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|       Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Cobi's Version : FAQ/Strategy Guide       |
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Version: 1.0

By: Jimbo

/\ Table of Contents:               \/
/\ 0. Introduction                  \/
/\     0a. Game Basics              \/
/\     0b. Catching Basics          \/
/\	  0c. Breeding Basics            \/
/\ 1. Coming to Great Log           \/
/\     1a. Sea Voyage               \/
/\ 2. The initial conflict          \/
/\     2a. The Pie                  \/
/\     2b. Walking and Talking      \/
/\     2c. Extra Items              \/
/\     2d. Coming to Oasis World    \/
/\ 3. The Oasis World               \/
/\     3a. Catching Monsters        \/
/\     3b. Joining the Circus       \/
/\     3c. Talking with the People  \/
/\     3d. The Tunnels              \/
/\     3e. BOSS: Beaver             \/
/\     3f. The Thieves              \/
/\     3g. Mirage Lake              \/
/\     3h. BOSS : Curselamp         \/
/\     3i. Back to Oasis            \/
/\     3j. Arena Battle             \/
/\     3k. Extras                   \/
/\     3l. Coming to Pirate World   \/
/\ 4. The Pirate World              \/
/\     4a. Leveling up              \/
/\     4b. Forming a New Team       \/
/\     4c. BOSS : Hoodsquid         \/
/\     4d. Old Man's Stories        \/
/\     4e. Mermaids                 \/
/\     4f. The Undead Pirate Ship   \/
/\     4g. BOSS : Captdead          \/
/\     4h. Moonrock Tower           \/
/\     4i. Harmirror Cave           \/
/\     4j. Back to Pirate           \/
/\     4k. Madgopher and Armyant    \/
/\     4l. Coming to Ice World      \/
/\ 5. Starting Breeding             \/
/\     5a. Planning ahead           \/
/\ 6. The Ice World                 \/
/\     6a. Level Up                 \/
/\     6b. Border Mine              \/
/\     6c. BOSS - BombCrag          \/
/\     6d. Norden's Imposter        \/
/\     6e. BOSS - AgDevil           \/
/\     6f. Yuna's Soul              \/
/\     6g. BOSS - Puppetor          \/
/\     6h. Sleep Herb               \/
/\     6i. BOSS - GoatHorn          \/
/\     6j. BOSS - GoatHorn 2        \/
/\ 7. Breeding                      \/
/\     7a. Breeding Further         \/
/\ 8. The Sky World                 \/
/\     8a. Level Up                 \/
/\     8b. Light Orb & Change Staff \/
/\     8c. Mad Condor               \/
/\     8d. BOSS - Mad Condor        \/
/\     8e. Sword, Helmet, Armor     \/
/\     8f. BOSS - Metabble          \/
/\     8g. BOSS - Niterich          \/

/\ 9. Final Breeding

10. The Limbo World

11. Master Breeding

12. Extra Worlds

13. Magic Keys

14. Extra Treats

15. Credits

16. Breeding Charts

0. Introduction

Hi there. I am creating this guide for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 as more of
way to get you through the game and give you new ideas and tips for
battles/breeding that as a way to teach you how to PLAY the game. I am
reviewing some basic fundamentals but this guide is mainly intended for those
who would like to play this awesome game and get through it in one piece, and
maybe even learn some new ways to do it. I have read other guides such as the
one written by Jimeous. That was a fantastic guide, but I feel like I don't
need to walk you through every movement as was done in his. I will provide
step by step instructions on how to beat levels and especially battles and
tips for team formation, but Im not going to be giving out maps and exact
movement plots. I thin people should figure SOME stuff out on there own,
right? =) Its more fun that way. Also, this guide is NOT spoiler free. So if
you don't want to see any, read NO FURTHER.

1. Coming to Great Log

   1a. The Sea Voyage
Talk to the various people on the ship and it will cut to a screen of the
ship coming in to Great Log. You made it :).

