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*************************** HAMTARO: FAQ/WALKTHRU ***********************

                   Hamster RPG; released Autumn 2002 USA

                   FAQ/WALKTHRU (Version 1.1) 21/01/2003

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com

Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
purposes that's OK).

This guide may NOT be used as part of a restricted Pay-to-Enter website or in
print unless you are prepared to pay me for its inclusion.

If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
type all this up for the good of my health you know.

********************************* CONTENTS *****************************



a) In The Club House
b) Acorn Shrine
c) Sunflower Park
d) The Ruins
e) Sunflower Elementary
f) Sky Garden
g) Sunflower Market
h) Back in the Club House







*************************** 1) INTRODUCTION *****************************

INTRODUCTION - What can I say? Hamtaro is an awesomely great game for all those
who are fans of the Ham-Hams, including those old enough to know better.  Being
a huge fan myself I just had to write a FAQ for this charming and fun little
game, so I hope you enjoy it.  I have laid it out a little differently from
normal.  Usually I put the FAQ section after the walkthrough, but this time I
realise there are some points where people may get stuck and not want to
"spoil" the story etc, so I have picked out the situations most likely to cause
stress and laid them out in a Q&A fashion first.  Then there is the full
walkthrough, and after that I have listed in detail where to find the various
collectable items in the game and the full Ham Dictionary.

I welcome any emails and questions about this game, but can I stress that you
MUST put "Hamtaro" in the subject of your email somewhere or I may miss it.

This guide is dedicated to all my awesome hamsters past and present. Basil
(RIP), Jarvina (RIP), Knuckles (RIP) and Heihachi (still alive and kicking).

Gotta give mad props to gundamtotoro and otaku for writing the first excellent
guide for this game on GameFAQs and inspiring me along.  Also to Andrew Schultz
for proof reading the first draft and also for buying the game, yay for


REVISIONS - First Version (04/01/2003). Hopefully pretty comprehensive.  Full
walkthrough, full lists of all things to collect in the game.  Complete Ham
Dictionary and some character info. I've tried to make it as easy to follow as
possible, but if there are any places where it seems confusing or unclear let
me know and I'll fix it in an update!

Version 1.1 - 21/01/2003
A speedy update.  Fixed some typo's and made some descriptions clearer, thanks
again to the superior proof reading skills of ASchultz.  Also one person solved
the mystery of the striped sticker by pointing out the alternative Sunflower
Marker rescue scenario! So if you have found Howdy is stuck rather than Dexter
you have roberteby2000 to thank for the solution!

******************** 2) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS **********************

(These were compiled from the most frequent questions to appear on the GameFAQs
Hamtaro message board.  I will add more if they consistently crop up in emails
or on the board again).

Q: HEEEELP!! How do I rescue Howdy?
A:  Most people find that they have to rescue Dexter with Howdy's help.  But if
you visit Howdy first in the Market you'll have to rescue him.  It follows the
same pattern as the Dexter rescue, except you need to get the Striped Sticker
from the sales ham and pass it across the barcode scanner.  More details in the
Sunflower Market section of the guide!

Q: I am tying to learn words from Ham's in the Clubhouse but they aren't in the
right places!
A: For this you often need to talk to a ham, then move out of the area into the
main room and back in again to get them to move.  There seems to be a small
degree of randomisation in this, so for example Panda OR Oxnard may be looking
for Stan pre-credits, meaning you'll learn a different Ham chat word first.

Q: Why am I collecting Rocks?
A: Collect all the rocks and you can access a special Ham-Boutique located near
the entrance to the Sky garden.  A full list of rock locations is found in
section 5.

Q: What are Acorns for?
A: Basically just to trade with the hamster at Acorn Shrine.  Each Acorn can be
traded for 20 sunflower seeds

Q: Why are some Sunflowers on the Area Map spinning?
A: That means you have learned all the Ham-Chat words available in that area.

Q: I need to get back to the Secret garden Area, but the sunbathing ham is not
up the slide.
A: Sometimes you may have to go through the Park a little way, slide down the
slide yourself, then return to the sunbathing ham to trigger his movement to
the top of the slide.

Q: Why have I been given a cucumber?
A: You have to go and find Tricket the bug, who is disguised as a sunflower
seed in Acorn shrine.  This is part of a trading sequence to get the large
rock. See the Rock section of this FAQ for more info.

Q: I can't get the picnicking Hamsters to move!
A: You have to have acquired the Frog Badge.  Visit the frog by the TV and
hamha and hifhif to get it.

Q: Cappy is ignoring my Hamhas!
A: To get his attention you need to know "ta-dah". Learn this by returning to
the clock and tack-Qing the hands twice to get the Dancing Ham out. After she
has done her dance she will teach you "ta-dah"

Q: Aaah! I can't get 130 let alone 200 on the Tack-Q bowling!
A; This can be tricky at first.  Look carefully at the sequences the balloons
appear in. The rear balloons have a strict three red then one blue sequence. 
Use the red balloons to time when you fire off to get at the blue ones.  Takes
a little time, but you should start winning enough sunflower seeds back to
cover your costs.

Q: I need a bottle, but the Ham Swap dealer doesn't have any!
A: First you need make sure you have visited the sick hamster in the room with
the bananas. Tack-Q and "oopsie" him to find out he needs Flower Tea.  Then
visit the Teashop to learn you need a bottle. Now the Shop should have them in
stock, "Blash-T" twice to get it at a bargain price.

Q: What do I do with the Lunch from the picnicking hams?
A: It's not vital, but if you take it to the Ham who is running the Digdig game
he will give you an Acorn in return.

Q:  I am sick of chasing Stan around the Sky garden.. Why won't Sandy make him
stop when he walks past?
A:  You need to tell her you will work as a "hamteam", then if you chase Stan
past her after you tell her that, he will stop.  If you haven't learned
"hamteam" you get it from the trendy sunbathing ham nearby after you slip on a
banana skin and say "spiffie" to her

Q: What does the striped sticker do?
A:  You can buy this off the Sales ham in Sunflower Market, if you need to
rescue Howdy rather than Dexter, this is what you need instead of the

Q: Will this game be coming out in Britain?
A: Sadly no release date confirmed as yet, which is strange as the cartoon has
been a hit on the UK satellite/cable channel Fox Kids.

Q: I am in the UK, will it play on my GBC/GBA if I import?
A: Yes.  Unlike games for consoles that require a TV set, there are no
differing picture standards or regional lockouts with Gameboy carts.  They will
play fine on a UK GBC or GBA.

Q: Are there going to be any Hamtaro GBA games released?
A:  There are some out in Japan already.  It seems likely that a US release
won't be far behind.  As for the UK, who knows?

*********************** 3) GAME WALKTHROUGH *****************************

Before you begin, note that at the title screen you can access and create
"Ham-Jams" from here (more will be added as you find tunes in the game) and
when you dress up Hamtaro in the game and take a photo he will appear on the
title screen in that outfit.  While playing the game, have fun with it.  When
you are given Ham-Chat options, try all the different ones to get some funny
results and responses!  You can't ever mess your game up by saying or doing the
wrong thing, so don't be afraid to explore every option open to you.


