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---Eternal Champions FAQ/Move List.

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1. Story
2. Controls and game screen indicators
3. Training and Battle rooms
4. Tournament mode
5. Fighters

(i)    Blade
(ii)   Jetta Maxx
(iii)  Larcen Tyler
(iv)   Midknight
(v)    Rax
(vi)   Shadow
(vii)  Slash
(viii) Trident
(ix)   Xavier

6. copyright information


What follows is a brief history of the Eternal Champion.

The Eternal Champion came to life as the result of the deaths of the Martial 
Arts Great Masters, these Masters each were the fathers and creators of many 
fighting styles that make up the Martial Arts. Each master reached reached 
such perfectionin his art during his lifetime that when death came, their 
spirits weren't lost, their life energy and souls were transferred into the 
Eternal Champion. The job of the Eternal Champion is to ensure that the 
balance between good and evil is maintianed, by the passing on of the 
knowledge that each Master perfected.

This game begins far in the future. Man has created a world that runs wihout 
them. Technology has become so adnanced that the human spirit is near 
obsolete, The world has been going through consistent turbulence and upheavel 
since the late twentieth century. He must instead use his remaining energy to 
affect the past.

To the Eternal Champion, time is a strem, He can do nothing to change the 
existing flow, in order to make change he must add an element which never 
existed, just as a well placed rock would change the flow of a running river. 
The Eternal Champion uses his power to reach back into the beginning of time. 
He then moves forward looking for great fighters that weren't allowed to 
complete their destiny. The Eternal Champion finds nine great fighters, each 
of the fighters comes from various places in time, this means that they each 
bring their own brand of fighting style and approach from their historical 
time zone. In the last moment before each of the fighters untimely death, the 
Eternal Champion tranported them to his complex.

Now each of the fighters will be given a chance to fulfil their destiny. The 
Eternal Champion has allowed the fighters to use his complex to learn and 
retrain their fighting skills. This training is in preperation for the Day of 
Determination. On this day all the fighters will fight each other for the 
chance to challenge the Eternal Champion. If the final fighter can use his 
native and learned fighting skills to win he will be granted the collective 
knowledge of the Masters that from the Eternal Champion. Now armed with this 
knowledge the fighter will be returned to their timezone saved from death. The 
other fighters who failed will be sent back to their deaths so as not to 
disturb the flow of time. The winning fighter is now given a chance to live 
with their special knowledge They will be tasked with the changing of mans 
future. Each of the fighter's cinema sequences will not only show the fighter 
escaping their untimely death but will alsoinclude a unigue outcome should 
they beat the Eternal Champion. These outcomes will explain how each of the 
characters use their new life and abilities to save the future of man.


Controls and Game screen indicators.

3-button controller

Button A:   Weak kick (Snap) OR Weak punch (Straight)
Button B:   Medium kick (Thrust) OR Medium punch (Lunge)
Button C:   Strong kick (Wheel) OR Strong punch (Swing)

D-pad:      Left/Right- Moves left/right
            Down- crouch

Start + A + B + : Pause

Start:       Switch between set one and two.

6-button controller

Button A:  Weak kick (snap)
Button B:  Medium kick (thrust)
Button C:  Strong kick (Wheel)
Button X:  Weak punch  (Straight)
Button Y:  Medium punch (Lunge)
Button Z:  Strong punch  (Swing)

Everything else is the same.

Game Screen Indicators:

Life Bar: At the top of the screen is a red bar. It is self-explantory, once 
your red bar is empty then your fighter will be defeated and vice versa for 
your opponent. You cannot replenish your health bar at any time, unless you 
use the Life Extender in the Battle Room. You cannot use that in the contest.

Inner Strength Orb: This is a unique feature in EC which allows you to pull 
off your stronger attacks. When the orb is full you can pull off a special 
attack but it will drain the orb.  When the orb is at a low power then the 
moves you'll be able to pull off will be quite limited.  To recharge the orb, 
you must fight back without using specials until it regenerates fully.  You 
can turn this feature off at the options screen if you wish but it makes the 
game a lot more fun if you leave it on.  


Updates soon


(i) Blade

Bounty Hunter
2030 AD 
Stage: Syrian Oil refinary

Style of Martial art: Kenpo

Kenpo teaches its desiples how to manuever so that opponents unwittingly 
place themsleves in vunerable
positions. It combines linlear and circular moves, using intermittent power 
as needed. Like water, it flows through major and minor moves with fluid 
continuity. It is flexible in though as well as action.

