Dragon Quest Monsters 2, Ruka's Quest Walkthrough v0.3 (8/23/01)
by Minami
This ia a full game walkthrough for the version of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 
known as "Ruka's Quest."
Made to help people through the Game Boy Color game, Dragon Quest Monsters 2, a 
game which was created by Enix Co. Japan
This FAQ is best viewed with a monospace font (such as Courier)

This FAQ may also help you through Cobi's Adventure when it is released, but
many of the names of places and items may be different from my translations.
Keep that in mind.

Version History:
v0.2: 8/15/01
 - Walkthrough now covers 6 lands instead of 3. You should now be able to
   complete the game with this walkthrough.
 - Revamped the item list and added japanese text encoding. (shift-JIS)
   To test if you have the proper encoding, look for an option known as
   "encoding" on your browser and select Shift-JIS. If you have it, the
   following string should be: ありがとうございます。 arigatou gozaimasu,
   11 characters including the period. If you don't have it, visit
   www.microsoft.com and download the Japanese IME.
 - Fixed many old errors, but many more still remain, which is why I need
   people to email llminami@hotmail.com pointing out my mistakes.
 - The Monster, Skills, and Breeding sections are all untouched. The main
   reason is because people need the walkthrough section more, so I'm
   releasing that part now.
v0.1: 7/28/01
 - First version of the walkthrough.

   Dragon Quest Monsters 2 is the sequel to the popular Dragon Quest Monsters, 
known as Dragon Warrior Monsters in the US. It is scheduled to be released on 
9/17/01, but many people, like myself, have taken it upon themselves import the 
japanese version several months early. (it was released in Japan back in April) 
This walkthrough is written by someone with a low-level understanding of the 
Japanese language. The main reason I'm making this walkthrough is to help 
people who know even less than I do, and as a learning experience for me to 
understand the language more. This is also my first walkthrough ever, and I 
hope it is of some value to people. Bear with me, as there are still many gaps 
and probably many mis-translations at this point.
   The game itself is not all that different from Dragon Warrior Monsters 1. 
The biggest change is that the dungeons are now static, not randomly generated 
anymore. There are also more/new monsters, more/new items and new types of 
items like accessories, a much better storyline and quest, skills for the hero, 
and improved graphics. There are also two seperate games with different 
monsters, but I only have Ruka's quest at this time. (now I wish I got Iru's 
quest, lol) I think both games are about the same, because a website which 
helped me through the Oasis covered Iru's quest, and it worked for Ruka's 
quest too. Unfortunately, arena battles are still AI controlled, oh well. You 
can also have more monsters in the farm than before. I think putting monsters 
to sleep still exists, but I haven't found a way to put them to sleep yet. (I 
own 23 monsters total at the time of this walkthrough)

Table of Contents:
 - Recurring Cast
 - Monsters
 - Personalities
 - Items
   * Healing
   * Meats
   * Wings/Staves/Bells
   * Event Items
   * Special
   * Stat Modifying Items
   * Personality Books
   * Accessories
   * Unknown at this time
 - Keys
 - Menu Translations
 - Normal Walkthrough
   * Section 1 - Prelude
   * Section 2 - Oasis
   * Section 3 - Maruta Revisited
   * Section 4 - Pirate Islands
   * Section 5 - Maruta Revisited (again)
   * Section 6 - Ice Land
   * Section 7 - Maruta Yet Again
   * Section 8 - Land of Monsters
   * Section 9 - Maruta Once More
   * Section 10 - Demon World
   * Section 11 - Is it really the end?
   * Section 12 - Fairy Land
 - Mystery Key Lands
   * 1: Futsuu no Tou no Kagi
   * 2: Futsuu no Numa no Kagi
   * 3: Futsuu no Tsuki no Kagi
   * 4: Kiiro i Shinrin no Kagi
   * 5: Kuro i Kouya no Kagi
   * 6: Futsuu no Tori no Kagi
   * 7: Shizuka na Sora no Kagi
   * 8: Hajime no Oka no Kagi
   * 9: Hajime no Slime no Kagi
   *10: Shiro i Shima no Kagi
   *11: Kuro i Umi no Kagi
   *12: Hade na Mizu no Kagi
   *13: Hade na Doukutsu no Kagi
   *14: Hajime no Chichuu no Kagi
 - Bosses
 - Breeding Combinations (extremely incomplete)
 - Credits
 - Copyright Information
 - Contact Information

Recurring Cast
Ruka - The main character
Iru - Ruka's little sister, eventually ends up managing Ruka's monsters
Slash - Your starter slime
Warubou - Starts travelling with Kameha, then ends up helping out your party 
Ruka's father - Doesn't seem to have a name...can be found around the farm
Kameha - Starts as the annoying recurring villain of the quest, who develops 
rather unexpectedly as time goes on...
King of Maruta - The king of maruta, and guess who his son is? ;)

Monsters (Type) - skills *very incomplete*
Slime - Gira Series(Firebal, Firebane, Firevolt), Hobushiihagari, 
Buchi Slime (Spotted Slime) - Namemwashi, Nakama o Yobu(Call Help), Manemane
Hoimi Slime (Healer) - Hoimi Series(Heal/Healmore/Healall), Sukara 
Series(Increase), Hehomaraa Series(Healus, Healusall)
Hane Slime (Wing Slime) - Kamaitachi, Shippouzuki, Oikaze

Fiery Dragon - Amaiiki, Namemawashi, Mataasa
Iguana - Mahi Kougeki(cause paralysis?), Madapani, Yaketsukuiki
Tosakahebi (Crested Snake) - Mahotoon, Doku Kougeki(cause poison?), Doragoramu

Biibaan - Hyado, Kanketsusen, Chikara o Tameru(raises strength?)
Killer Scoop - Tsubamegaeshi, Mimiuchi, Zonbi Giri(Zombie ???)

(none at this time)

Saboten Ball (Cactus Ball) - Takakutobiagaru, Mahi Kougeki(cause paralysis?), 
Dancing Carrot - Sasou Odori(call dance?), Mikawashikyaku, Shi no Odori(dance 
of death?)
Man Eater - Amaiiki, Kiai o Tameru, Dragon Giri(Dragon ???)
Nasubinaara - Mahoimi, Fushigi na Odori(strange jig), Sasou Odori(call dance?)

Oomimizu - Kemo no Giri(Beast ???), Fushigi na Odori(Strange Jig), Toramana
Guntai Ari(Army Ant) - Nemuri Kougeki(cause sleep?), Nakama o Yobu(Call Help), 

(none yet)

Ghost - Mabushii Hikari(Radiant), Kuchi o Fusagu(StopSpell), Riremito
Mummy - Mahi Kougeki(cause paralysis?), Nakama o Yobu(Call Help), Majin 
Giri(Demon ????)

Evil Wand - Tsumetaiiki, Kiararu, Remiraama
Oroi no Lamp (Cursed Lamp) - Sukara(increase series), Piora, Baikiruto
Mimic - Mera(Beat, Defeat), Taka no Me(Blaze, Blazemore, Blazemost), Zaki
Golem - Chikara o Tameru(raises strength?), Kiai o Tameru, Meisou(Meditate)

Merman - Rukani, Amaiiki, Zaoraru
Takotsubokozou - Hoimi Series(Heal/Healmore/Healall), Mahoimi, Sasou Odori(call 
Ika Zukin(Hooded Squid) - Nakama o Yobu(Call Help), Sasou Odori(call dance?), 
Renzoku Kougeki(repeated attacks)

(none at this time)

Personalities (very incomplete)
Rettetsukan (hot-blooded)
Onwa (moderate)
Takabisha (overbearing)

(note: some translations are literal, others are what they were in previous 
Dragon Warrior games, and some are probably wrong ;)

かな/カナ: hiragana/katakana, japanese text support required
Romaji: The literal writing of japanese text to english
English: The actual translation
Aff: Who it affects: 1al = 1 ally, 3al = all allies, DE = dead ally
                     1en = 1 enemy, 3en = all enemies, N/A = none
                     some items may be used on both, below are reccomendations
What it does: self-explanatory
#: Number of uses: 1 = one, M = many(random), I = infinite, X = Not usable
|  かな/カナ  |       Romaji     |    English    |Aff|  What it does   |#|
===========(Healing/Recovery: The following items are all curative)===========
|やくそう     |     Yakusou      | Medical Herb  |1al| regain 30-40 HP |1|
|アモルのみず   |  Amoru no Mizu   |Water of Amoru |1al| regain 60-70 HP |1|
|せかいじゅのしずく|Sekaiju no Shizuku|  Dew of the   |3al|  regain all HP  |1|
|         |                  |  World Tree   |   |                 | |
|まほうのせいすい | Mahou no Seisui  |  Magic Water  |1al| regain 20-30 MP |1|
|エルフののみぐさり|Erufu noNomigusari|   Elf Water   |1al|   regain all MP |1|
|せかいじゅのは  |  Sekaiju no Ha   |  Leaf of the  |DE |   revive with   |1|
|         |                  |  World Tree   |   |     full HP     | |
|どくけしそう   |   Dokukeshisou   | Antidote Herb |1al|   cure poison   |1|
|めざめのこな   |  Mezame no Kona  | Awake Powder  |1al|   cure sleep    |1|
|げっけいじゅ   |     Gekkeiju     |    Laurel     |1al|   cure curse    |1|
|てんしのすず   |  Tenshi no Suzu  |  Angel Bell?  |1al|   cure chaos    |1|
|まんげつそう   |   Mangetsusou    |Full Moon Herb |1al|fix battle status|1|
======(Monster Taming Items: Increase likelihood of monster joining you)======
======(all items below can be used on enemies, second option when used)=======
=============(in battle. All items below can only be used once.)==============
|まもののえさ   |  Mamono no Esa   | Monster Feed  |1en|     -5 wild     |1|
|くんせいにく   |   Kunsei Niku    |   Pork Chop   |1en|    -10 wild     |1|
|ほれつきにく   |  Horetsuki Niku  |      Rib      |1en|    -20 wild     |1|
|しもふりにく   |  Shimofuri Niku  |    Sirloin    |1en|   -100 wild     |1|
|くさったにく   |   Kusatta Niku   |    Bad Meat   |1en| -5 wild+poison  |1|
|ほしふりのオーブ |Hoshifuri no Obu  |    Star Orb   |3en| 100% tame rate  |1|
|         |                  |               |   |   on non-boss   | |
===============(Battle items: Produce various effects in battle)==============
|ゆうじょうのつえ |  Yuujou no Tsue  |FriendshipStaff|1al| 2x physical dmg |1|
|てんばつのつえ  | Tenbatsu no Tsue |  Holy Staff   |3en|Weak Holy Damage |M|
|いかずちのいえ  | Ikazuchi no Tsue |Staff of Thundr|3en|  Casts Thunder  |M|
|まふうじのつえ  | Mafuuji no Tsue  |  ???????????? |3en| ?? Status spell |M|
|ふぶきのつえ   |  Fubuki no Tsue  |  Snow Staff   |3en| Casts Snowstorm |M|
|ほのおのつえ   |  Honoo no Tsue   |  Flame Staff  |1en| Casts Blazemost |M|
|ももんじゃのしっぽ|Momonja no Shippo |  Beast's Tail |3en|Show the monsters|I|
|         |                  |               |   |   you've had    | |
============(Special items: Produce various effects outside battle)===========
|たびのしあり   |  Tabi no Shiari  |Travel Journal |N/A|  Save Anywhere  |1|
|ちいさなメダル  | Chiisa na Medaru |  Small Medal  |N/A|Give to Medal Man|X|
|せいすい     |      Seisui      |  Fairy Water* |N/A|No Random Battles|1|
|ゴルドパス    |   Gorudo Pasu    |   Gold Pass   |N/A|10% Shop Discount|X|
|ぎんのたてごと  | Gin no Tategoto  |   Gold Harp   |N/A|Attracts Enemies |I|
|マルタのえだ   |  Maruta no Eda   |   Branch of   |N/A| Brings Shrine of|1|
|         |                  |    Maruta     |   |  Maruta to you  | |
|キメラのつばさ  |Kimera no Tsubasa |Wing of Wyvern |N/A| Warp to Warubou |1|
|ルーラのつえ   |   Rura no Tsue   |Staff of Return|N/A| Warp to Shrine  |1|
|おもいでのすず  |  Omoide no Suzu  |  Memory Bell  |N/A|Exit Any Dungeon |1|
====(Stat items: Permanently raises a monster's stat, usable outside battle)==
|ちからのたね   |  Chikara no Tane | Strength Seed |1al|  +3 Strength    |1|
|まもりのたね   |   Mamori no Tane | Defense Seed  |1al|  +3 Defense     |1|
|すばやさのたね  | Subayasa no Tane | Agility Seed  |1al|  +3 Agility     |1|
|かしこさのたね  |Kashikosa no Tane |   Int Seed    |1al|  +3 Intelligence|1|
|いのちのきのみ  | Inochi no Kinomi |  Nut of Life  |1al|  +5 Max HP      |1|
|ふしぎなきのみ  |Fushigi na Kinomi |  Nut of Magic |1al|  +5 Max MP      |1|
==============(Personality Books: This section is very incomplete)============
==============(These books slightly alter a monster's personality)============
==============(Personality change is listed under: "What it does")============
|ぼうけんたん   |    Bouken Tan    |  ???????????  |1al|  ?????????????  |1|
|こわいはなしのほん|KowaiHanashino Hon| Scary Story?  |1al|  ?????????????  |1|
|やさしくなれるほん|YasashiKunareruHon|  ????Gentle?  |1al|    Moderate     |1|
|ずくっこのほん  |  Zurukko no Hon  |  ???????????  |1al|  ?????????????  |1|
|あたまがさえるほん|Atama Gasaeru Hon |  Head???????  |1al|  ?????????????  |1|
|ユーモアのほん  |  Yuumoa no Hon   |   Joke Book   |1al|    Carefree?    |1|
==(Accessories: Use outside battle to equip on monster, limit 1 per monster)==
|スタミナベルト  |  Sutamina Beruto | Stamina Beret |1al|  +30 Max HP     |I|
|ドラゴンベルト  |   Doragon Beruto |  Dragon Beret |1al|  +80 Max HP     |I|
|まほうのベルト  |  Mahou no Beruto |   Magic Beret |1al|  +30 Max MP     |I|
|ふしぎなベルト  |Fushigi na Beruto | Mystery Beret |1al|  +80 Max MP     |I|
|りゅうのうろこ  |    Ryuu no Uroko | Dragon's Scale|1al|   +5 Defense    |I|
|にんぎょのうろこ |  Ningyo no Uroko |Mermaid's Scale|1al|  +10 Defense    |I|
|しんりゅうのうろこ|Shinryuu no Uroko |Grt. Drgn Scale|1al|  +50 Defense    |I|
|はがねのキバ   |   Hagane no Kiba |    Steel ??   |1al|  +50 Strength   |I|
|ほしふるうでわ  |  Hoshifuruu Dewa | Star Bracelet |1al|  +50 Agility    |I|
|ふくつのマント  | Fukutsu no Manto |FortitudeMantle|1al|  +Cold defense  |I|
|ドルフィンマント |    Dorufin Manto | Dolphin Mantle|1al|  +Fire defense  |I|
|シルバーマント  |    Shiruba Manto |  Silver Mantle|1al|Protect vs. Sleep|I|
|         |                  |               |   | + Chaos + Poison| |
|プラチナマント  |  Purachina Manto |Platinum Mantle|1al|Protect vs. Curse|I|
|         |                  |               |   |+Numb+Death Spell| |
|ぶとうかのリング | Butouka no Ringu |     ???'s Ring|1al|  Max str per lvl|I|
|ふなのりのリング |Funanori no Ringu |  Sailor's Ring|1al|  Max def per lvl|I|
|そうりょのリング |  Souryo no Ringu |  Priest's Ring|1al|  Max int per lvl|I|
|せんしのリング  |  Senshi no Ringu | Soldier's Ring|1al|   Max HP per lvl|I|
|まどうしのリング |Madoushi no Ringu |     ???'s Ring|1al|   Max MP per lvl|I|
|めがみのゆびわ  | Megami no Yubiwa |   Goddess Ring|1al| Regain 1MP/step |I|
=======(Event items: Can't be sold, used mainly to complete story events)=====
|よびみず     |    Yobimizu      |   ?????????   |N/A|Find Thieves Lair|1|
|つきのいし    |  Tsuki no Ishi   |  Moon Stone   |N/A|Make Shoal Vanish|1|
|ひめのたましい  | Hime no Tamashii |Princess Spirit|N/A|Save PrincessYuna|X|
|とうみんそう   |    Touminsou     |  Winter Herb  |N/A|Save Queen Helen |1|
|せいれいのしるし |Seirei no Shirushi|Spirit's Symbol|N/A|Save Lake Spirit |1|
|へんげのつえ   |  Henge no Tsue   |Staff of Change|N/A|Turn into Monster|I|
|てんくうのかぶと | Tenkuu no Kabuto |  Sky Shield   |N/A|Legendary Helmet |X|
|てんくうのよろい | Tenkuu no Yoroi  |  Sky Armor    |N/A|Legendary Armor  |X|
|てんくうのつるぎ | Tenkuu no Tsurugi|  Sky Sword    |N/A|Legendary Sword  |X|
|うみなりのかね  | Uminari no Kane  |  ?????????    |N/A|One of 3treasures|X|
|はかいのかがみ  | Hakai no Kagami  |   Mirror of   |N/A|One of 3treasures|X|
|         |                  |  Destruction  |   |                 | |
|おおぞらのたて  | Oozora no Tate   | Heaven Shield |N/A|One of 3treasures|X|
=============(Unknown: Items which I still don't know what they do)===========
* Fairy water is actually Holy Water in Japan.

