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How do you do the one button fatalities for MK3 on sega genesis?Ive turned them on in the secrets menu but then nothing happens. Please help

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jh51681 answered:

These are from the UMK3 FAQs page but they also apply to MK3.
from MKraft's FAQ/Move List:

With this option turned on (in the killer kodes menu), you can shorten the
amount of button presses you need to do a fatality. The button to press is
based on the following:

1. If the move requires you to hold down block, then BLOCK is the quick end.
ex: Jax Arm blade fatal: Hold BL+(U-D-F-U) so quick end is BL.

2. If the move requires you to hold down any other button besides block than
the quick end is to charge and release that button.
ex: Kano Skeleton Rip: Hold LP+(F-D-D-F) so quick end is charge LP and

3. If the move has no buttons you hold down then the last button(s) and/or
direction pressed (or both a direction and button) is the quick end.
ex: Cyrax copter: D-D-U-D-HP so quick end is HP.
ex: Liu Kang friend: R-R-R-D+R so quick end is D+R

SONYA Fat2: D+BL+R(past half screen) Friend: D+run

Even though The Animality option is present it doesn't work.
Also Sub-Zero's UMK3 FAQ has a list of Quick End buttons for each character:
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