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How Do you wake Snorlax?/ Magnet train Pass how get?

I need to wake him up to into the Diglett's cave to get to the next city in Kanto.
Also, how do you get a pass for the magnet train. (I have completed the power plant side-quest)

pokefan2010 asked for clarification:

Which people are supposed to appear in the house?

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cr1985 answered:

About the Snorlax- When you reach Lavender town, go to the radio tower for a card that lets you hear Kanto radio stations. One of them plays Pokeflute music 24/7. Use that to wake the Snorlax.

Magnet train pass- Go to Saffron and talk to the Copycat (she's in a house south of the train station). Return the Lost Property from Vermillion city (from a house to the north of the gym) and she will give you the pass.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

If you need anymore help on something else than look it up in an FAQ.

The FAQ will go in to detail on your problem.

Hope this helps.
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