Hard More Boss FAQ by Nikta

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                       *                          *
                       *       GUNSTAR HEROES     *
                       *          BOSS FAQ        *
                       *          FOR THE         *
                       * SEGA GENESIS/MEGA DRIVE  *
                       *                          *

*                                      *
* Copyright 2004, Evan Atkin           *
* December 13, 2004                     *
* Version 1.1                          *
* Written and Researched by Evan Atkin *
* E-mail: Pidgeo5@yahoo.com            *
* Boss FAQ written for Hard mode       *
*                                      *

Table of Contents

**Note** I have included index numbers below. If you wish to skip to a 
         specific section, simply run a search for the number
         (be sure to include the whole number in your search).

0.1 Introduction
0.2 Story
0.3 Controls
0.4 Additional Controls
0.5 Shot Types
   0.5.1 Free Shot
   0.5.2 Fixed Shot
0.6 Weapons 
   0.6.1 Machine Gun
   0.6.2 Lightning
   0.6.3 Homing
   0.6.4 Fire
0.7 Combinations
   0.7.1 Machine Gun x 2
   0.7.2 Machine Gun + Lightning
   0.7.3 Machine Gun + Homing 
   0.7.4 Machine Gun + Fire
   0.7.5 Lightning + Machine Gun
   0.7.6 Lightning x 2
   0.7.7 Lightning + Homing
   0.7.8 Lightning + Fire
   0.7.9 Homing + Machine Gun
   0.7.10 Homing + Lightning
   0.7.11 Homing x 2
   0.7.12 Homing + Fire
   0.7.13 Fire + Machine Gun
   0.7.14 Fire + Lightning
   0.7.15 Fire + Homing
   0.7.16 Fire x 2
Level 1: The Ancient Ruins
             1.1: Papaya Dance 
             1.2: Bravoo Man
             1.3: Pinky Roader
Level 2: The Underground Mine
             2.1: Seven Force
                  2.1.1: Soldier Force
                  2.1.2: Tails Force
                  2.1.3: Tiger Force
                  2.1.4: Eagle Force
                  2.1.5: Blaster Force
                  2.1.6: Urchin Force
                  2.1.7: Crab Force
Level 3: The Flying Battleship
             3.1: Swapping Reg
             3.2: Colonel Red
             3.3: Orange
Level 4: Black's Strange Fortress
             4.1: Hanging Turret
             4.2: Valvalion
             4.3: Item Room 1
             4.4: Timeron
             4.5: Rush & Go!
             4.6: Minion Soldier
             4.7: Melon Bread
             4.8: Destroy
             4.9: Pit
             4.10: Rush & Go!
             4.11: Item Room 2
             4.12: Phantom
             4.13: Vortex Base
             4.14: Curry & Rice
             4.15: Abarenbou Gel
             4.16: Super Gondola
             4.17: Item Room 3
             4.18: The Way Back
             4.19: Black Beat Stepper
Level 5: Rescue Yellow!
             5.1: Final Great Soldier
             5.2: Smash Daisaku (A.K.A. Colonel Red)
Level 6: The Empire's Spacecraft
             6.1: Timeron
             6.2: 1000mm Gun
             6.3: Seven Force 
             6.4: Core Guard System
                  6.4.1: Unit of the Hammer
                  6.4.2: Unit of the Dragon
                  6.4.3: Unit of the Runner
Level 7: The Final Assault
             7.1: Duck Battalion
             7.2: Pink Lobster
             7.3: Orange
             7.4: Black Fly
             7.5: Green
             7.6: Golden Silver
8.0 Contact Information
9.0 Legal Information


0.1 Introduction

Welcome! My name is Evan and this is my Boss FAQ for Gunstar Heroes for the
Sega Genesis. Gunstar Heroes was developed in 1993 by the amazing people at 
Treasure - who, after some creative differences with their original employer, 
Konami, decided to go into business themselves... thus forming Treasure!). 
The game play is similar at times to run & gun action titles like Contra or 
Metal Slug; with swarms of enemies on the screen at one time, over-the-top 
boss battles, and action, action, and more action! What set this game apart 
from other action platformers (at the time) was the ability to carry two 
weapons and combine them for varying effects. Although the game is over ten 
years old, it is still challenging and enjoyable to play, offering many 
memorable boss fights.

0.2 Story 
(Taken directly from the instruction booklet) 

Sometime in the future, somewhere not too far from where you live, an amazing 
adventure takes place...

The Gunstar family has been the protector of the Gunstar 9 (G-9) for 
generations. Professor White Gunstar, in his youth, defeated the Robot Golden 
Silver, a machine that traveled millions of miles to suck G-9 dry of all its 
resources. Professor White was able to extract the four famous Mystical Gems 
(The robot's power source), and imprisoned the robot on one of G-9's moons.

But now, years later, a new menace has arisen.  Colonel Red, a vicious 
dictator (and a very bad dresser), found out that the Gunstars knew the 
location of the Mystical Gems.  One day, The Colonel kidnapped the Gunstar 
twins' older brother Green and used a mind control machine to make Green obey 
his orders.

With Green's help, Colonel Red has amassed all four Mystical Gems, has turned 
Gunstar 9's peaceful worker droids into deadly menaces, and is now preparing 
to leave for Gunstar 9's moon to reactivate Golden Silver.  As one of the 
Gunstar twins, you must fight your way past Colonel Red's Empire Army and 
retrieve the Mystical gems, or Golden Silver, the Destructor will rise again 
and destroy your world!  Are you heroic enough for the task?

0.3 Controls (Default)

Control pad up: Look/aim up

Control pad down: Duck/aim down

Control pad left/right: Run in the desired direction

(A) Select button: When you have two weapons in your inventory, select will 
                   allow you to choose between slot 1, slot 2, and combination 

(B) Jump button: Allows you to spring free from the ground by the muscular 
                 action of your lower appendages...i.e. Jump. 

(C) Fire button: Shoot your selected weapon. If you are near an enemy or bomb 
                 that can be thrown, press the fire button and the desired 
                 direction. Also used as the punch button when you don't have 
                 your gun in Black's Dice Palace.

0.4 Additional Controls

Slide: By holding the control pad down and pressing the jump button, you can 
       execute a slide in the direction you are facing. Use it to evade 
       attacks or damage enemies.

Running Slide: Harder to pull off than the regular slide. Perform a 
               half-circle with the control pad (ending the half-circle in 
               the direction you want to slide), and press the jump button at 
               the same time you complete the half-circle. Damages enemies and 

Body slam/Jump kick: Press the jump button again while in the air to perform
                     a body slam/jump kick. Use to cause multiple damage to 
                     enemies and bosses.