Blade was one of the best cops that ever lived in the future.  Born inSyria, 
raised in Africa, Blade was dedicated to the extreme, working someof the 
meanest parts of New Chicago.He had, however, one small problem: his temper.  
After almost being killedseveral times by a suspect during a case, Blade 
caught up to him.   Thesuspect again tried to kill Blade, who was able to 
sidestep the laser shot
and grab the suspect. Being only human, Blade was out of patience.  He 
proceeded to beat the suspect to near death.  The suspect survived, and sued 
the police.  The police fired Blade to hush the scandal, and he ended up 
moving back to Syria to become a Bounty Hunter, which allowed him better use 
of his quick temper. His final case dealt with a rogue scientist who had 
escaped a government bio-weapons lab.  The scientist was threatening to smash 
open a vial containing a virus that would kill 95% of all human life if the 
government didn't stop all bio-research. The Syrian government hired Blade to 
safely retrieve the vial.  Blade agreed on one condition: they 
wouldn'tinterfere. They agreed. He cornered the scientist in an alley and 
radioed that the scientist agreed to peacefully give up the vial.  The 
government had followed Blade, and took this moment to make their move.  When 
shots from laser rifles filled the alley the last image that Blade saw before 
he died was the smashed and
open vial of the virus.

Goal: If Blade was to return his plan would be to get to the vial before it 
broke, and to save the life of the rogue scientist.  This would keep the 
virus from being exposed and killing most of humanity with its destructive 

Blades special moves:

Stun Beam: left right Z
0% damage-Freezes opponent for a few seconds

Straight Blade: left right Y Z
15% damage- Weapon hovers momentarily, then attacks. Once on the attack, it 
cuts into the opponent before exploding.

Wild Fury attack: A + B + C
16% damage max (8 hits x2%)-Unleashes a flurry of powerful slaps to the 
opponents chest.

Backfire: A + C
Neutralizes projectile-Fires a tracking cursor that disables the opponents 
ability to use projectiles.

Personal Shield:X + Y + Z
Damage resistance-Absorbs 50% of all damage inflicted upon Blade. Drawback: 
it can be overloaded by too many attacks and implode! This will take health 
of you, so be careful.

Tracking Blade: C Back Forward + X and Y 
15% damage-Like the Straight blade with the added avantage that it auto 

Projectile containment field: A + B
0% damage-Causes any projectiles fired at Blade to travel at half speed.

Blades Skill moves:

Slice n Dice: Down, diagonal right, right + C
Up to 16% damage (4 hits x 4%)
With blades extended, the fighter attacks, slicing and dicing the opponent.

Lightining strike: Down, diagonal right, right + B + C
Up to 15% damage (5% + 10%)
Charged with energy, Blade explodes forward with a high-velocity punch and 

Brick wall
12% damage + wall smash.
Blade uses his own mass and strength to rack the opponent.

Excessive force
Up to 15% damage ( 5 hits x 3%)
Blade punches, kicks and batters the opponent with this 5- hit attack.


(ii) Jetta Maxx

Circus Acrobat
1899 A.D.
Stage: Circus Tent

Fighting style(s): Savate and Pencak Silat.

Originating in France, savate, with its foot and fist fighting style, 
emphasizes front side and round kicks to the knee, shin and instep. The hands 
are kept open and low to defend agaimst groin kicks. Palm and heel strikes 
are used to attack the face, nose and eyes. Street fighters who practiced the 
art introduced both mid-level and high-level kicks.

Pencak Silat, the national fighting art of Indonesia, dates back to the 6th 
century A.D. By the 14th century, the form was the polished property of the 
nobility, and commoners were barred from learning its tactics. Baru Silat, 
the Sumaturan form, employs hand actions to block, parry and cover.

Jetta was always a rebel: as a youth she changed her given Russian name to 
Jetta Maxx to sound more like a performer.Born in Russia, cousin to Czar 
Nicholas II, Jetta traveled the world as a performer in a famous 
international circus.  During her many travels, which included visits to 
France and Indonesia, she learned gymnastics and martial arts.

