Question from FartingGyrados

Where Do I Find EEVEE?

I neeeeeed It.

p.s. Where do you go to make it evolve into Umbreon?

Accepted Answer

rainechoo answered:

after you see bill in the ecruteak pokemon center, find Bills house in goldenrod. Make sure you have at least one free spot in your party. to get umbreon, you have to make it happy and lvl up(rare candies don't work) at night
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pokedude7 answered:

After you talk to Bill at the Ecruteak Pokemon Center, follow him back to Goldenrod and talk to him. He will give you an Eevee. You can also get an Eevee from the Celedon Game Corner in GS.

To evolve Eevee into Umbreon, make it very happy and then level it up at night.
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