Money Guide by Kairi

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                              $-Money Guide-$
                                By: 'Kairi'
Basically this guide is to help you maximize your profit. :)  I also added a 
few things like a snowboarding section, and a few tips on saving and making 
money.  There's also a little Q&A section for those newbies that need A's to 
their Q's.

3.0 - Dec. 03rd, 2001. - Snowboarding Powerberry.  More flowers.  It seems 
they only sell one flower in Spring and Summer, and I found one S.Dream 
flower during the Typhoon which can be planted in the Fall.  How would you 
get the other seeds if you don't have an eagle? (Besides GS) Anyway, I say 
I'm pretty much close to being done.  Doesn't look like I really need to 
find the selling cost of flowers, and I don't really feel the need to add 
anything else on here besides a few Q & A, but you can probably post a topic 
on the msg board and find out since most of you(I see on the msg boards) 
don't read one of these other FAQs that probably have your answers.  So 
until further notice, this FAQ is complete.  Oh, and I know the secret of 
the 'Secret Garden'...:)

2.0 - Nov. 30th, 2001. - Finished up a few things.  Made things a bit 
neater(believe it or not).  All I need now is the cost of the flowers of 
each of the months.

1.0 - Nov. 27th, 2001. - The first one.  I might update it from time to 
time.  I need to complete the Flowers section and maybe add a few more 
Q&A&T.  I also need to finish up the cost of items.

A quick reference to all the best profit-making crops.  For an In-Depth 
calculation, look farther below.

Spring = Turnips
Summer = Tomatoes
Fall   = Eggplant
Winter = None

Highest bringer of profit(plant): Tomatoes
Lowest bringer of profit(plant)-: Asparagus

Highest # of harvest per month: Tomatoes (lotsa work, but lotsa money)

Lowest # of harvest per month-: Asparagus (basically, if you don't really 
need money, you can plant this one.  But if you don't really need money, 
then why are you planting it in the first place?  Maybe someone really likes 
Asparagus'.  Other than that, don't bother with this one.)
Profit Calculations
The format usually is as follows:
Cost of bag(which is negative)
# of crops in bag(which is 9) X (times the selling price for that crop)
        Profit per bag

Note:  I know some crops you can't yield 9 or all of the units per bag, but 
I multiply it by 9 anyway to save some time.  You can multiply it by 8 or 
however many you wish to get your real profit earnings.
*We use one bag's cost to minimize cost/time analysis' outcome.  Multiply 
the number of bags used in the month by the outcome(which I've calculated) 
to view actual profit per month.

30 Days in Month / 5 Days to Harvest = 6 times per month
$40 per turnip

-$120(cost of 1 bag) + (9)(40) = $240 profit for one bag
$240 X 6 = [!!$1440!!] Profit per month (cost/analysis outcome for Spring)

This is just for one bag of Turnips harvested at the maximum possible rate 
per month.  Multiply this # by the number of bags that you will buy in that 
Spring month, and you will have your total profit for that month.
30 Days in Month / 7 Days to Harvest = 4 times per month(max # of harvests)
$50 per potatoes

-$200(cost of 1 bag) + (9)(50) = $250
$250 X 4 = [!!$1000!!] Profit per month

$440 less than Turnips.  This is because it is only harvest a maximum number 
of 4 times a month, and the cost is a bit higher per bag.
30 Days in Month / 9 Days to Harvest = 3 times per month
$60 per Asparagus

-$320 + (9)(60) = $220
$220 X 3 = [!!$660!!] Profit per month

Very costly, for only $10 more per unit.  Not much at all.  Asparagus comes 
in as the lowest in profit.  Planting Turnips over Asparagus gives you 218% 
more profit, which in regular language means that you make over twice as 
much money.  The only downfall is having to harvest Turnips more frequently 
than any other Spring crop, which means more work.