In 1899, her circus troop visited China.  At the time, China was being ripped 
apart by the Boxer rebellion, the Chinese attempt to rid their homeland of 
foreigners.  Unfortunatly, many innocent Chinese were also dying. Spurred by 
her compassion, Jetta decided to help infiltrate the "Yihe Quang", 
or "Rightous Harmony Fists" and get them to turn their ways to pacifism 
before the major foreign powers brought all their military forces to bear.  
In addition Jetta foresaw that Russia's involvement in the fighting of the 
East would further weaken her own government's stability.  Before Jetta was 
able to bring a peaceful end to the fighting and change the history of Russia 
and China, she fell victim to an act of sabotage by a radical from the Yihe 
Quang.  Jetta's safety net and tension
wire were cut, Jetta plummeted to her death during the grand performance for 
the crown emperor of China.

Goal: If Jetta was allowed to change her destiny then she would work to stop 
the destruction that the revoloutions of Russia and China. She would use her 
efforts to find an alternate way instead of bloodshed.

Jettas special moves:

Whirlwind kick: Left Right C
Up to 15% damage (5 hits x 3%)

Jetta peppers her opponent with single keg multiple-kick attacks.

Phase: X + Y + Z
Speed burst

Speeds up the body molecules, letting Jetta move twice as fast. The speed 
lasts 10 seconds or until Jetta is hit.

Moving Corkscrew
8% damage

Jetta spins on her toes, left or right slicing with hand blades.
Spin Left: A + B
Spin Right: B + C

Bladerang: Back Forward X
10% damage

Jetta throws a boomerang for one or two hits

1 hit: Left Right + X
2 hits: Left right + Y

Flying Choke hold: Back forward Z
Up to 15% damage

Jetta throws her sleeve around the opponents neck and pulls upward.

Resonate: A + C
Super speed burst

On contact, Jetta causes a non-blocking opponent to shake uncontrollably and 
respond poorly to the D-button. Possilbe only when phased.

Ceiling Climb: DOwn up Y
Up to 20% damage (3% + 3% + 3% + 11%)

Jetta grabs onto the ceiling, hurls a bladerang then falls into a deadly 

Jettas skill moves:

Corkscrew uppercut: Left Right Y z
Up to 15% damage (1% + 2% + 3% + 4% + 5%)

Jetta blends her fantastic speed with a corkscrew and an uppercut.

Gymkata: Left Right + B + C
Up to 15% damage (5 hits x 3%)

A powerful 5- strike attack.

Power burst: Quarter Circle forward C
10% damage.
Banging her bracelets together, Jetta sends an energy burst back and forth

Riochet: Down Up A
Up to 12% damage (4 hits x 3%)

Jetta spins into a ball, bounces off the celing and then darts left or right.


(iii) Larcen Tyler

Ex-cat burglar
1920 A.D

Stage: Chicago Theatre

Style of Martial art: Praying Mantis Kung Fu

This southern style of Kung Fu was founded in the 17th century by Wang Lang. 
The system relies heavily on fierce grasping movements, clawing attacks, 
kicks and punches for both offense and defense. Legend has it that Wang Lang 
once captured a praying mantis. took it home and studied it. He then combined 
the movements of the mantis with monkey style kung fu to form his new system.

Born in an era of crime bosses and racketeering, Larcen grew respecting and 
idolizing the many powerful crime bosses who ruled the streets.  As a youth, 
he went to work for Mr.Taglalini, one of the most powerful crime bosses. 
Under his wing, Larcen grew up to be one of the world's best cat burglars. He 
did many illegal jobs for Mr.Taglalini, including the planting of illegal 
evidence in other crime boss hideouts.  There was one thing that Larcen 
wouldn't do, and that was kill.  Instead, he used martial arts to stop and 
drop his attackers.

One day, Mr.Taglalini asked Larcen to plant a package on a supposed crime 
boss who was recovering in the hospital.  When he entered the room that 
supposedly contained the boss, he instead found the now recovering chief of 
police, who had been hurt in a prior assassination attempt.  It seemed that 
the mob wanted the chief dead because he was incorruptable, and was about to 
declare war on the mob. Larcen suddenly realized that he had been set up.  
The package he carried probably contained a bomb.  At this moment, Larcen 
decided that he had chosen the wrong side.  He wouldn't kill.  Larcen 
attempted to throw the bomb out of the window, but it was too late. The bomb 
explosion not only killed both Larcen and the chief, but also most of the 
hospital, including several youngsters in the children's wing.

If Larcen gains a second chance he will use it to shut down Mr.Taglalini's 
syndicate.  Beyond that, he would like to use his second chance to find a way 
to stop the criminal forces which he spent much of his life as part of. His 
only absolution will be in destroying the forces that attempted to
destroy him.

