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=  01: VERSION INFO  =

v 1.0

What you see, is what you get, and likely to not be updated.  If someone
contacts me concerning a mistake or a serious question, then there will be a
corresponding update.


                          "Welcome to my chamber.
                              I am the Eternal
                          Champion, keeper of this
                           vast fighting complex.
                          It exists in a place and
                             time corrupted by
                          centuries of misuse and

                          My purpose in this grand
                           scheme is to maintain
                            the balance between
                               good and evil,
                            light and darkness,
                             hope and despair.

                            Now this balance has
                           been lost and the very
                            fabric that holds the
                           world together will be
                                torn apart.

                           Your future, my persent,
                           has been destoryed by a
                            cruel and unjust twist
                                  of fate.

                            Nine individuals from
                           various periods in time
                           were killed before their
                           lives could affect this
                               dark existence.

                            I have observed each
                            of their short lives
                               and have been
                             powerless to stop
                                 the chaos.

                              I have spent the
                           centuries harnessing my
                             power for this very
                           moment.  I am the pure
                           and untouched energy of
                            all the great martial
                           arts masters that have
                           lived before me.  Their
                          skill, wisdom, knowledge
                           and inner-strength are
                               at my command.

                           Even with the force of
                          their collective powers,
                          I can only reward one of
                            the nine individuals
                           with the gift of life.
                            Any of them can have
                            an equally profound
                           effect on the future.
                           For this reason, the
                          contest must take place.

                             At the end of this
                           contest, only one will
                          remain.  The victor will
                           be returned to life a
                           few seconds before his
                           death, allowing him to
                          avoid the past with the
                          knowledge to change the

                           Only one may live so
                          that balance may again
                               be achieved.

In 1993, the latest trend in the video game world was the fighting game,
bolstered by the recent successes of Street Fighter II (1991), Fatal Fury
(1991,) and Mortal Kombat (1992), all series that continue strong in arcades
to this day.  Hoping to ride this wave of success, Sega developed the Eternal
Champions series for their Genesis and Sega-CD systems.  While the series never
caught on, due to its limited availablity, among other things, it did employ
various features that were well ahead of their time, including stage fatalities
or "overkills", reflected projectiles, forcefields, training rooms filled with
elaborate traps, and a new method of executing moves which, to this day, still
remains fairly unique in the fighting game universe. 

                           Let the contest begin...

=  03: PROFILES  =

All entries are direct transcripts.  Grammatical errors, like "rightous" and
"brouht" in Jetta's bio, are transcribed as such.

=  SHADOW  =


Ninja Assassin

Time Zone-
1993 A.D.

Fighting Style-
Taijutsu (Ninjitsu)

Taijutsu is a system of
unarmed combat similar to
jujursu, and is a fore-
runner of modern judo.
This technique is mixed
with ninjitsu, the art
of invisibility.

The Ninja fighting art
combines all areas of
offense and defense.
This includes the use of
dirks, darts, daggers,
shuriken, caltrops,
brass knuckles, smoke
bombs, and various

Shadow was the best
assassin in the Black
Orchid Corporation.
She performed many tasks
ranging from individual
eliminations to end
large, corporate

A true star at the Black
Orchid headquarters,
Shadow never thought much
about the morality of her
career.  Ultimately, she
learned that if a job was
not satisfactorily
completed, another
assassin would, in turn,
eliminate her.

When Shadow realized that
her own mortality was in
jeopardy, she found that
she couldn't bring
herself to kill others.
Since the corporation did
not allow resignation,
they arranged a fall from
the 101st floor of the
Black Orchid building.
This stopped her from
telling the world about
Black Orchid, and similar
corporations, and their
dark secrets of hired

This knowledge would have
had a huge impact on
international business
going into the 21st

=  R.A.X.  =



Time Zone-
2345 A.D.

