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Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 10:54:33 -0800

X-Men 2: Clone Wars FAQ

I4ve written this FAQ to help out anyone in truble with this game. It 
isn4t that hard, so I wouldn4t know. This is my first time writing a FAQ, 
so if you find anything wrong, let me know at kaizengamorra@hotmail.com. 
I didn4t include codes. That4s for you to find out.

The Characters:


Pro: Strong as hell.
Con: Too big and slow.


B - Punch
Down+B - Low Swipe
Up+B - High Kick
C+A - Somersault
Down+Left/Right+C - Dash (does no damage)
C+Up+B - Airborne Slash
C+Down+B - Stomp
A - Floor Smash


Pro: Eye beams.
Con: Crappy jumpkick, slow, very common moves


B - Punch (keep pressing for a combo)
Down+B - Low Punch
Up+B - Uppercut
C+B - Jump Kick
C+Up+B - Airborne Uppercut
A - Eye Beams (the more you charge the more powerful)


Pro: Cards, Staff has long reach, good jumpkick.
Con: Staff is slow, weak jump.


B - Staff Blow (keep pressing for combo)
Down+B - Staff Sweep
Up+B - High Staff Blow
C+B - Charging Jumpkick
C+Up+B - Airborne High Staff Blow
C+Down+B - Airborne Low Staff Blow
A - Playing Cards


Pro: Fast, best overall player.
Con: Teleport is rarely useful or needed.


B - Punch
Down+B - Low Punch
Up+B - Uppercut
C+B - Charging Jumpkick
C+Up+B - Somersault Kick
C+Down+B - Stomp
A - Teleport (charge a lot if you want to move, otherwise, NC will stay 
in the same place. If an enemy gets close to the flash, it dies.)


Pro: Sword has long reach.
Con: Psionic blade: what's good about it?


B - Sword Slash (keep pressing for combo)
Down+B - Low Sword Slash
Up+B - High Sword Slash
C+B - Spinning Blade
A - Psionic Blade (Won't work against robots, only "humans". When done in 
air, Psylocke charges forward. If she does it up close, she will be hurt)


Pro: Fast and furious. Good attacks.
Con: Super Move can hurl him into enemies and off platforms.


B - Claw Swipe
Down+B - Punch
Up+B - Uppercut
C+B - Aerial Slash
C+Up+B - Aerial Uppercut
C+Down+B - Downward Punch
A - Super Slash

MAGNETO (joins after defeated)

Pro: High jumps, good regular attack, can levitate.
Con: Slow. Super Move is practically useless.


B - Magnetic Blasts
Down+B - Low Magnetic Blasts
Up+B - High Magnetic Blasts
C+A - Levitation (Magneto stays in air. Press A to make him drop.)
A - Magnetic Bomb


NINJAS: These pests jump over you and attack with their sword.
TANKS: Slow and shoot missiles.
SPIDER ROBOTS: These things fly around, stop near you, and shoot flames.
BEE ROBOTS: They fly in the same spot and fire energy blasts.
AVALON GUARD: They shoot a few times, stop, and repeat.
FLYING GUARDS: They fly and shoot. Nuff said.
TURRETS: They shoot, and remain low.
BLADE GUARDS: They hurl a small blade. Invulnerable when holding it.
MINI-JUGGERNAUTS: The small clones of the big guy either roll at you, or 
jump over you. Real pests.
NATIVES: The Savage Land natives attack with axes and jump high.
FLIES: They fly in different patterns and annoy.
YELLOW ROBOTS: They levitate and fire energy blasts.
SUPER YELLOW ROBOTS: They shoot a stream of energy, disappear, and 

MERCENARIES: They drop in from anywhere and open fire.
COCKROACHES: They scuttle along the floor and are hard to reach.
MOTHER ROACH: Big. Fast. Kills. Attack quickly.
WALL CANNONS: They shoot laser beams.


ENEMIES: Ninjas, Tanks
This is a walkthrough stage to test the X-Men's moves. Just watch out for 
tanks. Finish it, and the title screen appears.

ENEMIES: Spider Robots, Bee Robots, Ninjas

2.1. 1st Floor
Walk through killing everything. When you find a monitor, destroy it, 
then find a small machine close to it. This will let loose an electrical 
surge which will open nearby doors. Find the elevator.

2.2. 2nd Floor
The same thing as before, just find the sentinel with an open mouth. 
Memorize your path.

2.3. Sentinel Core
BEST PLAYER: Nightcrawler, Wolverine
BOSS: Core
To defeat the core, first destroy two of the panels below it. Then climb 
to the platform. Wait until it stops firing, then destroy another panel. 
Repeat. After it blows, there are some energy powerups behind it.
Now leave. You have 134 seconds to make it back to the elevator before 
the place goes. Avoid the flames. The boss can be defeated by anyone, but 
you need a fast character to make it out.

ENEMIES: Guards (all kinds), Turrets

3.1. Asteroid's Surface
The Beast's brute strength helps against the pesky enemies. Avoid land 
mines. They will explode if you get close. Fabian Cortez will be chasing 
you on this and the next level in the background. If you see a red target 
on you, run. There are five mines at the end, watch out.