Keys appear in a seperate list than items. I believe you can have up to 40 keys 
at once, but that is a complete assumption. (I haven't found that many keys 
yet, but I'm sure I will, and mystery keys -can- be discarded) I'm dividing 
this chart into two sections, one for normal keys, and one for mystery keys. 
Normal keys take you to areas that are static in every game, mystery keys take 
you to areas which are mostly, if not completely randomized. Whenever you get a 
key, you'll hear a very distinguishable tone, which normal items in chests 
don't have.

   かな/カナ   |         Romaji        |      English      | Where you go 
================(Normal Keys: Keys to static lands in the game)================
マルタのかぎ     |        Maruta no Kagi |        Maruta Key|    Maruta
オアシスのかぎ    |       Oashisu no Kagi |         Oasis Key|     Oasis
かいぞくのかぎ    |       Kaizoku no Kagi |        Pirate Key|Pirate Islands
こおりのかぎ     |         Koori no Kagi |           Ice Key|   Ice Land
てんくうのかぎ    |        Tenkuu no Kagi |           Sky Key|Monsters' Land
はざまのかぎ     |        Hazama no Kagi |(roughly)Space Key|  Demon World
エルフのもりのかぎ  | Erufu no Mori no Kagi |  Elven Forest Key|  Fairy Land
================(Mystery Keys: Keys to random lands in the game)===============
================(Type of area is mentioned in the left section)================
ふしぎなかぎ     |        Fushigi na Kagi|       Mystery Key| Give to smith
           |                       |                  | for real key
ふつうのとうのかぎ  |  Futsuu no Tou no Kagi|  ?Usual Tower Key| Sky
ふつうのねまのかぎ  | Futsuu no Nema no Kagi|?Usual Bedroom Key| Normal
きいろいしんりんのかぎ|Kiiro i Shinrin no Kagi| Yellow Forest Key| Elven
くろいこうやのかぎ  |   Kuro i Kouya no Kagi|  Black Desert Key| Desert
ふつうのつきのかぎ  |Futsuu no Tsuki no Kagi|   ?Usual Moon Key| Space
ふつうのとりのかぎ  | Futsuu no Tori no Kagi|   ?Usual Bird Key| Elven
しずかなそらのかぎ  |Shizuka na Sora no Kagi|     Quiet Sky Key| Sky
はじめのおかのかぎ  |  Hajime no Oka no Kagi|   Honest Hill Key| Normal
はじめのスライムのかぎ|   Hajime no Suraimu   |  Honest Slime Key| Sky
           |        no Kagi        |                  |
しろいしまのかぎ   |  Shiro i Shima no Kagi|  White Island Key| Oasis
くろいうみのかぎ   |     Kuro i Umi no Kagi|     Black Sea Key| Oasis
はでなみずのかぎ   |   Hade na Mizu no Kagi|  Flashy Water Key| Ice
はでなどうくつのかぎ |   Hade na Doukutsu    |   Flashy Cave Key| Normal
           |        no Kagi        |                  |
はじめのちちゅうのかぎ|   Hajime no Chichuu   |Honest Underground| Oriental
           |        no Kagi        |        Key       |
はでなはかあなのかぎ |Hade na Hakaana no Kagi|  Flashy Grave Key| Destroyed
ゆめのみずうみのかぎ |Yume no Mizuumi no Kagi|    Dream Lake Key| Ice
くろいきのかぎ    |      Kuro i Ki no Kagi|    Black Tree Key| Elven
しずかなあくまのかぎ |   Shizuka na Akuma    |   Quiet Demon Key| Space
           |        no Kagi        |                  |
Land types: Normal(seen most often in DQ games), Desert(desert w/o palm trees), 
Oasis(desert w/ palm trees), Ice(snow-covered), Elven(slightly different to 
Normal, people are elves), Sky(floating continents), Space(much higher up 
floating continents), Destroyed(barren, swamp-filled, undead townspeople),
Oriental(same as desert, but w/ Oriental npcs)

Skill section will be here

Menu Translations
Status       Equipment
Skills       Tactics

(screen one)
Status   |  lv: #      sex 
Monster1 |  Strength
Monster2 |  Defense
Monster3 |  Agility
            Wild (the higher this is, the more disobediant the monster is)
(screen two)
Status   |  lv: #      sex 
Monster1 |  Personality
Monster2 |  Family
Monster3 |  Breeding bonus thingy, same as DQM1/DWM1
            Master: name
Accessory   Experience
            Experience to next level
(screen three is just a list of skills)
(screen four)
Status   |  Pedigree 
Monster1 |  
Monster2 |  
Monster3 |  Pedigree's Master
            Partner's Master

Equipment(see items list)

Skills(see skills list)

Keys (lists keys, select one and use tsukau to ??? and suteru to ???)
Set Tactics (Offensive - Throw everything at the enemy, sometimes even if 
normal attacks would be better | Try Out - Party tries out all sorts of 
maneuvers | Defensive - only defend or use heal spells | Follow orders - Must 
be used each round to give out a command, defaults to normal attacks otherwise)
Message Speed (1 = fast, 8 = slow)
Combat Order
Information (general statistics, Master's name, play time, # of monsters in 
farm(normal/egg), # of sleeping monsters in farm(though I have no clue how to 
make them sleep, yet), # of each type of monster you befriended)
Save Game

Monster Farm Menu:
Leave Monster (when you select a monster in this menu, the options are See 
Status/Leave the Monster in the farm, or you can press B to go back)
Get Monster (if you have a monster in the pen, select one and the options are 
See Status/Get monster from the farm, or press B to go back)
Monster Stats (lets you view stats of monsters, either sleeping or awake)
Free Monster (lets you send a monster back out into the wild, options are See 
Status/Free monster into the wild, or press B to go back)

Remove Curse

Monster Breeder Menu:
Match (first you select the pedigree, using the second choice to confirm if you 
want to breed that monster, or B to cancel, then you select the partner the 
same way. Only opposite sex monsters will be listed. After that, when asked to 
pay gold, select the second option if you don't want it to hatch right away.)
Hatch (select an egg, second choice to hatch, or B to cancel)

Fortune Teller's Menu:
Evaluate an Egg (find out egg's gender)
Bless an Egg (will change egg's gender)

Library Screen:
Choices 1-6:
1. Slime
2. Dragon
3. Beast
4. Bird
5. Plant
6. Insect
Choices 7-11:
7. Demon
8. Zombie
9. Material
10. Water
11. Mystery
Monster Profile:
                   Monster name
Monster Image      Pedigree Information
Size: S/M/L/LL     Skill 1
Rarity: *          Skill 2
Walking Images     Skill 3
Brief Description
* More stars means more rare

Battle Menu:
Fight        Items (list of items)
Tactics      Escape

Battle Tactics Menu:
Try Out
Follow Orders (if not in an Arena Battle, you can control your monsters 
directly, but you must select this each time to do so)

Follow Orders Menu:
Special Skill


Section 1 - Prelude
   You start on a ship. Talk to everyone and then talk to your little sister, 
Iru. You should reach an island after that. You'll then be on this island of 
Maruta. A few monsters are around, plus your father and a slime(Slash) are 
blocking the path north. Talk to them, then go to the western house and talk to 
the person inside, she seems to want a package. Go back and you should be able 
to proceed north. Here you will meet a man and Warubou, real troublemakers. 
After a few words, they'll go west. Follow and you'll find them hassling a 
woman. The woman mentions that the man's name is Kameha. Go west two more 
times, and you'll see them again, stealing goods from the merchant. Go north 
and into the item shop, and you'll get a package. Go outside and you'll find 
that Kameha and Warubou are blocking the way! Go east several times, and you'll 
see that they're blocking that end too. (they sure are fast ;) Talk to Kameha, 
and he'll try to steal your package. After a struggle, it falls into the well. 
They chase after it, and obviously you must follow.
   Down in the well, Kameha and Warubou are fighting over the package 
themselves. Iru steps in and knocks the package out of their grasp, and Kameha 
goes flying back and somehow unplugs some geyser type thing. He quickly runs 
out of there, but Warubou gets sucked into it. You get the package back, now go 
back to the southern house. Give her the package and talk, then go back to 
where Warubou is stuck. Talk to him and answer yes to his question, and he'll 
give you the Oasis Key. Go west, and he'll give you the Maruta Key as well. 
You'll end up back in that woman's house, discussing something. Answer yes or 
no to the question, then Slash will run in and he wants to join you. Another 
yes/no question pops up, but you have to answer yes. Slash will join you. When 
you're done, talk to the woman to get a yakusou. (medical herb)
   Now you can finally start collecting monsters! Go back to the well, and 
onwards to that strange star symbol door. Use the Oasis Key (it's probably your 
second item) to be warped to the Oasis.

Section 2 - Oasis
Monsters in Desert - Spotted Slime, Sebotenboru(Cactus Ball), 
Tosakahebi(Crested Snake), King Cobra, Te-rui-ta-
Random Items - Wing of Wyvern, Medical Herb, Staff of Return, Friendship Staff?

   Oasis can be kind of difficult for a starter area, since the cactuses hit 
hard and can often do critical hits, and has the initiative when you start out. 
If you go back to Maruta, the Warubou will heal/revive all your monsters for 
free. (and won't give you an eventually inventory wasting herb like in dqm1, 
either) Also, your little sister will take care of your monsters, kind of like 
that other kid in the first game. ;) See the menu translations above for info 
on that. You can also get a Pork Chop from your father. Anyway, back in the 
oasis, you'll quickly find the village of Karukara.

Items in Karukara: Monster Feed(pot)

   The villagers talk about something at the village of Asshia to the south. In 
one of the houses you can find a Monster Feed in the pot, as well as a man 
blocking a staircase. Go outside again and wander a bit. You can see a map by 
pressing SELECT. Asshia is due south of Karukara, and there's a mysterious 
oasis that receeds when you enter it to the southeast of Karukara. You can't do 
much about that yet, so just head to Asshia.

