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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Sega Genesis
-Manual(rewrite), Stories, and Move List-
version: 2(01/09/01)
by: Shin Starmie and AngelSerenity
(shinkuu_hadouken@hotmail.com and angelserenity@collegeclub.com 

You know the drill: you can't use this without permission from me. If you
want said permission, then just drop me a line and ask. NO using this for
any profit, period. MMPR is (c) Saban. Sega Genesis is (c) Sega, like
you didn't know. This document is (c) me, John "Shin Starmie" Evans, as well
as Juliana "AngelSerenity" Oduro.

Okay, this thing's back on my own website. That still doesn't mean I'll be
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And another thing, some of you may've noticed I'm not using that lil'
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Just so you know, the stories were developed by both of us. And I rewrote
the manual somewhat, to make it seem more like a fighting game than the crap
that the manual is. Okay, so I did most of the work on this thing. All that
AngelSerenity really did was give me the moves!

Contents: Morph into Action!!
*Intro/Game Story
*Character Stories and Moves
*Miscellaneous Info

-Intro: Shift into Turbo!-
   Congratulations!!! You are now the proud owner of the Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers(R) game cartridge for the Sega Genesis(tm)! So get your Power
Morphers, Zeonizers, and Turbo Morphers ready for a morphenomenally good 
   Having grown tired of her plans always being foiled by Jason, Zack,
Billy, Trini, and Kimberly (aka the Power Rangers), Rita Repulsa captures
innocent Tommy and turns him into her Evil Green Ranger. She then invades 
Sega Genesis by sending him and some revived monsters like: Minotaur, Madam
Woe, Goldar, and Cyclopsis to confront the Rangers in a tournament battle...
Can the Rangers stop her crazy ideas and save Tommy? Only you will be
able to determine that!

-Controls/Options: Power up your Crystals!-
   First, properly insert the cartridge into the slot on top of the Genesis
and turn the power on. After some time at the Sega and legal screens,
you'll be on your way! Don't forget to insure that the controllers are in
properly...the two-player mode is inaccessible without the other controller!
Ready to seriously beat down the evildoers? Alright...it's Morphin Time!

The default settings are as follows:
   A=Normal(Jab/Short)  B=Fierce(Fierce/Roundhouse)  C=unassigned
You can change them in the options menu. That extra button allows for you
to configure the controller however you feel is comfy for you. This is, 
all, a portover from the Game Gear version...somewhat.
   In the Options menu, not only can you make your controller suit your
zeonizing needs, you can also: adjust the difficulty(1-8), adjust the time 
a battle(30, 45, 60 and 99 seconds or no time at all), scope out the sounds
in the sound and music tests, and in two-player mode, select your fighters,
stages, and when you hold a button, the basic things in one-player mode.

-Character Stories and Moves: The Fun Part of ANY Fighting Game-
   All the Rangers have Blade Blasters. To fire them, it's qcf+any.
Also, everyone can block one of two ways: holding back, which is the usual
method, and by pressing Jab+Fierce, which makes the enemy's projectile
fly back and hit them! Be careful when throwing Fierce projectiles, for 
speed can catch you off-guard if an enemy reflects it back to you!(Goldar is
extremely nefarious for doing this, as is Madam Woe on the harder settings)

*The monsters' moves are listed because in the two-player mode, they, as 
as Megazord and Dragonzord are selectable.

Jason: Red Ranger
   The bold, brave leader of the Power Rangers, Jason has a strong sense of
justice, and a high martial arts skill. He enters the tournament with the
intention of he and his friends(the others)bringing down Rita's wickedness
once and for all. His powers as the Red Ranger are from the mighty
      Power Sword: dn-up+any
      Jaguar Tooth: 270+any (fw to ub, not quite a 360) (knocks down)

Zack: Black Ranger
   Second in command to Jason, Zack is a laid-back, smooth rap man.
His Hip-hop-kido style is effective for smooth moves and villain-bashing, 
it doesn't seem to be very popular with a certain lady named Angela. Zack's
Black Ranger powers come from the cool and courageous Mastodon.
      Meat Tenderizer: tap Jab
      The Liquifier: tap Fierce (it's the MT, only faster)
      Shadow Charge: hcb+any (knocks down)

Billy: Blue Ranger
   Shy, misunderstood by the rest of Angel Grove High, and intelligent
beyond belief, Billy is in the tournament to not only stop Rita, but to 
to himself his very worth as a Power Ranger. Billy's inventions always save
the team, and he has a well-hidden crush on Trini...or...is it? The cunning
and noble Triceratops is the basis for the Blue Ranger's powers.
      Lance Thrust: charge ba-fw+any (2 hits, knocks down)
      Shouryuu-ken: charge dn-up+any (knocks down air opponent)
                    (just try it and watch what he does with the lance)