Spring Flowers
White Flower:
$50 per flower
30 / 5 days to harvest =  6 times per month

-$400 + (9)(50) = [!!$50!!] per month

The numbers speak for themselves.  Don't plant flowers for profit, unless 
you want to make very little progress in the game.

Startdust Flower:
Same cost(?) and selling price as the White Flower.

$60 per T.

30-10 intial ten day waiting period until first harvest = 20 days left
20 / 3 = 6 times you can harvest tomatoes after intial(maximum)

Total times you can harvest tomatoes: 7

-$200 + (9)(60) = $340 for one bag
$340 X 7 = [!!$2380!!] Profit per month for one bag

30-13 intial 13 day waiting period until first harvest = 17 days left
17 / 4 = 4.25 = 4 times you can harvest Corn (max.)

Total times you can harvest Corn: 5

-$300 + (9)(70) = $330 for one bag
$330 X 5 = [!!$1650!!] Profit per month for one bag

30-15 initial waiting period: remaining days 15 days
15 / 4 = 3.75 = 3 Days max.

Total Harvest = 4

-$500 + (9)(80) = $220 for one bag
$220 X 4 = [!!$880!!] Profit per month for one bag

Plant Tomatoes over Melons and you will be making 270% more money.

Summer Flowers
Moonlight Flower:

$50 per flower
[waiting on days til full growth]


$40 per Eggplant

30 / 5 days til Harvest = 6 times Eggplant can be harvested (max.)

-$120 + (9)(40) = $240 Profit per bag
$240 X 6 = [!!$1440!!] Profit per month
$50 per Peanut

30 / 7 = 4 times Peanuts can be harvested (max.#)

-$160 + (9)(50) = $290 Profit per bag
$290 X 4 = [!!$1160!!] Profit per month
Sweet Potatoes:

30 / 7 = 4 times

-$200 + (9)(60) = $340 profit per bag
$340 X 4 =  [!!$1360!!] Profit per month

In this case, Sweet Potatoes and Eggplant come in pretty close.  Depending 
on your current financial status, you may want to choose Sweet Potatoes 
simply because you need not harvest it as much as the Eggplants.  Your time 
could be spent foraging or fishing or communicating with the townsfolk.

Choose either one.  They both require the same amount of work, and output 
the same number of profit.  I like to think:
Wheat = US
Rice  = ASIA
(BTW, you don't get the rice/wheat until the second year)

Fall Flowers

(There are no flowers for sale during the Fall.)

S.Dream Flower:
$300 per flower(obtained after a Typhoon)

There's not much you can do in this month, except socialize and help bring 
up the hearts of your animals by talking to them.  Fishing in the ocean will 
brings lots of gold, because most of the fish there yield: 150~250 Gold.


Selling Price of items:
Carp         - 150G  (Farm River)
King Carp    - 80G   (Farm River)
Snakehead    - 250G  (Lake)
Black Bass   - 150G  (Farm River, Lake)
Bluegill     - 80G   (Farm River, Lake)
King Salmon  - 250G  (Lake)
Parrotfish   - 150G  (Villa & Wharf)
Blowfish     - 80G   (Villa & Wharf)
Dorado       - 250G  (Ocean)
Sailfish     - 250G  (Ocean)
Coelacanth   - 250G  (Ocean)
Archerfish   - 150G  (Ocean)
Horned Shark - 250G  (Ocean)
Blue Maomao  - 80G   (Villa & Wharf)
Pink Maomao  - 80G   (Villa & Wharf)
King of the Lake - 5000G   (Lake, Spring 1st, Second year)

Mayonaise   - 300G
Egg         - 50G
Cheese      - 300G
Butter      - 300G
Milk L      - 250G
Milk S      - 150G
Milk M      - 200G
Sweater     - 300G
Wool S      - 150G
Wool M      - 200G
Wool L      - 250G
Yarn        - 300G
Golden Egg  - 200G
Wild Berry  - 30G
Cherry      - 30G
Mushroom    - 30G

What to buy?