Fighting Style-
Muay Thai Kickboxing

This fighting style is
indigenous to Thailand,
and is often called the
'Sport of Kings' due to
its national pastime

The style is a mixture of
powerful kicks and
devastating punches, with
both fists and elbows.
The fighter can use his
hands, feet, knees, and
elbows in order to injure
his opponent.  Kicks are
used to deliver massive
blows to the opponent's
legs, knees, and thighs,
which makes this one of
the bloodiest fighting
styles currently in use.

R.A.X. (Robotic Arti-
ficial eXoskeleton) is a
cuborg.  In the year 2345,
Coswell was one of the
best human kickboxers.
The only problem was that
the sport was nol onger
a human competition, but
a battle between cyborgs,
robotically enhanced hu-
man beings.  Since these
cuborgs could take and
deliver more damage, the
crowds stopped attending
the human fights for the
excitement provided by
these new robotic

Given these changes, he
had no choice but to get
cubernetic implants and
join the crooked fight
game which was run by a
deceitful fight promoter.
R.A.X. didn't trust this
promoter, but needed his
financial support so he
could afford the

Soon after the operation,
R.A.X. rose through the
ranks and won the right
to take on the champion.
He was killed because the
corrupt fight promoter
traded R.A.X.'s life
for a sure bet on
the championship fight.

The promoter used an
advanced electronic virus
planted in R.A.X.'s
cubernetic brain to shut
down all of his vital
systems.  This shut down
occurred seconds before
he was about to deliver
the fatal blow to the
reigning champion.

=  BLADE  =


Bounty Hunter

Time Zone-
2030 A.D.

Fighting Style-

In modern terms, Kenpo is
known as the "fist"
method.  It employs linear
as well as circular moves
utilizing intermittent
power when and where it
is needed.  It is
interspersed with minor
and major moves that flow
with continuity.

Kenpo is flexible in both
thought and action,
blending with encounters
as they occur.

Blade was one of the best
cops that ever worked a
beat.  Born in Syria and
raised in Africa, Blade
was dedicated to the
extreme, working some of
the meanest parts of New

Blade had, however, one
small problem: his
temper.  After nearly
being killed several
times by an elusive
suspect, Blade finally
caught him.  The suspect
once again tried to kill
him, but Blade was able
to sidestep the laser
and grab the suspect.

Being only human, Blade
ran out of patience and
proceeded to beat the
suspect until he was near
death.  He survived, and
sued the police, who in
turn, fired Blade to hush
the scandal.  He ended up
moving back to Syria to
become a Bounty Hunter,
making better use of his
quick temper.

His final case dealt with
a rogue scientist who had
escaped a government
bio-weapons lab with a
vial containing a top
secret virus that would
kill 95% of all human
life.  He was threatening
to smash the vial open if
the government didn't
stop all bio-research.
The Syrian government
hired Blade to safely
retrieve the vial.  Blade
agreed to do it if they
didn't interfere.  They

He cornered the scientist
in an alley and forced
the scientist to agree
to peacefully give up the
vial.  The government,
however, had followed him
and seized the moment to
make their move.  Shots
from laser rifles filled
the alley.

The last image that Blade
saw before he died was
the smashed vial
containing the virus.

=  JETTA  =


Circus Acrobat

Time Zone-
1899 A.D.

Fighting Style-
Savate / Pencak Silat

Savate is a form of hand
and foot fighting
practiced by the French.
This method of fighting
to the knockout was once
popular with the
aristocracy.  Savate is
noted for its flamboyant
kicking techniques.  It is
practiced by relatively
few people today.

Pencak Silat is the
national fighting art of
Indonesia.  Known as a
dancing martial art, it
mainly encompasses the
study of empty-hand
fighting.  Many of the
moves are based upon
evation and warding off
attack.  When attacks
occur, they are met with
lightening strikes that
drive opponents off bal-
ance so they can then be
dropped to the ground.


Jetta was always a rebel;
asa youth, she changed
her given Russian name to
Jetta Maxx to sound more
like a performer.