2. The Initial Conflict

3. The Oasis World

3a. Catching Monsters

Okay, so you're finally playing the real game now. But wait, all you have is
that little Level 1 Slash. That's okay though, because the monsters is this
world are quick, easy to kill, and easy to catch with very little or no meat
at all. You will encounter Spotslimes, Cactiballs, Crestpents, and Taileaters
right away. If you venture to the top right corner of the map, you can find
King Cobras. Do your best to catch ALL of these. You can only use 3 at a
time, but the more you have the more breeding you can do later. For the best
possible team at this point, keep Slib on and catch a King Cobra and a
Taileater. The King Cobra is the strongest and the Taileater can use iceslash
and will level VERY quickly. Take some time to explore, pick up herbs, and
level your team before continuing on. I couldn't find a King Cobra so I took
a Cactiball and a Taileater, two leveling powerhouses which were both near
level 10 before I even went on to the next stage!

   3b. Joing the Circus

To proceed with the quest go the SOUTHERNMOST town and speak with the
colorful man outside of the inn. He will ask you to join his circus. Say yes.
After a *dazzling* performance, you can go back and speak with the king about
treasure. He will ask you first to help his people out.

   3c. Talking with the People

Leave his castle and go into the town and talk to the girl beside the well to
find out there is little water. Tell the king and he'll storm off...*sigh*.
Follow him North to the next town and go into the brick building. Take the
beafjerky from one of the pots in there (SAVE this, don't use it) and follow
the king down the steps after he pushes the guard out of the way.

   3d. The Tunnels

There is a variety of new monsters to catch in these tunnels and much better
EXP so take some time to catch and level and grab all the items from the
reachable pots. You will be able to find Giantworms (eh), spookys (eh), and
Madcandles (I would put this on your team. It has fantastic defense for this
point in the game and a spell, blaze, guaranteed to do about 10-15 damage,
not bad)

 /  \

   [3e. BOSS - Beavern]

 /  \

Level: 5     Hp: 98     Mp: 16     Skills: Charge Up

My Team for this Fight:               Skills Used:
Madcandle: Level 5                     Blaze
Slash: Level 6                         None
Taileater: Level 9                     Ice Slash

The strategy for this fight is simple. Attack, use whatever moves you have,
and use herbs as needed. Though he has a large chunk of health, with blaze
and Ice slash this battle was less than a minute.  :)

   3f. The Thieves
Return with the king and he'll show you to the treasure room. Too bad the
treasure is all gone and the guards are knocked out. Yep...you're going to
have to solve this one. After a little scene, go to the jail on the lower
level of the palace and give the man in the top cell the Jerky I told you to
keep. If u didn't keep it, buy/find some meat. He gives you the Watercall and
that's that.

   3g. Mirage Lake
Head East, South, East, and then North around the mountain range that runs
down the middle of the map to find mirage Lake. Enter. Use your water call at
the little remaining square of water to reveal the lake. Go inside the hut to
the North and talk to the man when you're ready.

 /  \

   [3h. BOSS - Curselamp]

 /  \

Level: 5     Hp: 250     Mp: 8     Skill: Upper

My Team for this Fight:               Skills Used:
Madcandle: Level 7                     Blaze
Slash: Level 6                         None
Taileater: Level 11                    Ice Slash

This battle is as simple as the Beavern fight was, only longer. He will use
upper to bolster his defenses. Attack all out with everyone and use herbs as
needed. You are in luck if you have a mad candle as upper will not reduce the
damage of its Blaze! And by the way, Curselamp joins you!!!

   3i. Back to Oasis
Return to the Oasis world for a few added treats. With your new surf ability
you can scour the underground well tunnels for some extra items. Return to
mirage lake and talk to the Beavern on the right and he will join your part,
but ONLY if you have 2- monsters with you, for some reason you cannot get him
and transfer someone to the farm.../shrug. Now it is time for the arena

   3k. The Arena Battle
This challenge is free and easy. Enjoy :)
 /     \

Babble x2 = Level: 6, Hp: 36, Blaze
PearlGel = Level: 5, Hp: 15, No Skills

SpikyBoy = Level: 6, Hp: 19, Slime Blow
Brushead = Level: 7, Hp: 29, None
Dracky = Level: 7, Hp: 29, VacuSlash