You start at the clubhouse, Boss is busy, so busy in fact that he has forgotten
your name (so enter a name here, or keep it as Hamtaro). Now Boss tells you to
bring all the Ham-Hams back to the clubhouse for a big surprise!  He tells you
that to find them you'll need to learn the new Ham-Chat words that are all the
rage. "Heke?" Hamtaro doesn't know about Ham-Chat so it's lesson time.

Boss takes you to the Ham-Jam dance room.  Boss gives you the notebook for
writing down the Ham-Chat words as you get them.  He then teaches you "Hamha"
and this demonstrates how words are collected in the notebook.  Next he
demonstrates "Tack-Q", which is a roll you can do into walls to dislodge
things. Next is "hif-hif", which you need to do to when you wish to pick things
up. Last is "dig-dig" which is useful for digging in patches of disturbed earth
and going into holes/tunnels.  Also for going into shops and returning to the
area map.

Boss then writes down some more Ham-Chat words - Yep-P, No-P, Lookie, Go-P,
Pakapaka, Scrit-T and Scoochie.  He then shows you where the Ham-Hams bedrooms
are, shows you the Ham Map and the exit to the area map. You'll immediately go
onto the area map, but for now go back to the clubhouse.

If you walk around the table, you'll find Snoozer. "hamha" him and he will give
you clues to the whereabouts of the other Hams, return anytime for new clues. 
Boss will also give you hints on the whereabouts of the hams if the location is
on the area map.  Currently he can only tell you that Maxwell and Bijou have
been seen at the Acorn Shrine.

Go into the area with the Ham-Hams rooms inside.  You'll see that rooms with
pictures of a Ham on them are ones that have returned to the clubhouse. 
Currently you can only access Snoozer's, Bosse's and your room.  As the Hams
return you can visit them.  In your room examine the mirror to dress up in any
clothes you purchase from the Ham-Boutiques.

Finally go back to the Dance Room, use "dig-dig" on the right-hand patch of
earth and you'll get your first rock!  Now you can leave and head for the Acorn


As soon as you pop-up, a white hamster tells you Acorns are scattered all over
the place.  You'll see throughout the game seeds on the ground and patches of
earth like on the first screen. Hifhif the seed to pick it up.  Digdig in the
earth to get a rock.  Move onto the next screen and Bijou will appear and ask
you to find her! Before you do, check out the patch of earth with a shirt over
the top.  Digdig down to find a Ham-Boutique.  In here you can pay for clothes
with sunflower seeds.

Carry on to the next screen and "hamha" the girl Ham by the tree.  She will
teach you "mega-Q" which means big. Then she tells you that Bijou ran off to
the right. Tack-Q the tree for an Acorn and then carry on. "Hamha" at the door
to be dragged in by an old ham who will teach you "hamsolo".

Carry on up and hifhif by the flower, a girl ham will pop up and teach you
"koochie-Q".  carry on up and hifhif the seed, its not a seed, but a bug. 
Remember it though, its important later. Keep going up until you get on a
screen with  Ham up a tree and two dig holes.  Tack-Q the tree to learn
"oopsie" from the Ham in the tree. Digdig in the first hole to talk to a mole,
the other will take you back to the area map.

Go up to the next screen and you'll see Bijou.  You can avoid the banana skin,
or slip on it for comedy value =D Go up and digdig in the dark hole to get some
seeds. Tack-Q the tree to knock down the ham and his nut.  He'll teach you

Now go left and on the next screen some grass will rustle, so hifhif and talk
to the ham who appears. He will teach you "delichu", you can also trade Acorns
with him anytime for 20 seeds. Carry on left and hamha the pigeon for some odd
advice and keep going left.  On the next screen Bijou runs off again.  You can
digdig in the sparkling hole of you want, but a snake will chase you out!

Hamha the lovelorn big ham, then Tack-Q him to learn "teenie".  He will give
you a love note.  Carry on up and Bijou is behind a tree.  You can't catch her,
so tack-Q the tree to knock some spiders down, eeek!  You scared her, so say
"oopsie" to her to make up.  Find her shiny rock by doing digdig on the sparkly
hole next to her.

She is so pleased she will teach you "Thank-Q".  Now you'll automatically be
taken back to Bijou's room at the Clubhouse.  Say "hamha", "hamsolo" and
"thank-Q" to learn "goodgo" from Bijou.  Go back to the main room and Boss will
tell you he has heard Pashmina was in the park.  You can go to the park, but
for now, return to Acorn Shrine.

Return to the shrine.  Tack-Q the small female ham by the tree and give her the
love letter.  Now go up towards the building.  Tack-Q where the hamster is
jumping about and climb up the rope. Hamha him and jump over and you will learn
"nopibloo", now climb down. Nearby to the Northwest there is a hole with a ham
in it. Digdig on the blue hamster in a hole and hamha him to learn "dingbang". 
Now walk up into the darkened area. There are two screens of dark area, so if
you entered from a different side just move around until you find what I am
talking about! Locate the sleeping ham and Tack-Q him to learn "zuzuzu", then
use "teenie" on him to access a hole and dig up an acorn.

Go up and tack-Q the stone, then digdig on the hole to get a rock.  Move left
into the next room.  See the cracked wall?  Tack-Q it twice and a patch of
light appears.  Walk towards the light and Maxwell's shadow appears.  Locate
both Rocks in this area then return to the light and say Hamha.  Maxwell will
hamha back and fall down.  He is embarrassed so say "nopibloo" and you'll fall
in some mud which will cheer Maxwell up.  He will teach you "bizzaroo" and then
return with you to the Clubhouse.


First thing you should do is digdig in the cave to the right to find a hiding
ham.  Now go up and hifhif the sunbathing ham to learn "hushgo".  Next go right
and you'll find a very sad Oxnard, hamha to find out he has lost his favourite
seed.  Digdig in a hole to discover he has already checked them, so carry on

Hifhif the counting ham to learn "blanko".  Now help him find the hiding
hamsters. Go back to the first screen and digdig the hamster out of the cave. 
You'll learn "meep-P". Go back past Oxnard and carry on down.  Tack-Q the right
side of the sign to expose the hiding hamster, you'll learn "hushie".

Now head right and hamha the brown hamster with his head down.  Now hifhif to
smell cucumber and "koochie-Q" to learn "hammo" and get the cucumber.

Carry on up to the bottom of some steps, here you can collect a rock and visit
a Ham Boutique.  Exit right (not up the steps) and use digdig on the hamster in
a hole to learn "chuckchuk".  Head back to Oxnard, on the way you will see the
hamsters starting to play Hide and Seek again, hifhif the counting ham to get
the Limburger item.

Go up and hamha Oxnard again. Use digdig on one of the holes then go back to
Oxnard and use "chukchuk" which should now be an option. Oxnard will teach you
"gasp-p" then have a hissy fit and start rolling around.  As he does so he
reveals his seed!  So now you both can return to the clubhouse.

Back on the Map and you'll see the School and Ruins are now available, but lets
go back and find Pashmina in the Park.  Before that though return to Acorn
shrine and find the seed that was really a bug (go all the way right and up,
its near the ham with a flower in her hair).  Now you have the cucumber you can
hifhif the seed to get Tricket the bug to stay with you.  Now return to the

Where Oxnard was is now a digging game.  Pay three seeds to dig in three spots.
 After a few goes you should find a Rock.  Go down and right to give Tricket to
the brown ham.  He will give you the item 'This' in return.