Larcens Special moves:

Slash and turn: Left Right + Y + Z
Up to 15% damage (3 hit x 5%)

Larcen tumbles and flips toward his opponent with blades extended.

Sai Throw: Left Right + Y
11% Damage

Larcen launches a sai towards his opponent.

Swinging hammer fists: X + Y + Z
16% damage (4 hits x 4% damage)

In a speed burst Larcen throws multiple power punches in a short time.

Ceiling Climb and dive:
Climb: Left Right + C
Dive: Down Y or C
Climb: 0% damage
Drop:  15% damage

Larcen crawls along the ceiling, then dismounts at an angle, attacking with 
claws and foot blades.

Low Sweep: Charge back then forward + Z
15% damage

Larcen wraps his grappling hook around an opponents legs.

Power Sweep: A + B + C
18% damage

Larcen attaches his hook to the ceiling and swings feet first.

Air Sweep: A + C
10% damage

Larcen jumps back and throws his hook forward at the opponent.

Larcens skill moves:

Reflect: Left + X
0% reflect

Reflects back most projectiles at twice their speed.

Machine gun blitz: Left Right + B + C
Up to 15% damage (5% + 10%)

An explosive 5 strike attack.

Backflip Kick: Quarter circle backwards + C
Up to 15% damage (5% + 10%)

Larcen flips backwards to dleiver a bone-cracking kick.

Mantis strike: Quarter Circle Towards + A
Up to 15% damage (3 hits x 5%)

Jumping forward, Larcen pulls off a battering kung fu knee strike.
(iv) Midknight

Mitchell Midleton Knight
Biochemist-2100 A,D
Stage: Belgrave Square labortories.

Style of martial art: Jeet Kune do

This fighting style was conceived by the late martial artist Bruce Lee in 
1967. It's name literally means "The Wway of the intercepting fist". Jeet Ken 
do, unlike other martial arts, does not use a specific set of rules or 
techniques to establish a distinct method. Instead it utilizes all ways and 
measn to serve its end, therfore making it "free". As a martial arts form it 
possesses everything, while in itself it possesses nothing.


Mitchell worked for the CIA on loan from Interpol.  Born in London, Mitchell 
was one of the best bio-chemical scientists working in the intelligence 
community.  The CIA needed Mitchell to work on a bio-chemical weapon to end 
the Vietnam War.  Mitchell created a virus that would weaken its victims 
until they hung near death, waiting for the antidote. The virus was to be 
introduced into the water supply of Vietnam, but Mitchell wouldn't stand for 
that much human destruction.  He stole back his formula and fled back to 
London to hide. Unfortunately, Mitchell was cornered at the airport by both 
interpol and CIA agents.  During the escape, Mitchell fell from a nine-story 
building into a chemical storage used by the airport.  The force of the 
impact broke the seal of the virus container and released the virus into the 
chemical vat. This mixture creasted an unexpected result.  Mitchell was 
transformed by the mixture into a living vampire.  Using his newfound cunning 
and strength, Mitchell escaped and fled to London where he spent the next 133 
years vainly searching for a cure for his disease.  No longer identifying 
with his past, Mitchell came to be known as Midknight.

The cure had become more important since the goverment used the virus during 
the Vietnam War by using the contents of the airport chemical vat. Many of 
the third-world countries were now over-run with living vampires. Midknight 
was also running out of time because his body, with the exception of his neck 
and face, was rotting away.  This rotting was due to the fact that Midknight 
wouldn't kill another person to renew his life energy. Midknight was about to 
solve the last hitch in the antidote when a government agent killed him by 
firing a firing a magnesium stake through his heart.

Goal: If Midknight won the tournament he would surely find a cure for his 
illness and then do his best to help those who also suffer the same.

Midknights special moves:

Bedazzle: X + Y + Z

Midknight shoots hypnotic eye-beams to summin his opponent,

Doom Dog: Down, Diagonal Down and Right + A + B
Up to 15% damage (3 hits x 5%)

Transforming into a huge wolf, Midknight pounces!

Ceiling ram: Down Up C
10% damage= stun

Midknight grabs the opponent and and slams him/her headfirst into the ceiling.

Life Drain: Right + X + Y + Z
Up to  15% health transfer.

Grabbing his opponent, the vampire sucks out the life energies and transfers 
it to himself.