MadRaven x2 = Level: 9, Hp: 41, HighJump
KiteHawk = Level: 9, Hp: 46, ChargeUp

My Team for this fight:               Plans Used
Slash: level 8                         Charge
Madcandle: Level 9                     Charge
Beavern: Level 6                       Charge

Pretty straight forward because 1) these fights are easy and 2) there are
only so many choices you could have for a team. So just put em on charge and
let em rip. If your levels are near what mine were, it will be cake.
 /     \

3k. Extras

4. The Pirate World

   4a/b. Leveling up and Forming a New Team
Well, now you're in the pirate world. There are multitudes of new monsters to
catch and EXP is exponentially higher than what it was in the Oasis world. If
you are feeling really hardy, venture to the top right left corner of the map
(while still on land) and fight the monster up there. The monsters there are
TOUGH, and will use skills to avoid your attacks such as sandstorm and the
dance step move. All of the monsters up there are level 11+ and a full battle
can yield 200+ experience!!! Now there are a lot of opportunities for new
monsters to catch here, but a lot of them will require meat. For this world,
you are going to have to catch and train a very well balanced, powerful team.
I would suggest composing your team with

2 attackers and 1 healer         OR     1 attacker, one support, 1 healer

I choose the first team and I would recommend you do the same. Anyone high
enough will do for your attackers, you just want raw damage dealers. I would
suggest you pick from the following for your attacker slots: Hoodsquid(Boss,
a must have for sure!!!), Beavern, Eggplanton, Madgopher, Brushead, anteater,
minidrak. For your healer spot (and I HIGHLY recommend you take a healer) you
have two choices: Healer or Octokid. Octokid is better now, but healer can be
better in the long term. Octokid is higher and has WAY more MP and WAY more
HP, and is the overall stronger choice. Healer takes a lot more work BUT, can
be leveled up to learn HealUs, an INVALUABLE skill to bread into your final
teams. Once your team is put together and leveled up, head to the cave,
Northwest of the second town you encounter. Grab the treasure and speak with
the thing to the East.

 /  \

   [4c. BOSS - Hoodsquid]

 /  \

Level: 12     Hp: 350     Mp: 100     Skills: BiAttack, Lure Dance

My Team for this Fight:               Skills Used:
Beavern: Level 14                      None
Healer: Level 13                       Heal, Increase
Slib: Level 11                         None

This is your first tough battle. And I mean TOUGH. Hoodsquid has more Hp than
any other boss you've faced and he is a powerhouse attacker! Healing is a
must! Have your two big damage dealers attack while your healer uses increase
(if you chose Healer over Octokid) and Heal the other members. Bring plenty
of herbs for those situations when more than one monster needs healing. If
you have an eggplanton, use nap attack EVERY turn. If you are having trouble,
go level up in the top left corner of the map, and powerlevel. What you might
need to work for is higher health for all members and possibly Healmore for
your healer. Hoodsquid Joins you, take off your weaker of the two attackers
for him.

   4d. Old Man's Stories
With Hoodsquid in tow, run to the Old Man in the Tevern at the North-
easternmost town and speak with him (after being beaten up at the door by
Kameha... pfft) He will tell you some stories... blah blah blah. Anyway,
after talking too him the pirate ship will arrive...not so fast though, still
have to visit the mermaids

   4e. Mermaids
Go to the second town you encountered, Polona, and speak with the idiot on
the beach to dance. When you're done, the mermaids will appear and take you
down to their city, which is a dazzling 2 screens and 7 mermaids...they're a
dieing race =P. Anyway, talk to the queen to get some more info and then
leave by talking to the mermaid on the platform in the bottom screen. Off to
the pirate Ship! But first, buy some antidotes because some of the monsters
there can and will use poison air...ouch.

