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International Track & Field

GBC 2000

Version:        1.0     released on the 25th of January 2007
Author:         odino <ebayer20(at)lycos(dot)com>
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                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

01.) Introduction                                       |  G0100  | 
02.) Overview & Controls                                |  G0200  |
03.) Characters                                         |  G0300  |
04.) Events                                             |  G0400  |
     100m Dash                                          |  G0410  |
     Long Jump                                          |  G0420  |
     Shot Put                                           |  G0430  |
     High Jump                                          |  G0440  |
     400m Race                                          |  G0450  |
     110m Hurdles                                       |  G0460  |
     Discus Throw                                       |  G0470  |
     Pole Vault                                         |  G0480  |
     Javelin Throw                                      |  G0490  |
     1500m Race                                         |  G04A0  |
YY.) Review                                             |  GYY00  |
ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                   |  GZZ00  |


01.)                    INTRODUCTION                       G0100

Welcome to 'International Track & Field' for the GameBoy Color, an Olympic
sports game released by Konami in 2000. The game is called 'Hyper Olympic
Track & Field GB' in Japan.

The guide is complete, but I haven't managed to unlock the final character.

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    OVERVIEW & CONTROLS                G0200


The game has several events, all using different controls. Check the
individual events for more details. Generally the A and B buttons are used for
running and building up power, whereas the the directional pad sets angle and
moves an athlete around.


Hyper Mode:

This works like a decathlon, that you compete in all competitions in order.
Day 1 consists of the 100m Dash, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump and 400m Race,
whereas Day 2 starts with the 110m Hurdles and continues with Discus Throw,
Pole Vault, Javelin Throw and finally the 1500m Race. The overall score is
kept from event to event and the person with the highest total score at the
end wins the competition.

With each event you lose some stamina. This is really nothing more than a

Whereas it looks like some CPU players will get far ahead early on, the game
is balanced that every character is good and bad on different events.
Therefore just do your best on each and slowly you should be taking the lead
towards the end of the competition.

The opponents always consist of pre-made set of 3. They are still randomly
chosen, but it is not possible go go against a certain three athletes, the
game will only have a few choices to pick from. There will most likely always
be a good character in the bunch.

Of course it is entirely possible to lose out simply because your chosen
character is horrible compared to others. It could be impossible to win the
competition against certain opponents so try again when they are reshuffled and
perhaps you have more luck with the selection. Winning with Nakao is extremely
hard, but winning with Mr. Iron is very easy.

Story Mode:

In this mode you begin training at a school. After the initial 100m race you
can start using your scheduler to train different parts of your body. Use the
EDIT link to change the schedule sets so you don't have one type for all days
of the week.

As you train, you level up stamina, strength and so on. On Sundays you can
relax or call somebody to go, thus your stress level will go down and your
energy up. Once in a while you will compete again to see how you are doing.
Sometimes you are also asked to do the exercise on your own, which is all
explained by the tutor beforehand.

Keep an eye for your smiley face next to the week number, it tells you your

Practice Mode:

Select the desired event by yourself. To leave the mode, use the START button
and 'Exit'.

VS Link:

Link two GameBoys together and play against another person head to head.

Point Ranking:

Cycle through the events and see who has the highest point score for each.

03.)                    CHARACTERS                         G0300

Unlike most other Track & Field games, the characters matter a lot for the
event choices. The have strengths and weaknesses in each. Check the results
below, they are most likely that character's best result they might achieve.
Of course some may be slightly off, but it will show how is good at what
competition and who is not.

D. Thoms: (White)
100m Dash          10.80s
Long Jump           6.80m
Shot Put           17.35m
High Jump           2.00m
400m Race          50:60s
110m Hurdles       13.90s
Discus Throw       51.00m
Pole Vault          4.87m
Javelin Throw      68.30m
1500m Race       4m35.00s

C. Jantz: (Green)
100m Dash          10.33s
Long Jump           8.00m
Shot Put           15.50m
High Jump           2.02m
400m Race          47.60s
110m Hurdles       13.20s
Discus Throw       44.65m
Pole Vault          5.00m
Javelin Throw      62.50m
1500m Race       5m20.42s