Flying Wall Smash: Charge back then forward + Z
13% damage + Wall smash.

Midknight flies forward, fists extended and rams the opponent.

Mist Attack: A + c
5% damage per hit, up to 15%

Midknight vapourises into deadly mist and barrages the enemy with ghostly 

Manifest: A + B + C

Reduces damage from enemies summoning the power of the vampire, Midknight is 
super charged and becomes resistant to damage.

Midknights Skill moves:

Demon Fang kick: (in mid-air) left right + C
13% damage and wall smash.

From the air, Midknight executes a flying kick with vampiric ferocity.

Rapid Fire: left, right + B + C
Up to 15% damage (5 hits x 3%)

A 5-blitz attack

Shoulder roll/side kick: Quarter Circle forward
12% damage

While close to an opponent. Midknight rolls up and over, delivering a blow to 
the back of the enemies head.


(v) R.A.X Coswell

R.A.X Coswell
2345 A.D.

Style of Martial art: Muay thai kickboxing.

Muay Thai kickboxing is a mixture of powerful kicks and devastating body 
blows. The fighter uses fists, feet, knees and elbows to cause damage to the 
opponent. Kicks deliver massive blows to the opponent's legs, knees and 
thighs, making muay thai one of the bloodiest fighting styles in use today. 
It ranks as the most popular spectator sport in Thailand.


R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial eXoskeleton) is a cyborg.  Once, Coswell was one 
of the best human kickboxers in the year 2345.  Coswell's only problem was 
that the sport was no longer about human competition, but a battle between 
cyborgs, robotically enhanced human beings.  Since the cyborgs could take and 
deliver more damage, the crowds began to stop attending the human fights for 
the excitement provided by these new robotic combatants. Given these changes, 
R.A.X. had no choice but to get cybernetic implants and join the crooked game 
which was run by a deceitful fight promoter.
R.A.X. didn't trust this promoter, but needed his financial support to afford 
the cybernetic implant operation. After the operation, R.A.X. rose through 
the ranks and won the right to take on the champion.  He was killed as a 
result of the corrupt fight promoter trading R.A.X.'s life for a sure bet on 
the championship fight. The promoter used an advanced electronic virus 
planted in R.A.X's
cybernetic brain during the implant operation to shut down all of his vital 
systems.  This shutdown was seconds before he was about to deliver the fatal 
blow to the reigning champion.

R.A.X's special moves:

Lock and Load: A + B
10% damage and instant dizzy

R.A.X locks on to his opponent, then fires an energy bolt.

Cyber Punch: X + Y + Z
14% damage

R.A.X overloads hid arm to deliver an awesome punch.

Jet Knee Smash: Charge Back the forward + C
15% damage + wall smash

With knee extended, R.A.X jets across the scene to deliver a crushing blow.

Overload: A + c
15% damage

R.A.X completely overloads his system and launches a speeding energy ball 
that causes extreme damage on contact.

Air Jets: Down, UP + B
5% flame damage

R.A.X ignites his jump jets and hovers off the ground for a short time.

Cyber Kick: A + B + C
13% damage

In a move similar to the cyber punch, R.A.X overloads his leg to deliver a 
devastating kick.

Shockwave: Charge back then forward + Y Z
12% damage

R.A.X summons a blast of electricity, then slams down his fist, sending a 
shockwave across the ground.

R.A.X's skill moves

Atomic Knee: Quarter circle forward + B
Up to 15% damage (3 hits x5%)

R.A.X uses his cybernetic knee to strike up at an angle.

Thrash n bash: Charge back then forward + B + C
Up to 15% damage (5 hits x 3%)

A R.A.X  blitz!

Jet Uppercut: Down Up + Z
12% damage

R.A.X delivers a cyber-powered uppercut with his jet boots.

Turbine: Charge back then forward + A 
0% invunerablity/escape

R.A.X escapes tight situations by using his jets to spin in place and suck in 
nearby opponents or projectiles. Opponenets are thrown to the opposite side 
of the turbine , projectiles are neutralized.


(vi) Shadow 

Ninja Assassin- 1993 A.D

Style of Martial art(s) used: Taijutsu

Tajitsu is a system of unarmed combat similar to jujutsu and is a forerunner 
of modern judo.

