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Asked: 5 years ago

Battery and screwdriver help, please?

I recently purchased Mario Tennis for GBC off of eBay the other day, and the battery was dead. What battery do I replace it with, and what kind of screwdriver do I use?

Accepted Answer

From: Gunbladelad 5 years ago

OK, IIRC, you'll need 3 items.

The first is a 3.8mm Gamebit screwdriver to actually open the cartridge.
Secondly, a Soldering Iron (and some experience using it...)
Thirdly, IIRC, it should be a CR3032 battery. You can check from the ingame battery when you open the cartridge.

Open the cartridge, and de-solder the battery CAREFULLY. A sharp hobby knife can help here too.

Carefully take the battery out, and replace with the new one.

Resolder the new one into place (again, carefully). an alternative (albiet less stable) could be to tape it into place.

Close the cartridge, and your game should be good for another 15+ years.

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