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Asked: 3 years ago

Completing the Secret list in Oracle of Ages Linked Game?

Hey everyone, I've got a quick question that I hope you all can answer about my Zelda Oracle of Ages linked game. I've already beat Seasons and I'm near the 7th dungeon (Jabu Jabu's Belly) Basically, I'm trying to complete my linked game secrets list that you can check progress on inside the Deku tree in that green book. I'm missing the very first secret on the list which I'm assuming is the hero's secret that you get once you have completed both Oracle of Seasons and Ages. If I'm right about that then that isn't an issue. Although, I'm curious if it is even worth using the Hero's Secret after you complete both games, I'm thinking there isn't much to do afterwards unless you're obsessed over collecting every single ring. Thanks in advanced for your answers! :D

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Also, I was wondering if it was possible to get to the plot of land near the bottom of the map in the center with he circle of rocks. A Zora blocks the way stating that I'm too weak to handle the waters or something. I remember reading another question about this and someone said that you should be able to reach this plot of land by playing a linked game of Oracle of Ages. That's what I have done and I still cannot figure out how to get inside this place. I know it's just a ring but I kind of bugs me when I can't clear the whole map. Hope you all can help me out. Thanks!

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I just finished the seventh dungeon and received the zora scale right before I checked your answer. That makes perfect sense, I should of just had a little more patience and I would have figured it out on my own, but thanks! Lol As for the ring secret being the very first secret on the list, I guess it isn't because I had already did the ring secret near the beginning of the game and it still shows the first secret as blank. The only thing I could think is that it's the Hero's secret I guess.

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Alright so basically I just need to ask the red snake for the ring secret one last time and it should pop up on the list. Thanks for the help and fast response man! :)

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From: Kratos15354 3 years ago

It can't be the hero's secret, you can't save after getting it. I actually just checked and didn't have a secret for the first line on a linked Ages game of mine where I know I brought in the old rings, then I asked the red snake for the secret, and the ring secret is indeed the first one listed now.

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Isn't the first spot in Farore's Memory the ring secret? Talk to the red snake at Vasu's and listen to it. As for that unvisited screen, you need the Zora Scale to get in there, which you get after level seven.

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