   4f. The Undead Pirate Ship
Run around through the pirate ship and collect all the treasures. Fight all
Boneslaves in your way as well, they are a good source of extra EXP and im
quite sure you can give them meat to make them join you, not positive. The
boneslaves are nasty though with 72 Hp, 58 Mp, and the moves Bang and
Boltslash. Watch out. Make your way to the top of the ship. One of the
skeletons standing there will tell you to check the crate afer you kill him.
Do so to find an Orca Cape, a Repellent, and a World Leaf. Use the repellent
now so that you can run the rest of the length to the boss without losing
further MP and HP.

 /  \

   [4g. BOSS - Captdead]

 /  \

Level: 13     Hp: 500     Mp: 105     Skills: AquaCut, CallHelp, SquallHit

LevelL 13     Hp: 72     Mp: 58     Skills: Bang, BoltSlash

My Team for this fight:               Skills Used:
HoodSquid: Level 15                    BiAttack, LureDance
Healer: Level 17                       HealMore, Increase
Beavern: Level 18                      None

Okay, this can be a very hard battle if you've been neglecting to level. The
boneslaves can each cast bang doing up to 15-25 damage to EACH of your
monsters, and the Captdead is a hard-hitter. I suggest using the HoodSquid's
LureDance until the Boneslaves are killed. If it can take out 1-2 monsters
each turn, then that's a big boost. Meanwhile, have your secondary attacker
chip away at the Boneslaves. When they are dead, focus all attacks on
Captdead. He can hit hard and don't be afraid to use a World Leaf if your
healer goes down (I had to). He has a lot of Hp and this can be a long
battle, make sure u have plenty of herbs and a few Love waters for if two
monsters need healing or if your healer runs out of mana.

   4h. Moonrock Tower
This is very easy and straight forward. Run to the top and place the moonrock
on the pedestal by using it while facing the pedestal. Then run all the way
back down :). Don't forget to capture some of the new monsters that appear in
here such as Snaily and Wyvern, and Eyeder.

   4i. Harmirror Cave
Run through the level to the end. Hehehe. This level is once again very
linear, but the monsters here are pretty tough. I strongly recommend you
catch a Darkeye, it will make the future MUCH easier and pave the way for a
breeding lineage with many possible outcomes. By the way, while crossing the
land bridge over the lava, turn north in the first screen where you see the
lava. You will find two chests with a World Dew and the Mighty War Ring (a
Must Have). Be careful though, the tiles here are highly damaging and you CAN
get attacked on them. When you reach the end, Kameha is betrayed by his
sidekicks, who were actually monsters. Don't worry though, Kameha violently
murders them in front of you, and better yet, you get the Harmirror! =) But
this treasure does not work either so its off to the ice world with ye!

   4j. Back to Pirate
Yep, back to the Pirate world with ye! First, go to the mermaid city again
and talk to the Queen. She will give you the Sailor's Ring, which increases
DEF as the monster with it levels. Now you can go fight GiantSquid, but
beware, that battle is NOT easy

 /  \

Level: 38     Hp: 2500     Mp: 140     Skills: PaniDance, QuadHits, TidalWave

(I have decided to list all stats for team members on Hard fights, this is
one of them...)
My team for this fight:

Stat   --   Roboster 2 (+9)  --     Healer (+3)    --   RogueKnight (+3)   --
Level: --        23          --         31         --         30           --
Atk:   --        284         --         129        --         201          --
Def:   --        262         --         122        --         248          --
Agl:   --        259         --         234        --         110          --
Int:   --        304         --         211        --         128          --
Hp:    --        303         --         200        --         164          --
Mp:    --        180         --         218        --         117          --
Skills -- Evil Slash         -- SickLick, HealAll  -- Increase, HealMore   --
Used:  --                    --                    --                      --