R. Major: (Purple)
100m Dash          10.50s
Long Jump           7.50m
Shot Put           15.60m
High Jump           2.01m
400m Race          49.20s
110m Hurdles       13.40s
Discus Throw       46.20m
Pole Vault          4.95m
Javelin Throw      62.05m
1500m Race       4m29.50s

O. Ryan: (Blue)
100m Dash          10:44s
Long Jump           8.30m
Shot Put           14.25m
High Jump           2.04m
400m Race          48.00s
110m Hurdles       13.44s
Discus Throw       44.30m
Pole Vault          5.04m
Javelin Throw      58.50m
1500m Race       4m26.15s

B. Barle: (Yellow)
100m Dash          10.70s
Long Jump           6.00m
Shot Put           18.04m
High Jump           2.03m
400m Race          49.74s
110m Hurdles       13.87s
Discus Throw       52.38m
Pole Vault          4.79m
Javelin Throw      70.00m
1500m Race       4m32:12s

A. Banz: (Pink)
100m Dash          11.03s
Long Jump           8.00m
Shot Put           17.70m
High Jump           1.97m
400m Race          51.92s
110m Hurdles       13.89s
Discus Throw       52.80m
Pole Vault          5.00m
Javelin Throw      69.35m
1500m Race       4m41.83s

S. Nakao: (Red)
100m Dash          11.20s
Long Jump           6.71m
Shot Put           16.30m
High Jump           1.94m
400m Race          52.75s
110m Hurdles       14.36s
Discus Throw       48.35m
Pole Vault          4.87m
Javelin Throw      65.36m
1500m Race       4m31.92s

Note: Pretty much impossible to beat Hyper Mode with this guy.

Mr. Iron: (Green skin)
How to unlock:   Win Hyper Mode.

100m Dash          10.64s
Long Jump           8.00m
Shot Put           17.00m
High Jump           2.15m
400m Race          49.50s
110m Hurdles       13.40s
Discus Throw       50.00m
Pole Vault          5.01m
Javelin Throw      66.50m
1500m Race       4m21.00s

How to unlock: Most likely winning Hyper Mode with all athletes, but I've
               never had much luck with Nakao.

100m Dash
Long Jump
Shot Put
High Jump
400m Race
110m Hurdles
Discus Throw
Pole Vault
Javelin Throw
1500m Race

04.)                    EVENTS                             G0400

                        100m Dash                          G0410

The most basic event. When the athletes are 'Set', as soon as you see Go! you
should bash the A and B buttons as hard as you can. The speed bar will grow
and your athlete run towards the finish line. That's about it.

Once in a while you see an athlete with a super start and he will have a dust
cloud behind him (R-Dash). Ignore it, you cannot do much about it and it occurs
randomly. It also means you cannot beat that athlete. On Story Mode you can
learn it from another person.

 9.98s   1101pts
10.03s   1089pts
10.33s   1016pts
10.80s    906pts
10.81s    903pts
10.91s    881pts
10.95s    872pts
10.96s    870pts
11.23s    810pts

Each millisecond adds around 2-3 points to the score.

                        Long Jump                          G0420

When the sound is hear, start bashing the A and B buttons to build up the power
bar. When you near the sandbox you will see the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown in the
background. Depending on your speed, time your jump angle. It will not stop the
run, so you have to do it at the same time but you do not have to keep up the
speed anymore as it stays at the point you entered the numbered area. If you
are at full speed then you should probably start pressing the UP direction
shortly before the '3'. Keep holding the direction until you have the perfect
45 degree angle, or at least as close as. You have three attempts to the get
the longest jump.

8.26m    1128pts
8.00m    1061pts
7.69m     992pts
7.52m     940pts
7.46m     925pts
7.18m     857pts
6.98m     809pts
6.92m     795pts
5.64m     510pts
4.43m     278pts
2.28m       2pts

                        Shot Put                           G0430

Start powering up with the A and B button. When you are at max, use the Up
direction to set the angle. Best is 45 degrees or as close to it as possible.
When you see the dashed line going across the field, press any button or
direction to release. It does not matter which area of the field you aim at,
as long as you do not foul out. You have three attempt to throw as far as you

18.04m    978pts
17.34m    934pts
17.20m    925pts
16.93m    909pts
15.77m    837pts
14.78m    776pts
13.69m    709pts
12.70m    649pts

                        High Jump                          G0440

First select the height of the bar.