Trini: Yellow Ranger
   Quiet, spirited, smart, beautiful, and mature are Trini's qualities.
Her place in the tournament alongside her best friend Kimberly is to keep
an eye out and help out whenever possible, especially with Billy, the one
only she seems to understand. Trini gets her powers from the fierce and
swift Saber-tooth Tiger.
      Psycho Crusher: ba-fw+any(rapidly)
      Yoga Mummy: Dn+any(in air)

Kimberly: Pink Ranger
   An excellent gymnast, Kim is very popular among Angel Grove High.
She's very bright, but kind of materialistic. Her hard gymnastics training
has always served her well as a Ranger, but will it be enough for her to 
survive - much less win - this tournament? Kim's powers as the Pink Ranger
are drawn from the Pterodactyl, graceful and agile.
      Dino Arrow: charge Ba-Fw+any (knocks down, sets aflame)*
      Flash Kick: charge Dn-Up+any (up to 3 hits, kocks down)

Tommy: Green Ranger*
   The new kid on the block, Tommy is the rival to Jason in every way:
skills, powers, zords, weapons, looks, and popularity. Originally Rita's 
Green Ranger, Tommy was freed due to Jason destroying the Sword of Darkness.
This allows him to join the others in bringing down the very tournament he
was assigned to lead. Tommy gets his powers from the Dragonzord, which is
every bit a match for Jason's Tyrannosaurus...and then some.
      Hadouken: charge Fierce
      Tiger Knee: charge Ba-Fw+any
      Optic Blast: tap any (shocks, knocks down)
*Only as Evil Green Ranger does Tommy have the Sword Uppercut. Once you
defeat him and the Dragonzord, he will appear on the select screen at the
start of the next match in the center, beside Jason.

Minotaur: Heavy Armor
   One of Rita's first monsters who was destroyed by the Rangers,
Minotaur finds himself brought back to life. His mission, like always, is to
stop those Power Rangers at any cost. This tournament is his last chance to
show Rita that he is indeed capable of eliminating the Rangers.
      The Club: hcf+any (knocks down, sets aflame)
      Sumo Smash: charge Dn-Up+any
      Bushido Run: charge Ba-Fw+any
      Yoga Flame: hcb+any (this is obvious...)

Madam Woe: Old Maid
   Finster's aunt, who was also destroyed, is the other revived monster
sent into the tournament to destroy the Rangers. This time, she's coming out
hard with new tricks up her evil sleeve. Her primary target is the Blue
Ranger after what he did in light of destroying the diamond that was once on
her forehead.
      Fireball: qcf+any(2 hits)(can do in air)
      Simon Belmont: charge Ba-Fw+jab
      Sindel: charge Ba-Fw+fierce(same move, longer range)
      Sub-Zero: hcf+any(freezes, knocks down)

Goldar: Another Cheap Fighter
   Rita's preliminary flunkie, Goldar's got other orders: to keep a
close eye on the Green Ranger and make sure that the Power Rangers aren't
able to free him from her evil spell. Should he and the other monsters fail,
Goldar is to destroy the Rangers and the Megazord by any means necessary.
      Fire Shot: qcb+any(knocks down, sets aflame)
      Kung Lao Shot: charge fierce(controllable, knocks down)
      Spinning Shouryuu-ken: hcf+any(knocks down)
      Typhoon: qcf+any

Cyclopsis: The Cheapest Boss!
   Goldar's nigh-invincible Warzord must've traveled back in time to
enter the tournament and thoroughly annihilate the Power Rangers. The
formidable foe that he is, with two modes and all, makes him Rita's ideal
candidate to serve as a final defense(and offense)against the Rangers.
His only orders are to kill the Power Rangers. If he succeeds, Rita can use
him to launch a global conquering.
      Standing Combo: Ba-Fw+any(2 hits)
      Rushing Combo: charge Ba-Fw+any(2hits)*
      Shock Hand: hcf+any(shocks, knocks down)
      Ground Bursts: hcb+any(knocks down, sets aflame)
      Electralysis: 270+any(Ba to Uf)(shocks, knocks down)
*Pretty stupid that they have TWO back-forwards for this clown. One's a
plain one, the other's the typical charge. WHAT is the point?!

Megazord: We need Dinozord power, Now!
   This is where the Power Rangers bring their individual skills and
zords into a single unit. Thier teamwork in this state-of-the-art piece of
gear will determine whether they finish monsters, or be finished by them. In
the case of the tournament, it is even more so. The way they function in 
unit will play an intregal part in their success.
      Hadouken: qcf+any
      Absorb: charge Ba-Fw+any*(knocks down if close)
      Cranial Laser: charge Dn-Up+any(knocks down)
      Lightning Slash: 270F+any (shocks, knocks down)
*Megazord's Absorb move is his third block, since it absorbs projectiles.
He's the only one in the game with three blocking techniques.