Wow. This battle was a Doozey for me. Maybe I didn't level up enough. Anyway,
What I'll do is tell you the strategy that you SHOULD use, then Ill tell you
the strategy that I used :). The strategy you should use: Bring people with
either high water resistance or very good health and speed into this battle.
Have one or two heavy hitters beat him while your healer casts Increase and
HealAll/HealUs on the party. If your healer cannot cure confusion, bring 3-5
sky bells. There are three big things to worry about in this battle: His
Tidal wave spell, which hit my monsters for 100+ each, his devastating single
attacks and speed, and his confusion spell. Now, you can counter each of
these with the following strategy. Bringing water-resistant monsters help
nullify Tidal Wave. Bringing sky Bells or a confusion-curing monster counters
his PaniDance. And, having a quick healer with Increase counters his attacks,
which hit me for a whole lot before I used increase. Do all that and you will
be fine. Here's my Strategy: I brought the three monsters listed above, a
team I had been working on the entire game so far. My strategy? Well...I went
into the fight Sick Licking the GiantSquid (which didn't work well) with
Healer, and casting Increase with Rogueknight. I used a friend staff on my
Roboster 2 which caused him to hit for about 210-230. After a few rounds of
tidal waves and healings, my monsters were having trouble. He then used
PaniDance which confused only my Healer. The next tidal wave wiped Healer
out. Rogueknight was now healing but was not nearly fast enough to save
Roboster 2 from the next few tidal waves. Now, here is the main reason I won:
RogueKnight is IMMUNE to Tidal Wave!!! After all the increases, GiantSquid's
attacks were only hitting for 10-25. I used my friend staff again to allow
RogueKnight to hit for about 120-150 and used Sky Bells as needed. GiantSquid
was down in a matter of turns :).

   4k. Coming to the Ice World
Take an armyant to either your father, or the new merchant in town. Then take
a MadGopher to the other of the two. Done! For those two tasks you get a
TinyMedal and the Ice key. Congrats.

5. Starting Breeding

   5a. Planning Ahead
First, you need to figure out not only what you want right now, but what you
want in the future. I can help you with a couple of key breeding lineages
which will help you. The first lineage is for an attacker and you can use
this to get progressively better monsters throughout the game. First, breed
that evil eue I TOLD you to get with a beast, using the beast as a pedigree.
This will produce a Grizzly. Grizzly is the greatest attacking monster there
is for this early levels. He can get up to 12-20 attack PER LEVEL. His Hp and
attack are intensely high and he will massacre the ice world bosses for you
:). After you beat the Ice world I will tell you what to do with him next,
unless you get halfway through the world and want to breed him. If that
happens, either breed him with another beast to increase his + or skip down
to the next breeding section. Now, take whichever healer you were using in
the Pirate world and breed it. If you chose healer, breed it with a plant.
This will produce madplant. Not a great intellectual, but it will heal you
before anyone can attack because of it's intense speed! And, later on you can
rebreed it with a slime to get ANOTHER healer, but it will have a much higher
+, awesome speed, and it will eventually learn HealUs!!! The final slot is
entirely up to you and this slot changes the most for me in my games. I would
recommend kind of a Jack-of-all-trades. An example would be breeding a
material, like Brushead, with a zombie, like spookie. The outcome will be a
Rogueknight. This monster has great attack and defense. It also learns heal.
It is a very good, well-rounded monster for this stage in the game. If you
follow my instructions, even if the sound bad right now, then you will
succeed. If you have been troubled by upcoming areas in the game, try my
lineages, for they may give you some ideas to build a team of your own. If
you have followed my advice, then you have a powerhouse attacker Grizzly, a
lightning-quick healer MadPlant, and an attacker/spellcaster/healer
RogueKnight. Not bad, right? Now, if you don't have the monsters/genders
necessary to get what I advise, breed randomly. Im not kidding. Just keep
breeding and breeding. You will get monsters with higher and higher +'s. When
you find a species that you want to keep, breed it with members of it's own
monster family for even higher +'s. This is the way you discover new
strategies and monsters!

6. Ice World

   6a. Level Up
Welcome to the Ice world! The EXP here beats the living daylights out of that
at Pirate world and the monsters are all new! There are many different types
here and it really opens the door up for your breedings, which you can now
DO! Take advantage by getting yourself an entirely bred team. Follow my
instructions for assured success or try breeding on your own :). Level all of
your monsters up to over 15 before moving on. This way, you should have some
decent spells such as possibly BlazeAir, IceAir, Boom, Zap, HealMore, ect.
When you're ready, head to the mountain caves Southwest of Norden, stopping
off at the Lake in the Top left corner along the way to pick up the ancient

   6b. The Border Mine
Turn right AS SOON as you enter and follow the path to find the VitBelt,
which raises the equipped monster's Hp by 30 (good to put on the healer for
right now). Then proceed through however way you chose, almost all roads lead
to the boss and there is no more treasure.

