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"A review for Gamefreak's second remake."

Pokemon Gold and Silver sold faster than any other Gameboy Color game to hit the shelf, one year later, they released Pokemon Crystal. On one hand, some of the enhancements are constructive and enhances the game somewhat. On the other hand, this game honestly didn't change much from Gold and Silver.

Gameplay 5/10
Pokemon Crystal's gameplay is largely the same as Gold and Silver's, there is the added battle tower, so the gameplay is enhanced by a little bit. You'll still love the gameplay if you liked Pokemon Gold and Silver's. This game's gameplay is average for a Gameboy Color game. You won't be amazed at it very much.

Story 6/10
The Pokemon series have been known to recycle most elements of their story. In Pokemon Crystal, you still collect the 8 badges, however, Pokemon G/S/C also allows you to collect the 8 badges in Kanto, thus enhancing the story by quite a bit. You get to explore almost twice as many places as you got to in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Pokemon Crystal's story is about the same as Pokemon Gold and Silver's story, though.

Graphics 8/10
Pokemon games for the Gameboy and the GBC are pretty good in terms of graphics. You'll like the amount of detail they put into those games for GBC quality. They're very easy on the eyes and there's no lagging pixels or chunky graphics. Their color choice was very good, too, you'll find that everything has the right shade of colors. They really made good use of the Gameboy Color's hardware!

Sound 5/10
Pokemon Crystal's music is mediocre, not great, not bad. You might like the champion theme a bit, and you'll like the new legendary dog theme that Pokemon Crystal offers, that was a nice new addition to this game. However, the wild Pokemon theme is very repetitive and can be annoying sometimes, same goes with the trainer battle theme.

Replay value 7/10
The replay value is decent for a GBC game as well. You can get about 70 hours from it, which is pretty good. However, you'll only enjoy about 70% of it, so I can't give it a higher score on that part. The battle tower, however, adds on to the replay value of this game, only experienced players would know how to do well on it, though.

Overall 6.2/10
Pokemon Crystal is a remake of Pokemon Gold/Silver, considering there was only a 1 year difference, they did pretty well. However, I'd recommend you not getting Crystal if you already have Gold/Silver. If you hadn't, though, I'd somewhat recommend this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/09/09

Game Release: Pokemon Crystal Version (US, 07/29/01)

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