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Where do i find the rainbow wing?

I need to know how to get and find the rainbow wing

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pokedude7 answered:

In every game, it's different:

Gold: Clear out the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

Silver: Beat the Elite 4 and solve the Power Plant sidequest, get the EXPN Card from the Lavendar Radio Tower, then wake up the Snorlax, after the battle, go through Diglett cave and when you are at Pewter City, talk to the Old Man at the entrance to the route leading to Mt. Moon.

Crystal: Catch all three Legendary Beasts, and beat the Elite 4. then talk to and show the Old Man in the Tower your accomplishment (you need to have all three Legendary Beasts in your party, and have them have the same trainer ID as you.)
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amp888 answered:

You dont need to have the dogs in your party, but you do need to catch them all. Trading for them wont count, although you would then be able to track them with your Pokedex...
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JHardyNo1Fan answered:

This is for Pokemon Silver.. Why list the other games?
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