Items in Asshia: Antidote Herb(pot)
Items in Asshia's Item Shop: Medical Herb(10g), Antidote Herb(4g), Awake 
Powder(20g), Monster Feed(10g), Wing of the Wyvern(30g)

   Head to Asshia after building levels and catching monsters. There, you can 
find an Antidote Herb in the pot. Talk to all the people, get monsters from the 
well if you want (you may notice the wells are almost dry because of the dam), 
then talk to the man outside the inn. Answer yes to his question and you'll end 
up in the palace, providing entertainment by having your monsters jump through 
a flaming hoop! After being cheered, you'll then end up in a room in the east 
wing of the palace. When you can roam, talk to people then go to the king. 
Answer yes to his questions, then wander around outside the castle a bit and 
talk to all the people. Go back to the king and talk to him, and a man will 
rush in saying something about Karukara that's related the wells drying up. The 
king's disturbed about it, and runs off to Karukara. You follow of course. ;)
   Go back to where the man blocking the staircase was. He won't let the king 
pass, but the king will force his way through. Go down the stairs as well. You 
will be on the other side of the dam you saw in Asshia.

Monsters in Underground Waterway - Oomimizu, Ghost, Obake Candle(Ghost Candle)
Items in Underground Waterway - Pork Chop(pot), Medical Herb(pot), Memory 
Bell(chest), Holy Staff(chest), Travel Journal(pot), Small Medal(pot)

   Get everything from the chests and pots, then find the other side of the 
dam. The king is talking with a monster, Biban, the first boss in the game.

Biban (ビーバーン)
HP: ~100
EXP: 240 (split between # of alive monsters in party)
Skills: none
It wasn't that hard for me, but my levels were 6, 9, and 6 from getting lost. 
All you can really do is hit and heal at this point, but you may not even need 
to heal. Meats don't work on it, and it has around 100 hp. It isn't possible to 
get it to join your party yet, but you can get one to join you later. After you 
defeat it, it will disappear along with the dam near it, and the wells will 
fill up again! The king will rush back to the palace. When you reach him, he'll 
take you to the treasure room, but it's been ransacked! Yes, even those chests 
you can't walk to are empty. ;) The King gathers some soldiers in for a 
meeting, then they all go to that strange oasis I mentioned earlier, hoping to 
find the thieves. As usual, you follow.
   The oasis is a few east and a couple north of Asshia, just barely east of 
some mountains. It shouldn't be too hard to find. The king and his soldiers 
will be there, and the oasis dries up again as they get near. This is where 
most people will get stuck without knowing much Japanese. You have to go back 
to the prison in Asshia, and bring the top prisoner some food. (if you don't 
have any yet, and can't read the kanas, just buy the only item from the store 
that has an I in it) You'll get a Yobimizu from him, which is needed to show 
the true appearance of the lake. Then go back to oasis and use this item while 
facing the small part of the lake that's left. For you people who don't even 
know hiragana ::shudder::, the item's name looks sorta like this. (hope you can 
decipher my bad ascii art)
   |     /|    '' /|       | ''
   |-     |   |\   |_|_  --|--
  _|_     |  /    /| |    /|
 / | \    |  |   | | |    \|
 \_/  \   \__/    \/ /    /
   You'll be at the real lake. Go east and north and into the thieves' hideout. 
Talk to the thing blocking the way north, and you'll meet the second boss: 
Cursed Lamp!

Noroi no Lamp (のろいのランプ)
HP: ~240
Exp: 300
Skills: sukara

   This monster can join you, so feed it all your meats just to be on 
the safe side, you don't want to miss out on it. When you defeat it, the king 
and soldiers will rush in and capture the remaining thieves. When they come 
out, the king gives you a Uminari no Kare. You go back to the Warubou and plug 
in the geyser again. It doesn't hold up though, and Warubou gets sucked back 
in. After conversing a little, Warubou will cast a spell on you, allowing you 
to now make a seashell thing appear to ride on water. Go back out the well. But 
first, you can optionally go back to the lake in the oasis and talk to the 
Biibaan next to the entrance. Answer yes to its question and it will join you. 
Also go back to the well/basement area. If you press A while facing the water, 
you'll be able to ride a seashell to get all the chests/pots you missed. Back 
in Maruta, a soldier will talk to you. The areas west of the well will now be 

Section 3: Maruta Revisited
New Items in Maruta: Branch of Maruta(pot), Small Medalx2(pot, pot)

   Wander around the western side first, getting everything from the pots, 
until you reach the colliseum. Talk to the bunny girl on the left and answer 
yes to her question to get into the first colliseum battle! Here are the 
monsters you will battle:
Battle 1: 2x Babbles, 1x Pooru Slime
Battle 2: 1x Cactus Ball, 1x Pixie, 1x Drakee
Battle 3: 2x Desufurattou, 1x Yonakunidori
   After this (hopefully) easy battle, you will get a Pirate Key as your prize. 
You can also try classes C, B, A, and S, but you will probably lose to class C 
at this point. Now wander around the area that the red guard was blocking. 
There's a locksmith and a library here, the library is just for information on 
monsters you've had. The Locksmith changes your Mystery Keys into something 
worthwhile, but he forces you to save you game before doing so. Finally, if you 
go back to the monster farm, the woman in the house is tending to a sick 
monster. She needs a "Water of Amoru" from you. If you get her one, she'll give 
you 200g. When you're ready, try out that new key at the star door.

Section 4 - Pirate Islands
Monsters on Islands: Slime, Nasubinaara, Drakee, KillerScoop, Anteater, Guntai 
Ari(Army Ant), Healer, Merman, Cold Wave, Poison Lizard, Pyoro, Gamanian, 
Takotsubokozou, Arrow Dog, Kodorani, Puchiiru, Hitotsume Piero(one-eyed clown?, 
Dancing Carrot, Burashi Kozou(Young Brush?), Dragon Kid, Fury Cat(southwest 
island), Pteradon(southwest island)
Random items: Monster Feed, Pork Chop, Rib, Medical Herb, Angel Bell, Gekkeiju, 
Some Gold

   Wander around a little (very little) until you reach the village of Yorudo.

Items in Yorudo: Staff of Return(barrel)
Items in Yorudo's Item Shop: Medical Herb(10g), Water of Amoru(50g), Antidote 
Herb(4g), Awake Powder(20g), Pork Chop(40g), Wing of the Wyvern(30g), Travel 

   I don't know what's happening here, except when you talk to an old man, the 
ground shakes. The Water of Amoru item in the shop heals a monster for around 
twice as much as the Herb. When you're done here, the next village is Porounya, 
to the northwest of Yorudo.

Items in Porounya: none! No item shop either.

   You can find an inn and healer here, as well as a strange man looking out to 
the sea. When you answer "yes" to his question, your party dances. This won't 
do anything, yet. Now exit and go a bit northeastish to Port Rittsu.

Items in Port Rittsu: Small Medal(barrel)
Items in Port Rittsu's Item Shop: Water of Amoru(50g), Antidote Herb(4g), Awake 
Powder(20g), Pork Chop(40g), Rib(200g), Staff of Return(50g), Memory Bell(50g)

   Go into the pub and you'll and meet up with Kameha and two other people. 
(thugs?) He recognizes you from before, says a few things at you, then shoves 
you out of the way and exits. The barkeep (as well as some of the townspeople) 
say something about the depressed old man at the bar. Whatever it is, your next 
goal is the cave to the northwest of Porounya.

Monsters in Western Cave: Youkoigyo, Pooru Slime, Gamanian
Items in Western Cave: Rib(chest), Water of Amoru x2(chest), Ningyo no 
Uroko(chest), Memory Bell(chest), Staff of Return(chest)

   Just explore it a bit, find all the chests, and at the lower right hand 
corner, you can fight Ikazukin.

Ikazukin (イカずきん) (odd pink squid)
HP: ~230 (has high defense)
Exp: 520
Skills: none

   Meats don't work on it, so don't try them. It -really-
helps if you use defense raising spells like Sakura, and healing spells 
are a must. I had the Slime, Lamp, and Healer when I battled it. Eventually, 
hopefully, you should win, and it will ask to join your party after it's 
defeated. It is probably much more powerful than your other monsters at this 
point in the game, so take it in. ;) It's also completely tame when you get it, 
so it should follow orders as well! Go back to the depressed old man in the bar 
and he'll get all excited. Answer yes to all his questions, then leave the city 
and head back to Poronya.
   Remember the bard who asks you to dance? Talk to him again, you'll dance a 
different dance this time, and then a mermaid will pop up along the seashore. 
She takes you down to see her queen. The queen tells you about a ghost ship 
north of Yorudo. Go to square on the world map with Yorudo then head one square 
north, it should be there.

Monsters in Ghost Ship: Kusattashitai, Reigigaasu, Trick Bag
Items in Ghost Ship: Pork Chop(barrel), Bad Meat(barrel), Staff of Return(pot), 
Antidote Herb(pot), Water of Amoru(pot), Agility Seed(chest), Dolphin 
Mantle(chest), Fairy Water(chest), Leaf of the World Tree(chest)

   The monsters in the ship can be kind of difficult. The zombie-like monsters 
can poison your whole party, and the stingray-like monsters have an all-target 
spell. There are several Bone Prisoners blocking passages as well, which can't 
be fed meat/won't join you. They only have 70 hp or so, but cast a somewhat 
strong all-target spell on you. This is another small and easy to navigate 
dungeon. Don't miss the three chests behind that wall that seem unreachable. 
You have to go up to the top deck, kill the bone prisoner, then face down from 
where it was standing and press A. The crate will go away, and you can get the 
chests below. At the right side of the top deck, you'll find the captain's 
quarters. Go inside, talk to the man blocking the chest, and a rather tough 
fight will begin, with the Pirate Captain and -two- Bone Prisoners. I used the 
starter slime at lv.14, the squid from the cave at lv.14, and a Healer at 

Yuureisenchou (ゆうれいせんちょう) (Pirate Captain)
HP: ~500
Exp: 780
Skills: none

Bone Prisoner (ボネプレソナー)
HP: ~60
Exp: 350
Skills: Io

   Have your healers use the third tactic(defensive) while your fighters 
are set to the first tactic(offensive). Try Out(second tactic) might be a good 
idea if you have any defense or offense raising spells. When the two prisoners 
are dead, change any magic-using fighters to the fourth tactic so you only use 
physical attacks, unless one of your monsters has a spell which harms only one 
monster, then order it to cast that each round. It helps if you can directly 
control your healing monster, but mine was too wild at the time. Use healing 
items if necessary, and eventually the captain should fall. In the chest is the 
Tsuki no Ishi. (Moon Stone) Go back to the Mermaid Queen to get a Sailor's 
Ring. Now go to a lighthouse east of Port Rittsu, it's on an island north of 
the one that's completely surrounded by icebergs.

Monsters in Lighthouse: Hitotsume Piero, Slime Snail, Meeda, Nasubinaara
Items in Lighthouse: Branch of Maruta(chest)

   Go all the way to the top, and use the Tsuki no Ishi when facing the 
pedestal. The stone will be in place and the icebergs will all melt! Here's 
another of my ugly ascii arts for those of you who don't know what item to use. 
   ____  _\_     ___         
  /       _\_   / \ \  |  |  |
  |         \   | | |  |  /  |
  \____  \____  \_/ /  \     \_/
   Eventually you'll find an item similar to my illustration. Now you can 
finally go into the cave on the southern island!

Monsters in Eastern Cave: Evil Wand, Dark Eye, Akuamarinhouku, Cactus Ball, 
Yatagarasu, Dragon Kid, Gamegon
Items in Eastern Cave: Fairy Water(chest), Staff of Return(chest)
Hidden items in Eastern Cave: Leaf of the World Tree(chest), Nut of Life, 
Defense Seed
Random items in Eastern Cave: Gold, Medical Herb, Wing of the Wyvern, Pork 
Chop, Rib, Memory Bell

   When you enter the cave, good old Kameha and Co. comes in and runs right by 
you. Guess he wants something on this island. ;) First, get the two chests on 
the eastern side of the cave, down the stairs. Take note of the pit here, 
you'll be able to cross it later on in the game. Then double back and go down 
the western stairs. Go south and east, and you'll find Kameha again, surprised 
to see you here so soon. After a little talk, the floor opens up, and Kameha 
and his goons fall in. Go south and west from here, down the stairs, then west 
and north. You'll find Kameha yet again. Defying all laws of physics, he 
somehow comes from -behind- you. (shouldn't he be coming from the east?) He 
pushes you away, and rushes west, only to have a boulder fall next to him and 
chase him into a pit to the east. How nice of him to disable all the traps thus 
far. ;) Now go west. You'll be in a room with lots of damage tiles. (5 hp per 
step) Hopefully you have a healer, stepguard(unlikely), or lots of herbs picked 
up from all over. The chests contain a Soldier's Ring, and a Sekaiju no 
Shizuku, which heals your party's HP completely. Now go southish until you 
reach the treasure room. Of course, Kameha's gang runs in again. One of his 
"lackeys" runs around Kameha and ties him up, then shoves Kameha to the wall! 
That lackey finds a mirror(I don't know its name, but it isn't the Mirror of 
Ra) in the chest, and Kameha's lackeys are revealed to be demons. The now 
revealed demon boasts about something, then Kameha gets mad and jumps up and 
down. (as much as a tied up person can) A pit opens up and the demons and 
treasure fall in, everything except the mirror anyway. You untie Kameha, then 
he runs off. When you get the mirror, Warubou warps you back to him. You try 
using the mirror to plug the geyser, but that fails too, and it breaks. Warubou 
is sucked in again, and casts another spell on you, which allows you to destroy 
small rocks. Now you can see the somewhat changed Maruta.