Ninjutsu: Ninjutsu is the feudal Japanese discipline embracing bushido, 
espionage, commando warfare, occult powers and numerous martial artd 
practices. Due to many terrortorial and religous wars, Japanese mountain 
mystics were forced to develope the are to protect their families.
The ninja, the practitioner of ninjutsu is the cultural opposite of the 
samurai. The ninja not only masters traditional weapons, bit its also adept at 
using daggers, dirks, darts, brass knuckles, smoke bombs and a variety of 


Shadow was the best corporate assassin in the Black Orchid Corporation.
She performed many tasks ranging from individual elimination jobs to
ending large corporate takeovers.

A true star at the Black Orchid headquarters, Shadow never thought much
about the morality of her career until she learned that if a job wasn't
completed to corporate satisfaction, a person like herself would in turn
eliminate her.

When she realized the peril of her own morality, Shadow found she couldn't
bring herself to kill others.  The corporation didn't allow resignations,
so they arranged her fall from the 101st floor of the Black Orchid building.
This stopped her her from telling the world about Black Orchid and
corporations like it, with all their dark secrets of hired killers.
This knowledge would have had a huge impact on international business
going into the 21st century.


Shadow's plan if she was returned would be to reveal to the world the
illegal assassination programs that exist in many of the largest
corporations of the world.  She would also search for a way to use her
skills in a way that would make a positive difference for the world but
still support her thirst for danger and adventure.

Shadow's special moves

Shadow punch: Left Right + Y + Z
Up to 15% (7% + 8%) + wall smash

Shadow leaps forward and dleivers a mystical ninja punch.

High jump angle kick: Down Up + B
12% damage

Shadow performs a super high jump and downward attack at a severe angle.

Twirling fan attack: Charge back then forward + A or B or C

Up to 20% damage (5% damage per twirl + 2% fan strike)

Shadow performs a cartwheel , ending with a razor sharp fan attack.

1 twirl: D-button + A
2 twirls: D-button + B
3 twirls: D-button + C

Smoke Screen: x + Y + Z
0% teleportation.

Shadow disappears and reappears in different areas of the scene. If no 
direction combos are used . Shadow materializes next to her opponent.

Warp to left: A + B
Warp to right: B + c
Warp to left side of the ceiling: X + Y
Warp to right side of the ceiling: Y + Z

Shadow mode: XYZ
0% Invulnerability

Shadow becomes a "shadow" and attacks without fear or injury. This effect 
lasts for five seconds.

Flying mine uzume-bi: Quarter circle forward + z
15% damage

Shadow throws an auto-locking mine that explodes on impact with the opponent.

Ninja Weapons: 
11% damage

Knife: Back, forward up X
Shuriken: Back, forward X or Y
Bomb: Back, forward, down X or Y

Shadow's skill moves

Fan block: Left, right + X + Y
Reflects attack

Shadow blocks enemy attacks with her iron fan.

Rock & Roll: down, diagonal down right, right + C
Up to 16% damage

Shadow tumbles forward and behind her enemy, then grabs her victim and 
executes several nasty elbows to the back of the head.

Banzai Blitz: Back, Forward B+C
Up to 15% damage

A 5-strike blitz attack

Flying step tobi ashi: Back, Forward A+B
8% damage

Shadow executes a high speed sweep/slide,


(vii) Slash

Prehistoric hunter- 50,000 B.C

Style of martial art used: Pain

This fighting style uses any move or attack  that will cause pain or inflict 
damage. This includes eye-poking, neck throttling, nostril pulling and hair 
yanking. The most common weapon is a large wooden club, which early hunters 
could wield very effetively. One technique involves the spinal crush, in which 
the attacker jumps onto a foe and smashes the victim's head, compressing the 
spinal column. Another technique uses the "push off" lever for a high two-
footed attack.


Slash was always advanced for a pre-man creature.  He was the greatest
hunter and the greatest fighter of his generation.  These skills didn't
just come from his great strength, but also from the emergence of an early
intelligence.  Slash used this intelligence in his fighting, which meant he
could out-think most of his opponents.
His intelligence also got him into a lot of trouble.  The cave elders
resented Slash for his intelligence, and rejected his every idea, including
an agricultural plan which would have freed the clan from its enslavement
to a life of drudgery as hunter-gatherers.  The elders turned down this
idea at once , as they saw no value in having free time and enjoyed the
violence of the hunt.
One day, when Slash publicly spoke against the the elders in a clan meeting,
he was stoned to death by the clan when the elders proclaimed him to be an
evil force.


