the game till cherrygrove, go to pc, withdraw pokemon and take the pokeball from it, catch another pokemon and then do the same thing you did before.You will not need to have a pokeball. Start the game and pick the last one and go to pc and you will have the other 2.

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Look up how to clone pokemon.
Start the game, pick starter 1, catch another pokemon, clone starter. Repeat with starter 2 and starter 3.

It's actually easier to trade. That way, you get pokedex data too.

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Without trading? Only by hacking.

With Gold\silver there's a bug in the Pokemon Choosing time, where you could choose all three starters at once LOL

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