Section 5 - Maruta Revisited (again)
New items in Maruta: 400g from the woman in the house
Items in Maruta's item shop: Medical Herb(10g), Water of Amoru(50g), Antidote 
Herb(4g), Monster Feed(10g), Pork Chop(40g), Wing of the Wyvern(25g), Travel 
Journal(50g), Dragon Scale(20g)

   The tide just came in in Maruta. Lots of places are flooded by water now. 
Your father made a new section of the farm, in the northeast corner. He wants 
one of those gopher like monsters with a shovel, KillerScoop, to dig for 
treasure. If you bring him one, you lose the monster forever, but you get a 
Small Medal instead! You'll also notice the shop that's east, south, west, west 
from the well is now open. Also, you can now go to the breeding place north of 
the well. See my breeding menu translations for info on that. The woman 
upstairs of the breeding place can predict and change an egg's gender. If you 
go south then west from the old breeder man and press A while facing the rock, 
you'll be able to destroy it. The hard part now is: Where is the key? This is 
easy to miss since the name of the monster you need to get is mostly in 
hiragana, but the merchant near the other merchant who was robbed wants one of 
those ant-like monsters to help him, Guntai Ari, so get one from the screen 
south of Poronya. He'll give you a Koori no Kagi in return, which is the Ice 
Key. You might want to try to win the C rank in the colliseum. If you win,
you'll get a mystery key which lets you access one of the many optional lands.
Hopefully you can identify your Maruta Key, so keep in mind that all mystery 
keys are above it on the list, instead of below it.

Section 6 - Ice Land
Monsters in Ice Land: Gappurin, Hane(Wing) Slime, Kemono no Kishi, Minon, 
Arumiraaji, Orc, Grizzly, Gizmo, Slime Knight, Abareushidori, Mooza, 
Samayouyoroi(Rogue Knight), Kitsunebi, Dragon, Iwatobiakuma
Monsters in Water: Iruka Chouchin, Seahorse, Fish Rider
Random items in Ice Land: Magic Water, Medical Herb, Water of Amoru, Laurel, 
Pork Chop, Rib, Leaf of the World Tree, Nut of Life, Friendship Staff, Memory 

   Oddly, random encounters are rather sparse here. The experience is pretty 
good though, and the monsters are pretty easy as well. Head north and west a 
bit, and you absolutely can't miss the castle town of Noosuden.

Items in Noosuden: Small Medal(pot), 
Items in Noosuden's Item Shop: Water of Amoru(65g), Antidote Herb(5g), 
Mangetsusou(20g), Gekkeiju(20g), Pork Chop(50g), Rib(250g), Staff of 
Return(50g), Memory Bell(100g!), Branch of Maruta(50g)

   Don't miss the Small Medal in the pot right at the entrance. As usual, I 
have little to no clue what the people here are talking about, though my best 
guess would be about how the king is acting strangely. (you'll see ;) The 
store's prices are also a bit inflated here, but not as bad as on the Floating 
Island. You can't enter the castle, so leave when you're finished your business 
in the town. Back outside, there are three other places you can go to, a frozen 
lake, the southeast tunnel, and the southwest tunnel. Go to the frozen lake 
first, and talk to the odd thing in the center of the lake. Answer yes to its 
question, and you will get a Seirei no Shirushi(Spirit's Symbol), an event 
item. The southeast tunnel is optional, and the southwest tunnel is where you 
continue the game, so go to the southeast one first.
   It's a monster-free, manmade tunnel of no interest. When you surface you 
will be near the town of Nofoo, so enter.

Items in Nofoo: none
Items in left-most Nofoo Shop: Bouken Tan(10000g), Kowai Hanashino Ban(10000g), 
Yasashi Kunareru Ban(10000g), Zurukko no Ban(10000g), Atama Gasaeru 
Ban(10000g), Joke Book(10000g)
Items in top-right Nofoo Shop: Water of Amoru(65g), Dew of the World 
Tree(750g), Magic Potion(300), Angel Bell(30g), Pork Chop(50g), Staff of 
Return(50g), Memory Bell(100g)
Items in bottom-right Nofoo Shop: Laurel(20g), Leaf of the World Tree(1500g), 
Rib(200g), Travel Journal(100g), Branch of Maruta(100g), Momonja's Tail(800g), 
Gold Harp(1200g), Gold Pass(20000g)

   There are three, yes three merchants here, all in one room as well! A man 
mentions something about a "Gold Pass" which is sold by the merchant near him. 
I don't know what this is, but it sounds important. Unfortunately I'm nowhere 
near having the 20000 gold needed yet, and you probably don't have it yet 
either, so come back here later in the game. I believe the items in the left 
shop change a monster's personality. I don't know the proper translations for 
any of those except Joke Book. Anyway, go back to that southwest tunnel, 
because it seems like you can't go anywhere else.

Items in Southwest Tunnel: Stamina Beret(chest), Mimic(monster in chest)
Monsters in Southwest Tunnel: Droll, Mummy, Mud Hand(Goopi), Herubokkuru
Random items in Southwest Tunnel: Memory Bell, Pork Chop, Medical Herb

   Remember that spell the Warubou cast on you? Now it comes to good use. 
There's plenty of nice small rocks here to destroy. Some even have a little 
money under them! First, north at the entrance, then head right and keep going 
wherever you can. On the next floor you'll find some rocks blocking the 
wonderful item, Stamina Beret! You should be able to break the rocks, though. 
Use this right away, on a party member with rather low hp. (for me, it was my 
Healer) Double back to the intersection, then go west once, then north until 
you see a tunnel. Don't go through the tunnel, but go west. The chest is a 
mimic. You -can- get it to join your party, so try to...even though it's 
probably much weaker than your party at this point, it's still worth having for 
the breeding pool. (and it can level up, unlike in the first DQM!) Now go west, 
south, east, up the stairs, then break the two rocks and press A on the 
stalactites behind it. A living rock, Bokudaniwa, will fall on you and attack!

Bokudaniwa (ぼくだにわ) (a ball with an evil grin)
HP: ~700
EXP: 1900
Skills: One that attacks the whole party

   At first it seems difficult, but it really isn't. Its all-target spell can 
really hurt, but it has to rest a round after using it, giving you more than 
enough time to heal. Again, you can't get it to join your party. After it dies, 
it swears at you(which will probably be edited out in the US version ;), and 
casts a spell. Something falls from above(ore?), and two soldiers come running 
in from each side. I don't know what they're saying, but once that's done, go 
back out and back to the castle. Talk to the left guard and you'll be able to 
go into the castle. Go north, then talk to the left guard and you'll talk to 
the King. The king will order the soldier to leave, then he'll open up a pit, 
swallowing you and your monsters. (how sweet your monsters are, running into 
the pit after you!) Is this the age old fake king plot? Hmm...
   Down in the pit, guess who you'll meet? Kameha, and the real king! Kameha is 
obviously mad, and the real king tells you his story. (which I can't understand 
much of) When you're done talking to them, inspect the "Unusual Section of the 
Wall"(tm) and Kameha will break it open, freeing the three of you from that 
trap. Go north and up, and the two kings will be battling it out. Talk to the 
north one repeatedly until it curses and turns into a monster, Silver Devil. It 
then attacks you. It isn't really too difficult, not compared to the previous 

Silver Devil (シルバーデビル) (looks like a baboon with wings)
HP: ~550
EXP: 3020
Skills: Firebane?, One which physically attacks the whole party (can often be 

   Use magic to raise your defense at the beginning, heal when needed, and 
attack it however you want to. My party which you should know by now was level 
22, 22, and 25. (I love how quickly healers level!) Again, you can't convince 
this monster to join your party. *sigh* After the battle, the king will 
traditionally thank you and the southwest tunnel soldiers let you pass. Now 
you'll be able to access many more places! The first town I went to was Viston, 
which you can reach by hugging the southern mountains and coast.

Items in Viston: Small Medal(barrel)
Items in Viston's Item Shop: Water of Amoru(75g), Full Moon Herb(45g), Angel 
Bell(30g), Rib(300g), Wing of the Wyvern(30g), Memory Bell(150g!), Branch of 

   Don't miss the small medal in the barrel right away. One man talks about a 
Helen, queen of Eastoria. Another talks about the forest to the south. Lots of 
people talk about a important person named Yuna, she's the princess of the next 
place you should go. The castle of Uisutaanya is a bit to the west. Just look 
at the map (press SELECT) if you don't know how to reach it.

Items in Uisutaanya: none

   When you get here, you'll see that several jesters are blocking the way in. 
I believe the sign says that the king is looking for someone to cheer Yuna up. 
After reading the sign, Kameha will barge in and plow through the jesters 
blocking the way. Now, you yourself can go in as well. Talk to the people here, 
then talk to the priest blocking the way to the throne room. He will let you 
pass. When you go north, Kameha will try, and fail, to entertain the princess. 
When he leaves, you'll come up and do the same flaming hoop trick you did for 
the King of Asshia. It doesn't cheer her up though, and the King's 
disappointed, and tells you something. When you're free to wander, go two rooms 
south, one room west, and up the vines, you'll be in Yuna's bedroom. There's a 
strange thing by her bed, but you can't do anything about it yet. Now look for 
some discolored trees to the southeast of Viston. Enter there now.

Random Items in Forest: Magic Water, Water of Amoru
Monsters in Forest: Baby Satan(Mini Demon in US), Shadow, Man Eater, Kirikabu 
Obake(Demon Stump)

   It's kind of a maze, but not really. All you really need to do is follow the 
girl who disappears whenever you enter a room. If you really need directions, 
just go south, watch her disappear, then west, south, east, and she'll 
disappear again. Now go south and talk to her. Make sure you have room in your 
inventory, then answer yes to her question and she'll give you a Hime no 
Tamashii. (Princess' Spirit) Go back to the castle, and you'll find out the 
Princess went to her room. Go up the vine and talk to the princess at the 
table. The strange puppet thing by her bed will come alive and say some things 
to you, then attack if you say Yes. (if you say no, talking to it will make it 

Fear Puppet (フィアーパペット)
HP: 400
Exp: 2540
Skills: Confuse, that's it

   Fortunately, this has to be the easiest boss of the game, so I don't 
really even need to cover it much. Since your party currently can't do anything 
too devastating while confused, you should be fine with defense raising spells. 
(just don't use strength raising ones!) This one won't join you either. When 
it's defeated, the princess will snap out of her stupor from being controlled 
by a puppet. (how ironic) She mentions something about Oozora no Tate(Heaven 
Shield from DQ4-6) and Queen Helen. Now go to the last city you see on your 
map, Eastoria.

Items in Eastoria:
Items in Eastoria's Item Shop: Water of Amoru(50g), Full Moon Herb(45g), Angel 
Bell(30g), Rib(200g), Staff of Return(100g), Memory Bell(100g), Travel 
Journal(100g), Branch of Maruta(50g)

   Most of the people talk about Queen Helen here. If you come here before 
completing the Yuni quest, she will be on the throne and you'll be able to talk 
to her. If after, you'll find out that she has fallen ill, and needs an herb on 
top of the north mountain to cure her. I don't know if talking to her before 
you're supposed to be here has any significance or not, but otherwise, there 
isn't really much you can do here right now. So head to the mountain which is a 
bit to the north now.

Items on Mountain: Mystery Key!(chest)
Monsters on Mountain: Fuyuuju, Ganko Dori(a weaker version than before), 

   This is another surprisingly short dungeon. Go north, west, south, then up 
the leftmost climb. Go east a screen, up, east, down to the chest with a 
Mystery Key. No go back north, west, south, and west again, then go up, then 
east. Make sure you have space in your inventory, then press A while facing the 
plants, and you'll get a Touminsou. (Winter Herb) Go back down the mountain and 
out, and head back to Eastoria. Rest at the inn, because yet another monarch in 
this cursed land is posessed by a demon. Talk to the woman in the castle who's 
blocking the way up, and she'll take you to the queen. Use the Touminsou while 
facing the queen and a demon, Ankuruhoon, will appear by her! I'm not drawing 
this one in hiragana, so if you can't read it, just don't get any items once 
you get the herb, except maybe the Mystery Key, and use the last item on your 
list. ;) If you say yes, it will attack you. If you say no, it will attack you 
when you talk to the queen.

Ankuruhon (アンクルホーン) (smiling fat demon with a blue beard)
HP: ~750
Exp: 6020
Skills: Fireball(or Firebane?), One that does ~30 damage to your party

 It can be rather difficult because of the all-target
spells it casts on your party, and its high hp, but as long as your 
healing monster alternates Healall spells(which I hope you have by now) between 
your monsters, you should be fine. It occasionally uses its weak physical 
attack, which is also a relief sometimes. It won't join your party. After it 
perishes, it gets mad at you as always, then disappears. The queen's attendant? 
thanks you, then the queen tells you something. Once you're done here, go back 
   You've saved the three kingdoms, but the lake's still frozen in many parts. 
What to do now? Simple: Go back to the lake, talk to the thing in the center of 
the lake, answer Yes to its question, and three demons will appear and attack. 
Two Archdemons and another Ankuruhoon. This battle is offically, -extremely- 

Ankuruhon (アンクルホーン) (smiling fat demon with a blue beard)
HP: ~750
Exp: 6020
Skills: Fireball(or Firebane?), One that does ~30 damage to your party

Archdemon (アークデーモン)
HP: ~230
Exp: 2110
Skills: Same ~30 damage spell that the above boss has

   The first time I came here, they used three skills in succession that 
damaged my monsters for over 100hp each that round. Needless to say, I died 
very quickly. The second time though, I was lucky enough to kill the two 
Archdemons in 3 rounds, and they never used that nasty skill 30-40 damage 
skill. This battle is almost entirely based on luck, so if you don't want to 
die, use a Travel Journal before trying this battle and reset if you're killed. 
(or doomed) Make sure to kill the two Archdemons first, then use the same 
strategy as before for the remaining Ankuhuroon. Hopefully after a few tries, 
you will be successful. After that, a strange voice will thank you. When you're 
done talking, use the Seirei no Shirushi(せいれいのしるし) while facing the
thing in the frozen lake. Since you got this item so long ago, here is what it
looks like, for those who can't read Hiragana and don't have the Japanese IME:
 | |   |  |   |  _   |  |   __    |     ___  |
-+-+-  |  |  -+ / |  |  |  / |\   |      _/  |
 | |   \      |/  |  \     | | \  |     / \  |  
 \___   \    /|   \   \    \_/ /  \__/   o/  \__/
   The woman you've been talking to all along appears, thanks you, and you get 
the Heaven Shield. Now Warubou sends you back to him to try to plug the geyser 
again. The shield comes out and breaks, (amazing how the legendary shield can 
survive dozens of Demon Kings, but not a geyser, huh?) and Warubou gets sucked 
back in. He casts yet another spell on you, that lets you make a cloud to fly 
over pits! (press A while facing a pit) There's one other dungeon in Ice Land, 
an entirely optional tower in the middle of the sea. I'm going to cover that 
before covering Maruta again.