If Slash was returned back to his life he would take charge and become the
new leader of the clan.  Only through this direct leadership can Slash
teach his people new and better ways of living.

Slash's special moves:

Bone Breaker: In mid air, press Right + Z
16% damage + stun

From the air, Slash jumps on his opponent, knocks them to the ground and then 
stomps on their fallen bodies

De-claw: Left Right + Z
12% damage

From his c;ub, Slash launches a sharp claw at his opponent.

Running head butt: left, right + C
15% damage + wall smash

Slash charges the opponent and head butts at great speed.

Power thud club swing: in mid air press Y + z

Slash jumps into the air, then smashes into the ground, causing an earth 
tremor that knocks opponents of thier feet.

Fire Club- Quarter circle towards + X
12% damage

Slash shoots a stream of fire from his club.

Ice Club- Quarter circle towards + Y

Slash freezes his enemies with a spray of ice from his club

Spinal Crush: Forward + Y
Up to 16% damage

Slash grabs onto the opponent's waist with his feet and pounds the enemy's 
head with his club. The beating lasts for several blows or until the opponent 
shakes free. Slash must be within throwing range to perform this move.

Slash's skill moves

Bat-back projectiles: Left right + X + Y
0% reflect

With his club, Slash knocks away projectiles.

Caveman beating: Left Right + B + C
Up to 15% damage (5 hits x 3%)

A rapid, 5 strike attack.

Double Foot kick: Quarter Circle Back + C 
11% damage

Slash does a back flip while rapidly attacking with his feet

Club dive: Quarter circle back + B
12% damage

Slash leaps at and over his enemies beating them as he passes.

(viii) Trident

Gladiator-110 B.C

Style of martial arts used: Capoeria

This Brazilian fighting style was founded over three centuries ago by African 
slaves. It is believed to have been originated by blacks in Angola, who 
performed the movementd as a religous dance. In the 16th century, this "dance" 
was adpated into a fighting art as a defences against the brutal slave traders.
Capoeria is beautiful to watch because of its graceful cartwheels, handstands, 
handsprings, sweeps and flips. This grace combined with strength makes thus 
art lethal. Practitioners of this art are adept and evading attacks and 
countering with hands and feet. The foot motions involve a great deal of leg 
sweeps, leg blocks and kicks while in a handstand.


Trident is so named becaise of the trident which replaced the hand he lost
in a duel with a shark.
The people of Atlantis during this time lived above the water.  They were
competing with the Romans to see who would control the Earth's surface, with
the loser being plunged into the watery depths.
The Atlanteans spent their time in the pursuit of science.  They realized
early on that a major part of the land was going to sink into the ocean.
To handle this, they built great environments that were enclosed in bubbles
so that they could survive the ocean's depths.
They then offered a fair settlement to the Romans. Half of each each
culture would stay on land, and the other half would go to sea. The Romans
would not agree, and would only settle the issue through battle.  So the
Atlanteans had no choice but to create a warrior that could stand up
against the warlike Romans.  Trident was their champion.
The Romans rigged the fight and crushed Trident under a large stone pillar.
With their loss, the Atlanteans were forced unnecessarily undersea, and
their culture was lost forever.


A victory for Trident would allow him and the people of Atlantis to share
the land with the Romans.  Trident would also like to explore his role in
Man's future as Trident was a genetic creation and feels alone in his

Trident's Special moves:


Trident disappears in a huge wave, dissolves into the ground, and then 
reappears somewhere else.

Teleport left: Down Up + A
Teleport center: Down Up + B
Teleport right: Down, Up + C

Spinning trident: X + Y + Z
Up to 20% damage

Trident extendes his arm, with its razor sharp blades spinning, capable of 
extreme damage.

Plasma Bolt: Left Right + z
15% damage + dizzy

Trident focuses all his force fields fields into a single intense energy bolt.

Bio-stun field: A + B
0% Freeze

Trident is surrounded by a green cloud. Opponents who touch the nebula are 
engulfed in a green glow that stuns them for four seconds or until they are 

Repulser field: B + C
0% repulsion

Trident is surrounded by a a yellow cloud that pushes opponents away. During 
the effects 8-second duration, it is nearly impossible to reach Trident.

Bio-drain field: Y + Z
0% weakens opponents

Trident is surrounded by a red cloud. Opponents who touch the nebula are 
engulfed in a red glDow that limits their attacks to 50% of their normal 

Depth Charge field: X + Y
0% slow opponenent

Trident is surrounded by a blue cloud. Opponents who touch the cloud are 
engulfed in a blue  glow and move as though underwater.