Born in Russia, cousin to
Czar Nicholas II, Jetta
traveled the world as a
performer in a famous
international circus.
During her many travels,
which included visits to
France and Indonesia, she
learned gynmastics and
martial arts.

In 1899, her circus troop
visited China.  At the
time, China was being
ripped apart by the Boxer
rebellion, the Chinese
attempt to rid their
homeland of foreigners.
Unfortunately, many
innocent Chinese were
also dying.

Spurred by her
compassion, Jetta decided
to help infiltrate the
Yihe Quang, or "Rightous
Harmony Fists" and get
them to turn their ways
to pacifism before the
major foreign powers
brouht all their milit-
ary forces to bear.  In
addition, she realized
that Russia's involvement
in the fighting of the
East would further weaken
its stability.

Before Jetta was able to
bring a peaceful end to
the fighting and change
the history of Russia and
China, she fell victim to
an act of sabotage by a
radical from the Yihe
Quang.  During a command
performance for the crown
emperor of China, Jetta's
safety net and tension
wire were cut during the
grand finale.  She
plummeted to her death.

=  SLASH  =


Prehistoric Hunter

Time Zone-
50,000 B.C.

Fighting Style-

This style includes any
moves or attack that will
cause pain or damage.
This includes eye poking,
ear-drum popping, neck
throttlling, nostril
pulling and hair yanking.

The most deadly moves
come from build-up
attacks.  These attacks
occur when Slash begins
to build strength for a
given move, but holds it
in.  When a move is held,
its strength will begin
to grow.  Slash also
carries a large wooden
club that he uses to
dispense pain.

Slash, extremely advanced
for a prehistoric crea-
ture, was the greatest
hunter and the best
fighter of his genera-
tion.  These skills
didn't just come from his
great strength, but also
from the emergence of an
early intelligence.  With
this intelligence, he was
able to outsmart most of
his opponents.

The clan elders resented
him for his intelligence,
and rejected all of his
ideas including an
agriculture plan which
would free the clan from
its enslavenment to a life
of drudgery as
hunter/gatherers.  The
elders turned down the
idea because they saw no
value in having free
time.  THey enjoyed the
violence of the hunt.

One day, Slash publicly
spoke out against the
elders in a clan meeting.
Proclaimed to be an evil
force, he was stoned to
death by the clan.




Time Zone-
110 B.C.

Fighting Style-
Capoeria Fighting

A Brazilian form of
combat adopted by African
slaves to fight against
oppression.  In it, the
foot is considered the
strongest weapon, while
the head represents the
most vulnerable target

Thus, bringing the foot
to the oppoenent's head,
the strongest force to
the most vulnerable
point, is at the heart of
its strategy.  This in-
volves not only kicking,
but also somersaults and

Tirdent is so-named
because of the trident
that replaced the hand he
lost in a duel with a

The people of Atlantis
during this time lived
above the water.  They
were competing with the
Romans to see who would
control the Earth's
surface.  The loser would
be plunged into the
watery depths.

The Atlanteans spent
their time in puruit of
science.  They realized
early on that a major
part of the land was
going to sink into the
ocean.  To handle this,
they built great
enviroments that were
enclosed in bubbles so
that they could survive
the ocean's depths.

They offered a fair
settlement to the Romans;
half of each culture
would stay on land, and
the other half would go
to sea.  The Tomans would
not agree, and would only
settle the issue through
battle.  The Atlanteans
had no choice but to
create a warrior that
could stand up against
the warlike Romans.
Trident was their

The Romans rigged the
fight and crushed Trident
under a large stone pil-
lar.  With this loss, the
Atlanteans were forced to
go undersea, and their
culture was lost forever.

=  XAVIER  =


Warlock / Alchemist

Time Zone-
1692 A.D.

