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My game won't save or it does but i can't load it what do i do?

I've tried to do it multipule times and still doesn't work what am i supost to do?

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well the thing is it doesn't turn off at all though and i bearly use it i haven't use that game for atleast a week am i under using it? Is there a such thing?

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th3l3fty answered:

All three Pokemon games for the Game Boy Color have a problem with the internal battery. For whatever reason, the battery is used much more rapidly than it should be, causing it to die early.

To fix this problem, just follow this step-by-step guide on replacing the internal battery:
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DanOS999 answered:

Pokemon Sapphire:
I save my game and turn off my gameboy. then when i turn i back on i cant load why cant i not laod?
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