Items in Ice Land Tower:
floor 1: Staff of Thunder, Dragon Beret
floor 2: Atamagasaeruban(chest), Fortitude Mantle(chest)
floor 4: Madoushi no Ring(chest), Friendship Staff(chest)
Top: Goddess Ring(chest), Hoshifuri no Orb
Monsters in Ice Land Tower: Golem, Fear Puppet, Silver Devil

   There are many valuable items here, but the battles are as difficult as some 
recent bosses, so be careful! If you end up in a battle with a golem alone, 
feed it all your Ribs and it just might join. It's pretty powerful at this 
point, but also likely very wild and disobedient. There are also many powerful 
damage tiles here, but you -can- complete this dungeon and get all the chests 
without stepping on any. The key to doing so is by flying over pits and taking 
advantage of those steps with white rocks next to them. Those white rocks can 
be destroyed by pressing A on them. When you get to the top, you will find a 
Hoshifuri Orb, and the wonderful Goddess Ring, which restores 1 MP to a monster 
with every step! You will (thankfully) be able to jump off the tower. Now lets 
see what's new in Maruta!

Section 7 - Maruta Yet Again
New items in Maruta: Mystery Key(old man's dresser), Great Dragon's Scale(pot 
on top of tree), Sirloin(pot in place the KillerScoop made), Small Medal(pot in 
place the KillerScoop made)
New item shop in Maruta: Dew of the World Tree(500g), Magic Potion(200g), Full 
Moon Herb(20g), Laurel(20g), Awake Powder(20g), Angel Bell(20g), Rib(200g), 
Branch of Maruta(50g), Travel Journal(50g)

   Your first stop should be the castle. When you meet the Annoying Blocker 
Guard on the steps, he asks you something about Kameha. (I'm almost positive 
he's the Prince of Maruta, *ugh*) Answer yes and the guard will take you to the 
king. The king talks to you a little, then you get the Sky Key from him, which 
will take you to another land. (which isn't covered in this version of the 
walkthrough) Now you can roam freely around the castle, except for one area 
blocked by another Annoying Blocker Guard. On the treetop is a pot with a Great 
Dragon's Scale. After getting what's in that pot, go out. The new places you 
can go to are: Name change place with a Scroll sign above it, Bar which has a 
mug sign over it. In the bar, a merchant will want to breed one of your 
monsters with his monster.(Togebouzu?) A grumpy old man blocking a key is west 
of the main castle entrance, but you can steal a Mystery Key from his drawer. 
If you do that, and talk to him again, he mentions Isekai. (the optional land I 
covered) Back in the colliseum, a man in red clothes will ask you to breed one 
of your monsters with his Killer Ape. The medal man is finally reachable as 
well, it's in the place above the storage center. If you have at least 3 
medals, you can browse his selection of an item(the orb) and monster eggs. Here 
they are, in order:
Hoshifuri no Orb (3 medals)
Killer Pansaa (3 medals)
Hoonbiitoru (4 medals)
Sukai Dragon (4 medals)
Dagon (5 medals)
Maou no Tsukii (5 medals)
   The merchant you helped last will now sell items to you as well, at very 
reasonable prices too! See my list at the beginning of this section to see what 
he sells. The woman in the house takes items from you and gives you money in 
return if you repeatedly talk to her. (stop when you get 1200g though, or 
you'll lose a sirloin) Finally, go to the hole the Killer Scoop made to get two 
items from the pots.
   Oh, and remember that room with the chests in the Eastern Cave of Pirate 
Island? There was a pit there, and now you can cross it! Go all the way back 
those chests, go straight down from the staircase, and press A. A cloud will 
appear and take you to three chests. They are, from left to right, a Leaf of 
the World Tree, Nut of Life, and Defense Seed.
   I was also able to win the B Class of arena by now, so you probably should 
be able to as well. Your prize is a Mystery Key. At this point, I had three new 
locksmith made keys: Futsuu no Numa no Kagi, Kiiro i Shinrin no Kagi, and the 
Futsuu no Tsuki no Kagi. Many of these optional lands each have another Mystery 
Key which turned into a Kuro i Kouya no Kagi, a Futsuu no Tori no Kagi, 
Shizukanasora no Kagi, Hajime no Oka no Kagi, and Hajime no Slime no Kagi. Read
the "Mystery Lands" section for coverage on them.

Section 8 - Land of Monsters
Random Items in Sky Land: Nice amounts of gold, Memory Bell, Rib, Full Moon 
Herb, Water of Amoru, Magic Water, Elf Water, All Nuts and Seeds, Leaf 
of the World Tree, Dew of the World Tree, Henge no Tsue, Mafuuji no Tsue
Monsters in Sky Land: Slime Fang, Hanamadou, Emyuu(colorful ostrich), 
Danbiramuucho(a really overweight...thing), Fear Riiratto(bee), Evil 
Posuto(tongue monster), Desufuratta(raven), Kamakiri Senshi(a bug-like 
soldier), Gigantes(Atlas in DW2), Momonja(duck), Metal Slime!, Killer Goose, 
Dragon(green), Killer Ape, Bubble Demon, Raionekku(a demon), Andorearu(dragon 
with tiny wings), Stone Slime, Neji Makidoritachi(bird with a trumpet-like 
beak), Dragon Maddo, Hana Kawasemi(bird flower thing), Yonakunidori(bird with 
eyes on wings), Obake Kareki(dead tree), Karyuusou(plant with purple breath)

   Your first stop should be the tower to the north. It looks like a tower, but 
it's really a town of monsters! I believe it's called Funt.

   All the talk here seems to revolve around two things, a Hikari no Orb, and a 
"Ugooru." Be sure to talk to the center grave in the graveyard, a monster will 
appear and tell you something about the orb. There is also a tower to the north 
of the entrance. Press A facing the door and you can enter.

Items in Tower: Memory Bell, Mystery Key, Priest's Ring
Monsters in Tower: Hitoku i Saber(sword), Akuma no Kagami(Demon Mirror), 
Beruzaburu(fly), Aiantaatoru(turtle), Akuma no Kishi(Axe Knight)

   From the start, there are two staircases up you can take. The northern one 
eventually leads to a mere Memory Bell, so go east unless you -really- need 
that bell. It's very straightforward until the fourth floor. On the forth 
floor, take the lower path east, the upper path just leads to a dead end. Soon 
you will find a treasure room, but a Hell Condor will steal a pallete-swapped 
chest! (which has the orb you need ;) You -can- get a Mystery Key and Priest's 
Ring though, and if you inspect the already empty chests, you'll see that 
there's no Hikari no Orb inside either of them. Go back down to the center 
grave in the graveyard, talk to him, and answer yes to his question, and he'll 
give you directions. Inspect the back side of this monster's grave, to get the 
Henge no Tsue, or Staff of Change. Go to the tower on the southwest of the 
island, and use this item to become a monster, and the Dark Horn will let you 
pass. Now you can reach many more places, and battle some new monsters. Your 
next stop should be the nearest town on the map, Pei.

Items in Pei: 
Items in Pei's Item Shop: Water of Amoru(60g), Dew of the World Tree(600g), 
Magic Water(250g), Rib(200g), Sirloin(1500g), Fairy Water(120g), Staff of 
Return(100g), Memory Bell(100g)

   The townspeople(monsters) more or less talk about three things. One mentions 
something about the Hikari no Orb, another directs you toward the Hell Condor, 
and another mentions a Maou, or Demon King. One of the monsters in the inn 
points you to the south. There isn't really much else to do here except shop. 
When you're done, go out and to the west, as far west on the continent as you 
can go. You can try to catch a Metal Slime or two if you want, they're really 
good for breeding. (though their life span isn't too great) I was only able to 
find male ones though. Two Sirloins will USUALLY convince one to join your 
party, but not always. If you're rich, three should be good. You need a high 
strength rating if you want to be able to kill one before it runs. (my Mimic 
maxed out with enough) Whether or not you try to get some metal slimes, go to 
the mountain. The Hell Condor will swoop in and take you to its nest, then 
it'll attack.

Hell Condor (ヘルコンドル)
HP: ~650
Exp: 15000
Skills: Healmore

   This isn't too hard, especially if you have started breeding or 
have been to many Mystery lands by now. Use defense spells if needed, heal when 
necessary, and use your skills against it. (my Healer(pedigree) which I bred 
with a Metal Slime(partner) has a fire spell which does over 160 damage, wee) 
It should die eventually. By the way, you -can- convince it to join you, so be 
sure to feed it your extra meats. When it dies, it's just...gone. The Hikari no 
Orb is nowhere to be found, but you can find a Dew of the World Tree in the 
chest. Now go to a tunnel to the southeast. On the other side, go southeast 
some more until you reach a castle. (it's on your map) That's the last town in 
this land, Hitaano.(Hightown?)

Items in Hitaano: 
Items in Hitaano's Item Shop: Water of Amoru(75g), Dew of the World Tree(750g), 
Magic Water(300g), Leaf of the World Tree(1000g), Sirloin(1500g), Fairy 
Water(300g), Staff of Return(150g), Memory Bell(150g), Travel Journal(100g), 
Branch of Maruta(50g)

   Monsters talk about the orb, the demon king, and various locations. The king 
here seems to want three special relics, Tenkuu no Kabuto, Tenkuu no Yoroi, and 
Tenkuu no Tsurugi. These translate to Sky Helmet, Sky Armor, and Sky Sword.
The Tenkuu no Kabuto is close - in a cave to the south. The cave can only 
be entered by monsters, and this is the tricky part. You can't use your Staff 
of Change on the overworld or in the cave, so you must go to the entrance of 
the town, use the staff, then go out, and south several screens until you reach 
the cave. Press A when facing the hole, and if you're a monster, you can enter.

Random Items in Monster-only Cave: Rib, Gold, Magic Water, Chests with...???
Items in Monster-only Cave: Silver Mantle(chest), Sky Helmet(chest)
Monsters in Monster-only Cave: Evil Shiido, Iguana, Box Slime, Puchi Hero

   Go east at the first intersection, then keep going until you reach the 
second floor. Keep going until you reach a north-south intersection. Go 
southish first until you reach a chest with a Silver Mantle. Go back to the 
intersection and take the north route, and keep going through many stairs and 
passages, until you reach a Metal Babble guarding a chest.

Metal Babble (はぐれメタル)
HP: 20
Exp: 41577
Skills: Fireball

Sadly, you can't get this rare wonderful monster to join your party. Anyway, it 
only has 20 hp, but you can only do 1 damage at a time. Unless you get a 
critical hit, it won't die very quickly. Its fireball spell is very weak 
though, so it shouldn't be too tough. When you defeat it, it says something at 
you, and does the traditional DQ metal running away. You can now open the chest 
with a Tenkuu no Kabuto, or Sky Helmet, an event item. Now, go back to the 
mountain which had the Hell Condor. Instead of going in, stand 2 steps east 
from it, go north a few paces, then press A to create a cloud to fly to the 
next island. Go east once and into the tower.

Items in Tower: Tenkuu Armor
Monsters in Tower: Desusoosaa(feathers), Yoroi Mukade(caterpillar), Neji 
Makidoritachi(bird with a trumpet-like beak)

   Remember, you can make clouds to pass through all these pits. Go north once, 
up the stairs. You'll be able to go east or south from here. East is pointless, 
so go south. This puzzle is simple, make a cloud to go south, go one step east, 
face north and make another. Face west, make another. Go south one step, make 
cloud east, south 3 steps, make cloud west, south, make cloud east. The next 
room has more pits. Aim yourself toward the tiny platform in the top center, 
then go east, east, south, make cloud west, and north to the next room. On the 
next floor, go south, then try to get onto the middle ledge leading west, keep 
going until you reach the northwest room on this floor. Aim for the closer 
platform north, then make two clouds east, one cloud south, two clouds west, 
one cloud south. Go up the stairs to the fourth floor. This floor has an even 
more complex puzzle. Go east, face north, make cloud, face east, make cloud, 
face north, make cloud, face west, make cloud, face south, make cloud, face 
east, make cloud, face south, make cloud 2x, face east, make cloud, go north 
and down the many stairs. In the chest you will find a Tenkuu no Yoroi, or 
Sky Armor. Only one more relic to go! Go to back to the monster only cave, 
go east, and get float onto the island far to the east of it. On the eastern 
side of this island is a destroyed castle, so you may as well explore it.