Holding onto a platform/climb up: Stand under the platform you wish to grab 
                                  onto. Hold up on the control pad and press
                                  the jump button to grab.
                    To climb up, push up and jump again. If there are any 
                    enemies in your way, they will be damaged. If you are 
                    above the platform and want to get down, simply hold down 
                    on the control pad and press the jump button. 

Wall kick: Jump towards the wall in question and press the jump button when 
           you are against the wall. You can also use this trick to jump 
           against the side of the screen.

Throw: Press the fire button while near an enemy or bomb you wish to throw, 
       and hold the control pad in the desired direction.

Block: By pressing both Jump and Fire at the same time, your character will
       go into a blocking stance. This will reduce the damage taken from 
       some attacks, but not all! You can still be thrown, if you're 

0.5 Shot Types

Before you start, you will be asked to decide between Free shot or Fixed shot. 

0.5.1 (FREE SHOT)
       * Pros
         - Your character will be able to run while shooting
         - You can do a body slam when you press jump twice (instead of a 
           jump kick)
         - The Lightning + Homing combination will come in handy during boss 
         - You can duck and shoot at the same time.

       * Cons
         - Your character can not stand still and fire (unless shooting 
           straight up), making shooting stationary enemies at an angle 
         - The Homing + Fire combination will be very difficult to use.  
         - You won't be able to shoot straight down (unless you jump).

0.5.2 (FIXED SHOT)
       * Pros
         - Your character will be able to stand still and fire in 8 
         - You will be able to use the Homing + Fire combination with ease!
         - You will do a jump kick when you press jump twice (instead of 
           a body slam).

       * Cons
         - Dodging enemies will be difficult...especially if you have to stop 
           to shoot them!
         - You won't be able to run & gun with the Lightning + Homing 
         - You can't duck while shooting (it will cause you to aim down 

Choose carefully, because it will affect your strategy during the game (to be
honest, I have always chosen "Free shot" when I play because it's just easier 
to use. If this is your first time through the game, I would suggest choosing 
free shot. Once you have chosen, you can't change your mind.

0.6 Weapons 

In addition to your brawling skills, there are many weapons at your disposal. 
When you first start the game, Professor White will instruct you to choose 
a weapon. Choose carefully because this is the weapon you will always start 
with when you continue (although you can always switch it for a different 
weapon during a level). It's a good idea to choose a weapon based on 
the style of shot you chose. You have 4 types of weapons to choose from and 
as you play through the stages, you will be able to pick up additional 
weapons and combine their effects! There are 10 different weapon combinations 
in the game (not including the standard weapons). 

0.6.1 Machine Gun 

Your run-of-the-mill machine gun fire. It can't shoot through enemies, but 
it has the highest rate of fire for all the weapons. 

0.6.2 Lightning

Shoots a blue laser straight in whichever direction you are pointing. It can 
pass through enemies, but also has the 2nd slowest rate of fire.

0.6.3 Homing

Shoots little "homing bullets" at your enemies. The weakest weapon to start 
with in the game, and it can't shoot more that 6 bullets at a time. It's a 
good weapon to use for combinations though.

0.6.4 Fire

Torches enemies at close range, but the flame doesn't reach far. Great if 
your the type who just wants to sprint through the level. Hold down the fire 
button for a continuous stream of fire. 

0.7 Combinations


0.7.1 Machine Gun x 2
This will amplify the size and spread of your bullets. Also increases the 
rate of fire.

0.7.2 Machine Gun + Lightning
Shoots a sectioned laser beam. By rotating the control pad, you can fan the 
beam to shoot in more than 8 directions.

0.7.3 Machine Gun + Homing
Machine Gun fire with homing ability. Can be tricky at times to focus on one 

0.7.4 Machine Gun + Fire
Shoots balls of fire that explode on contact, causing damage to all enemies 
in the vicinity of the blast. 


0.7.5 Lightning + Machine Gun
Same as Machine Gun + Lighting

0.7.6 Lightning x 2
Amplifies the strength of your laser, also improving the rate of fire. 

0.7.7 Lightning + Homing
Shoots a homing laser that will move from enemy to enemy, causing damage 
until they are destroyed. Excellent for boss fights where you have to 
concentrate on dodging.

0.7.8 Lightning + Fire
A Laser sword! Probably the most powerful weapon in the game. You can also 
use the sword to destroy bullets and lasers fired at you by your enemies!
It doesn't have a long reach, so it can make some boss battles hard for you.


0.7.9 Homing + Machine Gun
Same as Machine Gun + Homing

0.7.10 Homing + Lightning
Same as Lightning + Homing

0.7.11 Homing x 2
Amplifies the strength and number of homing bullets you can shoot. It also
turns your bullets into stars.

0.7.12 Homing + Fire
Shoots a ball of fire that you can control and move around the screen. 
Careful though! While your controlling the fire, you can't move!


0.7.13 Fire + Machine Gun
Same as Machine Gun + Fire.

0.7.14 Fire + Lightning
Same as Lightning + Fire

0.7.15 Fire + Homing
Same as Homing + Fire

0.7.16 Fire x 2
Amplifies the strength and reach of your flamethrower. If you release the 
fire button, then the flame will travel in the direction you were last 


Level 1: The Ancient Ruins (3 bosses)

1.1 (Mini-Boss) Papaya Dance 
    (Vitality) 1234
    (Methods of attack) 
     Balloon Bomber: Drops spores that look like balloons.
     Mother Ant: A giant worm will materialize and inch its way towards you.

This will probably be the first mini-boss you run into. Simply fire straight 
up into the top of the tree. Since it will sway when hit, it's best to use a
weapon like Laser + Homing or Fire + Fire. Avoid the balloon pods the boss 
will drop and keep an eye out for a large ball of light that will 
occasionally drop from the sky. When it hits the ground, it will turn into a 
giant caterpillar and inch towards you. 

1.2 (Mini-Boss) Bravoo Man 
    (Vitality) 3421
    (Methods of Attack)
     Dragon Punch: Uppercut punch
     Spinning Driver: Bravoo man will fly off the screen, then across to the 
                      opposite side, fully replenishing his energy!
     Ballerina Twirl: Twirls on one leg
     Flying Russian Dance Spin: Bravoo man jumps into the air and spins in a
                                Russian Dance kinda style...
     Leg Sweep: Bravoo man will try to kick you with a leg sweep.

This boss is a bit more difficult than Papaya Dance...but not by much. The 
spinning driver move will recharge all of Bravoo Man's vitality, so its
important to finish him off as soon as you can. Your best bet is to just 
follow him around, jumping into him with your body slam and when you land, 
slide to cause more damage. Another trick is to time your body slam so you 
can kick off the side of the screen and back into Bravoo Man to cause more 
damage. Don't let up!

