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How do you change the battery?

My game won't save any more. How can I change the battery to make it work?

tenorsax91 provided additional details:

I wasn't referring to the battle in the GBC. I was referring to the battery in the game cartridge itself. I think it's some kind of lithium battery, but I don't know what size or anything.

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tyranitaronweed answered:

I'll give you some instructions.
You will need:
- A super thin pair of needle-nose pliers.
- A hobby knife
- electrical tape
- access to a Walgreens (the battery size differs, so I don't wanna give you the wrong size)

1. Use the needle-nose pliers to remove the screw in the back of the cartridge. If the pliers don't fit well, use the hobby knife or pliers to grind away a little bit of the casing around the screw to make the hole wider.
2. The battery is always soldered into place. Use the hobby knife to sut the solders off the battery. It's okay if you bend the metal things surrounding the baterry, just as long as they don't break off.
3. Upon removing the solders,look at the battery to check the size. Mine was CR2025, but it may differ. Walgreens is the best place to get batteries like these, so head there and pick up the correct size.
4. Fit the new battery into place where the old one used to be and use the electrical tape to keep it in place. Make sure that:
A) The metal parts are touching the battery.
B) THe battery is negatve-side up
C) That the BATTERY CANNOT SLIP!!! I cannot stress this part enough, because if it slips out of place, you'll have to open up the cartridge again to refit the battery, and you'll have to satrt the game over again.
5. Close up the cartridge and put the screw back in. Make sure that the game will turn on (It should of you didn't damage any parts[the solders don't count]), then start a new game and just try a random save. If it works, you have succesfully fixed your game!

Hope this works for you. Happy Gaming! ;-)
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Shikamaru100 answered:

if i remember correctly from my old game boy color, the batteries are AA, so i assume u should get some AA batteries and put it in. but that is to say that the battery is the problem in the first place, could be something else
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untrustful answered:

This site should help:
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AWing_Pilot answered:

You need to buy a special bit to open the cart then solder in a new battery which can be bought from any Wal Mart.
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Doctimus_Prime answered:

There's a way of doing it without soldering. Check the sticky on the message board. It worked fine when I did it.
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Mousser answered:

I've used two small screwdrivers to get the stupid screw out, but my dad found it was much easier with incredibly fine pliers (don't think I spelled that right), but being a doctor he used hemostats instead. Anyways I agree with untrustful and you should go to and remember to have the positive side facing down and to firmly secure the battery with good tape because I have had to open it up like three or four times. I hope this helps.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

In this situation I would say your best option is to look up a site or an FAQ dealing with the subject.

It'll more in detail than any of these people can.

Hope this helps.
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