Items in Destroyed Kingdom: Sky Sword
Monsters in Destroyed Kingdom: Babble, Evil Spirits, Obake Kareki(dead tree), 
Shiryou no Kishi(skeleton warrior), Jigoku no Monban, Manemane(Copycat), 

   This place is actually lots of fun, it's the first area in the game with -
real- puzzles. On the first floor, there is only one intersection. Go north at 
that intersection. On the second floor, it's a bit more of a maze. Go north at 
the first intersection, west at the second, and keep going until you see a 
monster. For some reason, you can completely skip this battle, but if you 
battle it, it's a ~200 hp Gaikotsu Kenshi. (skeleton with many arms) It's worth 
7899 exp. You can't convince it to join you. Anyway, keep going, and on the 
next floor, there's a puzzle. You need to get all the caskets closed, the one 
on the top right is open. Here's a small diagram of the room:
A        B
A  1  2  B       Legend: A-D - Casket
                         1-4 - Switch

C  3  4  D
C        D
   Switch one changes caskets A, C, and D, switch two changes caskets B and C, 
switch 3 changes caskets C and D, and switch 4 changes caskets B and D. The 
casket changes are: closed to open, open to open w/ skeleton, open w/ skeleton 
to closed. The solution is to step on switch 2 once, switch 3 twice, switch 4 
once. The passage north will open. Now you'll be in a large graveyard. Go west 
all the way, then north all the way...talking to skeletons won't start a 
battle. Go downstairs, and you'll have to use the directional crosses to get 
the ghost into its casket. Here is a diagram of the room:
    x x+
 x     +   Legend: x - Stops Ghost
      x            ! - Ghost's starting position    \ - staircase
xx !x              C - Cone
    x  x           + - Casket
x xxCCCC           < - Face north and press A to make ghost move all west
\   <^v>               (^ is north, v is south, > is east)
   The solution is to make it go north, then west, then south, then east, then 
south, then east, then north, then east, then north, in that order. The ghost 
will disappear into its casket, and the door will open. You'll now be in more 
tunnels. Go north at the first intersection, kill the optional Gaikotsu Kenshi 
along the way if you want to. At the next intersection, take the left southern 
route, the right one is a dead end. When you reach the stairs, go up, and 
you'll be at another puzzle. You probably won't get this without trying the 
"press A against everything" method. The solution is to go to the southeast 
section of the graveyard, and inspect the back of the grave that the skeleton's 
watching. Answer yes and something will open. Go back to the top-center and the 
door will be open. In the final sanctuary is a demon, Naitoricchi. (Night 
Lich(or light? probably lich...))

Night Lich (ナイトリッチ)
Found in: Destroyed Castle, Land of Monsters
HP: ~1450
Exp: 19620
Skills: Attacks twice, Double attack, Healmore

   If your monsters are well bred like mine, this isn't too difficult. If 
not, um...anyway, Dragon Berets are a must for this battle, especially if you 
have a Metal Slime, because this boss can attack so many times. I had a level 
18 metal slime+4, level 45(max) hooded squid, and a level 39 healer+3. For the 
most part I only had to use defense up spells or my healer's metal slime 
inherited Nerazooma(BlazeMost) ability. My healer can use HealUsAll, and has 
300MP, so that wasn't a problem. Anyway, after the battle, You can get the 
Tenkuu no Tsurugi, or Sky Sword, from the chest. You should now have all three
Sky items, if not, read the two previous sections. Now go back to the castle
of Pei.
   Back at Pei, stay at the inn, then go to the castle. The left bear guard 
will see you have the three items, and will let you pass. Go into the castle, 
and get the easy-to-miss Small Medal from the pot. In the next room, talk to 
the Dark Horn and he'll say something about the Demon King, then let you pass 
to the portal. You'll easily find the castle from here.

Items in Demon King's Castle: Dew of the World Tree(chest), Staff of 
Thunder(chest), Hagane no Kiba(chest), Touzoku no Ring

   Now would be a good time to use a Branch of Maruta, as this is the last 
place in the land, and it's a loooooong walk if you want to return to Maruta. 
There are no random encounters, but there are many many minibosses, a pair of 
Devil Armors. They only use normal attacks, have ~450 hp, and are worth 9800 
exp each. The first one you encounter has nothing behind it, the second pair 
has a staircase, and the third pair has a chest with a Dew of the World Tree. 
The other monsters in the castle won't attack you. Go down the stairs to the 
second floor. South is a staircase, but there is another to the east of that 
one. Go down the east staircase first, and get the Touzoku no Ring from the 
chest. (after another Demon Armor battle) Then go back up, and go down the west 
staircase next. Go down many levels, and get a Staff of Thunder from the chest. 
Keep going down and get a Hagane no Kiba from the next chest. You'll notice 
that the sky is starting to appear in the pit. On the bottom floor is a really 
large demon, who you just may recognize from Dragon Quest 6, but if you vaulted 
any of your Tenkuu items(like I did), nothing will happen here. If you have all 
three Tenkuu items, he takes them, then attacks you. (any surprise there?)

Demon King Mudo ((まおう)ムドー)
HP: 3000
Exp: 38540
Skills: Dispel?, Firebane, A multi-target attack 

   This is Demon King Mudo, one of the Maou of DQ6. This isn't exactly the most 
epic of Demon King battles, in fact, it's very easy, and Mudo has no second 
form. All you need is ~200+ hp, good skills, and HealUs or HealUsAll. Mudo only 
attacks once per round, and has three skills that I know of, Firebane(or 
snowstorm), One which attacks all allies physically, and some odd white flashy 
spell which I -think- cancels all magic effects, making stat up/down spells 
useless. All you have to do is attack Mudo with your best skills over and over, 
and heal when necessary. It takes awhile, but 3000 hp really isn't that much. 
You can't get it to join you, obviously. When it dies, it acts all surprised 
like all Demon Kings do, then vanishes (again, with no "true form") unlike most 
Demon Kings. ;) Go north and you'll encounter Kameha in the treasure room. (how 
-do- these people bypass demon kings anyway??) They chat for a little, Kameha 
mentions the Hikari no Orb and the Orb of Strength, then paces a little, and 
eventually a very large demon known as Dooku appears. (and finally, a new 
musical score plays!) He talks about various things...Maruta, "Korekushon", and 
eventually you'll be prompted with a question. You have to say yes. He gives 
you the Hazama no Kagi, probably telling you to "come to him if you dare." Then 
he disappears, and all the treasure goes with him. (so unfair!) This seems to 
be where Kameha and Ruka make up, now that Kameha sees he's been a fool. 
Warabou teleports them both back to him, and they talk a little. The ground 
shakes, and Kameha gets all freaked and runs east. Now see the latest changes 
in Maruta!

Section 9 - Maruta Once More
New Items in Maruta: Nut of Life*2(Kameha's Room Chest), Bouken Tan(Kameha's 
Room Chest), Snow Staff, Magic Beret

   There are a few more changes to Maruta. The tide has come in even more than 
before, and many paths are thin or waterlogged completely. You can now go up a 
rope that connects the farm to the top of the castle tree. There's a new hole 
in the tree where you can find an Ice Staff, and Magic Beret. If you talk to 
the King, he'll let you enter Kameha's room. Kameha mentions something about 
Isekai. The colliseum is blocked off for some reason. (flooded?) There are new 
NPCs all over the place as well, but no one seeking to breed their monsters. 
Make sure to talk to Warubou again and answer his question. He will give you 
restored versions of the following items: Uminari no Kane, Hakai no Kagami, and 
Oozora no Tate. (you -must- have three inventory spaces free when you talk to 
him, or he won't give you any of these, I made the mistake of running off to 
the 10th mystery land before getting these from Warubou) When you're ready, use 
the Hazama no Kagi to enter the last area, the Demon World!

Section 10 - Demon World
Monsters in the Demon World: Mist Wing, Kirisaki Piero(two-bladed monster), 
Boss Troll, Great Dragon

   This section isn't too long, but the monsters here are pretty powerful. Now 
would be a good time to gain levels and do breeding. When you're ready, make 
sure you have all three rare items from Warubou in hand, and go to the tower 
south of the floating castle. Talk to the monster, answer yes, and you will 
hand over the three items. (I have no idea why) The monster will then give them 
to another monster, and then it will attack you.

Zushioumaru (ずしおうまる) (funny monster with axe)
HP: ~800

Giganto Dragon (ギガントドラゴン)
HP: ~1000
Skills: Firebane?

Wing Assassin (ウイングアサシン)
HP: ~800
Skills: Possibly Surround

Exp: ~42000

   This shouldn't be all that hard, at least nothing here can cause critical 
hits. Usually I would suggest to "kill the underlings first", but since none of 
them can really be considered underlings, that doesn't really apply here. Just 
use multi-target spells and attack them one by one, and heal if necessary. When 
they fall, it'll disappear and you can pass.

Monsters in Floating Castle: Ugokusekizou(statue), Boss Troll, Kirisaki Piero

   It's a short trip, and you can use clouds to make it an even shorter trip. 
When you reach Dooku, he will talk a bit about something. (energy?) After his 
little chatter, he will attack:

HP: ~3800
Exp: 59630
Skills: Dispel?, Confuse, Snowstorm?, BiKill?

   This battle could very well hurt, because Dooku likes to cast a spell on 
itself which doubles its attack power, but that ability runs out after awhile. 
You'll know when you see it hit you for 300 damage, even if you have a metal in 
your party. Fortunately it has limited MP, so your best option would be to 
bring lots of leaf of the world trees, and use them whenever killed. Defense-
raising spells are pointless until it runs out of MP, because Dooku can easily 
take it away. I was lucky enough to have one party member who could live one of 
those 300 damage hits, and was able to save that monster with a healall. 
Hopefully you will win this, if you don't, you can always try again, or try 
more breeding/leveling. After it dies, it says a few things to you (korekutaa?) 
and vanishes. You get a plug like the one in the beginning of the game, Warubou 
sends you back to him. Congratulations, you can now see the ending! I'm not 
going to spoil it for you, but you might notice they spelled "Public Relations" 
wrong in the credits. ;) Make sure to save after the credits!

Section 11 - Is it really the end?
   Of course not! When you next load your saved game, there will be a Warubou 
icon in your game save file. The following sections will cover everything you 
can do after officially winning.

New items in Maruta: 
Items in center Merchant's item shop: Elf Water(2000g), Leaf of the 
World Tree(1000g), Sirloin(1000g), Mafuuji no Tsue(700g), Friendship 
Staff(800g), Holy Staff(1500g), Staff of Thunder(3000g), Momonja's Tail(800g), 
Gold Harp(1000g), Gold Padd(20000g)

   Here are the following changes to Maruta: The tunnel east of the breeding 
place is finally complete, it's just a shortcut to the sleeping monsters. The 
middle merchant in the merchant area now sells to you. The Medal Man sells a 
Dooku for 10 metals, so buy it if you can. (I never spent any medals before :) 
A girl with a teddy bear and Spotted Slime asks to battle your monsters, and 
they can probably easily kill you for now. Though when I tried this battle, my 
monsters used spells like Defeat and sacrifice to win. She didn't give me 
anything, though. The man who is a packrat and the woman who's a neat freak 
combined their houses into one, and are living together. The man in the bar who 
wanted to breed your monster with his is replaced by a woman in the bar, who 
wants to breed her Funky Bird with one of your monsters. It's a pretty good 
monster to breed with, so why not? ;) The man in the colliseum wants to breed 
his Gaikotsukenshi with one of your monsters. Finally, you can battle Kameha in 
his room to get the Elf no Mori no Kagi.(Elven Forest Key) Beat/Defeat works on 
monsters in this battle too, so it shouldn't be too hard if you have those 
spells. Unfortunately, you can't use follow orders, so your monsters should be 
set to tactic #2 to use attack skills and spell up, and tactic #3 to heal.

Section 12 - Fairy Land
Random items in Fairy Land: Sirloin, Gold, Fairy Water, Friendship Staff, 
Kirikiribatta, Dew of the World Tree, All seeds+nuts, Water of Amoru, Rib, Dew 
of the World Tree, Full Moon Herb, Elf Water, Angel Bell, Memory Bell, 
Laurel, Awake Powder, Snow Staff, Flame Staff
Monsters in Fairy Land: Slappy, Mad Plant, Marichi Eye, Fear Riiratto, 
Gurenderu(rhino-like monster with pretty good breeding stats)

   The monsters here are notably easier than the ones in the Demon World, but 
the exp here is very worthwhile. (2000-6000 exp per battle, same as Demon 
World) This is the best place to level up, until you can find something 
better , which probably won't be anytime soon. When ready, head to the only 
landmark on the map, a town far to the south, Kimi.

Items in Kimi: Magic Water(pot), Small Medal(pot), Intelligence Seed(pot)
Items in Kimi's Item Shop: Medical Herb(15g), Water of Amoru(75g), Dew of the 
World Tree(750g), Elf Water(3000g), Antidote Herb(15g), Full Moon 
Herb(45g), Laurel(75g), Flame Staff(7500g)

   I don't know what anyone is talking about here, but in all the pots that 
aren't owned by the merchant, you can find an item. Once you're done talking to 
everyone here, go to mountain-like place a bit to the north and slightly to the 
west. When you enter, a girl will see you and run to the next room. Follow, and 
her big brother will be there with her. Talk to him, then talk to her, say yes. 
Then talk to him, and he'll introduce themselves as Koruto(him) and Sharu.(her) 
I think Sharu ran away for some reason. Go back to Kimi and talk to the old man 
in the northeast house. Koruto and Sharu will appear. When you can move on your 
own, talk to her and she'll run away. Go back north to Sharu's little hideaway, 
and she'll want to play hide-and-seek with you. When you can move, go north, 
and you'll find some monsters hovering over her. Talk to the top arrow dog to 
battle them both. After this battle, the Silver Devil will kidnap Sharu.

Arrow Dog
HP: ~500
Exp: 9800
Skills: none

   I think it's optional, but it might not be, to go back to Kimi and talk to 
Koruto. He'll run off, and you can talk to the old man. When you're done here, 
go to a mountain like place to the east of the village. (why did they use the 
mountain sprite for forests?)

