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How do I solve the Unown Relic puzzle?

I got the kabuto into order but it's not working!

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AmegaiShiryuu answered:

You may have placed the eyes in the wrong position. This is a simple error to make because it still looks like you did things correctly.
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Pak_Protector answered:

But what is it suposed to LOOK like no one shows a picture and if you kno were i can find one please tell me.
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mooglegirl3 answered:

If you want a picture of what the finished product looks like, a simple Google search in is order. >.<
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arceus_mewtwo answered:

Be sure to check the faqs
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JHardyNo1Fan answered:

Try google or faqs?
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MexicanWalrus answered:

A Relic FAQ is probably your best option.

The eye thing is probably true though, they got me after a while.

Hope this helps. :D
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miniclipgamer answered:

I think you may have a few common errors
take your time and think about it
or just look it up on google images
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UltimateDigimon answered:

If you got the edges you must focus on the centre of the figure. If you think you got it right and it isn't you must switch the figures in the middle right <-> Left.
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