3.2. Inside Avalon
BEST PLAYER: Wolverine
The Blade Guards have infested this place. Memorize their attack 
patterns. When you find an open shot, go for it. Don't rush this level or 
you die.
BOSS: Fabian Cortez
The little creep chasing you finally stops. Avoid his big gun. There are 
two energy bits on the roof. When he machineguns, go to the left corner 
below the platform and duck. Wolverine's special attack can shred him in 
4 or 5 hits.

3.3. The Shaft
BEST PLAYER: Anyone small
Avoid the lasers. When you hit a platform, ignore the mines or Blade 
Guards - go straight for the switch. If you're good enough, grab the 
energy bits at the end.

3.4. The Chamber
BEST PLAYER: Wolverine, Nightcrawler
BOSS: Exodus
When Exodus appears, cling to any wall. When he shoots, jump and hit him. 
Repeat. When he fires straight to both sides, jump! It will release an 
electrical shock throughout the entire surface. Avoid the holes he makes 
in the floor.

3.5. Magneto's Quarters
BOSS: Magneto
Run across the room. Blow down the walls. If you hit Magneto, he won't be 
hurt, you'll just keep him at bay. In the brick wall, stand in the corner 
and jump out of the way when Maggie fires; he'll blow it down. Then, hit 
him until he falls into the pod at the end. Then he'll join your group.

ENEMIES: Mini-Juggernauts

4.1. The Climb
BEST PLAYER: Nightcrawler
Run quickly and climb upwards avoiding rocks. Ignore the Minis. Do not 
hit the rock slabs in the walls; they slow the falling boulders down.

BOSS: Tusk
When this big guy lifts up a rock, jump up, crouch next to him, and hit. 
Then destroy the Minis he lets loose and repeat.

4.2. Inside The Fortress
BEST PLAYER: Anyone fast enough
Destroy the hordes of Minis. Here you'll have to outrun the spike rods. 
When you find a switch near them, hit it to make them change direction. 
It's hard, but practice makes perfect.

4.3. The Computer Room
BOSS: Apocalypse
Before you face the big man, he'll go upwards and shoot down mines and 
bombs which will spin around the roulette floor. Levitate yourself and 
destroy the blue bombs when they pass. They'll damage the computer and 
leave energy bits. Occasionally, Apocalypse will swoop down to attack. 
Levitate in the top left corner and you'll be undamaged. Do the same 
thing when the computer is destroyed and Apocalypse begins a fight.

ENEMIES: Flies, Natives, Yellow Robots (both kinds)

5.1. Jungle 1
BEST PLAYER: Nightcrawler
This stage is annoying. It is filled with deadly traps such as exploding 
plants, camouflaged cannons, and spiked balls. NC's teleport is useful 
for avoiding these dangers. 

5.2. Jungle 2
BEST PLAYER: Nightcrawler
Same as before, only longer. Watch out for the bubbles rising from the 

5.3. Tower Floor 1
BEST PLAYER: Wolverine 
The water is rising. Climb up fast, trying to avoid as many enemies as 
you can. Maneuver quickly around the green platforms. Break down the 
blocks in front of the door.

5.4. Tower Floor 2
BEST PLAYER: Wolverine
Same as before. Watch out for the many Yellow Robots in this treacherous 

5.5. Master Brain's Quarters
BEST PLAYER: Gambit, Cyclops, Magneto
BOSS: Master Brain
This boss comes in all flavors. First he arrives in a small ship. It will 
shoot missiles if you get directly below it. Then Master Brain jumps out 
as it is destroyed with a gun. Stay far away. Grab the energy. Then he 
transforms into a Yellow Robot. Then into a Mercenary. And then, into a 
weirdo monster which fires missiles. Attack it. Jump over it when it 
charges. When it walks through the ceiling, stay away, and keep on 

ENEMIES: Mercenaries, Wall Cannons, Bee Robots (improved), Spider Robots 
(improved), Cockroaches, Mother Roaches, Flies, Yellow Robots (both 

6.1. First Level
Walk through killing everything. Ride the elevators while dodging spikes. 
Some elevators might need to be activated by a switch; look around.
BOSS: Super Mercenary
Attack this boss from far away. Dodge his bouncing shots and jump when he 
slides across the room. Jump over him when he becomes a ball and repeat 
until he's dust.

6.2. Elevator
Stand in the middle and blast the bee robots. The brown ones carry energy 
BOSS: Deathbird
Lilandra's sister is here. Run across the room to avoid her projectiles. 
Attack when she swoops down. Repeat until she falls. 

6.3. The Lab
Just walk through destroying enemies. This stage is very monotonous.

6.4. The Maze
Drop through passageways avoiding spikes. Pass through doors. Kill. Find 

the way out. Very confusing.

6.5. The Clone Factory
BOSS: Alien Creature
I must admit: I used a code to beat this incredibly hard boss. I'll try 
to build up a fair strategy, but don't trust it. Run away from the thing. 
When you come to a wall, levitate in between his tail and head. When he 
destroys the wall, fire at his exposed head. Repeat. Then it's over 
NO. His feet will come back, run. When you get to the back end of the 
room, they will each go a separate way. Now you'll have to face clones of 
the X-Men. You know their abilities, and they can't use special attacks. 
It's easy. Good luck.

Okay, so the X-Men are trademarks of Marvel Comics, blah, blah, and all 
that legal stuff...