Go up and climb the steps of the slide, and at the top is the olive oil covered
ham (if he isn't go back to the sun bed and check he has left, this should get
him to move). You both slide down and into the secret garden.  Visit the
Ham-Boutique, there is a tune you can buy here called "Sunflower".  Use tack-Q
and "lookie" to get three rocks from the chest. Use digdig in the puddle to
wake the ham and both leave.

Go back up to the slide area but just carry on right to a climbing frame. The
mole will tell you some stuff, if you need seeds, carry on right past the frame
and down. Say hamha to all the flowers to get ten seeds.  Now go back to the

Go to the far right and scoochie up the third pole from the right to get a
rock. Now go back down. Tack-Q the second pole from the left side of the frame,
this will make a hamster fall down. Tack-Q him to learn "blash-T". Now scoochie
up the pole you just Tack-Qed to find Pashmina, but her scarf will blow away. 
Go back down and scoochie up the pole by the mole (first pole) to reach the
crow.  Say "gasp-P", you'll get the scarf and it will ask you for the hamster
word for friend.  If you have learned "hammo", tell it that. Of not, you'll
have to be known as "go-p" =D

Go down and back up to give Pashmina her scarf.  She will teach you "bestest"
and you will both return to the clubhouse.  Boss will tell you Sandy has been
seen at the Sky garden and Dexter at Sunflower Market.  All locations are now
available on the map, but your best plan is to visit the Ruins next.


Hamha the white hamster to learn "lotsa".  Digdig in the puddle three times to
make the flower bloom and spit out ten seeds. Each time you re-enter the ruins
you can do this.  Go right and hamha the grumpy ham at the table, then carry on
and tack-Q the dirt pile to reveal a Boutique entrance.

Go on down to meet Cappy. "Yep-P" to agree to help look for Penelope.  The
Tack-Q the TV set switch.  Do it four times until you hear a yell from above. 
Return to the grumpy ham and hamha him to learn "pooie".

Go back down and right to see a clock. Tack-Q it twice to move the clock hands
and a hamster will spring out and dance for you.  Tell her "koochie-Q" to learn
"ta-dah".  Hifhif to get the rock, then climb up the lamp.  In this area the
black "wall" is in fact a rubber tyre.

Use "stickie" on the white car and tack-Q the ham behind it to learn "shashaa".
Now go to the right side of the Tyre and Tack-Q against it to bounce up onto
the upturned car to get the seeds.  Jump down and go right. Go to the right of
the ladder and tack-Q the tyre to bounce into a new area.  Tack-Q and "lookie"
on the chest to get three rocks.  Return up to the ladder, the white ham is
more lively now - so hamha him to learn "Grit-T".

Now climb the ladder and you'll find Penelope plying with a frog. "Tuggie" on
the button to release a stream of water.  Climb back up.  The right-hand hole
contains a Ham-Boutique.  Go to Penelope and the frog and hamha.  Reply with
"hammo" to learn "Bye-Q".  Now you'll both return to the clubhouse.  There you
will learn "wait-Q" from Pashmina.

Now it's back to the Ruins to find that cheeky scamp Cappy. Go past the grumpy
ham and to the bottom of the TV set.  On the left is a frog.  Say hamha then
"bestest" to talk about the weather.  When the conversation ends, use hifhif
which will make the frog give you a FROG BADGE.  You are now an honouree
weather-forecasting frog, kewl!

Go right past the clock and talk to the nervous ham who will teach you
"panic-Q".  Now go up the ladder to the right and hamha the big ham.  You'll
learn "Herk-Q".  Agree to give him 5 sunflower seeds and you can use his lift
as much as you like.  Get in the bucket and go up to the second level and exit

Hamha the trembling ham clinging to the pole, then Tack-Q him off (mwahahaha)
to learn "nopookie". Climb up the pole and hop off rightwards onto the roof.
Approach the picnicking hams, and if you have the Frog Badge they will ask you
to predict the weather. Hifhif then tell them the weather will be "pooie".  She
will agree with you and teach you "soak-Q", before running off, her kids in

Now they are gone, use digdig on the hole they left behind.  You'll drop down
into the building. Go left to get a Rock the exit right and you'll bounce down
into the Tack-Q bowling. Say "tahdah" to Cappy to get his attention, but he
refuses to return unless he has the Shogun Wig.  So you'll have to win it for
him.  Read the rules, the hamha the guy at the desk to begin.  You can win a
Rock here if you score between 40-80, the Wig needs a score of 130 or more.
This is tricky at first, but you should soon spot recurring patterns of
balloons and learn to time your hits.  Once you have won the Wig, say "ta-dah"
to Cappy to get him to return to the ClubHouse. He will be so pleased with the
Wig he'll teach you "blissie".

Before you go to Sunflower Elementary, there are a few things left to do in the
Ruins. Go back to the nervous ham who as moved away from the hole he was
blocking.  Go through and hifhif directly ahead of you to get a Rock, carry on
right and you'll be at the back of the Tack-Q bowling.  Climb up and hamha the
first hamster on a treadmill to learn "blahh".

Now go back to the Clock and climb the light up to where the white car was. 
"stickie" the White car to get it to move and digdig into the hole to find
Poetry from the Soul 1.  Now leave and come back. Stickie and digdig again
until you find Poetry of the Soul 4.  This triggers the shy Ham to run on and
tack-Q you. (He may appear behind the car one time, you'll still have to leave
and come back as he won't talk then.  Tack-Q him to get him to go). He will
teach you "blushie".

Now you can leave for Sunflower Elementary.


Tack-Q the dog (you may need to do it more than once) and you'll learn
"hamchu".  Collect the Rock next to the dog.  Now go up past the ham-Boutique
and caterpillar into the school.  Scoochie up the left rope to go to the
Ham-Swap.  This Ham has the Ham-Jam tune "Hamtaro Time" in stock and some "Tear
Essence" (a silly item!).  he should have bottles, but they are not in-stock
yet.  He will also buy your Limburger if you have it for 20 seeds.  You can
"blash-T" down his prices to 5 seeds usually.  The right Ham Swap will sell you
fake Ham Chat words, which is not important until later on.

At the bottom you can tack-Q the right shelves to get 10 seeds. Now go on up
then right until you see a gap where a door is ajar. Approach the ham sitting
by the bucket of bananas and hamha him. Answer "bestest" and you'll learn
"huffpuff".  Hifhif the loose bananas to get one, then go up to the brown ham
lying down near the bottle rack.  Tack-Q then "oopsie" him to find out he needs
"the flower" for his upset stomach (that's a clue to get Flower Tea).

Now leave and go as far left as you can.  Collect the Rock, then go back right
a bit and up through the door gap.  Climb the ladder and hamha Panda.  He comes
back to the Clubhouse with no fuss, yay!  Once back hamha him to learn he can
fix anything.