1.3 (Boss) Pinky Roader 
    (Vitality) 3201
    (Methods of Attack)
     Hitman Shot:  One of Pink's lackeys will fire at you from a retractable 
     Homing Bombs: Homing bombs
     Iron Knuckle: A giant spiked ball which will try to flatten you.

Here's the first minion of Colonel Red, Pink is paired up with a comical pair 
of lackeys. The Pinky Roader will start on the left side of the screen, 
attacking you with the hitman shot. Do your best to avoid the lasers, and try 
to hit the main body of the Pinky Roader. After a bit, the turret will 
retract and the Pinky Roader will begin to stomp. This means it is getting 
ready to move towards you. Either jump over it, or slide under it as it 
raises its legs (this is more of a challenge). If you're really gutsy and 
have a lot of health (and a good weapon, I suggest Lightning + Fire), you can 
stay under the Pinky Roader and fire up into the belly. Doing this will pin 
you under the boss and make escape difficult, but it will be easier to get
more hits in. As the Pinky Roader moves across the screen, it will swing the 
Iron Knuckle at you. It's pretty slow and easy to dodge. Next it will start 
to fire off some homing bombs. It will repeat this pattern again, then start 
jumping from side to side. Be patient, and it should go down.

For trouncing Pink and her lackeys, the blue jewel is now yours!

Level 2: The Underground Mine (1 boss)

2.1 (Boss) Seven Force (Green) 
(3 Forces on Easy, 5 Forces on Normal, all 7 Forces on Hard/Expert)

2.1.1 Soldier Force 
     (Vitality) 4101
     (Methods of Attack)
      Arm Vortex: Shoots his arm at you for a distance attack.
      Arm Boomerang: Tosses 3 boomerangs that spread out and cover the top 
                     half of the screen.
      Steel Balls: Tosses a cluster of three balls at you if you're on the 
      Power Slide: A nasty surprise if you get too close while on the ground!

**Horizontal Mine**
You will always start off the battle against Soldier Force. For this battle,
it's best to stay near the upper-right portion of the screen. If Soldier 
throws his arm boomerangs at you, just move to the  bottom-right of
the screen. When he points his fist at you, you have a few seconds before he 
fires his arm at you. Keep your distance and stay mobile and you should be 
able to dodge his attacks with no problem. If you get too close to him while 
on the ground, Soldier will slide into you! Stay on the ceiling and keep
shooting. If you have to move behind Soldier, be ready to dodge his 
boomerangs with less space to move.
2.1.2 Tail Force 
     (Vitality) 4102
     (Methods of Attack)
      Somersault Tail: Does a somersault, whipping his tail over his head
      Lightning Zap: A turret opens on the head and pelts you with a wide
                     spray of bullets.

**Vertical Mine**
Usually, Tails will move counter-clockwise against the edge of the mine, 
starting from the top. When it gets to the lower-left corner of the mine, it 
will begin to shoot at you while it continues moving counter-clockwise. 
Follow a bit behind the tail to avoid getting shot. Tails will then stop on 
the right side of the mine and stay there for a bit, giving you an opening to 
attack. Keep an eye on the turret on top of Tail's head though. When it 
starts to open, get ready to dodge! Move down just a bit on the left wall so
you can still hit Tails, but not get hit. If it starts to somersault, cross 
over to the opposite wall in between spins.

2.1.3 Tiger Force 
     (Vitality) 4203
     (Methods of Attack)
      Sight Laser: Two methods of attack. One is a small cross hair that will
                   follow you along the screen and shoot a beam of energy 
                   where the crosshair stops. The second is similar, 
                   except the crosshair is larger and the beam will explode
                   when it makes contact.
      Trace Zapper: Shoots a laser that ricochets around the screen. Pay
                    attention to the dotted pattern for insight on where the
                    laser will go.
**Horizontal Mine**
The sight laser is Tiger's main weapon, which is easy enough to avoid. 
Keep moving along the top of the mine and don't stop! Tiger will usually 
alternate between shooting at you a few times with a small sight, then using 
a larger sight to shoot a grenade at you. Just keep moving around on the top 
of the mine and you should be able to avoid his attacks. After a few shots 
from the sight laser, Tiger will set-up his trace zapper. Pay attention to the
pattern because it will give you a general idea how the laser is going to 
ricochet off the walls. This will be the best time to attack. Tiger will 
usually repeat this attack a few times, then switch back to the sight laser.
2.1.4 Eagle Force 
     (Vitality) 4005
     (Methods of Attack)
      Dance Dance: Climbs up the mineshaft, blocking your passage. You will
                   need timing to get past his wings and tail unharmed.
      Spread Laser: (Used in stage 6) Chases you around the screen shooting
                    lasers at you.

**Vertical Mine**
You won't have to dodge any shots during the battle with Eagle Force, but you
will have to pay close attention to how it moves. Eagle will climb up the mine
shaft, blocking your way as it goes. The wings can move in three positions, 
while the tail will only move back and forth. Timing is important here, so 
watch carefully. Eagle will always start this battle with the its head 
facing up. The best time to move is when one of the wings is pointing up 
with the tail under the opposite wing, giving you a clear escape route. Make
sure there is enough room at the bottom of the screen to avoid the tail! 
Once Eagle reaches the top of the mine, it will come back down to 
start the climb again. If the Eagle's head is facing the left or right of the 
mine, then all you have to worry about is the wings, so take this opportunity 
to really unload on it. If Eagle comes at you backwards, good luck! Use the 
same strategy as before when Eagle was facing the top of the mine shaft.

2.1.5 Blaster Force 
     (Vitality) 4007
     (Methods of Attack)
      Grenade Shoot: Perhaps when the gun is loading (I have never seen it
                     shoot a grenade at me)?
      Gold Bullet: (12 Shots) Fires bullets at you.

**Horizontal Mine**
Blaster Force is the easiest to beat out of all the Force incarnations. Before
it can get a shot off, position yourself just under the second circle on the
Blaster (probably where the trigger would be). Then just point up and fire. 
The gun will spin and fire off all 12 shots, but they won't hit you at all! 
They will just explode harmlessly to your left. Keep firing away at the 
Blaster until it is defeated.
2.1.6 Urchin Force 
     (Vitality) 4304
     (Methods of Attack)
      Hypersonic Spin: (Starts after Vitality is below 1500) Spins in the 
                       center of the screen shooting energy balls in various 
      Rush & Roulette: Bounces back and forth along the top/bottom of the 
                       screen, randomly charging at you.