Now that you have a lot of money, or should know how to get a lot of it, you 
should next figure out what to buy.  Now everyone's game is going to be the 
same, but if you follow my advice, you'll progress in the game a bit 

Things you can buy:

-Carpet for Housing 9,000G/6,000G/3,000G
-T.V. 10,000G
-Crib 30,000G
-Books 1,600G~2,000G
-Sprinkler 50,000G
-Cows 5,000G
-Sheep 3,000G
-Chickens 1,000G
-Horses 4,000G
-Animal Med. 1,000G each
-Snowboard 30,000G(winter)
-Plant/Grass Seeds (Varies)

I suggest you start prioritizing what you really need, and what is just 
decoration.  To be a good farmer, you NEED to have animals, so buy them 
first!  Why?  So they can start growing right away.  It takes a long while 
for Cows to become full grown, and for Sheep to start growing Wool.  
Chickens lay eggs right away(if you choose a female), so you should choose 
them first to start your farm.

You should buy three of each animal first, then buy more in each category.  
Buy 3 chickens, then move on and buy 3 Cows.  This is because your 
partner(at least for the girl) wants her Dad's dream to come true, and at 
one point she asks that you have at least 3 of each animal in the barn 
before Winter.  So get to it.

The other items; Carpet, Crib, Books, Sprinkler, Vase, you don't really need 
right away.  These are mostly to up your happiness level, but you can do 
that later in the game.  I say the next thing you should buy is a T.V. to 
see what kind of wheather you're going to be getting.

But of most importance, get the grass seeds and plant them.  Get 3~4~5-25 or 
however many bags you can get.  You can't have animals if you don't have 
fodder.  Also, time equals money.  Spend both of them wisely.

Other stuff:

A - Jump
B - Jump
Directional Pad - move left or right

Press up on the directional pad to start moving; you should hit terminal 
velocity in 8 seconds - 60km/h.  Take the first two right/left turns, and 
then watch for the (?) sign in the upperleft hand corner to tell you that 
you have to dodge some objects.  Then take the next two left/right turns, 
and dodge some more objects.  This should be a breeze...

You should hit 500m in between 34~35 seconds.  Next there should be a few 
more turns and obstacles.  When your time hits about 50 or so seconds, be 
prepared for moving really fast.  This is the first of the major dodging you 
need to do; the second big part is right before the finish line.  This is 
where you usually fall down from either a tree or log, and if you do, don't 
expect to finish before 150 seconds.  You should hit 1000m in about 65 

Tip #1(The 'Kairi-technique'):  If you're having trouble, you can use this 
tip.  Stay in the far left side, just a little where you can dodge the trees 
that come on the left, but not the logs.  There's an area there that you can 
stay and you won't get hit.  It's not all the way to the left; if you find 
that you're losing speed, then you're too far.  It's just a bit to the right 
of when you start losing speed.  If you see a log coming at the left, just 
press A or B to jump it.  You should clear it, unless there are two logs in 
succession(or three, yes I have had 3 come on the left), and in this case 
you would have to dodge both(move right), because you can't jump two logs in 
a row.
Tip #2:  Another tip if you're having trouble during 50 seconds into the 
run, is to press the start button, and then pressing A again to confirm that 
you don't want to quit.  This will slow things down for you, so you have 
more time seeing the obstacles coming at you.  Make the appropriate 
adjustments to get out of the way after you unpause.  Of course, don't do it 
too quickly; I've ended too many runs that way.  But if you use tip #1, you 
shouldn't need this tip, because all you would need to do is to watch for 
the log to come on the left side and press (A) to jump.

After that, you should do a few more turns, and then end up seeing an ice 
ramp.  This is where you can do tricks, and you will need to do tricks in 
order to get the tip on how to get a Powerberry, and to beat the record.
*(The moves here are credited to 'Cher' from the Harvest Moon 3 Msg Board, 
where he/she got them from some HM3 website.)

