Overkill FAQ by Dagganoth

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for Sega Genesis

Eternal Champions Overkill FAQ
Written by Dagganoth
Version 1.0
Completed and submitted 09/18/02

This is my first solo faq so bear with me.  You might be thinking 
"Isn't this game just a little old to be writing a faq for now?" and 
you'd be right.  But seeing as I was in the mood to write one and this 
is one of the few games that I have info that everyone and their mother 
hasn't already submitted, I figured what the hell.

In case you haven't already figured it out, this faq will not be 
covering moves or strategies.  This faq is just for those who wish to 
know how to make an opponent meet an untimely and painful end.  

I did not rip anyone off to write this faq so I would appreciate the 
same.  I admit, some of the info I had originally gotten from an old 
game magazine, but I had long since lost it.  So I still had to do a 
lot of experimenting and testing before I got all the overkills down 

Table of Contents
 I.   General Info
 II.  Overkill Instructions
 III. Overkill Descriptions
 IV.  Contact
 V.   Legal Stuff
 VI.  Thanks

I. General Info
-All the overkills are done with the opponent right next to you.
-Some overkills can be initiated with various attacks, but I've found 
strong punches or strong kicks to work most consistently.
-I've tried to explain as best I could but if you still have trouble 
getting them to work adjusting placement or using a different attack.
If you really get in a bind just send me an email to the address under 
Contact and I can even send make and send some screenshots to show you 
where to stand.
-When I say "in front" it means that the character will be covering the 
specified object in the background.
-Overkills are practically impossible to initiate against any real 
opponent, computer or otherwise.  Basically just set the 2nd player to 
whoever you want to kill and don't have anyone control them.

II. Overkill Instructions

Blade's Stage:  Stand in front of row of windows closest to fan with 
                opponent standing somewhat in front of fan.  Will work
                from either side.

Jetta's Stage:  Line opponent up in front of either of the 2 pillars in 
                the center of the stage.  Must be on opponent's left if
                at left pillar and right if at right pillar.

Larcen's Stage:  Line opponent up under either the "CH" in CHICAGO and
                 and stand on the opponent's left or the "ER" in 
                 THEATER and stand on the opponent's right.

Midnight's Stage:  Have opponent standing in the 2nd doorway from the
                   left.  Must be on opponent's left side to work.

Rax's Stage:  Get opponent directly in the center of the left big
              spotlight.  Attacker can be on either side.

Shadow's Stage:  Stand in front of the right half of the center neon
                 kanji with opponent in front of left half.

Slash's Stage:  Screen must be all the way to the left of the stage.
                Stand just to the right of the big volcano's peak with
                opponent on the left.

Trident's Stage:  Stand to the right of the stream of water coming from
                  the mermaid statue with opponent on the left.

Xavier's Stage:  Stand in either of the right or left doorways closest
                 to the executioners with opponent between you and
                 the fire.

III. Overkill Descriptions

Blade's Stage - Opponent gets knocked into giant fan where they 
                (obviously) get chopped to pieces which continue to
                spin round.  An item belonging to the character will 
                soon get flung out, (Xavier's staff, Larcen's hat, 
                etc.) try it out on the others to see what they leave 

Jetta's Stage - As the opponent lays and/or dying the earth starts to 
                quake.  A big hole opens up under the character and
                they fall to a fiery death in the lava below.
                Afterwards the pillars in the background are left
                cracked as your fighter decides that it's time to
                strike a pose and be on their way.

Larcen's Stage - Depending on the attack used the opponent will either
                 stand there dazed or get knocked to the ground.
                 Anyway it would appear that he or she hasn't been
                 making good on their gambling debts as a car full of
                 mobsters proceed to drive by and gun them down.  And
                 just to make sure he/she gets the message they make
                 another pass unload the rest of their rounds.  After
                 the excitement stops the theater's ticket lady decides
                 that finishing her nails is more important calling the

Midnight's Stage - I can't even count how many times I've mistaken a
                   civilian lying on the ground for an enemy's weapons
                   bunker.  Though apparently I'm not the only one
                   being that as soon as your opponent hits the ground
                   a military helicopter flies in and gives them a
                   heat-seeking high colonic.

Rax's Stage - Just because you get some sort of sick pleasure out of
              decimating your opponent, like I do, it's no reason to be
              messy.  Luckily you've been provided with some handy
              little helpers to do the dirty work.  After you deal the
              final blow a little flying robot comes and freezes your
              victim, then another follows to disintegrate you into a
              pile of dust which is swept and vacuumed up by a third

Shadow's Stage - It would seem that these fighters would like to have
                 their names up in flashing neon lights.  Well you can
                 help them get as close to that as they're going to
                 get.  A well-placed crack upside the head sends them
                 into the sign were they snap, crackle, and ultimately
                 pop.  Leaving behind a tasty well-done eye for you to
                 snack on.

Slash's Stage - Seems that someone forgot to feed Fluffy.  All the
                better to dispose of the evidence.  As you are treated
                to some appetizing chomping noises you'll see your
                opponent get dragged of the screen.  Then a big dino
                pokes his head into sight with their legs sticking out
                of its mouth.  It proceeds to chew some more and
                swallows the meal down, then lets a big roar at which
                point, like with Blade's stage, an item gets spit out.

Trident's Stage - This is why you shouldn't let your pet squid bang
                  the house plants.  Your fighter would be perfectly
                  content just letting your opponent drown in the
                  seemingly shallow waters, but it seems someone has
                  other plans.  Some plantlike tentacles come up from 
                  the depths and latch onto the poor bastard and pull
                  him/her under.  After a brief useless struggle the
                  water is once again calm, though a little red.

Xavier's Stage - Hmm, a bonfire, what could possibly happen here?  No,
                 smurfs don't crawl up your opponent's pant leg and
                 find a warm place to hide.  God you people are sick.
                 It just so happens that they get knocked into the fire
                 where they writhe in agony burning in magical green
                 flames.  After the flames consume them their head will
                 poke out one last time to let you see their eyes burn
                 out of there sockets.  By the time the flames die down 
                 all that remains is a skeleton in a peculiar pose, the
                 skull soon falls to the ground afterwards.

IV. Contact
If you have any other questions or a suggestion on how to better 
explain how to do an overkill I can be reached at: pathelos@hotmail.com

V. Legal Stuff
This document Copyright 2002 by Dagganoth
This faq may not be reproduced in part or in whole without my consent.   
It is for personal use only.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial 
purposes in any way, shape, or form without confirmed consent of the 
author is strictly prohibited.  No website may post this faq without my 
permission.  Websites that currently have rights to display this faq 
Any others who wish to display this work please refer to my contact 
info above.

VI. Thanks
Thanks to the following:
 CJayC for running Gamefaqs
 Sega for making good games
 Bored Gamer who's faq writing got me inspired to write my own.

(c) Dagganoth 2002