Battle Background DesignRieko Kodama
Battle Background DesignK. Tsugawa
Battle Program AssistantM. Hunabashi
Battle-System PlanK. Tsugawa
Character DesignT. Yoshida
Event ProgramD. Yamamoto
Event Program AssistantM. Shibata
Field Graphic DesignRieko Kodama
Font DesignAkinori Nishiyama
Map DesignT. Mori
Map DesignAkinori Nishiyama
Map DesignK. Tsugawa
Map DesignT. Yoshida
Mechanic DesignAkinori Nishiyama
Mechanic DesignK. Tsugawa
Monster Graphic DesignT. Mori
Monster Graphic DesignAkinori Nishiyama
Monster Graphic DesignK. Tsugawa
Monster Graphic DesignT. Yoshida
Music CompositionM. Nakagaki
Music CompositionIzuho Takeuchi
Object DesignRieko Kodama
Object DesignAkinori Nishiyama
Object DesignK. Tsugawa
Object DesignT. Yoshida
Original Story PlanT. Yoshida
Papet Event PlanAkinori Nishiyama
ScriptAkinori Nishiyama
Sound DirectionIzuho Takeuchi
Sound EffectM. Nakagaki
Sound EffectIzuho Takeuchi
Sound ProgramY. Kashima
Sound ProgramIzuho Takeuchi
System PlanAkinori Nishiyama
System ProgramD. Yamamoto
System Program AssistantM. Shibata
Visual Event GraphicRieko Kodama
Visual Event GraphicT. Mori
Visual Event GraphicK. Tsugawa
Visual Event GraphicT. Yoshida
Visual Event PlanT. Yoshida


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