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I use to think Sonic Adventure 2 was the best sonic game ever until I played Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis.....BenhTheMan10/10
A Great Start To A Great SeriesBlackWarriorX9/10
A decent game, but Super Mario World was a much better betBrak5/10
The beginning of the blue hedgehog's career.Calamity10/10
A fun, original Sonic classic!CChan9/10
Still one of the greatest platformers of all timeChateauNoir10/10
From The Book of Doodleheimer - Spiked superheroes are a necessity in today's world.Doodleheimer7/10
A blue blur in gaming history...FrenZy9/10
Where it ALL started....Goku9/10
The blue bomber's first appearance is worthy of standing against Mario.GSephiroth9/10
And So It Goeshazuki_dojo_988/10
A decent start to one of my favorite seriesirrewonderful7/10
Sega's Mario is not a Human nor Apejoeyissoweird10/10
Super Speed, Super GameJordanM9/10
One of the best games in history.JPeeples10/10
A revolutionary game from back when Sega actually cared about their fansLordAtomic10/10
The Original Sega Speed-side-scrolling Hog!Mage9/10
A Legend is Born; Room for ImprovementMManos8/10
A good start for a classic series.neonreaper8/10
The Introduction of a LegendNTsui9/10
The beginning of a legacy.Orbunaut16967/10
A good classic game, showed off the power of GenesisPsycho Penguin8/10
The great start to a great series. Ah. I love it when that happens!Rick9/10
It's Sonic, what's to say?seebs19/10
Sonic returns, in all his 16-bit glory.ShadowGuardian98/10
A Good Game To Start A Good Franchise!SonicGamer748/10
The first game of Sonic where it all began!SONIC_30510/10
One of the best Genesis gamessonikuu8/10
A platform classic which has earn its place in historystonedwal9/10
A must-haveSuper Mario8/10
The fastest thing alive speeds onto the Genesistheshinerufus10/10
Say "no" to a game like this? I think not.Ultimante Life Form9/10
My first review is dedicated to the classic that bought me into gamingveryhandsome9/10
The platform of a great character and series.Vyse_skies7/10

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