Return to Sunflower Elementary and visit the left Ham Swap.  If he has bottles
in stock, buy one.  If not you will have to come back later. Go up and left and
up the stairs.  Go left and through the gap in the doorway.  Tack-Q the
skeleton, then "blash-T" at it. A ham will drop down and teach you "cramcram". 
Go down and to the left of the room to get a rock then climb up the brush.

It's the Flower Tea Shop!  Go up to the white ham and hamha and "huffpuff" to
find you need a bottle (if you couldn't get one before, go back to the Ham
Swap, they will have them in for sure now). Anyway, you'll find that the bottle
has a hole in it, well Panda can fix it, but before we return to the clubhouse
we have to take care of some other stuff.

As you leave the Tea Shop hifhif then hamha at the tea drinking Ham. He will
teach you "noworrie". Exit this room and go all the way right and up through
the gap into the computer room.  Hamha the blue hamster and you'll learn
"wishie".  Now climb the wire beside him to get up to the PC.  Use "stickie" on
the tower unit by the monitor to turn it on. Walk onto the mouse mat to be able
to control the mouse pointer.  Click on the hamster face and Hamtaro will
appear along with the Official Hamtaro website address (heh!).  Click on
Hamtaro to learn "smoochie".  Get out of the room by going up under the window.

Now return to the Clubhouse and visit Panda into his room. Say "wishie" to him
to get him to agree to fix the bottle.  You will both return to Sunflower
Elementary and he'll fix it.. good old Panda!  He will also teach you "whawha".
He then leaves and you should return to the Flower Tea Room. Hamha and
"huffpuff" to get your bottle on tea and you'll also learn "hotchu".  Now go
back downstairs and right back to the room with the sick Ham in it.

He'll take the tea from you.  Leave the room and return to see he has moved. 
Now he is standing near some bottles, so hamha him to learn "perksie".  Then go
to the place he was blocking and push right to hop up across the rack of
bottles.   This will take you to where Jingle is.  Get the Rock on the left
then approach Jingle and tell him "pooie".  You'll learn "clapclap".  Then say
"smoochie" to him and he will return to the Clubhouse.  In his room talk to him
and say "bye-Q" to learn "givehoo".

Before you go to the Sky Garden, go back to the Ruins.  Tack-Q the clock twice
to make the Dancing Ham appear.  Use "clapclap" three times to get her to give
you the Ham-Jam tune "bolero".  Now off to the Sky Garden where Sandy and Stan
have both been seen!


First digdig down the hole in the upper right of the screen to collect a Rock. 
This is the place you can start leaving your collected rocks in, when you get
it to 100g a Ham-Boutique will open up. Go back out and "scoochie" up the
pillar and Tack-Q off the top.  Collect the Rock.  Go right and scoochie up the
tree with the blue ham in it to find out you need to go up the left gutter.

First though you go down to the two hams and trade your 'THIS' for 'THAT' and
learn "hamtast".  Then go up and left until you reach a monkey blocking the
gutter.  If you got the banana at Sunflower Elementary then you can give it to
him now (if not go back and get it from the room on the bottom floor and
right). Exit the screen then return to find the monkey gone.  Digdig on the
gutter to climb up, but you will come back down as it is blocked.

[At this point if you want another Acorn go down a screen to see the picnicking
hams again.  Go down, left, down, right, up, left and get the lunch item.  Now
next time you go to Sunflower Park you can give it to the Digdig Shop man in
return for an Acorn!]

Return right to where the ham was up a tree.  Now he is sitting by the tree
crying.  Hamha him, then "scoochie" up the tree.  Climb down into the main area
via the steps. The mean looking Ham will punch you if you talk to him so leave
him for now.  Go all the way left and digdig on the open drain hole.  This will
dislodge the Doctor Ham.  Climb back up with digdig and hamha the hamster
hiding in the hole by the golf ball.  Say "bizzaroo" to learn "spiffie".

Go up and slip on the banana skin then say "spiffie" to the sunbathing ham to
learn "hamteam".  Then go up and "hifhif" the hamster under the umbrella to
learn "shockie".  Go right and "hamha" then "hamtast" the girl ham on the
sun-lounger to find out she wants some strawberry juice.   Go right and use
"wishie" to get offered some juice.  Buy the strawberry for 5 seeds.  While he
goes and gives it to her, go behind the counter and "tuggie" out the plug.

Go down past the hospital and go left.  Now the log in the water has stopped
moving you can cross over. You'll see Sandy sat on a bench.  First digdig under
the bench to get a Rock then climb up.  Use "tuggie" and "lookie" to get her to
teach you "hulahula".  Then she will exit, follow her back across the water and
say "hamteam" to her.  Next go right and use all four basic Ham-Chat words on
the mean hamster (he will punch you).  When "spiffie" becomes and option, say
that to him and he will teach you "twintoo".  Carry on around the garden and
one circuit should see you chase Stan back to Sandy.  Go up to him to learn
"nogo", then you all return to the clubhouse.

[In Sunflower market you can choose to visit Dexter in the Freezer section
first which most of you will most likely do and have to save him later on.  But
if you visit Howdy first you will need to save him with Dexter's help.  This
sections guide contains the Dexter saving method first then the Howdy saving
method at the end]

Only two Hams left to get!  When you get to Sunflower Market you'll see the
white ham is looking very unwell.  Hamha him to learn "dundeal".  Hamha again
to learn he needs some 'Flugo' (tack-Q him if you are feeling mean.. heh heh
heh).  Go right and hifhif a rock then climb up the stack of papers and hop
right through the gap.

First thing you'll see is a big ham arse trapped in a gap.  Use "tuggie" to get
him out (use "stickie" first if you are feeling immature!).  Once he pops out
he is so grateful he will give you a strawberry and teach you "giftee" (and if
you want to see something disturbing, stand in front of him and use "tuggie"
again... eek!).

Go right and you'll see Dexter and Howdy at loggerheads (as usual).  After the
short scene with them a reporter ham will appear.  Whenever you encounter her
it will change the story posted on the message board behind you.  Keep
returning to read it, it can be funny.  For now carry on right into the
freezer.  The drain leads back to the Clubhouse, go onwards and climb the
icicle under the postbox.  Tack-Q the box to get the Ham-Jam tune "postman's
rush".  Hamha here to learn "frost-T".

Go back down and continue right.  Climb the first icicle and hifhif to get a
rock.  Climb the icicle under Dexter and say "hammo" to him to learn "hamspar".
 Go back left out of the freezer and down.  Go and buy some 'flugo' from the
Ham Seller (No-P then Yep-P for a one seed discount.  I.e. It will cost 19
seeds.  The Ham Seller is cheeky and seems to imply it will cost only 1 seed). 
Go right and tack-Q the box on the floor for a fun scene with the reporter
(she'll post about it on the message board!).

Go left and keep going.  Climb the rope and digdig on the empty drinks can to
get a rock.  Say hamha and hifhif to the ham behind the glass to bring up more
word options.  He will copy what you do, but if you use "go-P" he will freak
out and you'll have to exit and return (funny though!).  Use "bizzaroo" on him
then walk right until you get to the gap in the window.  Hamha him to learn

Go back down and carry on left.  Keep going left past the ham Seller and climb
the rope.  Climb the ladder to get a rock.  Use hifhif to get the coach's
attention.  Then use "hamha" and "hifhif" to talk about Strawberry Soccer and
play if you want to. Score a perfect six and you will get Ham-Jam tune "Young
n'Wild".  You can come back anytime for a game.

