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"I played so long it's burning my retina(s)!!!"

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge is actually a port and a remake of Tetris Attack for the SNES. It had a brother/sister game, Pokemon Puzzle League, on the Nintendo 64. However, that game had many more different modes. This game has garbage, marathon, line clear, challenge, and puzzle. The Nintendo 64 one had all those, AND one where you could make the field 3D.

The main point in this game is to get three or more blocks with the same picture on them to be lined up either horizontally or vertically. You're trying to get more than three in order to stop the rising blocks for about 7 seconds, and then you're trying to make combos. In garbage mode, you're trying to get rid of the garbage that falls, if I remember correctly (I never used that mode much.). In line clear, you get 5 matches with each Gold/Silver/Crystal gym leader. (Three regular Pokemon games that were released in this era). In challenge mode, you're trying to beat the gym leaders in one match each, and you're trying to beat the elite four.

You can change the theme of the levels around you by picking a Pokemon that you've unlocked- but if you're in a gym battle, the theme is the gym leader's Pokemon. Picking a Pokemon to battle with has no effect that I know of other than changing the graphics.

Graphics 10/10 - The graphics are colorful and good quality! Just the way I like it! And there's lots of pixel art of the gym leaders!!! Anyways, I don't think there's much more to say...

Sound 10/10 - The music is basically remixes of songs from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. It sounds slightly techno. I like it! I remember that when I was a kid playing this game, I'd get out my headphones, plug them into my GBC, pause the level, and listen to the awesome music- it's that good!

Gameplay 10/10 - This is the most innovative idea I've seen since Tetris and Klax. You're trying to line up three or more of the blocks that have the same color (If you're colorblind, you can go by the pictures on them!). You're trying to make combos to stop the rising flow of blocks. In the gym modes, you're trying to get combos to knock down the HP of the other trainer's Pokemon. Pretty fun and addicting!

Controls 10/10 - You use A to switch the blocks, and you use the D-Pad to navigate your cursor through the field of blocks. Not too hard. Nothing special, but what more could they do?

Replay Value 10/10 - I've been playing this since I was a kid... so you can tell that the replay value is high since I get bored easily.

Oh, by the way- you can save in the middle of a match!!! You just press start and go to the save option. Then it shows a picture of the Pokemon sleeping, and it tells you to power off. Next time you turn on the game, it will ask you if you wish to continue the match or forget about it. That actually comes in handy!!!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 08/09/10

Game Release: Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (US, 09/01/00)

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