• Cheats

    Enter the following after the bell rings at the Mortal Kombat 3 logo:

    Fight as SmokePress A, B(2), A, Down, A, B(2), A, Down, Up(2)

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

  • Start Screen Codes

    At the start screen, press the following:

    Access Smoke, Bosses and Hidden GameC, Right, A, Left, A, Up, C, Right, A, Left, A, Up
    Cheats OptionA, C, Up, B, Up, B, A, Down
    Endurance MatchA+B+C+Start
    Secrets MenuB, A, Down, Left, A, Down, C, Right, Up, Down

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.


  • Versus Screen Codes

    At the versus screen before the match, Player 1 enters the 1st 3 digits while Player 2 enters the last 3. The first digit in each parenthesis for both Player one and Player two is A if it says 4 you tap it 4 times. The same process is used for the middle digit which is B, and the third digit which is C.

    1 Button FatalitiesP1: (9,4,4) P2: (9,4,4)
    Auto Health RecoverP1: (0,2,1) P2: (0,2,1)
    Auto TourneyP1: (9,8,9) P2: (8,9,8)
    Bad Luck With TNTP1: (9,2,9) P2: (6,4,6)
    Blocking DisableP1: (0,2,0) P2: (0,2,0)
    Dark KombatP1: (6,8,8) P2: (4,2,2)
    Disable KombosP1: (9,9,9) P2: (9,9,5)
    Disable SweepsP1: (0,9,1) P2: (2,9,3)
    Endurance MatchP1: (0,0,6) P2: (0,4,0)
    Extended Fatality TimeP1: (9,5,5) P2: (9,5,5)
    Fast Uppercut RecoverP1: (6,9,9) P2: (6,9,9)
    Game CreditsP1: (1,2,2) P2: (3,3,3)
    Hidden Energy BarP1: (9,8,7) P2: (1,2,3)
    Hyper FightingP1: (1,9,1) P2: (1,9,1)
    Inflict 1/2 damageP1: (3,9,0) P2: (3,9,0)
    InvisibilityP1: (4,9,9) P2: (4,9,9)
    More Energy, No TimeP1: (4,3,2) P2: (2,3,4)
    More Finishing TimeP1: (9,5,5) P2: (9,5,5)
    No AbuseP1: (9,1,1) P2: (9,1,1)
    No energy barsP1: (9,8,7) P2: (0,1,3)
    No Special Moves!P1: (5,5,5) P2: (5,5,6)
    P1 at Half PowerP1: (0,3,3) P2: (0,0,0)
    P1 at Quarter PowerP1: (7,0,7) P2: (0,0,0)
    P2 at Half PowerP1: (0,0,0) P2: (0,3,3)
    P2 at Quarter PowerP1: (0,0,0) P2: (7,0,7)
    Play GalagaP1: (6,4,2) P2: (4,6,8)
    Play SlotsP1: (9,8,7) P2: (6,5,5)
    Pong MK4P1: (3,0,3) P2: (6,0,6)
    Random Selection of opponentP1: (4,6,0) P2: (4,6,0)
    RegenerateP1: (0,1,1) P2: (9,7,1)
    Super Run JumpsP1: (3,2,1) P2: (7,8,9)
    Sweeping DisableP1: (0,9,1) P2: (2,9,3)
    Throws DisabledP1: (1,0,0) P2: (1,0,0)
    Timer DownP1: (4,9,4) P2: (4,9,4)
    Timer OffP1: (6,6,7) P2: (2,5,5)
    Unlimited RunP1: (4,6,6) P2: (4,6,6)
    Winner fights MotaroP1: (9,6,9) P2: (1,4,1)
    Winner fights Noob SaibotP1: (7,6,9) P2: (3,4,2)
    Winner fights Shao KahnP1: (0,3,3) P2: (5,6,4)
    Winner fights Smoke.P1: (2,0,5) P2: (2,0,5)

    Contributed By: Angel Omega 11, Undergrads2003, and ATadeo.


  • Always defeated w/ a brutality or fatality

    Lose a single player match and hold Down on controllers 1 and 2. Your opponent will end the match with a fatality or brutality

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

  • Play Secret Game

    Fight in 2 player mode 100 times and the game, which is similar to galaga will appear

    Contributed By: crazy joker.

  • Seret Arena

    While fighting Shao Kahn during one player mode, press start on the second player controller. Play a two player games, and you will battle in the sky.

    Contributed By: RAMS.

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