Random items in Forest Maze: Full Moon Herb, Memory Bell, Medical Herb, Magic 
Items in Forest Maze: Dew of the World Tree(chest w/ barriers), Memory 
Bell(chest), Nut of Magic(chest)
Monsters in Forest Maze: Gurenderu(rhino-like monster), Hasamikuwagata(stag 
beetle), Karyuusou(dragon plant), Hitokuisou

   Go all north, then 1 west for the chest, then east, south, east, north, and 
north to enter the next section. Go all west, north, get the memory bell, then 
north, east twice, south twice to get the Nut of Magic, then north three times, 
west, north. You will see the Silver Devil guarding Sharu. If you told Koruto 
about his sister being kidnapped, he'll be there, trying to fight the Silver 
Devil. (and failing miserably) I don't know what happens if you don't talk to 
him after the kidnapping. Talk to it and it will fight you, of course.

Silver Devil (シルバーデビル)
HP: ~1400
Exp: 26890
Skills: Counters some attacks, ~70 damage all target skill

   It isn't very hard, it's easier than Dooku. Just use defense-up spells a few 
times, then use all your skills and heal when necessary. When it dies, it 
mentions something like "Ore"sama and vanishes. I've seen the katakanized "ore" 
throughout the entire game, and I still don't know what it means, but this is 
the first time I've seen the suffix "sama" used after it. hmm... Anyway, Koruto 
will talk to his sister, then you'll all end up at Kimi again. You saved the 
day, and it more or less ends here. You have to walk back to Maruta this time.

Mystery Lands
Some notes about mystery lands: Mystery lands are randomly generated lands 
which exist mainly for finding monsters you couldn't otherwise, and getting 
just about any accessory in the game. As of now, I still haven't reached a 
limit in the number of Mystery Land keys I can carry, but I believe the page 
limit for keys is 9 or 10. (complete assumption though) If you find yourself at
the limit, and don't need a key to a certain land, select it in your key list
then select the section option to drop it. Keep in mind that this key will be
gone forever, so don't do it unless you've looted everything.
   As far as I know, only dungeon interiors and towns are randomized, but there
may be more than that. If any of the information below is wrong, please don't
hesitate to email me at llminami@hotmail.com so I can finally solve the mystery
of these mystery lands. Thanks again.
   Another common note: All mystery lands are completely unmapped when you
enter them. You have to map them yourself. Monsters will not join your party
until you kill their bosses in the local shrines, or killing the main castle
bosses will free up all the monsters for joining you. Finally, there are
various trainers walking around who will battle you for various items. You can
get the following from each type of trainer:

Warrior(Male or Female): Wing of the Wyvern
Cleric: Free Heal(higher level clerics may require battle)
Merchant: Sells one random item, or may be a battle** with no prize
Red Guard: Wing of the Wyvern or Mystery Key
Bard: Raises a random stat of all your monsters by 20
Executioner?: Give him 1000 gold to fully heal your party.

**Only Merchant Battle I've seen: Baby Satan, Boss Troll, Odoruhouseki
None of those monsters can join your party.

Various possible trainer battles:
(based on your overall exp I believe, not just levels like dqm1)

#1: Sukarugaruu(bunny with skull in chest), Abareushidori(a bull with a beak), 
Caterpillar, Dancing Carrot, Dark Eye, Slime Tsumuri(Slime Snail), Box Slime, 
Yoroi Mukade, Bapirasu(a larger pteradon)
#2: Slime Knight, Neko Madou(Cat Mage?), Matango(Demon Toadstool), Yeti, 
Babble, Biibaan, Guntai Gani(Army Crab), Desufareena, Raibaan, Hana 
Kawasemi(funny looking bird), Box Slime
#3: Bubble Demon, Puchi Hero, Devil Pain, Strange Animal, Mooza, Metal 
Slime*, Mist Wing, Beruzaburu(a fly), KillerScoop, Hebikoumori
#4: Goatbon, Brownie, Drakee, Tree Slime, Soodo Dragon, Youkaigyo(fish with 
large gills), Kobaku Sou, Suupaatenshiku, Orc, Kamakiri Senshi, 
Ookizuchi(Brownie), Tokopikuru Slime, Arrow Dog, Fear Riiratto, Cat Fury
#5: Battle Rex, Koozubatoraa(one-eye plant thing), Metal King!, 
Shantaku(decaying bird thing), Yamata no Orochi, Koatoru, Akuba-, Kokku Chou
#6: Kemono no Kishi, Hell Hornet, Yamata no Orochi, Onion, Wing 
Snake, Teeru Eater, Paomu, Dragon Maddo, Piero Slime, Kimera(Wyvern), Army 
Crab, Hito Kuisou
#7: youganmajin(magma face/hand), hitokuisou(man-eating plant), 
yuureisenchou(Pirate Captain), Hasamikuwaga(stag beetle), Devil Pain, Guntai 
Gani(army crab), Hitotsume Piero(ozwarg), Archdemon, Akuma no Kishi(axe 
knight), Maou no Tsukai(4-armed skeleton), Hero Mage

*Notes on metal slime: (not very easy at first, it is NOT your typical metal 
slime, it can attack twice, can cast Healmore, and has some strange spell which 
seriously altered my menu. (like it would say Lv!33 for my healer, and the Item 
menu became -ro-, and Tactics became hi teta? I ultimately only survived that 
battle with my squid and 13k exp, but the oddity went away after the battle.
2-3 sirloins should convince it to join you.)

Various Possible Item Shops:
Random Shop 1: Medical Herb(15g), Water of Amoru(75g), Magical 
Water(300g), Antidote Herb(15g), Rib(300g), Fairy Water(300g), Staff of 
Return(150g), Memory Bell(150g)

Random Shop 2: Medical Herb(15g), Water of Amoru(75g), Dew of the 
World Tree(750g), Magic Water(300g), Antidote Herb(15g), Full Moon Herb(45g), 
Laurel(75g), Angel Bell(30g), Rib(300g), Fairy Water(100g), Staff of 
Return(150g), Memory Bell(150g)

Random Shop 3: Water of Amoru(75g), Dew of the World Tree(750g), 
Elf Water(2000), Sirloin(1500), Fairy Water(300g), Holy Staff(1500g), 
Staff of Return(150g), Memory Bell(150g)

   Finally, sometimes a dungeon will have a chest other than the shrine
on the bottom/top. Those chests can contain any seed/nut, a Small Medal,
a Leaf of the World Tree, an Elf Water, or a Memory Bell.

======================OPTIONAL LAND 1=======================
Monsters: Drakee, Iguana, Pecky, Fiery Dragon
Items: Medical Herb, random amounts of gold, Memory Bell, Wing of 
the Wyvern, All seeds/nuts

Monsters in Dungeon#1 - Tower: Pecky, Drakee, Iguana, Fiery Dragon
Prize in Dungeon#2 - Tower: Souryo no Ring(top chest)

Castle Boss:
Lizard Fury*2 (リザドーフライ)
HP: ~100
Exp: (unknown, only appears with group that gives near 5000 exp at the end)
Skills: none

Ganko Dori (ガンコどり) (an overweight, angry, duck monster with tiny wings)
HP: ~400 (has high defense)
Exp: (unknown, only appears with group that gives near 5000 exp at the end)
Skills: One that attacks the whole party, one to lower party's defense

Notes: I used a level 19 starter slime, level 22 squid, and 
level 19 healer. (I don't customize much, ok? lol) The battle is with a Ganko 
Dori, and two Lizard Furies. First, you need to get rid of the two Lizard 
Furies. The slime's Gira (Fireball in DQM1) ability wasn't all that useful for 
this, but its normal attacks do well. The squid's Nakama o Yobu ability is 
great for this battle, as it can hit up to four times, and hit the Lizard 
Furies for ~40 damage per hit. The healer, well, heals. Though I recommend 
casting Sukuruto the first round, since you can't really predict who will be 
damaged yet. Just hope that your healer isn't killed, because you need to use 
tactics to control the party every round. You may also need to use a Leaf of 
the World Tree for this battle. If you just can't win this battle yet, try 
again after Ice Land.

======================OPTIONAL LAND 2=======================
Monsters: Ghost, Cactus Ball, Nasubinaara, Matango
Items: Monster Feed, Herb

Monster in Shrines 1+2: Matango(Demon Toadstool)
Castle Boss:
Mummy (モミー)
Found in: Three Islands(OL2), Castle
HP: ~850
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 6495 exp
Skills: none!

Cactus Ball*2 (サボテンボール)
Found in: Three Islands(OL2), Castle
HP: 300
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 6495 exp
Skills: none!
Notes: Just use defense spells over and over and over until the enemy only 
harms you for one damage, then repeatedly press the A button until they all 
die. Otherwise, the standard hit/heal strategy will work.

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Butouka no Ring
Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Ghost, Cactus Ball, Matango(Demon 
Toadstool), Evil Posuto

Prize in Dungeon #2 - Mystery Key
Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Nasubinaara, Ghost, Cactus Ball, Matango(Demon 
Toadstool), Evil Posuto

======================OPTIONAL LAND 3=======================
Monsters: Baby Satan(aka Mini Demon in DW), Pixie, Matango, Evil 
Posuto, Cactus Ball
Items: Medical Herb, Tiny amounts of gold

Monster in Shrine #1: Pixie
Monster in Shrine #2: Evil Posuto
Castle Boss:
Gappurin (がっぷりん) (apple)
HP: 550
Exp: Unknown, in a battle worth 6360 exp
Skills: An all target 60 damage skill

Baby Satan*2 (バビーサタン)
HP: 150, which is still too much
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 6360 exp
Skills: Firevolt, ow ow ow ow!

Notes: Unless you have high level monsters which are strong to 
magic or fire spells, this battle is totally luck-based. Try to kill the two 
Baby Satans, and if you survive, use defense up spells and defeat the 
surprisingly easy Gappurin. (though I think it has an all target ability too, 
it misses quite often) If you fail, reset and try again.

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Tower: Mystery Key
Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Tower: Matango(Demon Toadstool), Baby Satan(Mini 
Demon), Pixie, Nasubinaara

Items in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Dragon Beret
Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Matango(Demon Toadstool), Baby Satan(Mini 
Demon), Pixie, Nasubinaara

======================OPTIONAL LAND 4=======================
Monsters: Berogon, Fiery Dragon, Arumiraaji, Biibaan, Kemono no 
Kishi, Gamegon, Kodora, Minon, Lizard Fury
Monsters in water in Desert: 
Random Items: Monster Feed, Pork Chop

Shrine #1: Fiery Dragon
Castle Boss:
Fiery Dragon *2
HP: ~250
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7180
Skills: Surround

Asian Turtle
HP: ~900
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7180
Skills: none

Notes: This battle isn't nearly as difficult as the one in Optional Land 3, 
but it can be a pain because the Fiery Dragons cast surround. Fortunately 
though, they all only use physical attacks otherwise, so use defense raising 
spells until the turtle does near 0 damage. After the Fiery Dragons fall, a 
Full Moon Herb would be nice to shake the surround spell, but it isn't 
necessary if you use attacks that aren't hindered by Surround. (and you should 
be) The Hooded Squid's third attack is very useful here, but it's very 
unreliable. Eventually they should fall, and you can now convince all monsters 
to join you in this land.

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Stamina Beret
Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Kemono no Kishi, Momonja, Fusion Dragon, Sukaru 
Garuu, Gamegon, Dragon, Biibaan

Prize in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Dragon's Scale(ugh)
Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Poison Lizard, Minon, Kodora, Ferret, Lizard 

======================OPTIONAL LAND 5=======================
Items/NPCs in Land of the Moon: Friendship Staff, Staff of Return, Monster 
Feed, Medical Herb, Moderate gold, Free heal priests, Male/Female Warriors(wing 
of wyvern), 
Monsters in Land of the Moon: Mud Hand(Goopi), Doroningyou(Puppet), Pixie, Baby 
Satan, Totem Killer

Shrine #1: Baby Satan
Castle Boss:
Pixie (ピキシー)
HP: 150
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7185 exp
Skills: none

Cursed Lamp (のろいのランプ)
HP: 800
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7185 exp
Skills: Upper

Notes:Even 10 levels behind, my mimic is more powerful than slash in every way, 
except HP/MP. This is a very easy battle too, since the only attacks they use 
are physical. Just use a defense raising spell repeatedly, and you should have 
no trouble. The lamp does sometimes cast Upper on itself, but it only prolongs 
its inevitable death. ;) As usual, kill the two Pixies first, then focus on the 

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Tower: Mystery Beret
Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Tower: Totem Killer, Pixie, Doroningyou, Obake Candle, 
Baby Satan

Prize in Dungeon #2 - Tower: Mystery Key
Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Totem Killer, Pixie, Doroningyou, Obake Candle, Baby 

======================OPTIONAL LAND 6=======================
Items: Intelligence Seed, Moderate amounts of gold, Staff of Return, Medical 
Herb, Monster Feed
Monsters: Drakee, Pecky (that's it)

Shrine #1: Pecky
Shrine #2: Pecky
Castle Boss:
Drakee (ドラキー)
HP: ~150, maybe less
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 9590 exp
Skills: A very weak all-target spell

Iwatobiakuma (いわとびあくま)
HP: ~350, no joke
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 9590 exp
Skills: Possibly none, it died too fast to tell

Notes: This is absolutely, positively, the most -pathetic- excuse for a boss 
battle in the history of Dragon Quest games! Not only do they all have pitiful 
defense, and pitiful HP, the Drakees are weak to my mimic's fire spell. My 
Hooded Squid used its third ability quite effectively, and I had my healer use 
physical attacks when I realized that Increase was unnecessary, lol. After 
suffering the terrible loss of about 50 hp overall, my party was successful. 
And this battle is worth 3196exp for a 3-party group, wow! This would make a 
great random encounter outside, I need levels! In all seriousness, if you lose 
this battle at this point, you would have to be the most horrible player in the 

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Mystery Key
Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Drakee, Pecky

Prize in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Madoushi Ring
Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Drakee, Pecky ::yawn::

======================OPTIONAL LAND 7=======================
Random Items in Floating Islands: Medical Herb, Antidote Herb, Small/moderate 
amounts of gold, Pork Chop
Monsters in Floating Islands: Hasamikuwagata(Stag Beetle), 
Iwatobiakuma(penguin), Beruzaburu(fly), Semimogurani(gopher), Pecky, 
Pyuuro(flower), Yonakunidori(funny looking bird), Jinmenchou(butterfly), 
Kirikiribatta, Ganko Dori

Shrine #1: Semimogurani (a gopher-like monster)
Shrine #2: Ooniwatori (a chicken-like monster)
Castle Boss:
Ooniwatori (おおにわとり)
HP: ~700
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7605 exp

Maruchiai (まるちあい)
HP: ~200
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7605 exp
Skills: One that raises speed?

