Question from daisy1442

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get to level 8?

Im past level 7 and dont know where level 8 is. Please, help me out!

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From: Golden_Torizo 4 years ago

How far have you gotten after leaving Jabbu Jabbu? Did you get the eye from the cap'n yet? Are you on Twitter, if so follow me maxie2g0 on there and send me a private message when you do. If you don't get further help I'll help you although it's not hard. I'm sure you saw the one-eyed totem of Crescent Island Past. it is your entry to level 8. Well, it is the prelude to level 8.

**<b>MODERATORS: I received a msg that I was banned from posting in some forum if this is it please remove this post. Also why was i barred from posting anywhere. This is a help site and I only give help. Occasionally I will post of breaking items but is that wrong to pass along 411? Thx 4 feedback...


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