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Asked: 5 years ago

I want to buy this game?

I have almost all the GTAs and i like the first two alot and recently i got GTA: CW and it brought me back, so i started thinking about buying GTA 1 and 2 cause i loved them so much on pc. The only problem is that i couldnt find a reasonable price, for GTA 1 or 2, and id like one with the box and instruction manual and the map ( if there is one), because the only price i could find, new or used, was $15.00 - $17.00, so if anyone has one new or used with the box, manual and anything else that comes with it give me the link to it please?

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From: Gunbladelad 5 years ago

It should be noted that with the Game Boy/GBC constraints (including the fact there's only 4 buttons - including Start & Select), the controls can be very akward, and much of what you remember won't be there.

They are worth it for completing the collection, however. I would recommend GTA Advance, if you don't already have it. The only disadvantage to that is it's the most linear of the series, with only 1 mission available at a time.

Unfortunately, as I'm in the UK, I can't really give any sites that would be relevant for you, but I did get my copies of the Game Boy GTA 1 & 2 from Amazon. GTA only came with the manual, but GTA 2 was boxed & still shrinkwrapped. Both came at under 10 each. At an estimate, I'd probably put that at just under $11.

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