Fighting Style-
Hapkido Cane Fighting

Hapkido emphasizes a
nonviolent code of
counterdefense.  If the
force of an attacker's
blow is strong, it must
be met with a soft
reception and
countermoves.  If the
force is soft, it must be
countered with a powerful

This approach leads to
the fluid circular motion
and constant mobility of
the art.  The cane is
used in place of the
limbs.  Almost all hits
and defenses are
performed by the cane.

Xavier always made poor
career choices, so it was
no surprise that his last
job should end in
failure.  After nailing
still smoking horseshoes
onto the mayor's prized
workhorse, Xavier found
himself with a shack full
of smithy tools and no

Stirred by a love for
science, Xavier decided
to try his hand at
alchemy, the age-old
quest for the formula
which would turn lead
into gold.  Instead, he
found a way to create an
unlimited source of
cheap, clean-burning
energy that would put
Salem on the map forever.
Also, he found that his
alchemy had changed him,
giving him strange, new

Before Xavier could use
this power and document
it for the good of future
generations, he found
himself bound and gagged
as the people of Salem
carted him off to the
town square.  They burned
him at the stake on the
false charge of being a

While some of Xavier's
powers could be mistaken
for witchcraft, they are
all based on real



Bio-Chemical Scientist

Time Zone-
1967 A.D.

Fighting Style-
Jeet Kune Do

Known as the "way of the
intercepting fist", this
style is a collection of
the basic mental and
physical concepts,
observations of combat
maneuvers, and
philosophies of attitude
gathered and developed by
the late Bruce Lee.

Knight worked for the CIA
on loan from Interpol.
Born in London, he was
one of the best biochem
scientists working
in the intelligence
community.  The CIA
needed Mitchell to work
on a biochemical weapon
to end the Vietnam War.
He created a virus that
would weaken its victims
until they hovered near
death, waiting for the

The virus was to be
intorduced into the water
supply of Vietnam, but
Mitchell wouldn't stand
for that much human
destruction.  He stole
back his formula and fled
back to London to hide.
Unfortunately, Mitchell
was cornered at the
airport by both CIA and
Interpol agents.  During
the escape, he fell from
a nine-story building
into a chemical vat used
by the airport.  The
force of the impact broke
the seal on the virus
container and released
the strain into the
chemical vat.

This mixture created an
unexpected result - he
was transformed into a
living vampie.  Using
his newfound cunning and
strength, Mitchell fled
to London where he spent
the next 133 years vainly
searching for a cure to
his disease.  No longer
indentifying with his own
past, Mitchell came to be
known as Midknight.

The cure had become more
important since the
government used the virus
during the Vietnam War by
using the contents of the
airport chemical vat.
Many third-world coun-
tries became overrun with
living vampires.
Midknight was also
running out of time
because his body (with
the exception of his neck
and face) was rotting
away due to the fact that
he would not kill another
person to renew his life

Midknight was about to
solve the last hitch in
the antidote when a gov-
ernment agent killed him
by firing a magnesium
stake through his heart.

=  LARCEN  =


Ex-Cat Burglar

Time Zone-
1920 A.D.

Fighting Style-
Praying Mantis Kung-Fu

A style of kung-fu
characterized by fierce
grasping movements,
clawing attacks, and
punches, this fighting
style originated in a
Shao-Lin temple.  The
priests needed a
technique that would
allow them to attack
larger and stronger
opponents.  The priests
observed two fighting
mantises and used the
style to make this a
brutal and specialized

Born in an era of crime
bosses and racketeering,
Larcen grew up respecting
and idolizing the many
powerful crime bosses
who ruled the streets.
As a youth, he went to
work for Mr. Taglalini,
one of the most powerful

Under his wing, Larcen
grew up to be one of the
world's best cat
burglars.  He did many
'jobs' for Mr. Taglalini,
including the planting of
illegal evidence in the
hideouts of the other
crime bosses.  There was
one thing Larcen wouldn't
do, and that was kill.
Instead, he used martial
arts to stop and drop hi

One day, Mr. Taglalini
asked Larcen to plant a
package on a crime boss
who was recovering in the
hospital.  When he
entered the room that
supposedly contained the
boss, he instead found
the recovering chief of
police who had been hurt
in a prior assassination
attempt.  It seemed that
the mob wanted the chief
dead because he was in-
corruptible, and was
about to declare war on
the mob.