**Vertical Mine**
**Phase 1**
Urchin Force has two phases of attack. The first is its Rush & Roulette 
attack. Starting at the top of the mine, it will bounce back and forth. Just 
before it will charge you, it will spin faster, then dash down/up the wall it
is against. Always stay at the opposite end of the mine during this fight. 
If Urchin starts to dash at you, switch to the opposite wall then make your 
way to the bottom/top of the mine. 

**Phase 2**
When Urchin's vitality reaches 1500, it will reform in the center of the mine
and begin its hypersonic spin. As it spins, energy balls will form on the
tips of its spines. When it stops, you have a very short time to find an
opening and avoid the balls. Find an opening and keep hitting Urchin while it 
is spinning.

2.1.7 Crab Force 
     (Vitality) 4505
     (Methods of Attack)
      Crash Mine: Drops mines along the top and bottom of the mine (at the 
                  same time).
      Will o the Wisp: Shoots a ball of energy that travels diagonally from 
                       its turret.
      Wall: Deploys a wall that is 4 segments tall.

**Horizontal Mine**
You will always be able to see what attack Crab Force is going to execute
next. This fight will require a lot of dodging, so stay on your toes!
Stay near the right side of the mine and pay attention to Crab. When it is 
going to fire a wall at you, jump up/down to avoid it (sometimes you will
have to weave in between a series of walls!). The mines are easy enough to 
avoid, simply jump over them. As for the will-o-wisps, they will only travel 
diagonally from their position. You only have to worry about the will-o-wisps 
that are opposite from your position (I.E. You're on the top, so worry about 
the ones coming from the bottom). Keep dodging and firing straight ahead and 
you should be finished with this boss soon enough!

Your reward for defeating Seven Force is the green jewel!

Level 3: The Flying Battleship (3 Bosses)

3.1 (Mini-Boss) Swapping Reg 
    (Vitality) 2041
    (Methods of Attack)
     Reg Vulcan: Peppers the ground below it with machine gun fire. Can also
                 raise its legs to fire.

The Swapping Reg is pretty easy to beat. Just wait for it come into the 
screen and then use its leg as a boost to get on to the wire hanging 
over-head. It helps to have Laser + Homing for this mini-boss, but if you 
don't just hang down from the wire and fire at the Reg while it is attacking. 
It won't be able to hit you if you're far enough away from it.

3.2 (Mini-Boss) Colonel Red 
    (Vitality) 0520
    (Methods of Attack)
     Bombs: Flies around the screen dropping bombs on the helicopter.
     After Burn: (retaliatory attack for being thrown) A quick dash that is
                  very difficult to dodge. 

Here's your first battle with Colonel Red. After he taunts you a bit, he will 
begin to fly around the screen, dropping bombs on you. Keep shooting him 
while avoiding the bombs (You can throw them back at him if you're quick 
enough). Don't try to throw him though. If you do, he will retaliate every 
time with his after burn attack.

3.3 (Boss) Orange 
    (Vitality) 2400
    (Methods of Attack)
     Hard Shoulder: Orange dashes at you with his shoulder.
     Break Wind: A fart that will explode along the wing of the helicopter
                 (if you are on the wing) or directly below Orange (if you 
                 are below Orange).
     Rotor Press: Orange jumps up onto the helicopter's rotor, spins around, 
                  and tries to land on you from above.

The first time you encounter Orange, you might have a hard time with
him. Unlike most bosses, Orange can only take so much damage until he is 
knocked down. Afterwards he will be invincible for a short time. 
(Exception: You can keep damaging Orange while he is doing the rotor press). 
It's best to keep your distance from Orange and shoot up from under the 
helicopter (I suggest you use Lightning + Homing to make the fight easier).
If you're really daring, you can try to throw Orange into or off the 
helicopter. The helicopter usually banks to catch him, so he will recover 
fast! If Orange does manage to get a hold of you, he'll body slam you a few
times...and sometimes throw you off. 

The white jewel is now yours for showing Orange who's the boss!

Level 4: Black's Strange Fortress (11 Bosses!)

4.1 (Mini-Boss) Hanging Turret 
    (Vitality) 0860
    (Method of Attack)
     Chain-gun Attack: Fires bullets directly in front of the turret.

Pretty simple to beat. Stay under the boss and keep shooting up at it. Mind 
the soldiers though...they will still come pouring into the screen to keep 
you busy.

* Enter the Dice Maze... *
Blue   >  Item   >  Yellow  > Blue   > Red     > Blue    > Blue    > Yellow
Space 1   Room 1    Space 1   Space 2  Space 1   Space 3   Space 4   Space 2
 ^                                                                     V
Start                                                               Yellow
                                                                    Space 3
                                                                     Room 2
    Final <  Way   < Item   < Red     < Yellow  < No Gun < Red     < Red
    Boss     Back!   Room 3   Space 4   Space 4   Space    Space 3   Space 2

Black's Dice Maze is loaded with a bunch of mini-bosses. Below is a detailed
description of each space.

** Blue Space 1 **
4.2 (Mini-boss) Valvalion
    (Vitality) 2821
    (Method of Attack) 
     Ram: Will try to run into you with its head.

Valvalion is a giant snake that will try to ram you. It will always attack 
from right to left, always bouncing in the same four spaces on the ground. 
The best way to avoid this attack is to stand a little off to the left or 
right from the center of the screen. Valvalion should bounce over your head 
and you can keep shooting it. When it starts to curl up on itself, its 
preparing to come straight at you...so get ready to run! 

** Item Room 1 **
4.3 Item Room

Choose between a Machine Gun, Lightning, Homing, or Heart power-up.

** Yellow Space 1 **
4.4 (Mini-boss) Timeron
    (Vitality) 2423
    (Method of Attack)
     4-D Bombs: Timeron drops bombs that explode and, after 10 seconds have 
                passed, will "rewind" the last 10 seconds of its actions.

Notice the timer above Timeron for it plays a role in this battle. Every time
the timer starts, it will count up to 10, then back down. Timeron will float 
above you, trying to drop bombs on your head. After the fourth bomb has been 
dropped (Usually 10 seconds have passed), it will begin to reverse time, 
and pick up the bombs as they implode. Just stay away from the bombs and 
keep shooting at Timeron. 