Go back down and go right to the main doors and then down screen.  Go left and
climb the rope to where a hamster is tack-Qing away furiously.  Tack-Q him and
then use "tuggie" on the box to open it.  You'll learn "krmp-krmp".  Talk to
him some more to learn his mum is the old ham living in the tree in the Acorn

Go back down and go right until you reach a seated ham. There is a Boutique
entrance here as well. Hamha him and feed him 20 seeds to learn "nokrmp-P". 
Now go left until you reach a room with a barcode scanner dangling down and a
box on the floor.

[If you have 29 rocks, the 'THAT' item and some 'flugo' you can now make a
detour to earn some stuff.  Leave the Market via the hole in this room.
Re-enter the market and give the 'flugo' to the white ham and he'll give you an
Acorn. Leave again and go to Acorn Shrine.  Hamha the white ham to learn the
'flugo' wasn't strong enough and he needs 'flugo+'.  Carry on round, if you
like you can call in on the old ham and get some cookies for her son back at
Sunflower Market.  Then keep going until you reach the ham who was possessive
about his Nut.  He will trade his 'NUT' for your 'THAT' item though. With that
done, leave and go to the Sky Garden.  Go up to the hospital and get some
'flugo+' from the Doctor Ham for 10 seeds.  Go back down to the Crying Ham by
the tree and "nopibloo" him to swap the 'NUT' for the 'HEAVY ROCK'.  Leave via
the bottom exit and re-enter and digdig down to the rock drop-off point.  Use
"chukchuk" to deposit all your Rocks and if you got them all it should add up
to 100g.  If it does a new ham-Boutique opens up and you'll get Ham-Jam tune
"g-rock" free as a prize!  With that done go back to Sunflower market. Give the
'flugo+' to the white ham and drop off the cookies to the homesick Ham then
return to the room with the dangling barcode scanner]

Scoochie up the scanner wire and use digdig by the till to get Howdy's
attention.  You'll learn "minglie".  Go back down and the reporter will
hang-glide in and tell you Dexter is in trouble.  Go back up to Howdy and use
"gasp-P" to tell him Dexter is having problems. Return to the freezer (don't
forget to check the newsboard!), after Howdy has finished talking use
"pakapaka" on him to get him to try and chew Dexter out.  Then he suggests a
Heat Patch.  Go and find the Sales Ham.  He has a Heat Patch, but only for 9999
seeds!  Say "No-P" twice and return to Howdy.

Hamha Howdy to hear talk of...blackmail! Go left out of the freezer to find the
reporter ham very sad as her bag has gone missing.  Go left until you exit the
main market area.  Tack-Q the bicycle wheel and a rope will fall down.  Climb
up on the bit of white wall to be able to reach the string and "tuggie" on it
to pull down the bag. Go back to the reporter ham and hamha her to give her the
bag back.  She is so grateful she hands over a 'Newsflash' to you and teach you
"wondachu".  Go back to Howdy in the freezer.

Follow him out and down to see him threatening the Sales Hamster. Once he is
done you can buy the Heat Patch for 10 seeds.  Buy it then return to the
freezer.  Howdy will take the patch off you and unfreeze Dexter.  You will all
then return to the clubhouse.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO VISIT HOWDY FIRST: To do this, first talk to Howdy, use
Digdig, and he'll ask to spy on Dexter. Say Hammo to Dexter and he'll ask for
you to spy on Howdy. Go left, and the reporter will slip on the ice, then tell
you that Howdy is in trouble. Go to the register, then go back to the freezer,
tell Dexter Gasp-p, then he'll go to the register. Then go to the register, say
Goodgo to Dexter, and he'll tell you to buy the Striped Sticker. Then go to the
bike rack, use Tack-Q, and Tuggie on the string, then return the bag to the
reporter, then take the news flash to Dexter, and he'll confront the salesman,
after he's done talking, buy the sticker and go to the room BELOW the register,
and Dexter will slap the sticker on you. Now the controls will be reversed,
i.e. Right is left and Up is down. Walk in front of the scanner, and you'll
hear a clink. You'll automatically go up the wire. You're done! (Thanks to
roberteby2000 for this!)


[NOTE: You often need to talk to a ham, then move out of the area into the main
room and back in again to get them to move.  There seems to be a small degree
of randomisation in this, so for example Panda OR Oxnard may be looking for
Stan at first meaning you'll learn a different Ham chat word first].

Go out to the main room and Boss will gather you all together and show you his
surprise.  Then the credits will roll.  When they are done, a scene will show
twelve stars falling to the ground.  You'll wake up in the clubhouse.  There
are now twelve stars to find, but before that, lets get all the ham-chat words.

Hamha Snoozer and then say "zuzuzu" to learn "bluhoo"

Go to Pashmina or Penelope's room to find Stan.  Use "minglie" on him to learn

Go to Oxnard's room and say "bluhoo" to him to learn "Ouchichi"

Go to Maxwell's room and say "nopibloo" to Howdy to learn "pookie"

Now leave the rooms area and then return, some Hams should have moved.

Go to Panda's room and say "bestest" to learn "smidgie"

Go to Maxwells room and say "gasp-P" to Dexter to learn "tootru"

Go to Sandy's room, if Stan is there say "goodgo" to Sandy to learn "hampact".

Leave the rooms area and return again and some Hams should have moved again.

Go to Maxwell's room and say "bizaroo" to learn "wit-T"

Go to Cappy's room and say "blash-t" when he tells you he is tired of his wig. 
He will teach you "grab-b"

If you have 85 Ham-Chat words, visit Boss in his room to get the 86th word,
"greatchu" and to see the credits roll again.

After this, you only need to get the twelve stars.  The locations of these are
listed in section 4 below!

************************** 4) STAR LOCATIONS ****************************

1) Acorn Shrine
Go to the area you found Maxwell in. Go to where the sleeping Ham is and Tack-Q
the boulder in the top right corner.  A bug will appear.  Approach the bug and
it will roll up and bang into the wall then roll away.  Go to the spot it
banged on and tack-Q. A Star will fall down! So hifhif to pick it up.

2) Acorn Shrine
Go down to the screen with the dandelion waving, the door in a tree and a
ladybug on a tree.  Say "hamha" to the ladybug and it will fly down and circle
the ground.  Digdig in the area it circled and another Star will be yours.

3) Sunflower Park
Keep plying the Digdig Shop game until you find it.

4) Sunflower Park
Slide down the slide with the olive oil covered Ham to the Secret garden  There
is a rather obvious yellow triangle sticking out of the ground.  Digdig on it
to get your third star.

5) Ruins
Go up to the area with the tyre and the ladder up to where the frog and
Penelope were.  Tack-Q to the right of the ladder and you'll bounce down into a
secret area. Tack-Q then "lookie" on the chest to get a Star.