Larcen suddenly realized
that he had been set up.
The package he carried
probably contained a
bomb.  At this moment, he
decided that he had
chosen the wrong side.  He
wouldn't kill.  He tried
to throw the bomb out the
window, but it was too

The resulting explosion
not only killed Larcen
and the chief, but also
most of the people in the
hospital, including
several youngsters in the
children's wing.

=  04: ENDINGS  =

All entries are direct transcripts.  Grammatical errors, like "mankinds'" in
Midknight's ending, are transcribed as such.

                            You have completed the
                            test.  You have proven
                            yourself strong enough
                             to return to the life
                             that was stolen from
                            you.  You will return a
                            few seconds before your
                               death.  Use the
                            knowledge of your fate
                              to change the prior
                            outcome of your life.

                            Prepare yourself!  You
                           are about to receive the
                            ultimate reward... life!

                             The balance must be
                             reestablished and it
                                  begins now!

                                 =  SHADOW  =

                            When Shadow returned,
                             she quickly avoided
                            being thrown off the
                           roof.  She was surprised
                            to learn that her boss
                           had tricked her into
                           coming to the roof.  As
                            she rolled to her left,
                             her boss overshot his
                             mark and fell off the
                               building.  Shadow
                            immediately went to the
                             police and was placed
                               under protective

                            After several attempts
                             on her life, Shadow
                           testified about her role
                             in the Black Orchid
                             Corporation.  This
                            information saved a
                            great many lives and
                           changed business for the

                                  =  R.A.X.  =

                            When R.A.X. returned, he
                                quickly began to
                            overload the systems in
                               his body.  As the
                            ruthless promoter pulled
                            the transmitter from his
                             jacket, R.A.X. fired an
                              energy bolt from his
                             power generator.  The
                               energy bolt flew
                            straight and true to its
                            target, knocking out the
                             promoter and shorting
                            out the transmitter.  As
                            his opponent closed in
                            on him for a final blow,
                            R.A.X. hit his air jets,
                            avoiding the devastating
                             punch.  R.A.X. quickly
                             countered and knocked
                            his opponent flat to the

                            After the fight, R.A.X.
                            had the electronic virus
                              safely removed.  The
                              fight promoter was
                              jailed for attempted
                              murder.  The public,
                              outraged by all the
                             corruption, shut down
                             the cyborg fights and
                             returned to more human
                            and humane competition.

                                  =  BLADE  =

                            When Blade returned, he
                             was able to pull the
                            scientist aside before
                            any serious damage was
                             done.  Enraged, Blade
                            knocked out over twenty
                            government agents before
                            confronting the one that
                             had betrayed him.  At
                               this point, Blade
                             realized that he had
                             accomplished nothing.
                           This anger was the force
                             that led them to the
                                brink of death.

                            This world incident led
                                to a number of
                            government reforms.  A
                            world peace council was
                            established with Blade
                              as president.  This
                            council went on to bring
                            peace and stability to
                                the whole world.

                                  =  JETTA  =

                            When Jetta returned, she
                            quickly flipped back off
                             the high wire onto the
                             safety of the platform.
                              The saboteur left the
                            grandstand and tried to
                             escape.  He was later
                            captured by the imperial
                            guards.  Embarrassed by
                               the incident, the
                               Chinese government
                            pressured the extremist
                             groups to turn to more
                            peaceful negotiations.
                            China was then able to
                            settle on a peace plan
                             that would give them
                            full democratic control
                               of their country.