Run with the A and B buttons as usual. When you reach the bar, press UP on the
d-pad to set the timing. Get as close on the "JUST" in the center.

You have three attempt to jump as high as possible. Once you set a bar at a
specific height you cannot go lower the next time, only higher or the same

2.15m     944pts
2.05m     850pts
2.03m     831pts
2.00m     803pts
1.93m     740pts
1.89m     705pts

                        400m Race                          G0450

Instead of bashing the buttons like mad as usual, gently repeat pressing 'A'
to run faster and 'B' to run slower. You can only go as fast as your stamina
bar allows you to. The game tells you to pace yourself through the race,
although I haven't found any difference in just racing as fast as you can or
taking it moderately fast only.

48.03s    908pts
49.77s    825pts
50.51s    791pts
50.68s    784pts
52.82s    689pts
53.02s    681pts
54.83s    606pts
54.39s    624pts
56.97s    522pts

                        110m Hurdles                       G0460

Bash the A and B buttons to run fast. At the same time, when a hurdle comes up
you need to press UP to clear it. If you do it too early or too late, the
athlete will stumble over it and you lose precious time. It is hard to
describe the exact spot to jump, but you should get a feel for it after a few

12.44s   1048pts
13.49s   1041pts
13.65s   1020pts
13.82s    998pts
14.42s    921pts

                        Discus Throw                       G0470

Use A and B to charge up the power meter. Use the UP direction to set the
angle as close to 45 degrees as possible. When the dashed line appears on the
field, use any button or direction to throw. It doesn't matter where you aim
at, as long as it is not out of the field. As usual you get three attempts to
throw as far as possible.

51.28m    897pts
50.96m    890pts
48.46m    838pts
42.33m    712pts
40.36m    672pts

                        Pole Vault                         G0480

First set the bar. Use UP and DOWN to go higher in single steps, or LEFT and
RIGHT for 10s.

Run with the A and B buttons as fast as possible. When you reach the jumping
point, use the UP direction to set the timing. You have three attempts on this

5.01m     913pts
4.87m     871pts
4.84m     862pts
4.78m     843pts
4.62m     796pts
4.48m     754pts
4.42m     737pts

                        Javelin Throw                      G0490

Use A and B to dash really fast. When you approach the curved line, use the UP
direction to set the angle as close to 45 degrees as possible. It already
starts at 60 so a small tap is all that's required. The line comes up pretty
quickly so pay close attention. It is best to stop as close to the line as
possible, for a few meters extra length of the throw.

70.22m    893pts
68.22m    862pts
66.47m    836pts
61.72m    764pts
60.01m    738pts
59.03m    723pts

                        1500m Race                         G04A0

Run faster with the 'A' button, and slower with the 'B' button. To move around
on the lanes, press RIGHT or LEFT on the D-pad. You are not required to move
with the track's bends, only to maneuver between opponent's and get the inner
line. As you start out, get to that inside line as quickly as possible.

Moving around is also required if another running is in front of you.
Overtaking is better done on straights rather than a bend. If another athlete
is behind you and wants to overtake, you can block his lane and take away his
speed, then gain a minor boost in the process.

When playing for points, it is not SO bad if you are overtaken and not the
winner. Seven seconds mean around 50 points, and you can be quite far behind
in that case.

4m21.13s  804pts
4m26.15s  770pts
4m30.71s  740pts
4m31.25s  736pts
4m35.80s  707pts
4m37.54s  696pts
4m38.75s  688pts
4m41.36s  672pts

YY.)                    REVIEW                             GYY00

Gameplay:  4/10

Skill means nothing if the character sucks at an event. The career mode is
so boring, I figure it is typical for a Japanese style pet game where you
train and build up, featuring lots of "cute" animations. Sorry pals, this is
no fun to play. Train yourself in the rain, that is even more fun.

Graphics:  4/10

Characters look extremely weak. They might have avatar that are ok but the
T&F game that came out at the same time for the GameBoy Color was even better.

Sound:     4/10

Average at best, pretty annoying sound effects that make you want to put away
the game quickly.

Overall:   4/10

What a disgrace to the T&F family.

ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                   GZZ00

GameFAQs for hosting this file.

Konami for this game.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
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