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Best pokemon to catch at bug catching contest?

Which pokemon is the best to catch in the bug cathing contest?

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JHardyNo1Fan answered:

Pinsir, I win all the time even when It's level 13, trust me.
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cr1985 answered:

If you're trying to win the contest, a Scyther or Pinsir will usually (but not always) guarantee a first-place prize. Failing that, concentrate on any higher level, fully evolved Pokemon, such as Beedrill or Butterfree.
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dragonfly110 answered:

I always win with Pinser however if you get desperate and cant find a pinser do butterfree it is good too.

also while they are extremely rare (I forget the exact statistic) you automatically win if you catch a shiny pokemon.
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mooglegirl3 answered:

About 85% of the time I lose the contest, the winner either has a Pinsir or a Scyther. Pinsir seems to be easier to find, although that might just be my luck. Try to catch one of them, but if you can't find one, Butterfree and Beedrill work well too. Keep in mind that the higher the level and the more health it has, the better. (I once one the contest with a high-level Kakuna.)

To dragonfly, I believe the chance of getting a shiny is 1 in 8000.
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God_is_God answered:

The chance of finding a shiny pokemon is 1/8192

This is the order of how many points each pokemon will give you given they are the same level.
and the rest are worth a pittance

I once caught a level 18 Kakuna got 330 points and lost by one.
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