6) Ruins
You need to get over 200 points in the Tack-Q bowling game.  No advice except
to learn the blue balloon sequences and time your strikes using the red
balloons as measurement.  You will win plenty of seeds to keep you in the game,
but you may end up with about 5 Shogun Wigs =)

7) Sunflower Elementary
Visit the right-hand Ham-Swap seller.  Keep paying for fake Ham-Chat words at
three seeds a time until he gives you a star for being a good customer.

8) Sunflower Elementary
Go to where you found Panda (bottom floor, left of entrance).  Tack-Q on the
leg of the blue metal table/stand/thingy and a Star will fall down.

9) Sky Garden
Go up to the main area with the lake etc.  Scoochie up the golf flag pole (have
to hamha the hamster in the hole first).  Use whatever word you picked to call
the crow with (usually "hammo"). He will appear and offer a ride.  Pick "Crows
Pad" off the area map and he'll drop you in his nest.  Collect the star and use
the friend word when you want to leave.

10) Sky Garden
"tuggie" out the plug behind the juice bar again and cross the log to the bench
where you found Sandy. Digdig underneath to get the tenth star.

11) Sunflower Market
Go to where you found Howdy and "lookie" in the cash register drawer for a

12) Sunflower Market
"Hamha" the hungry ham by the Ham-Boutique.  Feed him 20 seeds, exit then
return and repeat this process until he rewards you with a Star.  If you have
all twelve you'll get the "Little Star" ham-jam tune!

************************** 5) ROCK LOCATIONS ****************************

I have covered all the rocks in the walkthrough, but if you missed one, here is
a quick list of where they all are.

CLUB HOUSE - 1 rock
1. Dance room - right hand patch of earth

ACORN SHRINE - 4 rocks
1. Digdig on the first screen
2. Where the Sleeping-ham is, Tack-Q the Rock in the upper-right, to reveal a
hole Digdig where the rock moved.
3. Maxwell's screen: one in the middle of the screen
4. Maxwell's screen: one next to the door

1. Next to the Slide's stairs
2. In the Secret Garden, the treasure chest contains 3 rocks.
5. Scoochie up the 4th pole
6. Dig Shop Game, once you get Oxnard

RUINS - 7 rocks
1. In the Clock-screen
2. 3 rocks inside the treasure chest, Tack-Q the tire to fall on the lower
5. Work your way up the roof, Digdig down the hole, and there's a rock when you
6. Get 40 - 80 points in Tack-Q Bowling
7. In the dark room outside Tack-Q Bowling

1. Next to the dog
2. At the end of the furthest left hallway
3. 2nd floor, Left room - next to the broom
4. Outside near where Jingle is

SKY GARDEN - 3 rocks
1. Lying on the ground where you drop off rocks
2. In front of you when you initially Tack-Q off the pole
3. Digdig underneath Sandy's bench

1. Next to the fire extinguisher
2. Inside the soda can, where the Mimicking-ham is
3. Outside, climb the left icicle where Dexter's making his Ice Statue
4. In the Strawberry Soccer Field screen, up the ladder

The HEAVY ROCK is found in the SKY GARDEN, but you have to go through a bit of
a long trading sequence to get it.  Here is the synopsis:

In SUNFLOWER PARK, go one screen down from the Slide's Stairs. Talk to the
Brown Hamster with his head down. Say Hifhif - Koochi-Q - Hammo. You'll get

Now, go back to ACORN SHRINE and Hifhif the "sunflower seed" which is just up
from the hamster hiding in the grass. The seed is actually Tricket. Keep on
walking, and Tricket will eat your Cucumber but he likes you, so he stays!

Return to the hamster in SUNFLOWER PARK and you'll automatically be given a
mysterious item called 'THIS' in thanks for returning for Tricket.

Now take 'THIS' and go to the SKY GARDEN, Tack-Q off the pillar, as far right
as you can and then down to the screen with two hamsters next to each other.
Hamha - Yep-P to trade 'THIS' for their mysterious 'THAT' item

Go back to ACORN SHRINE and trade your 'THAT' item with the hamster that gets
very aggressive if you try and take his nuts.  But on receiving 'THAT' he will
gladly hand his NUT over.

Now go back to SKY GARDEN and talk to the Blue Hamster who is crying and upset
(located near the pair of hamsters who gave you THAT). He'll exchange your NUT
for the HEAVY ROCK!

************************* 6) MUSIC LOCATIONS ****************************

You begin the game with this tune

In the Acorn Shrine, scoochie up the tree with the hamster waving a nut by it. 
At the top is a Boutique where you can buy "Chick-ah Jam" for 25 seeds

You can buy this from the Boutique in the Secret Garden for 25 seeds

You can buy this from the left-hand Ham-Swap in Sunflower Elementary. Use
"blash-T" twice to bring the price down to 5 seeds.

Once you have learned "clapclap" go back to the Ruins and get the dancing Ham
out of the clock (Tack-Q clock hands twice). Say "clapclap" three times to get
this tune.

Go into to the freezer in Sunflower Market.  Climb the Icicle and tack-Q the
post-box to get this tune

7) "g"ROCK
When you have got 29 rocks, plus the Heavy Rock go to the rock weigh in place
in the Sky Garden (digdig top right).  When 100g of rocks are dropped in a new
Ham Boutique will open up. Go inside to get this as a prize.

Get a perfect six score in the Strawberry Soccer game found in the Sunflower

Available after you complete the game the first time.

Find all twelve Stars and you will get this final tune.