Liquid mode: A + B + c
0% Invunerablity/escape

Trident transforms into water and passes through solid objects. Use this move 
to escape from corners.

Trident's skill moves:

Whirlpool kick: Left Right + A + B
Up to 18% damage (6 hits x 3%)

Trident thrusts his trident into the ground and spins with legs extended.

Neptune's fury: Left Right + B + c
Up to 15% damage ( 5 hits x 3%)

A furious 5-hit attack.

Tidal Wave: Quarter Circle towards +  Z
10% damage + hard punch if close

Trident summons a wave of from the depths of Alantis, then hurls it forward.

Slash Spin:  Quarter Circle back + C 
Up to 15% damage ( 5 hits x 3%)

Trident curls into a ball and rolls forward or backward, trident extended.


ix) Xavier

Xavier Pendragon
Warlock/alchemist-1692 A.D.

Style of Martial art used: Hapkido cane fighting

Hapkido is a Korean martial art founded by Yong Shul Choi. Its style is a 
selective combination of several martial arts systems: power from Karate, 
leverage from Judo and Ki (spirit) from Akido.

Hapkido is distingushed by three essential techniques: passitivity when 
opposing force, circular movements for countering and attacking, and absoloute 
penetration of the oppoenents defences. For instance, if the force is strong, 
it must be met with a soft recpetion; if the force is weak, it must be met 
with a strong reception. This union of techniques establishes a fluid and 
perpetual rhythm as well as constant mobility. Almost all hits and defensive 
actions are performed with the cane, which is used in place of arms and legs.


Xavier always made bad career choices, so it was no surprise that his last
job ended in failure.  After nailing still-smoking horseshoes onto the
mayor's prized workhorse, Xavier found himself with a shack full of
smithy tools and no job.
Stirred by a love for science, Xavier decided to try his hand at the
age-old quest for the formula which would turn lead into gold.  Instead,
he found a way to create an unlimited source of cheap, clean-burning energy
that would put Salem on the map forever in addition, Xavier found his
alchemy had changed him, giving him strange new powers.
Before he could begin to use this power and document it for the good of
future generations, Xavier found himself bound and gagged as the people of
Salem carted him off to the town square.  There they burned him at the
stake for the false charge of being a warlock.
While some of Xavier's powers could be mistaken for witchcraft, they are
all based on real science.


Xavier's return back to his life would allow him to finish his studies of
the unlimited power  source that he found.  He would like to find a way to
use it without creating any great danger of giving another tool to evil.
He would also like to put a stop to the ignorance that led to many witch
hunts across the expanse of history.

Xaviers special moves

Phantom Strike: x + Y
15% damage

Xavier conjures up a dimensional portal and thrusts his cane into it. The 
portal then appears near the enemy and the cane thrusts through, stabbing the 

Dragon trap: Left Right + Z
15% damage

Xavier animates his cane and sends it to attack his opponent. The cane crushes 
and bited for several seconds or until it is shaken off.

Attract & Smack: A + B + C
12% damage 

Xavier grabs the opponent from a distance, then draws in and smacks the enemy 
in the head with the cane.

Midas touch: Left Right + Y
0% freeze

Xavier turns the opponent into gold. The effect lasts for 4 seconds or until 
the opponent is hit.

Swap spell: x + Y
0% invulnerability/escape

Xavier switches places with the opponent. This spell effectively makes 
opponents get hit by their own projectiles/

Possession: X + Y + Z
0% switch bodies

Characters switch bodies for a short time but still damage each other's "soul" 
when hiding in their own bodies.

Confusion spell: A + C
Remaps D-pad

Xavier places the opponent in a state of confusionl; the opponent's controls 
are scrambled for a full 5 seconds.

Xavier's skill moves

Mystic shield: Left Right + A

Xavier reflects attacks with his magical cane.

Wizards wrath: Left Right + B + C
Up to 15% damage (5 hits x 3%)

A 5-strike blitz attack

Snap back: Charge back then forward + X
10% damage

Xavier strikes from a distance by extending the end of his cane to twice its 
normal length.

Dragon's bite: Quarter Circle forward + C
Up to 15% damage (3% + 3% + 9%)

Xavier delivers a nasty uppercut with his cane.

Copyright (c) David Wilson  2005. Updates soon.