                            After these changes were
                            in place, Jetta returned
                            to Russia.  Without the
                            threat of war, the Czar
                             was able to focus his
                                attention on the
                             homeland.  Instead of
                            fighting the Socialists,
                             the Czar negotiated a
                             government similar to
                              the one in England.

                                  =  SLASH  =

                            When Slash returned, he
                            quickly pulled himself
                            free from the ropes that
                             held him in place for
                             the stoning.  Once he
                              was free, the clan
                             members attacked him.
                               With his newfound
                            knowledge, he used their
                            own force to throw them
                              off balance.  Slash
                             finally used a trick
                            from Xavier.  He raised
                             his club into the air
                            and the tip became alive
                             with fire.  The angry
                             crowd backed away in

                              Once he had their
                             attention, Slash was
                            able to communicate his
                            ideas.  Eventually, he
                             was appointed to head
                             the clan.  This small
                               change in pre-man
                            history led to a life of
                               peace rather than
                            violence.  This in turn
                             saved the earth itself
                            from the ravages of war.

                                 =  TRIDENT  =

                            When Trident returned,
                            he quickly avoided the
                            falling pillar.  He was
                             then able to face his
                              opponent in a fair
                              fight.  Ultimately,
                            Trident's skill proved
                            too great for the Roman.
                             At the exact moment of
                              delivering the final
                               death blow, Trident
                              realized the futility
                            of it all.  Not only did
                            he refuse to finish the
                                 Roman, but felt
                             compelled to tell his
                              people the error of
                             their ways.  Trident
                            succeeded in convincing
                            the Atlanteans and the
                            Romans to work together.

                             Together they formed a
                            central government using
                            the best ideas from each
                            culture.  Their ideas of
                            government, science, and
                              society spread around
                              the world.  The great
                              wars never occurred
                             because the Atlanteans
                                were not only the
                            masters of the sea, but
                                 also of space.

                                 =  XAVIER  =

                            When Xavier returned, he
                            realized that there was
                            only one way out of his
                              situation.  He asked
                              his accusers if his
                               equipment could be
                            burned at the stake with
                             him.  Since they felt
                            the equipment was just
                            as evil as Xavier, they
                            had no objection.  When
                              the unlimited power
                               source was placed
                            nearby, Xavier held his
                            cane to it and drew the
                            precious power it held.
                              As Xavier drew power
                             from the container, a
                              strange wind quickly
                                surrounded him,
                            protecting him from the
                            flames.  The wind moved
                            faster and faster until
                             Salem itself began to
                           change.  Xavier had moved
                            through the portals of
                             time.  He now had the
                            power to travel through

                            Xavier used his ability
                              to move through the
                            ages, becoming an expert
                           on world history.  He was
                             able to fix key events
                             in time, allowing the
                             world to become filled
                                with science and
                                tolerance for the

                                =  MIDKNIGHT  =

                            When Midknight returned,
                             he quickly sidestepped
                             his attacker to avoid
                             the stake through the
                            heart.  He then used his
                              superhuman speed to
                               flash behind his
                            attacker and drain his
                            life force.  Realizing
                            that death was not the
                               answer, Midknight
                            collected what was left
                            of his lab and departed
                                   for Italy.

                            Midknight restarted his
                             work on a cure for the
                              plague.  After a few
                             months of work, a cure
                            was found.  The discov-
                              ery was bittersweet
                            however, since the cure
                             was based on his own
                             blood chemistry.  So
                            while the cure worked
                              for others, it did
                              little to cure his
                            affliction.  It stopped
                            his decay, but left him
                             in his current state

                            Midknight became famous
                              for his efforts and
                            became head of the World
                             Science Organization.
                            His immortality gave him
                               the experience and
                            wisdom to deal with most
                               of mankinds' major

                                 =  LARCEN  =

                            When Larcen returned, he
                             quickly threw the bomb
                            out the window.  Larcen
                            was captured by a couple
                             of policemen standing
                               guard around the
                              hospitalized police
                              chief.  Larcen was
                            brought to the chief's
                            room.  The chief was so
                            impressed with Larcen's
                            bravery that he made him
                             a member of a special
                             government task force
                            against organized crime.