********************** 7) THE HAM-HAM DICTIONARY ************************

"Bestest"    Fantastic    SUNFLOWER PARK    Return Pashmina's scarf to her
"Bizzaroo"   Strange      ACORN SHRINE      Cheer up Maxwell
"Blahh"      Tired        RUINS             Hamster on Treadmill
"Blanko"     Forgot       SUNFLOWER PARK    "hifhif" the counting Ham
"Blash-T"    Angry        SUNFLOWER PARK    "Tack-Q" 2nd pole on climbing
                                            frame, then Tack-Q him again
"Blissie"    Happy        RUINS             Win Shogun Wig for Cappy
"Bluhoo"     Sad          CLUBHOUSE         "hamha" - "zuzuzu" Snoozer
"Blushie"    Embarrassed  RUINS             Keep moving White Car and digdig
                                            to get the poetry ham roll at you
"Bye-Q"      Goodbye      RUINS             Say "hammo" to Penelope
"Chukchuk"   Give up      SUNFLOWER PARK    Brown Ham hiding near slide
"Clapclap"   Encore       SF ELEMENTARY     Say "pooie" to Jingle
"Cramcram"   Study        SF ELEMENTARY     "Tack-Q", "Blash-T" skeleton
"Delichu"    Delicious    ACORN SHRINE      Talk to the Acorn Trader
"Digdig"     Dig          CLUBHOUSE         From Boss
"Dingbang"   Noisy        ACORN SHRINE      "digdig" on Blue Ham in hole
"Dundeal"    Sell         SUNFLOWER MARKET  "hamha" the white ham
"Frost-T"    Freezing     SUNFLOWER MARKET  "hamha" by the postbox in freezer
"Gasp-P"     Oh No!       SUNFLOWER PARK    Say "chukchuk" to Oxnard
"Giftee"     Give         SUNFLOWER MARKET  "tuggie" out the trapped Ham
"Givehoo"    Ask For      CLUBHOUSE         Say "bye-Q" to Jingle
"Goodgo"     Good Luck    CLUBHOUSE         "hamha" then "hamsolo" to Bijou
"Gorush"     Hurry        CLUBHOUSE         Say "minglie" to Stan
"Go-P"       Bathroom     CLUBHOUSE         From Boss
"Grab-B"     Get          CLUBHOUSE         "Blash-T" at Cappy when he gets
                                            tired of the Shogun Wig.
"Greatchu"   Great        CLUBHOUSE         Boss when you find all 85 words
"Grit-T"     Courage      RUINS             White ham by tyre after you get
                                            the three Rocks in secret area
"Hamchu"     Kind         SF ELEMENTARY     "Tack-Q" the dog
"Hamha"      Greeting     CLUBHOUSE         From Boss
"Hammo"      Friend       SUNFLOWER PARK    "hamha", "hifhiff", "koochie-Q"
                                            to Ham with cucumber
"Hampact"    Promise      CLUBHOUSE         Say "goodgo" to Sandy after Stan
                                            has left the room.
"Hamsolo"    Lonely       ACORN SHRINE      "hamha" the door in the tree
"Hamspar"    Enemy        SUNFLOWER MARKET  Say "hammo" to Dexter
"Hamtast"    Perfect      SKY GARDEN        Trade 'THIS' to white Ham
"Hamteam"    Cooperate    SKY GARDEN        Slip on banana skin and say
                                            "spiffie" to sunbathing Ham.
"Herk-Q"     Powerful     RUINS             "hamha" the lift operator Ham
"Hifhif"     Sniff        CLUBHOUSE         From Boss
"Hotchu"     Hot          SF ELEMENTARY     After you get the Flower Tea
"Huffpuff"   Carry        SF ELEMENTARY     "hamha" Hamster by the bananas
"Hulahula"   Lollygag     SKY GARDEN        "tuggie" and "lookie" at Sandy
"Hushgo"     Reveal       SUNFLOWER PARK    "hifhif" the sunbathing Ham
"Hushie"     Secret       SUNFLOWER PARK    "Tack-Q" sign to reveal pink Ham
"Koochie-Q"  Pretty       ACORN SHRINE      "hifhif" girl ham hiding in grass
"krmpkrmp"   Eat          SUNFLOWER MARKET  "tuggie" open box by rolling Ham
"Lookie"     See          CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Lotsa"      Many         RUINS              "hamha" white ham at start
"Meep-P"     Regret       SUNFLOWER PARK     "digdig" ham hiding in cave
"Mega-Q"     Big          ACORN SHRINE       "hamha" small girl ham by tree
"Minglie"    Play         SUNFLOWER MARKET   "digdig" by Howdy
"Nogo"       No can do    SKY GARDEN         From Stan when you catch him
"Nokrmp-P"   Hungry       SUNFLOWER MARKET   Feed Hungry Ham 20 seeds
"Nopibloo"   Don't fret   ACORN SHRINE       Follow the Jumping Ham
"Nopookie"   Dislike      RUINS              "Tack-Q" trembling Ham off pole
"Noworrie"   Relax        SF ELEMENTARY      "hifhif","hamha" teadrinking ham
"No-P"       No           CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Oopsie"     Sorry"       ACORN SHRINE       "Tack-Q" ham out of tree
"Ouchichi"   Ouch         CLUBHOUSE          Say "bluhoo" to Oxnard after his
                                             picture falls down
"Pakapaka"   Bite         CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Panic-Q"    Scary        RUINS              Nervous Ham near Tack-Q bowling
"Perksie"    Listen       SF ELEMENTARY      Talk to ham cured with Flower tea
"Pooie"      Uncool       RUINS              "Tack-Q" Tv until you hear a yell
                                             go to grumpy ham and "hamha" him
"Pookie"     Like         CLUBHOUSE          Say "nopibloo" to Howdy
"Scoochie"   Climb        CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Scrit-T"    Scratch      CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"See-tru"    Invisible    SUNFLOWER MARKET   "bizaroo", go right then "hamha"
                                             the Ham behind glass
"Shashaa"    Hide         RUINS              "Tack-Q" Ham hiding behind white
"Shockie"    Surprise     SKY GARDEN         "hifhif" Ham under umbrella
"Smidgie"    Almost       CLUBHOUSE          Say "bestest" to Panda
"Smoochie"   Love         SF ELEMENTARY      Click on Hamtaro on the PC
"Soak-Q"     Wet          RUINS              Tell picnic hams weather will
                                             be "pooie"
"Sparklie"   Delight      ACORN SHRINE       Ham with nut up a tree
"Spiffie"    Stylish      SKY GARDEN         "hamha" and "bizaroo" to Ham
                                             in hole by golf ball
"Stickie"    Poke         CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Tack-Q"     Roll         CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Tah-dah"    Show         RUINS              Dancing Ham in the Cuckoo Clock
"Teenie"     Small        ACORN SHRINE       "hamha" Lovesick Big Ham
"Thank-Q"    Thank you    ACORN SHRINE       Give sparkly rock to Bijou
"Tootru"     Really       CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Twintoo"    Identical    SKY GARDEN         Use four basic Ham-Chat words
                                             then "spiffie" on punching Ham
"Wait-Q"     Wait         CLUBHOUSE          Return Penelope to Pashmina
"Whawha"     Frantic      SF ELEMENTARY      When Panda fixes the bottle
"Wishie"     Beg          SF ELEMENTARY      "hamha" blue ham in PC room
"Wit-T"      Funny        CLUBHOUSE          Say "bizaroo" to Maxwell after
                                             Howdy and Dexter are gone
"Wondachu"   Wonderful    SUNFLOWER MARKET   Return bag to reporter Ham
"Yep-P"      Yes          CLUBHOUSE          From Boss
"Zuzuzu"     Sleep        ACORN SHRINE       "Tack-Q" sleeping Ham

************************** 8) HAM BOUTIQUES *****************************

When you buy an item, it will be replaced with the same item, but in a
different colour.  You can have 30 items to wear.  The Shogun Wig can also be
worn, you can win it in the tack-Q bowling after you have won one for Cappy.