 /  \

   [6c. BOSS - BombCrag]

 /  \

Level: 18     Hp: 650     Mp: 10     Skills: ChargeUp, RockThrow

My Team for this Fight:               Skills:
Grizzly (+2): Level 16                 None
MadPlant (+2): Level 16                HealMore, Increase
SpikyBoy (+2): Level 16                HighJump

This battle is simple. Just attack all out and use HealMore as needed.
Increase is good to have because he can hit for about 30-40 and do about the
same as that to everyone at once with RockThrow. You may need a few herbs if
your Def/Hps are lacking. Otherwise, this is just cake.

   6d. Norden's Imposter
Head back to the castle, show the guards your crest, and talk to the king,
and BANG, you're in jail. Yep, with Kameha and the REAL king. Inspect the
spot on the Northern Wall that looks different and Kameha will break the wall
open. Once inside the throne room, talk to the topmost king repeatedly, unitl
a battle triggers

 /  \

   [6e. BOSS - AgDevil]

 /  \

Level: 18     Hp: 550     Mp: 50     Skills: FireBane, SleepAir, WarCry

My Team for This Fight:               Skills:
Roboster (+3): Level 17                BoltSlash
Healer (+3): Level 17                  HealMore, Increase
RogueKnight (+3): Level 17             HealMore, Increase, EvilSlash

This is pretty much the same as the BombCrag battle. He can attack one person
with a physical attack or all at the same time with Firebane, which will do
up to 40 damage (10-25 if resistant or even none at all). All the same, just
less Hp :). This should take no time. With my third Generation team of
monsters it was a cinch. If you are having trouble with this or the Bombcrag,
then your levels are either too low, or you've made some bad breeding choices
and need to continue your search for a better team.

   6f. Yuna's Soul
Head back to the Border Mine and cross to the other side of the icy country.
I would suggest brining a log twig and moving the shirne close to the next
castle to avoid long trips because your business in the North country is done
until the end. When you reach Estria, investigate the sign and Kameha wil
clear the line (hey that rhymes). Now go in and dance for the queen, by te
way, she hates it :). Now head East to the forest. Follow the floating woman
until you catch her and bring her back to Esteria. Go to the West portion of
the castle and climb the ivy up to the window and do inside. Talk to the
queen and her puppet will attack
 /  \

   [6g. BOSS - Puppetor]

 /  \

Level: 22     Hp: 440     Mp: 82     Skills: BiAttack, LureDance, PaniDance,

My Team for this Fight:               Skills:
Roboster (+4): Level 14                BoltSlash
Healer (+3): Level 19                  HealMore
RogueKnight (+3): Level 19             EvilSlash, MetalCut

Ok, this battle is REALLY easy. His dances can be troublesome at best. The
ONLY thing you are in danger of is your overpowered monster killing another
if you were too forgetful to bring sky bells. Attack attack attack. Heal as
needed (it isn't needed often). This is the easiest boss in the Ice World.

   6h. The Sleep Herb
Head now to the East of the forest and then North. Keep going past the castle
until you reach the mountain. Climb to the top (getting the magic key along
the way) and inspect one of the plants. You will receive a sleep herb. Now go
back to the castle that you ignored and enter it. Sell, buy, rest. Now enter
the castle portion and talk to the handmaiden outside the Queen's room. She
will take you to the sleepless queen and you will use the Sleep herb. This
will induce your next boss fight.