                             After months of prep
                             work, the task force
                            took down Mr. Taglalini
                             and his organization.
                            Larcen went on to head
                             the task force which
                            eventually widened its
                               scope to include
                            international cartels.
                             This task force was
                               responsible for
                            eliminating organized
                                crime forever.



How can you "arrange" to have someone pushed off a roof?  I'd throw out a
snappy comment but I don't even think it's worth it.


What?  I guess in a lot of other games Slash would be a gag character and
that's why his ending turned out that way.  I suppose though, that it would
be hard to reason with neanderthals even if you were one yourself, so you'd
have to do something absurd... Still, there's no way that... ugh...


Notice that the further back a character is in history, the better their ending
seems to be.  I'm really not getting how the Atlanteans prevented war via space
travel though.  Space must be the answer to everything.


All right, I could deal with the unlimited clean burning power, I mean, in a
sense, Xavier is like Nikola Tesla except Tesla had his ideas stolen by GE
instead of being burned at the stake, but there are very few instances in games
where time travel doesn't feel like a serious cop-out.


Ah, Jeet Kune Do.  The martial art that one character in every fighting game
and anime seems to practice, but no one teaches.  I'm in a sad state when I
find the vampire aspect more believable than the Jeet Kune Do.


Q: Muchitsujo?

A: ... It means chaos and disorder in Japanese.  I'm not Japanese myself,
but I can never think of screen names for anything.
Q: Why did you write this?

A: Short answer: No one else was or appeared to be going to.  Long answer: I
grew up in arcades playing Street Fighter II and whatnot, but at home it was
mostly Sega Genesis.  I played Eternal Champions quite a bit, and enjoyed it
because it seemed to have a lot more backstory than the other fighting games
out there, and that tended to be important to me.  This is for anyone out there
who was similarly intrigued, but never managed to finish the game either.
Q: Who did you play as most often in the game?

A: I started out with RAX, but as time passed I moved on to Trident, who I
would maintain is still one of the cheapest fighters in video game history.
Plasma bolt (dizzy), spinning trident (re-dizzy), spinning trident (re-dizzy),
slash (dead).  Sometimes, they could not get up off the floor, and others, they
were not allowed to.  Stylistically, I'd have to say that I liked Larcen the
best though.
Q: Why do you think the series only lasted two games?

A: Well, first off, Sega had a bad tendency to make poor developmental
decisions, and was already going under to some degree even before Saturn came
out.  Sega CD was before its time, Master System didn't sell in the U.S. (for
the most part, Sega was much more popular in Europe, but gaming in general
wasn't), and all sorts of other things.  This wasn't as pronounced in 1993 when
EC was originally released, but it was probably a factor as SNES had the mad
hook-ups from developers.

Second, Sega already had a serious franchise fighting game in Virtua Fighter,
which was also ahead of its time in terms of rendering, though a victim of the
same problem that afflicts a lot of fighting games, namely, if you button mash
a bit, you can kill anything and anyone with almost no skill.

Third, structurally, it did not allow for sequels.  Even when Challenge came
out, I was a bit surprised, but saw it more as playing the same role as Super
Street Fighter II did to that series.  Just look at the plot: you have a group
of nine characters, all from completely different time periods, fighting for
the same thing: to save their own lives and help change the future in which the
Eternal Champion lived.  One person from this group was sufficient enough to
save everything.  From this standpoint, it would be difficult, if not
impossible to author a sequel, unless you take into account some kind of
butterfly effect which further damages some aspect of the distant future, which
seems highly unlikely given the circumstances of the tournament.  Even then,
could you bring back the characters from the previous tournament?  It's
possible, but even then, since all the chatacters would again be fighting for
their own lives, and still entering from separate time periods, there could be
no character interaction and little further individual character development
without losing the integrity of the series.  This was basically a one shot
deal, and they had to put all their efforts into the game at least suspecting
Q: Will you ever do something like this for Eternal Champions: Challenge from
the Darkside?