HM Boutique #1 (Acorn Shrine)
Digdig near the beginning of the Acorn Shrine.
     Sweater #1       -  5 Seeds
     Carrot #1        -  3 Seeds
     Chef Hat #1      -  3 Seeds

HM Boutique #2 (Acorn Shrine)
Scoochie up the tree that had the possessive ham up it.
     Apron #1         - 20 Seeds
     Game Boy #1      - 25 Seeds
     Beret #1         - 15 Seeds
     "Chick-Ah-Jam"   - 25 Seeds

HM Boutique #3 (Sunflower Park)
Digdig in by the steps up the slide
     Bunny Suit       -  3 Seeds
     Earmuff          -  3 Seeds
     Magnifying Glass -  5 Seeds

HM Boutique #4 (Sunflower Park)
Digdig in Secret Garden after sliding down slide with the oil covered Ham
     Santa Suit       - 20 Seeds
     Bat              - 15 Seeds
     Crown            - 20 Seeds
     "Sunflower"      - 25 Seeds

HM Boutique #5 (Ruins)
Tack-Q the pile of soil near the grumpy ham, then digdig into the tunnel
     Jersey           - 20 Seeds
     Sword            - 20 Seeds
     Santa Hat        - 15 Seeds

HM Boutique #6 (Ruins)
Go up to where Penelope was with the frog and digdig on the tunnel
     Kimono           - 10 Seeds
     Fan              - 10 Seeds

HM Boutique #7 (Sunflower Elementary)
Digdig in on the screen with the caterpillar
     Tennis T          -  5 Seeds
     Frying Pan        - 10 Seeds
     Bunny Ears        -  3 Seeds

HM Boutique #8 (Sky Garden)
Go to the far right where the two hams are and digdig
     Coat              -  5 Seeds
     Net               -  3 Seeds
     Straw Hat         -  3 Seeds

HM Boutique #9 (Sunflower Market)
Next to the hungry ham.
     Shirt             - 5 Seeds
     Mittens           - 3 Seeds
     Ball Cap          - 5 Seeds

HM Boutique #10 (Sky Garden)
Digdig in the entrance to the Sky Garden and drop 100g of rocks
     Cloak             - 25 Seeds
     Racket            - 20 Seeds
     Visor             - 10 Seeds


Ham Swap (left side, Sunflower Elementary)
     Bottle            - 20 seeds ("blash-T" down to 5 seeds)
     Tear Essence      - 20 seeds ("blash-T" down to 5 seeds)
     Limburger         - 9999 seeds
     "Hamtaro Time"    - 50 seeds ("blash-T down to 5 seeds)

Ham Seller in Sunflower Market
     Flugo             - 20 seeds (2 seeds after blackmail)
     Heat Patch        - 9999 seeds (10 seeds after blackmail)
     Striped Sticker   - 9999 seeds (10 seeds after blackmail)

Doctor in Sky Garden
     Flugo+            - 10 seeds

*********************** 9) MEET THE HAM HAMS! ***************************

Hamtaro the cartoon began in Japan in 2000.  In 2002 it was dubbed into English
and now airs on the Cartoon Network in the USA and on Fox Kids in the United
Kingdom.  Here is a bit more information about the Ham-ham stars of the cartoon
and game!

- Hamtaro
The star Ham-ham. Hamtaro is a happy-go-lucky Hamster who loves his human
"owner" Laura.  He is best friends with Oxnard, although he doesn't realise
Bijou has a crush on him. Hamtaro always sorts out conflicts between the other
Ham-Hams and holds the group together.

- Boss
This gruff wild hamster used to live with only Snoozer for company.  That's
until Oxnard and Hamtaro crashed into a tunnel of his one day.  After meeting
them he decided to turn his home into a clubhouse for all the local Hams.  He
has a big crush on Bijou and sometimes gets jealous of Hamtaro, but he is still
very fond of him and all the other Hams.  He tries to be the grown-up and
responsible one, but sometimes he can be just as silly as the rest!

- Snoozer
Who is Snoozer?  He sleeps most of the time in his favourite sock.  Boss found
him one day and took him back to his home.  He talks in his sleep sometimes and
can be quite wise.  He may even be the twin of the fabled "wandering hamster"
from the Far East, but no one knows for sure...

- Bijou
This delicate little French hamster loves to wear ribbons in her hair to look
pretty.  She doesn't realise Boss is in love with her, but she likes Hamtaro a
lot.  She likes hanging out at the Clubhouse as she can play rough-and-tumble
in a way she usually can't at home.

- Maxwell
Maxwell is the brains of the group.  He always has a book to hand and can fill
the rest of the ham-hams in on any stuff they want to know.  Sometimes though
he feels they rely on him too much!

- Oxnard
Oxnard is a sweet little hamster who belongs to Laura's best friend Kona. He
lacks confidence and always has a sunflower seed to hand to make him feel
secure.  Hamtaro is his best friend and helps boost Oxnard's self-esteem when
he feels down.

- Pashmina
Pashmina is a practical female ham that loves to wear scarves.  Both Howdy and
Dexter fancy her and even Stan has his eye on her.  But she keeps a cool head
and takes care of her little friend Penelope.

- Penelope
This is the baby of the ham gang.  She can't say anything except "okweee!" and
"okyoou!".  Sometimes her childlike curiosity gets her in trouble, but Pashmina
and the rest of the Hams keep a close eye on her and make sure she stays safe.

- Cappy
This hamster loves hats!  He will wear anything on his head if it fits,
including cooking pans and seashells!  His owners are very devoted to him and
spoil him a lot.  Sometimes he wishes they didn't so he would have a more
exciting life, but then he visits the clubhouse and has fun there instead.

- Panda
If you have broken something, Panda can fix it.  This good-natured Ham comes
from a DIY shop and has picked up lots of useful skills in carpentry.  Without
panda it would have been impossible to build the various playthings around the

- Jingle
The coolest ham on the planet.  Jingle has no owners, he does his own thing
maaan!  Jingle wanders the land composing poems and songs from what he sees
around him.   Every now and then he drops in on the Hams at the Clubhouse and
gives them a taste of his latest work, and then he is gone again.

- Sandy
A sporty girl ham with definite tomboy tendencies.  Separated from her twin
brother Stan early in life, she was reunited with him when the rest of the Hams
found he still lived in the area.  Although she is younger than Stan she can
still keep his womanising tendencies in check like any good sister should!

- Stan
Stan is the hamdude.  After being reunited with his sister, he started checking
out the girl hams at the clubhouse much to Boss, Howdy and Dexter's distress.
His laid back attitude to life often annoys some of the others, but he comes
through when he is needed.

- Howdy
Always ready with a quick joke, Howdy often likes to point out the negative
side of a situation.  He fights with Dexter, mainly over Pashmina, but they are
really good friends.  Howdy is never without his favourite apron and can spruce
a place up in no time.

- Dexter
The dapper gentleman Ham, Dexter can be a bit prissy and spiky and makes a good
double act with the joker Howdy.  He also likes Pashmina and this causes
friction with Howdy.  Like Howdy, he can be annoying sometimes, but the other
hams wouldn't have him any other way.


Hamsters are cute, but they aren't friendly as the ones in Hamtaro.  There are
two main types of hamster, the large Syrian hamster and the smaller Russian and
Chinese hamsters.  Russian and Chinese hamsters are small and friendly and are
usually happy to live in same sex pairs or more. They like human contact and
being picked up and stroked a lot etc.  Syrian hamsters are larger and are very
anti-social.  They like to live alone and if put with other hamsters will fight
and often kill each other.  Although Syrian hamsters like human company, they
are not that fond of being picked up and handled excessively and this will
shorten their lives considerably.

If you want a Hamster as pet, think hard.  They are not toys, they don't want
to play constantly and often prefer to be left alone for long periods. If you
want a hamster you can interact with all the time, get a Hamster Sim for your
PC or GBA.  If you want a delightful and funny pet that will be your friend on
its terms NOT yours then hamsters are great.

To find out more visit this excellent and informative site.


There are too many hamsters abandoned when people find out they aren't always
as cute and cuddly in real life as they are on the TV. Be a responsible


"Little hamsters, big adventures, Ham, Ham, Ham-ta-ro!!"

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