Besides the time, your rank also includes your score. Your score is 
determined by the difficulty of tricks you do while you're jumping the snow 
ramps. Your best trick equals your high score.

10 points - Left, B
10 points - Right, B
10 points - Left, Left, A
10 points - Right, Right, A
20 points - A, B, A
20 points - B, B, A
20 points - A, A, B
30 points - Right, Down, Right, A
60 points - Up, A, Down, B
60 points - Right, A, Left, B
60 points - Left, A, Right, B
100 points - A, Up, B, Left, A, Down, B, Right, A

After the ramps, there should be a few more left/right turns, and then a 
final barrage of obstacles for you to dodge.  Once you finish dodging them, 
you will hit the finish line.  If you didn't fall down from hitting any of 
the obstacles in the entire course, you should have a time between 145~146 

UPDATE(v.2):  After having all my top times being 145 seconds, I have now 
focused my time on trying to do the 100 point trick.  You too, should be 
able to get the 145 second time easily, by using my tip and staying on the 
far left - which I dubbed the "Kairi-technique", and only jumping when you 
see a log coming at the left.

To pull off the 100 point trick, I suggest you learn the button commands in 
pieces.  Practice on the gameboy when it's off.  I began learning the first 
5 steps, which you should do enough times where you can get it right 
everytime and on reflex.  A, Up, B, Down, A.  This should be done in less 
than a second. After you can do this well enough, learn the last 4.  These 
are easier, but putting it all together is tough.  It's even tougher in the 
real game, because you're prone to panicking.
What's tougher is that you have to do it right the first time(when you first 
jump), because if you do it late you won't finish correctly.  I have  done 
it many times; the move is just a horizontal spin times 2, or a 720.

After you get the top ranking in snowboarding, you will be given a tip on 
where the PowerBerry is.  It says that it's in the tree in the grass field 
somewhere.  After beating this mode, you open up a new mode: Advanced.  In 
this mode, there are more 90 degree angle turns, which should leave you on 
the highest part of the slope, making you reduce speed.  Other than these 
turns, there really isn't anything else more difficult than the regular 
course, if you use the "Kairi-technique" and stay on the left side all the 
time to dodge the obstacles, especially when you see the (?) pop up in the 
upper left-hand corner of the screen.

I can't really give any tips on the Advanced course, since there really 
isn't much difference from the first course, plus I believe it's random.  
Immediately after starting you may encounter a turn, other times there was a 
trick ramp before your 8 seconds to maximum speed.

Completing this Advanced course with an S ranking, 100 points, and a time of 
145 seconds doesn't give you anything special, it only tells you the same 
tip about finding the Powerberry when you beat the orginal snowboarding 

Heard it here first!(or second...)

PowerBerry location:  I e-mailed the Natsume rep. about where this is, and 
he/she told me that it's in the tree in the grass field, like the tip says.  
I was so stupid I didn't see through it.  Don't bother checking the actual 
landscape of the 'grassland', it's not there.  It's in the snowboarding 
mini-game.  The rep. says that you have to hit 20 trees, and you'll 
eventually find it.  I think you should trying doing a few tricks while 
hitting the tree, or trying jumping at it; the rep says that you need to 
make the tree shake, although this isn't 100% confirmed, because I'm not in 
the Winter month, therefore I cannot try it.  It sounds plausible though.  
If someone finds it, update me on it please.

Newbies to Veterans
I've seen a whole bunch of topics in the msg boards from 'newbies', or 
people new to the game of Harvest Moon 3 GBC.  So below, I have outlined a 
few things from the game that these newbies may or may not know; in either 
case, read on to become a veteran, and hopefully this will stop reoccuring 
topics from arising.
I've also added a few money saving tips.
Q & A & T

Q:-How do you get the fertilizer?

