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I can't get the monster Pizzaron!Can ya help a fella?

I've tried and tried but I can't seem to find the breeding combo for a Pizzaron.Can someone help me????

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Amadeous4446 answered:

You mean the monster Pizzaro, right? The only way to get one of them is a Durran(Pedigree )+ Divinegon. For Durran, a Centasaur and a Goldgolem will make one regardless, and to get a Divinegon, a Skydragon(Pedigree) + Orochi or Serpentia.
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Silent_Zoma answered:

Pizzaron is not a monster. However as stated by Amadeous4446 their is a monster called Pizarro.
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RoleOfAQS answered:

1: Go to the FAQs tab
2: Click on - Breeding/Monster Location Guide
3: ???
4: Profit

Alternatively, you can click on Jimeous' FAQ, scroll down to the monster breeding list, and all your questions will be answered. For ANY breeding question you may have.
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