Question from Shadow_Flames

Asked: 5 years ago

Arrange the woman's pots?

I just got to mercator and can't figure out how the old lady wants me to arrange her pots. I really want the life stock so I'd appreciate any help!

Accepted Answer

From: RuneWalshCaster 5 years ago

"Talk to the women and help her sort out her jars three times and a chest will appear downstairs."

Basicly go upstairs after you talk to the woman, pick up a pot and place them on the shelfs (they are the boxes with the lines around them) there are a total of 7. You will need to use pots to make stairs of sorts to set the pots on the higher areas. Set the last pot down and the woman will come up and play you two gold. Repeat 3 times for your lifestock.

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