   [6i. GoatHorn]

Level: 27     Hp: 850     Mp: 89     Skills: Fireball, Infermore, Snowstorm

My Team for this Fight:               Skills:
Roboster (+4): Level 18                EvilSlash, BoltSlash
Healer (+3): Level 22                  HealAll, Increase
RogueKnight(+3): Level 21              HearlMore, Increase, EvilSlash

Well this is another easy battle. Again, if you are having trouble with
these, you need to either level up more or breed better monsters. Just attack
and heal as needed and this fight will go by fast. SnowStorm is the only real
danger here: it can do about 30-40 per monster if none are resistant. If you
bred for the Roboster like I did, it wont affect him. For me, with HealAll
and my various elemental strikes, this battle was a cinch. After this battle
is over, head back to Spirit Lake

   [6j. BOSS - GoatHorn and ArcDemons]

Level: 27     Hp: 330     Mp: 89     Skills: Firebal, Infermore, SnowStorm

Level: 27     Hp: 210     Mp: 89     Skills: BoltSlash, Boom, VacuSlash

My Team for this Fight:               Skills:
Roboster (+4): Level 19                RainSlash, BiAttack
Healer (+3): Level 23                  HealAll, SnowStorm
RogueKnight (+3): Level 22             HealMore, EvilSlash, MetalCut

This battle CAN be tricky. If the Goathorn and Arcdemons happen to coordinate
and use boom, boom, and snowstorm all in one turn, then you could possible be
facing 70-100 damage per non-resistant monster. This is like a 1/1000000 shot
though and that is the only thing that could really stop you. My advice,
spend turn one using every biggest multi-target spell you have. After that,
heal as needed and have you main attacked using his strongest moves, which
for me was RainSlash. When the ArcDemons are done, the GoatHorn is but a few
hits away. When this battle is over, so is the Ice World

   6k. Coming to Sky World
After you finish and return to Great Log, head up the stairs. The guard will
ask you if you have seen the Prince. Say "YES". He will take you to the king
who gives you the sky key. ***Also, at this point, you can breed with a man
with a wild ape in the arena and a merchant with a spiky boy in the
restaurant you just gained access to. Make sure you take advantage-> monsters
from matches with NPCs are always much stronger than others.

7. Breeding

   7a. Breeding Further
Welcome to another section of breeding instruction! Here, I will be
continuing on the lineage that I advised you to breed earlier. If you took my
advice, then you should have a Grizzly, a RogueKnight, and a Madplant. And,
if you have been leveling enough, they should all be in their 20's and know
all the moves (or base moves) that they will know. Now it is time to do some
more breeding. Breed a material family with your grizzly, using the material
as the pedigree, to get a Roboster. A Roboster has low Hp, great attack, and
Great Defense (and much better agi, and int than grizlly had). Because
grizzly was high when you bred him, Roboster should already start out with a
fair amount of Hp, possibly even 70-80. Roboster will also learn BiAttack,
one of the best physical moves in the game! Once you grow tired of your
Roboster, you can do one of two things: Breed it (as the pedigree) with a
dragon family monster to gain metal drak, a more powerful version of roboster
with more HP, or you can train up ANOTHER Roboster. With two Robosters, each
of +5 or higher, you can create a Roboster2. Now, back to the Madplant. Breed
him with a slime to get a healer. I would suggest also getting this healer to
10 repeatedly and breeding with with another slime to get a high +, say 5 or
6. Once you are happy with the + (or out of slimes), level Healer up and
don't stop until the next breeding section. As for the Rogue Knight, you have
a couple of choices: You can use him as a regular material monster and breed
for something (maybe your second roboster even, and have both on at a time!
OR, even have 2 METALDRAKS on at one time!!) or you can breed a devil family
with him to get Mad Knight. Mad Knight, like Roboster2, is harder to build up
than any of the other monsters I have advised you on so far/ Mad Knight
learns Massacre though and is immensely powerful, with great defense, and
better Hp than Rogue knight. If you continue following my breeding strategy,
you team could be, at this point in time, A MetalDrak, a Healer, and a Mad
Knight, all of respectable +'s. Good Work!