** Blue Space 2 **
4.4 Rush & Go!

Navigating the maze and getting the correct gate to open for you can be a 
challenge. You will start at the bottom of a 3x4 grid. The best path for you 
to take is left one, up two, then left two (Reference the diagram below for
more information). Punch the buttons to match the color with the gate you 
want opened. 

|   | > | > |Fin| 
|   | ^ |   |   |
| > | ^ |   |   |

** Red Space 1 **
4.5 (Mini-boss) Minion Soldier
    (Vitality) 2010
    (Method of Attack)
     Multiply: Spawns a group of replicas that chase you. Can be destroyed 
               with one shot though.
     Mini-Hadoken: Small, but powerful. Spirals in a straight line across
                   the screen.

This mini-boss is a big pain-in-the-butt. You'll have to crouch to hit him 
with your weapons (Unless you have Lightning + Homing), and he will 
constantly chase you around the room. If you get caught, he will toss 
you, doing about 20 damage! He also can spawn little versions of himself 
that explode or shoot a mini-hadoken at you. Just stay away from him and 
if he gets too close, slide into him to push him back a bit. 

** Blue Space 3 **
4.6 (Mini-boss) Melon Bread
    (Vitality) 1310
    (Method of Attack)
     Spit: Spits a bomb out of its mouth. Very easy to avoid.

This mini-boss is a big pushover (but a cute one). Just fire straight up at 
the nose. You can let it chew on you (you won't get damaged), but when it's 
finished, it will spit out a glowing bomb. That's the only thing you have to 

** Blue Space 4 **
4.7 Destroy!!!
   (Vitality) 0847

You have 1 minute to destroy the vehicle. Start with the boxes on the left 
and right side of the vehicle. You should be able to find a heart in one of 
the boxes.

** Yellow Space 2 **
4.8 (Mini-boss) Pit
    (Vitality) 0375 per sphere
    (Method of Attack)
     Crushing: You will take damage if you get caught under the moving wall, 
               or any of the spheres.

This battle can get a little congested at times. You won't get damaged if you 
stand on top of the spheres (this will keep them from bouncing around), but 
you can get crushed by them and the moving wall (The spheres can also hurt 
you if you touch them from the side). Try not to get cornered and keep 
shooting the spheres. The best thing to do is slide under the wall as it is 
moving towards you. This way you will have more room, and time, to focus on 
the spheres.

** Yellow Space 3 **

4.9 Rush & Go!

This space is easy to clear. Just body slam/jump kick up the walls and make 
your way to the goal. Take care of the soldiers along the way.

** Item Room 2 **
4.10 Item Room

Choose between a Fire, Machine Gun, Lightning, or Heart power-up.

** Red Space 2 **
4.11 (Mini-boss) Phantom
     (Vitality) Same as other Phantoms
     (Method of Attack)
      Kamikaze: Grabs you and releases a bomb that will damage you both.
      Dash: Slides into you.
      Bomb: Tosses bombs at you when you are too far away to slide at.

This Phantom is no different from the others you have faced. Just keep your 
distance and watch for the bombs he will toss at you (he can hit you anywhere
on the screen with them). Also be careful of his dash attack. If your timing
is good, you can throw the bombs back at Phantom, causing more damage.

** Red Space 3 **
4.12 (Mini-boss) Vortex Base
     (Vitality) 2802
     (Method of Attack)
      Roulette Laser: After a random sequence, a laser will travel from 
                      sphere to sphere in the same sequence they were lit.

The core's only method of attack is to shoot a laser thats redirected from 
sphere to sphere. Before the core attacks, the spheres lining the area will 
flash in a pattern (which tells you where the laser is going to go). When you 
have an opening, fire at the core.

** No Gun Space **
4.13 (Mini-boss) Curry & Rice
     (Vitality) 0362
     (Method of Attack)
      Scissor Kick: Does a short jump into the air and kicks its legs out. 
      Cartwheel: Jumps into the air and does a cartwheel.
      Punching Fury: Punches like crazy if you try to body slam into it.
      Exploding Head: Head flies off and explodes after you defeat it.

Oooohhhhh! This mini-boss can be frustrating at times. As the space states, 
you can't use your firearm. So only hand-to-hand combat is allowed. The trick 
here is to fake out Curry & Rice to do its scissor kick. Move in close, and 
then quickly backtrack as it tries to kick you. Wait until it lands, then 
slide into it. If you've timed it right, you can knock it back and you won't 
get hit! Be sure to run back though because Curry & Rice gets up fast! Once 
you have defeated Curry & Rice, the battle isn't over yet! The head will
fly off and explode, causing you a lot of damage if you get caught by the 
blast. Expect to take at least one or two hits from Curry & Rice during this 

** Yellow Space 4 **
4.14 (Mini-boss) Abarenbou Gel
     (Vitality) 3510
     (Method of Attack)
      Crush: The gel will try to crush you against the wall or ceiling.
      Bomb: Drops a bomb behind it so you can't slide under when it jumps.

It's pretty easy to avoid the Abarenbou Gel's attack. After it comes into the
screen, it will jump towards you, dropping a bomb behind itself. You can 
easily lead this boss around the room and it will do nothing more than take 
short hops and drop bombs. Back up against a wall and fire at it. When it has 
come close enough, jump on top of it and quickly jump off (Don't stay on top 
for too long or it will jump into the ceiling, crushing you). Run to the 
opposite end of the room and repeat.

** Red Space 4 **
4.15 (Mini-boss) Super Gondola
     (Vitality) Seven Turrets, each having 0375
     (Method of Attack)
      Bomb Turrets: Drops bombs that explode and destroy the floor where they
      Beam Turrets: Aims in three directions, trying to hit you with a beam of
      Spread Turrets: Shoots lasers in a three-way spread.
      Flame Turret: Shoots a wall of flame.
      Switch: Hit this to replace the floor if it has been destroyed. 

This fight is pretty tricky because the gondola will continue to move while 
it is firing at you. The Gondola has seven turrets in all. 2 bomb turrets, 
2 beam turrets, 2 spread-beam turrets, and 1 flame turret. In addition, there 
is a switch that will move the platform you are on, should a bomb destroy it.
Take out the bomb turrets first to prevent them from destroying anymore 
of the platform you're on. Next go for the beam turrets, then the spread 
turrets. Finally, take out the flame turret.

** Item Room 3 **
4.16 Item Room

Choose between a Homing, Fire, and two Heart power-ups.

** Way Back **
4.17 Way Back

If you're unlucky enough to land on this space, you'll have to start from the 
beginning of the dice board. However, you won't have to go through any
fights or trials you already cleared the first time through. You can only be
sent back to start once (but should you die while playing, you'll have to 
start all over again!).