A:- The fertillizer is available one day when your partner sees it on T.V.  
You will be able to buy it for about 49,000 Gold.  Don't worry, he/she won't 
ask you about it if you don't have enough money.  When it comes in the 3 
days, it will be located in your kitchen(I first couldn't find it because I 
never go down there), but it will be pointless to mess around with it, 
because it's just there to show you that you bought it.  The rotten food in 
your shipping bin, that expires in two weeks becomes fertillizer.  Use the 
fertillizer on your plot to make plants/crops grow faster(I believe twice as 

Q:-How do I get the fishing rod?

A:- The fishing rod is given to you by Billy, the guy in town.  He shows up 
on MON/WED/SUN, 'cept when it's raining.  Give him stuff and he'll ask to 
borrow your hammer(not berries and such, but things you grow/harvested).  
He's also the one to give you to boat too, so don't stop giving him things 
after you receive the rod.

Q:-How do I set up the sprinkler?

A:- The sprinkler has to be set down on shoveled ground, which means you 
need to take out your shovel and dig a trench by the water in your plot of 
land.  Stick the sprinkler in there.

Q:-How do I use the fodder set?

A:- The fodder set that you buy from the Farmer's Union doesn't add to your 
total in the Fodder Bin that you have at home.  To use this fodder set, you 
must equip it and use it on the animal's tray.

Q:-What am I suppose to do with rice/wheat?

A:- Rice and Wheat you don't need to water.  It grows like grass.  You'll 
need to tear up your plot of land pretty badly if you want to make a lot, so 
think sensibly.  To plant rice/wheat, dig out a 9X9 plot with your shovel, 
so it should be filled with water(it should be a trench).  Spread the seeds 
over it.

Q:-What's up with the bank?

A:- You don't gain interest if you put your money in the bank.  It's just 
there so that you can put your extra cash in.  I don't know if there is a 
maximum limit to how much you can add to the bank.  Say for instance you put 
in 80,000G, and you have 20,000G in your pocket.  The bank will only allow 
you to bring out 70,000G, because 99,999G is the maximum you can hold in 
your pocket.  And so if you deposit over 100,000G of money in the bank, and 
lets say you have 0G in your pocket, you can only withdraw 90,000G, because 
that's all you can hold.  This means, we will never know the true value of 
how much you can desposit in the bank.


A:- Once you get your girl pregnant(only if you're playing as the guy, 
obviously), she can't work for two months.  This means you need to feed and 
care for the animals.  The only produce you seem to get is eggs from 

Q:-Is the mayonaise maker a good deal 'Kairi'?

A:- Well of course it is, but the question should be how long until you 
start making money after buying it.  The mayonaise maker costs 30,000G.  An 
egg sells for 50G.  If you put an egg in, you will get mayonaise, which 
sells for 300G.  So the real profit you would be making for each egg is 
$250(300-50).  So, 30,000G for the cost of the maker, divided by the profit 
for each egg($250), and you get 120 eggs.  You have to ship 120 eggs to make 
up for the cost of the maker.  After this, you will start making profit.  If 
you have 8 chickens laying eggs everyday, it will only take you 15 days(half 
a month) to get your money back.

Q:-'sup with the morning fair?

A:- Just a place where you can sell stuff.  You can sell anything and 
everything, and I mean everything, that you can put in your rucksack(I've 
had someone asking me for a rock, I had to tell them that I was all sold out 
and to come next time).  Seems to be no real purpose except getting money.

Q:-What books can you put in the bookshelf?

A:- So far I have 7.  I don't know of anymore.  They are:
o-'Blessings of the Field'
o-'Living with Animals'
o-'Cherry Cup Report'
o-'Gallop Stakes Report'
o-'Catch the King!'
o-'Mysteries of the Island'

The first 3 are automatically in your bookshelf.  You have to buy the 
others.  On another note, if you put your horse in the racing circuits, 
remember whether it's a male or female.  Males and females have separate 
races; Derby races for the male horses, and Filly races for female horses.  
I tried entering both male and female horses so that I can dominate both 
races, but they will only let you enter one horse.  I don't think it matters 
whether you enter a male or female.  My other horse that was in the race 
dissapeared, and I never got her back.  On and ending note, I suggest you 
don't enter any horses until their heart rating/affection is maxed(10 

Q:-What is the 'Secret Garden'?