A: (sigh) Probably not.  Even though Sega had a couple of quality games in
their lineups over the years, tracking that kind of thing down for working
systems and whatnot is becoming increasingly painful.  I couldn't even use my
old Genesis to write this because the video plug kept on overheating (don't
ask, I don't know why).
Q: Who did you have the easiest time beating the Eternal Champion with?

A: Midknight.  I had it pretty easy with Larcen too, and thought he'd be the
one, but with Midknight the EC barely touched me.  Too much flying across the
screen and throwing for him to handle.
Q: Will  you be writing a strategy guide for this game?

A: Nope.  Ask someone else for help.  Writing strategies for fighting games is
against my religion and I'm really treading on thin ice with this one.
Q: How did X fighter learn Y martial art?  That does not make sense!

A: Fighting games aren't designed to make sense.  If you ask me, I just assumed
that the whole "training complex" thing was utilized to hone the skills of the
various characters before the actual tournament.  The EC probably taught a few
of them some skills here and there (he IS the culmination of all previous
masters after all) and let them figure it out from there.  This is one of those
odd games where it seems like the fun training minigame stuff is actually
Q: Did the virus spilled in Blade's time period affect Midknight and RAX in the
later timelines?

A: This is the biggest plot hole in the game by a considerable margin.  If 99%
of the world's population had been wiped out, there wouldn't have been enough
government left to want to hunt Midknight down, and I doubt that the last
remnants of humanity would be so fixated with having their physically strongest
specimens bitch it out in a dark room during RAX's period.  There are two
possible explanations for this: 1) each timeline is a singularity operating
outside the influence of the others (utter BS) or 2) lots of people were
killed, but they contained it... somehow...
Q: Are all the Atlanteans frogmen like Trident or were they kind of human?

A: Short answer: no clue.  Long answer: the text indicates that Trident was
"created", but beyond that we don't really know anything.  Since the Atlanteans
were pretty forward thinking so far as underwater domes go, seemingly before
the Romans issued the challenge, it seems possible that they were.
Q: You know, the Blade in this game seems kind of similar to the one in the
comic series...

A: Aaand that's all the time we have for questions!

=  07: CONTACT INFO  =

First, I'm going to have to ask you to search through this to make absolutely
certain your answer isn't here.  I've tried to be detailed without being
concise, so hopefully there is an answer here.

Second, this is an in-depth FAQ, only on the plot of this game.  If you e-mail
with questions about how to beat the Eternal Champion or do the overkills, it's
more likely than not that the e-mail gets sent to the trash.

Third, no wacky theories.  Since (I think) the development of this storyline
was limited to the games, I'm just going with what's in them.  I really have no
interest whatsoever in fanfic or anything of the sort, so just move right along
and create your own site if you have to, just leave me out of it.

Fourth, harassers will be blocked.  Flames, despite mob opinion, are
not-so-surprisingly counterproductive.

That said, my e-mail is fearfaq(at) (replace the at with an @, I do
this to mess with the spambots.  Try to be good and give me some idea of what
you're talking about in the e-mail title.

=  08: FINAL NOTES  =

As all good FAQ / Walkthroughs come to an end, so must come the shout outs.

Props to:

-- Sega, because even though hardly anyone else noticed it, they did make some
   pretty fun games.

-- CJayC, for being an all around good chap and putting up the gamefaqs
   site you are likely using.  Along with the disclaimer in the beginning.
   Posting this as well, cheers.

-- People who write FAQs, thanks for keeping me from being the designated
   tech support for my friends.  And vice versa.

No props to:

-- Those who would infringe on the copy rights.  I don't make money off
   of any of this, but seriously, that shit ain't cool yo, and it doens't
   take that much to get permission.

---- Copyright 2005 Muchitsujo