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"One of the better Game Boy Color Games"

The Dragon Warrior series is an old one that dates back to the 80's. The series, created by Enix, is a classic RPG series that sells tremendously well in Japan, much less so in other parts in the world. However, that doesn't mean that the games aren't great. Dragon Warrior 1+2, a remake of the first two DW games, in one game pack, is an example of how good the series is. Although I never played the first two before, I picked up this game anyway and all I can say is that I'm thrilled I did!

Graphics: 70/100
The colors have been enhanced from the original and have included new cut scenes. The cut scenes help to tell the story and look great! However, in the game itself, there is much repetition in the backgrounds. However, the game graphics are solid for any Game Boy game, but very good for an RPG. Yes, they could've been better, but I, along with most other people take gameplay over graphics any day.

Control: 90/100
The controls are simple, yet well done. The A button is a conveinent action button that allows you to talk, open doors, search underground, and more! The B button allows you to see your menu, where you can check up on your status, exp. level, spells, items, and more. It also cancels commands. The Start button has one purpose, to record in the field log (more explanation later). The controls are very good, but I think maybe the field log should be used in the select button instead, and the menu as the start button.

Story: 40/100
An average story in both games. In the first, you have to rescue a princess, and defeat DracoLord. That's about it. In DW2, you must gather decendents of the legendary warrior Loto to defeat a new evil power, Hargon. Nothing special here.

Sound: 70/100
The sound effects are basic, normal for GameBoy. However, I really liked the soundtrack, especially songs such as the overworld theme in DW2 with all three characters. Also, the music in DracoLord's castle is very cool.

Gameplay: 90/100
This is where it all matters, and this game excels. The RPG play is wonderful, extensive, and well=designed. The game has incredible depth and will keep you playing for 30-40 hours! This is exceptional for a handheld game, and the game is beatifully done. DW1 is a little on the easy side, but some things are tough to figure out. However, it is pretty linear, but not so linear that you'll wish that you could have freedom. DW2 is different in that the game is really non-linear. The freedom you have is great and it adds lots of depth. However, there are some flaws here. First, Enix should have included secret areas and items not found in the original versions. This would've been really cool and added to the replay value. Also, the leveling up, although improved over the originals, is still pretty exhausting, and your quests are based on it. However, other than these two minor grovels, this game is awesome!

Challenge: Very High
DW2 is hard. You'll search high and low for some secret items, and some monsters are really tough. This game, unless you use a FAQ or guide will take a while to figure out. I had quite a bit of trouble figuring out what to do sometimes, but it only adds to the depth and fun.

Replay Value: Medium
As with most RPGs, it's really fun to play again. This game is no execption and it's awesome.

Final Score: 79/100 (7.9/10)
I'm surprised a GBC game can be so good! This game has a lot, from depth, variety, and fun, and has everything a classic RPG should have. I definitely recommend picking this game up, you don't wanna miss something as good as this. However, it is not perfect, so don't expect to pick up the perfect GBC RPG. It still is, I think, the best RPG for the little handheld.

Rounded to fit GameFaqs score: 8/10

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 11/22/00, Updated 01/11/01

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