A:- The secret garden just shows how many Powerberries you currently have.  
It looks like you can get nine total, as there seems to be a little crack on 
the 10th spot.  (credit to Natsume rep.)


Tip:  When you first start the game, buy as many Turnip(or whatever seeds 
you want to plant) seeds as you can.  Since you can only go on the Mainland 
on Mons. and Thurs., you don't have many chances to go to the store.  This 
is because when you start out, it will RAIN! on those days, consecutively, 
and if you don't have anymore seeds, you'll be left with nothing to do but 
collect Wild Berries in the Grassland(which you will be doing a lot anyway, 
but it will get tedious).

Tip:  Get the fishing rod from Billy as quickly as you can.  That way, you 
can stop foraging for stuff in the Grassland and actually start making 
money.  Foraging gets real boring anyway.  Getting the boat is recommended 
also.  This way you won't have to wait on the ferry.  You get the ferry from 
Billy and Elza, so make sure to give them items regularly.

Tip:  With the high selling crops for the month(Turnips, Tomatoes, 
Eggplant), two of them(Turnips and Eggplant) can be grown fully, 9X9.  This 
means you don't need to cut the plot into U-shapes because you CAN water the 
middle row.  You can only do this from the top though.  Just press down all 
the way, and water just like normal.  You'll be able to reach to middle row, 
and that means you won't have to cut any crops into crazy U-shapes and lose 

Tip:  Once you have a boat, you can take on more jobs(from the Farmer's 
Union).  In the beginning, try to take on as many jobs as you can(ship 50 
Turnips and such).  If you take on the job, the faster you complete it the 
more Bonus G you will get.  Plus, it adds to your reputation as a good 
farmer.  It's a good idea to save right before doing this, because you can 
accidently accept a job that you don't want, and then you will either have 
to fulfill it, or cancel it, which isn't too good on your farmer rating.  If 
you don't get the job you can fulfill, just say 'no' to the current job, and 
ask again.

Tip:  There's an optional job in the second year - a job to catch the King 
of the Lake.  Many of the jobs in the second year give you rediculous 
amounts of G for your troubles.  There's one for 99 Turnips for 10,000 which 
is over 200% of the normal selling price for Turnips(40G).  Anyway, the job 
description is to catch the King of the Lake within 120 days for 60,000G.  
(There's a HM3 FAQ that outlines how to catch the King, look for it)  If 
you're short on cash the next year, which you shouldn't be if you follow 
this FAQ, you might decide to turn in this King for money.

Contact Info
I search the msg boards every other week.  Post a topic and I'll probably 
answer your question(or someone else, some people are nice) if and only IF 
the question was not answered in this FAQ or the other good FAQs on here.  
If you don't understand how I came to the numbers for each month, you can 
e-mail me at:
Only at a last resort.  I don't check that e-mail often(only once in a blue 
moon), because all the spam mail that I get goes to that e-mail.

If see any problems or corrections that need to be noted, you can also 
e-mail me there.  If you have any contributions that you think would be 
nice, you can send me it, and I'll see if I can put it somewhere.  I'll 
credit you right above or below what you contributed.

Sites that have permission to post my FAQ:
-GameFAQs- (the latest version will be found here first)

All other site don't have permission.  Which means they copied it.  Which 
means I get to sue for money.

-To Myself and for the Thanksgiving break that allowed me to escape college 
and write this.
-To my Mom for giving me money all the time to buy this game.
-Natsume for making this game. :thumbs up:

Thanks for playing!

Enter intials: _ _ _ end