Dragonzord: The Rival of the Tyrannosaurus
   Tommy's zord, like his Green Ranger powers, was given to him by Rita
to destroy the Rangers. However, the Dragonzord is now used for good, and is
usable only when Tommy is selected or at the select screen where you pick
between him and the Megazord before the fight with Cyclopsis, for whoever is
in possession of the legendary Dragon Dagger has total control of the
      Sonic Boom: charge Ba-Fw+any (and I mean that quite literally)
      Tail Drill: charge Dn-Up+any
      Dragon Missiles: charge DF-UF+any(knocks down, sets aflame)
      DragonKombat Mode Attack: charge fierce(knocks down)*
*YES, I call Dragonzord's battle mode DragonKombat Mode. This is my fave
move. >)

Combos: A Word About Them
   Combos can be pretty much done in any way. You have three kinds of combos
in this game: Chain Combos, Buffered Combos, and Jump-in Combos. Chains are 
pretty much chaining one or more jabs or shorts into a fierce or a 
An example chain combo: "cShort-cShort-cShort-cRoundhouse" is one that
everybody can do, but you can only toss in so many crouching jabs or shorts
before the enemy is pushed back and the fierce or roundhouse misses.

Buffered combos are known to fighting game players everywhere: buffering a
special move into a combo. For instance, Jason's "cShort-cShort-Fierce Power
Sword" can be done by charging Down, tapping the Jab/Short button twice, and
motioning Up and pressing the Fierce/Roundhouse button at the same time. 
not only a sweet combo, it does a sizeable chunk of damage to your opponent!
Kimberly's "cShort-cShort-Roundhouse Flash Kick" runs along the same lines 
Jason's, but Kim can get up to five hits from this combo. Billy and Tommy
have more difficult combos. Billy's "charge Back-sJab-sJab-Fierce Lance" 
charging back for the Lance, tossing in two standing jabs, and motioning 
ward and fierce at the same time for a sharp four-hitter. Tommy's Tiger Knee
applies to this. Also, Tommy and Zack have very fun Bufferables: by 
doing ducking shorts, you can get the Shocker or the Meat Tenderizer in very
nicely! Seriously...it is VERY nice. Any Gen, Chun-Li, or E. Honda knows it.

Jump-ins are the most beautiful combos a fighting game has to offer. That's
not so true here, as they're much harder to pull since the jumping attacks
push you back as well as the fierce attacks can. >| Needless to say, despite
the difficulty, they can do an excellent amount of damage if they completely
connect. Like the Jason combo I mentioned earlier: "cShort-cShort-Fierce
Power Sword" does more than it would with the Jab Power Sword, but try to
do that combo from a jumping short(or roundhouse, preferably!)for even
sweeter damage! It also looks good! As for Tommy and Zack, if you think that
multiple ducking Shorts into their moves is impressive...do it from a jump 
real flash. Just start ballin' on the Jab/Short button(A) when you jump up,
and hold down before you land. If you connect...it'll be several sweet hits!

One breed of combo I failed to mention: run-ins. This is only for the player
who's determined to win by fighting cheese with even more cheese. It's based
on Madam Woe's style of attack(on level eight)where she keeps running in at
you with a lot of jabs before letting up...especially in the zord battle. 
should knock an opponent down in some way, run in, and start jabbin'em up.
The best ones to try this with are: Tommy and Zack, and if you think you're
good, Billy(run in with two jabs into a Fierce Lance)and Jason(run in with
two jabs into a Fierce Power Sword). For Billy and Jason(especially Jason!),
it's suggested you try those combos with the Jab versions of their weapons
before actually doing their phat Fierce counterparts.

Wish List/Miscellaneous Info: Stuff You Don't Care About Anyway
   These are the things peeps wanna see in the Power Rangers Zeo or
Power Rangers Turbo fighters for Genesis or Saturn:
            -A game with a select screen like a fighting game
            -A game where all the Rangers from MMPR to PRT
             can do battle with the villains, with all the
             variants of all the Megazords playable and the zord
             carriers as hidden characters
            -An engine that exploits all the buttons of a six-button
            -Rendered 3D graphics of the digitized actors and actresses
            -The Rangers' helmets not looking palette-swapped like their
   As with all fighting games, MMPR has its drawbacks. First, it's Power
Rangers on Genesis...nuff said. Second, the monsters cheat more than anyone
in any other fighting game(except Cyclops in XMvsSF)! Third, the sounds and 
music are horrible! How MMPR:TM's music and sounds were better(they got the 
show's soundtrack on there!)is a total mystery to me...YES, MMPR:TM on the
Genesis has VASTLY superior music and sound.

Credits: Who's Responsible
Sega/Banpresto: For such a pitiful game that its sequel outdid altogether
Shin Starmie: Well, I wrote this thing for crying out loud!
AngelSerenity: Provided the moves...too bad you're not as good at UMK3 or 
               as you are at MMPR, girl! But keep practicin', honey. Luv ya!
Saban: The brotha who borrowed everything from Zyuuranger to Timeranger. 
       let the show DIE after this season!! Do NOT bring Gaoranger over 
       the outfits are the worst ever!!!

(c)1997-2001 John "Shin Starmie" Evans (shinkuu_hadouken@hotmail.com)
             and Juliana "AngelSerenity" Oduro