** Final Boss **
4.18 (Boss) Black Beat Stepper
     (Vitality) 6482
     (Method of Attack)
      Red Fireball: Fire comes out of the square Black's left foot is on, and 
                    moves clockwise via red squares.
      Green Cutter: Same pattern as the Red Fireball, except it moves 
                    diagonally from green square to green square.
      Blue Cracker: 4 blue bombs simultaneously come out of each blue square 
                    and explode.
      Yellow Laser: 4 lasers will simultaneously shoot out from each yellow 
                    square and travel in a straight line across the room.

Once you know the pattern that Black sticks to, this battle is incredibly
easy. Pay attention to the different color floor plates surrounding the room 
(Clockwise from the bottom-left, the colors are Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and 
then repeat). Before Black will move, he will fire a die from his stepper. 
Take note of the number the die lands on, because its the number of steps he
will take. Whatever color the left foot stops on will determine the attack 
Black will execute (so you can pretty much predict which attack Black is going 
to do before he even takes a step!). 

Black's foot is on Red: A fireball will come out of the red square that 
Black's foot is on and travels clockwise via the red squares. Just jump out of
the way when it comes at you.

Black's foot is on Green: A string of green balls will come out of the green 
square that Black's foot is on and travel clockwise, diagonally, via the green 
squares. Just crouch in a corner and wait for the beam to pass over you.

Black's foot is on Blue: 4 blue bombs simultaneously come out of each blue 
square and explode. Stay in the center of the room for this attack. 

Black's foot is on Yellow: 4 lasers will simultaneously shoot out from each 
yellow square and travel in a straight line across the room. Stay in any of 
the four corners to avoid it. 

Overall, your best bet to avoiding Black's attacks is to just stay in a corner.
Of course the Blue Cutter is the exception. If you linger too long in the 
corner, you will get hit.

After you destroy the Black Beat Stepper, beware of Black's nasty little
trick! He will feign submission and give you a fake red jewel (Exploding 
after a few bounces)! Shoot him to make him cough up the real red jewel.

Level 5: Rescue Yellow!

5.1 (Boss) Final Great Soldier
    (Vitality) none...it's something cute the programmers put in.
    (Method of Attack)
     Love Love Dancing: It just sways back and forth on its feet.

Heh...this really isn't the boss, just a cute joke. Too bad you don't get to
fight him though. It would be interesting to see what Love Love Dancing 
really is.

5.2 (Boss) Smash Daisaku (a.k.a. Colonel Red)
    (Vitality) Phase 1: 2199  
               Phase 2: 3810
    (Method of Attack)
    (Phase 1)
     Bombs: Flies around the screen dropping bombs.
     After Burn: Will begin to spin, and then dash across the screen.

    (Phase 2)
     Spiral Head: Two types of fire. The first is a fireball that has a nasty 
                  tendency to curve up as you jump over it. The other is a 
                  pair of fireballs that weave up and down across the screen.
     Bravoo Reg: Kicks an extending leg at you from the air

**Phase 1**
After Smash Daisaku disposes of the Final Great Soldier (awwww), he will begin
to attack you the same way that he did in the Great Battleship stage. Only 
this time he will charge at you a lot more. When he begins to spin, get ready 
to dodge his after burn attack! 

**Phase 2**
After you have drained Smash's vitality, he will ditch his jetpack and 
continue the battle on foot. The biggest threat now is from his gun, which 
has two types of fire. One is a single shot that will snake its way, up and 
down towards you. Another is a pair of fireballs that will criss-cross
as they make their way towards you. The latter is easy enough to dodge (just
step in between the fireballs as they create an opening). The shot you really
have to look out for is the single shot. If you try to jump over it too early,
it will move up to hit you. Wait until the last minute to jump over the 
fireball. Eventually, Smash will begin to move towards you. Keep firing at 
him and watch his movements. When he jumps up, run under him quickly to avoid 
his extended kick, and then slide away from him. Keep this up and you should 
defeat him in no time.

Level 6: The Empire's Spacecraft

6.1 (Mini-boss) Timeron
    (Vitality) Can only take a few hits
    (Method of Attack)
     Varies depending on how long you have been fighting it. Generally 
     consists of bullets shot from Timeron or that materialize around the

Timeron is back! This time, it will start a timer and challenge you to dodge
its attacks. Unfortunately, the battle doesn't get more exciting than this. 
If you're looking to get a higher score, try to dodge the shots for as long as 
you can. The Timeron FAQ (found on GameFAQS.com), written by BPGalway, goes 
into greater detail on how to accomplish this and the reward. Trust me 
though...unless you have a ton of free time and patience, you'll want to just 
destroy Timeron quickly and move on.

6.2 (Mini-boss) 1000mm Gun
    (Vitality) 1999
    (Method of Attack)
     Bullets: Shoots a ball that releases 8 smaller bullets that spread out.
     Missiles: Shoots missiles from two nearby missile launchers.
     Laser Spread: Deploys a ball of light that forms 3 or 4 lasers.

The 1000mm Gun will bombard you with lasers, missiles, and bullets. The lasers 
will space out and cover most of the screen, alternating between three or four
shots. Meanwhile, the 1000mm gun will shoot balls of energy at you that will 
explode and release a spread of bullets that will travel in 8 different 
directions. Keep weaving around the lasers, and shooting at the gun. If you
have the Lightning + Fire weapon, just get up close to the gun and shoot 
directly into it. The weapon should destroy all the projectiles the gun will 
shoot at you!

6.3 (Mini-boss) Seven Force
    (Vitality) 5777
    (Method of Attack)
     Soldier Force: Shoots out a boomerang that travels outward in three 
     Tails Force: Whips its tail around in a somersault.
     Tiger Force: Dashes across the screen.
     Eagle Force: Chases you while shooting a laser from its head.
     Blaster Force: Stays stationary as it fires bullets at you.
     Urchin Force: Stay stationary as it spins and fires lasers at you.
     Crab Force: Chases you around and drops mines behind itself.

Seven Force is much easier to defeat this time than when you first battled it
in the underground mine. Keep pelting it with laser fire and don't let up. 
Most of its attacks are easy to dodge (see above for a description of each 
attack). If you have the Lightning + Fire combination, you can even destroy 
the lasers and bullets that Seven Force will shoot at you! 

6.4 (Boss) Core Guard System
         (Unit of the Hammer) 
         (Unit of the Dragon) 
         (Unit of the Runner) 

6.4.1 Unit of the Hammer
      (Vitality) 2609
      (Method of Attack)
       Lasers: Shoots lasers at you from its head. 
       Smash: Tries to pound you.
       Spin: Rotates around the core to try and hit you as it comes around.