8. Sky World

   8a. LEVEL UP
Yeah, level up a lot. The bosses here are officially hard (for most people it
seems), expecially the last one. Assuming that you are happy with your team
of monsters after your last breeding fest (and assuming that they are all +5
or higher) all you have to worry about is leveling. Don't waste meat just yet
on enemies: if you fight enough, some will join you here and there. I would
use a sirloin on Gigantes (IF YOU WANT TO) and breed him as the pedigree with
w/e attacking devil is in your party (if any) to get a Gigantes of a high +
and insane attack! The following is my team upon entering the Sky world
(AFTER leveling up, but BEFORE any bosses)

Stat   --   Roboster2 (+9)   --   Mimeslime (+5)   --   CloudKing (+9)     --
Level: --        28          --         25         --         31           --
Atk:   --        319         --         121        --         191          --
Def:   --        290         --         178        --         148          --
Agl:   --        268         --         227        --         168          --
Int:   --        338         --         222        --         240          --
Hp:    --        326         --         91         --         220          --
Mp:    --        189         --         168        --         286          --
Best   -- WhiteFire, WhiteAir-- HealAll, HealUs,   -- WhiteFire, WhiteAir  --
Skills:-- BlazeMost          -- Increase, PanicAll -- TidalWave, Vivify    --

Not bad Right? :). Well if you're wonder how I got them here it is:

Roboster2 two has to come from two Robosters of a +5 or higher. I bred My
current Roboster of +4 a while back with a Brushead to get a Roboster +6. I
caught a new Grizzly in Ice World with a Sirloin and made a Roboester +2 with
him, and repeatedly rebred him with new material monsters to get a +5. I bred
the two of them together. You're probably also wondering about is very good
stats. After I got my Roboster 2, I leveled him up to 20 so he could get all
of his skills then bred him with the Spiky Boy from the merchant in the bar
to get an EVEN BETTER Roboster 2. Smart, right?

Mimeslime was a cinch to obtain. All I did was breed my healer (as the
pedigree) with a 1EyeClown, AFTER Healer has learned HealUs though. This way,
Mimeslime started out with all stats at about 70-85 because of the high stats
of the Healer parent, and would still Learn HealUs (it would learn it earlier
than healer too, because it started off with much better int)

Cloud King was easy as well. All I did was breed a Gismo (which I cought in
the ice world, and bred with a material to make it the right gender) with the
KingSquid, using the Gismo as the pedigree. Because of the little breeding
lineage I did to get a better, male, gismo, my CloudKing ended up with
HealAll, WhiteAir, WhiteFire, TidalWave, BlazeMost, Revive, and Whistle(which
I keep because it makes leveling way faster, until you buy a shiny harp)

   8b. Tracking down the Light Orb
Enter the first town you come across on the small island with the shrine.
Enter the Northern part of town and walk up to the tower. Speak with the
monster beside it and then inspect the door. If none of the monsters in your
team have ANY wildness, you can go in. If they do, either switch them out or
go buy some meat. When you reach the top of the tower, which will take very
little time,

Mt Team for this Fight:
Stat   --   Roboster2 (+9)   --   Mime slime (+5)  --   Cloud King (+9)    --
Level: --        33          --         34         --         41           --
Atk:   --        405         --         155        --         231          --
Def:   --        318         --         197        --         168          --
Agl:   --        280         --         261        --         211          --
Int:   --        374         --         258        --         280          --
Hp:    --        344         --         190        --         279          --
Mp:    --        201         --         235        --         362          --
Skills -- BlazeMost          -- HealAll, HealUs,   -- BlazeMost            --
Used:  --                    -- Increase           --                      --

The Strategy: Have one monster use whatever healing spells you have to keep
your team up while you throw in Love Waters and World Dews as needed. The
other two use the most powerful spells/ attacks they have. If your team has
nothing such as Blaze Most/ Blaze More, White Air/ White Fire, or even an
elemental slash with a high power monster, this could be a long fight.

My Strategy: Mine was very simple and I finished off the battle with 0
deaths, and with very little effort. Mimeslime would cast HealAll and HealUs
to keep everyone on their feet and use increase every once and a while to
make Modou waste a turn on De Magic. Meanwhile, Roboster2 and Cloud King used
Blaze Most every single turn. This battle was actually very, very easy :).