Question from Psychicelement

Why won't the time capsule work?

I have a Kadabra with only Psychic, and I have Red version hooked up to Silver but after it says, "Please Wait.",
The silver lady says, "Your friend is not ready."
and the red lady says, "Link closed due to inactivity."

Psychicelement provided additional details:

I have no other pokemon in my party at the moment.

I am getting ready to fight Clair.

And am using the GBC link cable (I think)

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pokedude7 answered:

What other pokemon do you have in your team?

What Link Cable are you using?

Have you done the event that unlocks the Time Capsule in the first place? (Meet Bill in Ecruteak and then wait a day)

Without any of these details I can't tell you what's wrong.
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