You're going to have to pay attention to the foreground & background during 
the first phase of this battle. The Hammer will try to position itself above 
you and shower you with laser fire. After it lets off a few shots, it will 
begin to rotate around the core and try to hit you on each pass it makes. 
As it spins, security drones will come out of the core and attack you. Either 
avoid them or destroy them as you continue to dodge the Hammer. After the 
Hammer has made a few passes at you (8?), it will stop and repeat its attack 
pattern. When its vitality has been drained down to 1400, it will try to 
pound you. Continue to fire at it, sliding out of the way when it is above 
you and the Hammer should go down in no time. 

After the hammer is destroyed, security drones will pour out of the core and 
explode around the screen. Just worry about being hit by the explosions, 
because the drones themselves will not hurt you. 

6.4.2 Unit of the Dragon
      (Vitality) 2398
      (Method of Attack)       
       Gas Cloud: Fires multiple gas clouds at you.

The Unit of the Dragon is easy to take down. After it snakes around the core 
a few times, it will come into the foreground to attack. The dragon will only 
stay on the top of the screen while it shoots clouds of blue gas at you. Just 
avoid the gas and shoot up into the dragon. After the dragon is destroyed, 
another wave of exploding security drones will come out of the core. 

6.4.3 Unit of the Runner 
      (Vitality) 2308
      (Method of Attack)
       Energy Balls: Tosses spheres of energy that will either arc upwards
                     or follow the ground.

The Unit of the Runner will attack by throwing energy balls at you. The
ball alternate from curving up to traveling along the ground. The Runner will 
move away from your platform and begin to spin its arm in a circle. When it 
comes back to the platform, it will release its energy ball. Keep track of 
which direction the last ball went, and use that to anticipate the Runner's 
next attack. Keep dodging its attacks and shooting at the head.

Level 7: The Final Assault

7.1 (Boss) Duck Battalion
    (Vitality) Phase 1: 2910
               Phase 2: 0828
    (Method of Attack)
     Heavy Vulcan Shoot: Tries to hit you with laser fire. Usually as it's 
                         jumping backwards.
     Walking Press Eddie: Runs forward to try and crush you (or maybe it's
                          when the taller lackey picks up a Vulcan cannon at 
                          the end of the first fight).

Phase 1
The first battle is against Pink's two lackeys. Usually after the battle 
starts, they will charge you. Get ready to slide under them, and then stay on 
the right as they jump back into view from the left side. Their guns will be 
angled down, making it difficult to slide under without taking damage from the 
guns (or being crushed for that matter!). Wait until they have made it past 
the center of the screen. When they land, quickly jump on the Duck Battalion
and jump off their next jump. If you time it right, you won't get crushed or 
shot. If they level their guns at you, just duck to avoid the lasers. After 
you beat Duck Battalion the first time, the taller lackey will pick up one 
of the vulcan cannons and the second phase of this battle will begin.

Phase 2
Now it's just you and the taller lackey (Eddie?). He's pretty ticked off, but 
isn't much of a threat. Just before the battle starts, run over to him and 
throw him straight up (You'll do about 250-300 damage to him, each time you 
throw him). Just stay where you are and crouch. When Eddie lands, he'll usually
just stand where he is and shoot over your head. When he stops flashing, toss 
him straight up again. He won't be able to take more than 3 or 4 throws. 

7.1 (Boss) Pink Lobster
    (Vitality) 5000
    (Method of Attack)
     Slash Chopper: Pink Lobster brings down its claw in a karate chop
     Slash Nipper: Thrusts a claw at you.
     Bubble Bomb: Blows bubbles towards you. If you get trapped, the 
                  bubbles will carry you up to the top of the screen and 
                  burst to cause you damage.

Pink and her lackey are back! This time you have to face a giant lobster. Most
of its attacks are short range, but can cause you a lot of damage if you get
hit. Just hang back and shoot straight ahead. The lobster will advance and try
to clobber you with its claw. Avoid getting cornered by either sliding under
the lobster when it jumps, or jump over it. Also, look out for the bubble bomb
attack. Getting trapped inside a bubble won't hurt unless it hits the top 
of the screen. If you get trapped, wiggle the control pad left and right 
while pressing jump repeatedly to escape. After the lobster's vitality 
has been drained to 2400, it will back up and guard its face. You won't be
able to attack from a distance while it is guarding, so get it to lower its 
guard. Just run towards it a bit, then run back when it begins to attack with 
the bubble bomb. Repeat this until the Pink Lobster is no more!

7.2 (Boss) Orange
    (Vitality) 5503
    (Method of Attack)
     Final Big Bang: Creates an explosion that spreads out in a half circle
                     from where Orange is standing.
     Ground Burning Draft: Like the Break Wind attack from your helicopter 
                           battle, Orange will create an explosion that
                           will travel along the ground. 
     Hard Shoulder: Dashes at you with his shoulder.
     Hyper Hard Shoulder: Jumps into the air and flies at you with his 
     Upward Spiral: If you are standing above Orange, he will shoot two 
                    balls of energy that will spiral upward.

Orange is back, and this time he is even more of a pain to dispose of! It 
helps to have Lightning + Homing for this battle so you can keep moving while 
hitting Orange. As with the battle on the helicopter, never stay on the same 
level as Orange or he will charge you (with a vengeance!). If he gets under 
you, he will try to hit you with his upward spiral. He will try to body slam
you from the top level if you are below him. Orange will also attack with his
ground burning draft (which acts like a beefed up version of his break wind 
attack from your first encounter). If Orange gets close enough to you, he 
will try to execute his final big bang attack or suplex you. WHEW!

One strategy is to have Orange try to body slam you from the top level and 
move out of the way. When he lands, he will leave himself open for a short 
time. Grab him and throw him away from you (preferably to the second level). 
Then just repeat. Unfortunatly, this won't work for the entire fight. If you 
want to play it safe, then just stay on the opposite level as Orange and 
shoot up at him. When his vitality is around 2500, he will begin to charge 
you more frequently. One move Orange likes is his hyper hard shoulder! He 
also recovers pretty fast, so keep on your toes! 

7.3 (Boss) Black Fly
    (Vitality) 3920
    (Method of Attack)
     Psychic Gambit: Drops beams that (randomly) come down from the top of
     Shadow Hurricane: shoots out three beams in a Y-pattern which rotate 
                       around the Black Fly or shoots a powerful beam of 
                       energy straight down.

