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Arcade stick issues?

Recently i bought a asciiware sg-6 fighting stick for my genesis and it won't work right with this game i tried it with Mortal Kombat 2,3 and street fighter it works just fine does anyone out there know what to do?


SonicFan2001 answered:

If the characters keep blocking nonstop, I've had the exact same problem with this joystick. Like you, I've gotten it to work with MK2 and SFII. I think it's just the way that the pinouts on the joystick are set up to accommodate for turbo features. I have gotten this thing to work with MK1, although I don't know how. I didn't do anything special, it just started working on its own. Personally, I prefer using a 3 button controller anyway. All the 6 button function does is remap buttons. Meaning that it's not really an accurate control scheme. You use Z to throw people instead of A, and start still doesn't pause. Sorry for the wordy explanation, but in short, just wait until the joystick has a better day or use a standard controller.
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