Notes: For some reason, my squid's third ability was extremely 
useful in this battle. I won it in three rounds, so I can't give much 
information on the monsters. (except for HP, and one skill I saw) I can tell 
that these are physical attack monsters, so defense raising spells help greatly 
in this battle. Eventually, or easily, you should win, and the monsters can now 
join your party.

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Dragon Beret
Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Caves: Same as overworld

Prize in Dungeon #2 - Tower: Priest's Ring
Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Tower: Same as overworld, Ooniwatori

======================OPTIONAL LAND 8=======================
Random Items: Medical Herb, Gold in the hundreds, Pork Chop
Monsters: Iguana, Semimogura(gopher), Tosakahebi(Crested Snake), 
Jinmenchou(butterfly), Fiery Dragon, Lizard Fury, Poison Lizard, 

Castle Boss:
Sodo Dragon (ソドードラゴン)
HP: ~1000
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7470 exp
Skills: none

Jinmenchou (じんめんちょう)
HP: ~200
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 7470 exp
Skills: Surround?

Notes: This is another physical attack battle, so defense up spells are a must. 
Those pesky Jinmenchou cast surround often, so only use skills in this battle. 
This shouldn't be too hard, and eventually you will win.

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Mystery Key
New Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Oonamekuji(A slug), King Cobra, 
Oomimizu(purple worm)

Items in Dungeon #2 - Cave: Strength Seed, Soldier's Ring
New Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Cave: none

======================OPTIONAL LAND 9=======================
Random Items: Rib, Friendship Staff, Water of Amoru, Medical Herb, Pork Chop, 
Moderate Gold, Memory Bell, Antidote Herb, Monster Feed
Monsters: Paaru Slime, Box Slime, Slime Tsurii, Slime Tsumuri(Slime Snail), 
Spotted Slime, Slime, Toropikuru Slime, Slappy, Hoimi Slime(Healer)

First shrine: Slime(1156*3 exp)
Second shrine: Toropikuru Slime(1443*3 exp)
Castle boss: Stone Slime (ストーンスライム)
Stone Slime
HP: ~200
Exp: 4495
Skills: It died in one round, how should I know?

Notes: I think enix made a little boo-boo with this. Not only is this the 
only castle boss with no support, it only has 200 hp?? It died right away from 
my squid's third ability. What happened here? I guess you should consider 
yourself lucky in this land, though it is kind of boring.
Prize in Dungeon #1 - Tower: Dragon Scale
New Monsters in Dungeon #2 - Tower: None

======================OPTIONAL LAND 10======================
Random items: Moderate gold, Pork Chop, Medical Herb, Staff of Return, All 
Monsters: Slappy, Asian Turtle, Suupaatenshiku
Monsters in Water: Obake Hitode(starfish), Youkaigyo(fish with big gills)
Warrior/Bard Monsters: Goatbon, Brownie, Drakee, Tree Slime, Soodo Dragon, 
Youkaigyo(fish with large gills), Kobaku Sou, Suupaatenshiku, Orc, Kamakiri 
Senshi, Ookizuchi(Brownie), Tokopikuru Slime, Arrow Dog, Fear Riiratto, Cat 

Shrine 1: Tree Slime(3717 exp)
HP: ~1000
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 10155 exp
Spells: Snowstorm

Slime (スライム)
HP: ~300
Exp: Unknown, in battle worth 10155 exp
Spells: Fireball

Notes: Pretty easy, just a hit/heal/use defense spells battle

Prize in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Silver Mantle
New Monsters in Dungeon #1 - Cave: Ferret

======================OPTIONAL LAND 11======================
Monsters: Paaru Slime, Merman, Stone Slime, Puchiiru, Gamanian, Slime Borg, Box 
Slime, Ooutsubo, Tamategai, Slime Snail, Mad Lobster
Items: All Seeds + Nuts, Rib, Good gold, Wing of the Wyvern, Friendship Staff

Monster Castle: 1x
Piero Slime (ピエロスライム)
HP: ~500
Exp: 10910
Comments: I think enix goofed again, this is easier than the random 
encounters outside.
Dungeon 1: Ice cave northwest of shrine
  New Monsters: Babble, Sealthrope
  Prize Item: Furachina Mantle
Dungeon 2: Cave far west (or quickly east by map looping) of shrine
  New Monsters: none
  Prize Item: Mystery Key
Dungeon 3: Cave far north (or quickly southwest by map looping) of shrine
  New Monsters: none
  Prize Item: Fukutsu no Mantle
Dungeon 4: Cave south of Dungeon 3
  New Monsters: none
  Prize Item: Mystery Key
Dungeon 5: Tower far northwest (or quickly southeast by map looping) of shrine
  New Monsters: Healer, Slime
  Prize Item: Mystery Key

======================OPTIONAL LAND 12======================
====================Hade na Mizu no Kagi====================
Random Items: Good gold, Dew of the World Tree, Rib, Sirloin, Water of Amoru, 
Elf Water, Magic Water, All seeds/nuts
Monsters: Tamategai(clam with tongue), Evil Sopitaru(medusa-like), Obake 
Hitode(starfish), Ooutsubo(eel), Akuaparasoru(sword), Seahorse, Octorich, 
Takotsubokozou(funny water monster with bow), Ika Zukin(Hooded Squid)

Castle Monsters: Akunapara Sword(soru?)x2, Ika Zukin(Hooded Squid)
Hooded Squid (イカずきん)
HP: ~1300

Akunapara Sword (あくなぱらソル)
HP: ~500
Skills: none

Exp: 27040
Dungeon 1: Ice Cave south of entrance
  New Monsters: 
  Prize Item: Mystery Key
Dungeon 2: Southwest Cave
  New Monsters: 
  Prize Item: Magic Beret
Dungeon 3: Far South(a bit east) Cave
  New Monsters: 
  Prize Item: Mystery Key
Dungeon 4: Far East(a bit south) Cave
  New Monsters: 
  Prize Item: Hagane no Kiba
Dungeon 5: Northeast Tower
  New Monsters: Maataiga, Todoman, Fish Rider
  Prize Item: Great Dragon's Scale

======================OPTIONAL LAND 13======================
==================Hade na Doukutsu no Kagi==================
Random Items: Water of Amoru, Angel Bell, Rib, Pork Chop, All Seeds/Nuts
Monsters: Fiery Dragon, Box Slime, Wing Snake, Crested Snake, Spotted Slime, 
Slappy, Paaru Slime, Slime, Poison Lizard, Dragon Kizzu(Dragon Kid), Pabirasu, 
Stone Slime
Shrine 1: Hoimi Slime (Healer)
Shrine 2: Box Slime
Castle: Wing Snake*2, Lizard Man
Wing Snake (ウィングスネーク)
HP: ~600
Skills: none

Lizard Man (リザードマン)
HP: ~1500
Skills: none

Exp: 29900

Dungeon 1: Southwest Tower
  New Monsters: King Cobra, Kodora
  Prize Item: Yume Miru Tamago?? (it didn't appear in my inventory or key list)
Dungeon 2: Northeast Cave
  New Monsters:
  Prize Item: Mystery Key

======================OPTIONAL LAND 14======================
==================Hajime no Chochuu no Kagi=================
Random Items: Magic Water, Rib, Water of Amoru, Elf Water, Fairy Water,
Antidote Herb, Laurel, All seeds/nuts, Pork Chop
Monsters: Kirikiribatta, Obake Candle, Purotokira( Killer), Semimogura(mole),
Jinmenchou(butterfly), Oonamekuji(big slug), Neji Makidori(horn bird),
Odoruhouseki(Trick Bag), Guntai Ari(Army Ant)

Guntai Ari (ぐんたいガニ)
HP: 1500
Skills: Upper

Beruzaburu (ベルザブル)
HP: 700
Skills: None
Exp: 28266

Prize of Dungeon 1 - Tower: Madoushi no Ringu
New Monsters in Dungeon 1 - Tower: Teruita, Totem Killer, Burashi Kozou 

Prize of Dungeon 2 - Cave: 
New Monsters in Dungeon 2 - Cave: (Purple Worm), Mud Hand(Goopi), Togebouzu
(cactus ball?)

Prize of Dungeon 3 - Tower 2: Mystery Key
New Monsters in Dungeon 3 - Tower 2: Teruita, Totem Killer, Burashi Kozou

======================OPTIONAL LAND 15======================
===================Hade na Hakaana no Kagi==================
Random Items: Gold(1000+), Water of Amoru, Rib, Elf Water, Memory Bell,
Dew of the World Tree, Sirloin, Staff of Return, Snow Staff
Monsters: Kirikiribatta, Jinmenchou, Sakasa Zombie, Pyuro(Pure?), Window
Mage, Ghost, Oonamekuji(Big Slug), Guntai Ari(Army Ant), Mummy,
Shinigami(Ghost Mouse), Dororu(Droll), Pomupomupomu

Shrine 1: Dark Crab
Castle Boss: Maou no Tsukii, Dark Crab*2

Maou no Tsukai (まおうのつかい)
HP: ~1800
Skills: Same attack raising spell Doku has

Dark Crab (ダーククラブ)
HP: ~800
Skills: Ironize

Exp: 55545

Notes: This battle can really hurt for your metals. Even my metal king with
905 defense was easily hurt. Definately one of the tougher battles. Try using
dispel if you have it.

Prize of Dungeon 1 - Cave: Hoshifuruu Dewa
New Monsters in Dungeon 1 - Cave: 

Prize of Dungeon 2 - Tower: Magic Beret
New Monsters in Dungeon 2 - Cave: Kitsunebi(flower-like), Touchuukasou(freak),
Maruchi Eye, Yatagarasu

Arena Battles:
Beginner - Prize is Pirate Key
Battle 1: 2x Babbles, 1x Pooru Slime
Battle 2: 1x Cactus Ball, 1x Pixie, 1x Drakee
Battle 3: 2x Desufurattou, 1x Yonakunidori

C Class - Prize is Mystery Key
Battle 1: 1x Kamaitachi, 1x Gizmo, 1x Pompombom
Battle 2: 1x Debirupain, 1x Gappurin
Battle 3: 2x Brownie, 1x Demon Stump

B Class - Prize is Mystery Key
Battle 1: 2x Berubokkuru, 1x Puchi Hero
Battle 2: 2x Momonja, 1x Dragon
Battle 3: 1x Mandragora, 1x Dancing Carrot, 1x Doroningyou

A Class(prize: Mystery Key):
Battle 1: Shadow, Hell Condor, Kumo no Daiou(some wave-like monster)
Battle 2: Okutoriichi, Dagon, Daiou Ika
Battle 3: Mist Wing, Manemane(CopyCat), Night Wisp

S Class(prize: the right to participate in new classes!):
Battle 1: Mud Hand(Goopi)*2, Maou no Tsukii
Battle 2: Guntai Gani*2, Dark Crab
Battle 3: Yamata no Orochi, Jaryuu Senshi, Giganto Dragon

Breeding Combinations: (currently down)

Unconfirmed Rumors (thanks to Hiroyuki on the GameFAQs message board)
- You get another standard key by talking to Kameha after attaining 150 total
monsters found. Terry can be found in this new land.
- Two gold slimes can be bred into a Great Slime.
- One mystery land has metals as random battles, unfortunately I still haven't
found out the name.

Unsolved Mysteries
- After winning the game, there's an egg in the farm which you can feed just
about anything to, except event items. What is inside this egg?

Enix Co. Japan, the makers of this game. This walkthrough wouldn't exist 
without Enix, so they deserve that much credit.

Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server, homepage 
http://enterprise.dsi.crc.ca/cgi-bin/j-e/sjis/tty/dict. This website greatly 
helped me translate the japanese words I didn't know. It's a nice site to 
frequent if you're trying to learn japanese, but you need japanese text support 
for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. (search Microsoft's site for the 
Japanese IME) They have a non-JIS version of the site as well, but it's just 
not the same. ;)

The website http://www.kirafura.com/dq, which I used as a reference for event 
help with finding the thieves in the Oasis section. The site is in japanese, of 

Ian Kelley, because its "in" to credit him when writing a FAQ for a japanese 
rpg. Though the real reason is because the layout of his spectacular, detailed 
walkthroughs inspired much of the layout for my walkthrough section, so I 
thought I should mention him for that.

Kao Megura, whose FFVIIj walkthrough inspired the translation tables in my

devastater_17@hotmail.com who told me what the Momonja's Tail does and its
DWM equal. (Beast's Tail) Thanks!

Hiroyuki for some information found about two screens up. ;)

Various people on the GameFAQs Dragon Quest Monsters 2 message board, which I 
used to gather some information I missed.

It's a short list, but it will hopefully expand in the 0.2 version of this FAQ, 
because I know I can't find everything myself.

Copyright Information
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as the game itself is copyright (c)2001 Enix Co. Japan. Many of the translated 
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like to understand Japanese more. The next version of this FAQ should cover the 
next three lands. (if there are that many left, anyway) This FAQ, for now at 
least, can also be found at http://members.aol.com/llminami/dqm2faq.txt