This is going to be a bit of a tricky fight. Get as many hits on Black before
he leaves the screen, then get ready to dodge his psychic gambit! Watch how 
the beams come into the screen, and try to plot a course through them. If you 
find yourself stuck, you can try to shoot the mines at the center of the 
beams (I find that this usually takes too much time), or slide though just 
as the mine hits the platform (Unfortunately, I don't know if there is a 
pattern to the psychic gambit. If you know of a better strategy, please 
e-mail me, and I'll include it in the FAQ). After the last mine has been 
destroyed, Black will come back into the screen. Keep wailing on him, and 
when his vitality has dropped past 2700, he will start to attack you with his 
shadow hurricane. Just before Black starts this attack, the red jewel will 
begin to gather energy. Stand off to the right or left of the elevator to 
avoid being hit. If the beam begins to rotate, then try to stay ahead of it 
by using the elevator shaft to get over the Black Fly (or you can time a body 
slam so that as you're hitting the Black Fly, you also pass though the beam. 
This method is trickier, but makes dodging the beam easier). This attack 
can last for a while, so be sure to keep hitting Black when you can. 

7.4 (Boss) Green
    (Vitality) 4602
    (Method of Attack)
     The Gunstars' Action: Basically like fighting yourself. He can block 
                           your shots, throw you, kick you, punch you, slide
                           into you, and he will toss throwing stars at you.

Green is VERY aggressive, so get ready for a really tough boss fight! To make
the battle tougher, Green can block your shots (most of the time), so no 
sitting back and hitting him from afar. Green will usually throw stars at you
if you're at the opposite end of the screen, so try to get a level below or 
above him to avoid his stars. When he gets closer to you, he will either try
to slide into you, uppercut, or throw you. Counter with a slide attack of your
own. One strategy is when he tries to jump up to the second level, slide into 
him. You will knock him down and cause some damage. 

When Green's vitality is below 3900, he gets even more aggressive! Now he 
will try even harder to throw you, so don't try to slide into him. Continue 
to keep your distance from him and shooting as you go. If you are thrown... 
try to throw Green while you are still flashing (don't bother if he is too 
far away though). The best weapon to have for this battle is the 
Lightning + Fire combination. It will disintegrate Green's throwing stars, 
and it can't be blocked. You'll be in for a really tough battle though if 
you have the Lightning + Homing combination. If you do manage to throw 
Green, throw him into the right wall to do more damage.

7.5 (Final Boss) Golden Silver
    (Vitality) 9999
    (Method of Attack)
     Golden Blast Nuclear: Fans out his fingers in front of himself and 
                           shoots 5 explosive balls in a spread pattern
     Earth Resolver: Punches the ground to send an explosion that travels 
                     towards you along the ground. 
     Jewel Strike
         - Red Jewel: Shoots a long tongue of flame that spirals slowly 
                      around the jewel as it moves around the room
         - Blue Jewel: Fires a very powerful laser straight down from above
         - Green Jewel: Floats in the upper half of the screen shooting
                        homing bombs at you (the explosion can knock 
                        Golden Silver down)
         - White Jewel: Fires "Force Fire" in your direction
     Dash: Jabs and dashes at the same time.
     Materialize: GS disappears, and reappears next to you with fists 

Before the final battle begins, there will be four power-ups on the ground 
(Machine Gun, Lightning, Fire, and a Heart). Grab whatever you want because 
it will quickly disappear! I recommend you have the Lightning + Homing 
combination, but if you don't have it, then use Machine Gun + Fire. 

The trick to this battle isn't to hit Golden Silver (GS), but the jewels. It 
doesn't matter which jewel you hit, so I recommend a weapon with some splash 
damage (like Machine Gun + Fire or Lightning + Homing). When the battle 
starts, GS will just stand in the center of the screen. If you move back, 
it will advance a bit, but that's all. Take this time to shoot at the jewels 
and after his vitality drops below 9000, he will start to actively attack 
(usually with a punch). If you get too close to GS, he will dash at you, so 
keep your distance and focus your fire on the jewels. GS will continue to 
advance, so if he gets too close, just slide or body slam into him and knock 
him down (or you can try to throw him). Watch him carefully. If GS crouches 
down, he is going to perform his Earth Resolver, so get ready to jump over 
the explosions. If he can get close enough to you, he'll try to hit you with 
his Golden Blast Nuclear, so run away as fast as you can! The battle can also 
get tricky because he will sometimes charge you without warning, or do his
materialize move! Keep shooting up at the jewels when you have an opening, 
and watch out for GS's attacks.

After GS's vitality drops below 7650, the jewels will begin to circle around 
him and he will start to attack more aggressively. Keep dodging his attacks 
and keep your distance. If you body slam him to knock him down, you can also 
cause some damage to the jewels. 

When GS's vitality goes below 4200, the fun really begins! Now you will have 
to avoid GS as he chases you around the room in addition to avoiding the 
jewels' attacks (Although GS will stop attacking with his Golden Blast 
Nuclear and Earth Resolve). The jewels will move back up to the top-center of 
the room and take turns attacking you. Keep an eye on the jewels; when one 
starts to flash, that's the one that will attack. Keep dodging GS and pushing 
him back when you need to. Use the following to avoid the jewels and their 

Red Jewel: The red jewel's attack can be tricky to avoid. It will come down 
and move along the ground, shooting a long tongue of flame that spirals slowly 
around the jewel. Watch the flame closely and when the flame lifts up, quickly
slide under it (and usually into GS). Don't let GS get a hold of you because
he has a habit of tossing you into the flames!

Blue Jewel: Its attack is pretty easy to avoid. The jewel will try to get 
above you and shoot a laser straight down. Lead it to the left or right side 
of the screen and slide out of the way before it can fire. This will give you 
more room to deal with GS and attack the other jewels. If you manage to find 
yourself trapped, duck and wait for GS to come closer (usually he will try 
to punch you, but miss because you are ducking). Then quickly throw him away.

Green Jewel: If you time it right, you can use the green jewel's attack to 
knock GS down. The jewel will float along the top of the room and shoot a 
homing bomb at you. Don't try to jump over it because it will just change 
course and hit you in the air. Try to get the jewel behind GS. Then move in a 
bit and when the jewel fires off a bomb, GS should be in the way and get hit 
(knocking him down). If the bomb manages to miss him, slide away just before 
the bomb connects with you.

White Jewel: The white jewel will shoot a concentrated stream of machine gun 
bullets in your direction (you can use GS to block some of the bullets)As the
jewel is moving down from the top, pay attention to which side it moves to, 
then go to the opposite side. GS should get hit by most of the attack, but a 
few shots will slip by (unfortunately, GS won't get knocked down by this 
attack). Duck and slide, back and forth, to avoid getting hit and to keep GS 
from grabbing you. Fortunately, this attack doesn't last for long, but there 
will be no clear opening for you to attack, so just focus on keeping safe 
for now.

Keep wailing on the jewels and GS should go down eventually. 
Congratulations! Now just sit back and watch the end of the game.

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