Hunter's Guild FAQ by Lutz

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Phantasy Star IV - Hunters Guild Mission Guide

Written by: Per Granlund, alias "Lutz" <>
Created: Sep 08, 2001
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2003 (Version: Final)

Table of Contents:

I. Information
II. Mission Guide
III. Credits & Legal

I. Information

Not much to say about this guide.. It's simply a guide for the extra missions
present in this game, that can be obtained through the Hunter's Guild in Aeido.
This is the final version of this guide. Don't expect any updates.

This guide is copyright me, Per Granlund. Anyone who wants to publish/post this
guide on their site or anywhere else, e-mail me first and get permission.

II. Mission List

* Mission One: The Ranch Owner
* Mission Two: Tinkerbell's Dog
* Mission Three: The Missing Student
* Mission Four: Fissure Of Fear
* Mission Five: The Stain In Life
* Mission Six: The Dying Boy
* Mission Seven: Man With A Twist
* Mission Eight: Silver Soldier

Mission One is available directly when you reach Aideo.
Mission Two is available after you get the Land Rover.
Mission Three and Four are available after defeating Zio.
Mission Five, Six, Seven and Eight are available after obtaining the Hydrofoil.

~ Mission One: The Ranch Owner
  Reward: 5000 Meseta

The sandworm ranch owner in the village Mile has some serious problems. A huge
sandworm is causing serious trouble in his ranch. Your job is now to eliminate
the sandworm. Just engage in battle with the worm and kill him. Should not be
so hard if you just use your strongest attacks. Easy win, easy money.

~ Mission Two: Tinkerbell's Dog
  Reward: 2000 Meseta

A family in Aiedo has lost their dog Rocky. Your job is to take him back. First
go talk to the faimily in the eastern section of Aiedo. They will tell you that
Rocky likes sweets. Then after that, go to the bakery of Aiedo and buy one
shortcake. So now you need to find Rocky... He will either be in Krup, Monsen
or Termi, it changes from time to time. When you find him, feed him the cookie
and try to catch him.

~ Mission Three: The Missing Student
  Reward: 3000 Meseta

A student in Piata has joined Zio's cult and it's your job to go get her back.
First head to the dorms in Piata to get some details first about the mission.
Then head to Zio's temple in Kadary. When you find her she seems to be ready to
turn back right away but... she hasn't eaten food in days and you will have to
go get some food to her first. Head to Termi's souvenir shop and buy some
Perolymate. Take it to her and she will be fine and will return to her dorms.

~ Mission Four: Fissure Of Fear
  Reward: 5000 Meseta

A kid in Monsen has gone exploring into a crack in the ground that appeard due
the recent earthquakes. Talk to the lady in Monsen and go into the crack...
Inside you will find the kid and a Fract Ooze. Just slay the monster and take
the kid back.

~ Mission Five: The Stain In Life
  Reward: 50 000 Meseta

Whoaa.. 50 000 Meseta? Better get started right away. Some parents in Uzo
(a town located on a small island in the southwest, you may not have been here
before...) have got a problem: Their two daughters built a raft and escaped to
Aiedo and they havn't been heard of since. You might have seen these girls in
before in Aiedo. To get them out you have to bribe the police with... 50 000
Meseta. There goes your reward.. Oh well... It was for a good cause...

~ Mission Six: The Dying Boy
  Reward: 10 000 Meseta

A boy in Termi thinks that he is dying, when he really is not. To get him well
firstly go to the gift shop in Termi and buy and Alis-Sword and go to the boy,
give it to him. And watch Chaz show off his sword skills! After this he
mysteriously gets well! Collect your 10 000 Meseta.

~ Mission Seven: Man With A Twist
  Reward: 20 000 Meseta

Mutant Birds are attacking the town Torinco, destroying the crops. Head there
and speak to a man who knows the bords hiding place. It's a cave to the
northeast. Go to that cave and inside you'll find King Rappy, the head of the
mutant birds. When you try to kill him, that man you talked to earlier (that
told you about this hiding place) comes running in and stops you. He seems to
be the man creating all these birds, preforming some scientific experiences on
these birds and wanted you to clean it up for him. Doesn't matter, money for
you anyways.

~ Mission Eight: Silver Soldier
  Reward: 80 000 Meseta

This is the final mission (and the best one) and the one with best reward:
80 000 Meseta. Here is the story..: Some robots have been messing around in
Zema and Birth Valley. One of the old men in the town will tell you to head of
to the northeast. The, the place you will find is called "Valhal Fort". Inside
you can find some really nice stuff like Lacon Items! But the mission is to
shut down or destroy the computer that has been causing this disturbance in
Zema. Find the computer and just shut it off. That was the last of the optional
hunters guild missions.

Note: You will have to do this mission _before_ getting the Elysedeon Sword at
the Esper Mansion. 

III. Credits & Legal

This guide is copyright me, Per Granlund. Anyone who wants to publish/post this
guide on their site or anywhere else, e-mail me first and get permission.

Phantasy Star IV is  SEGA. This document and its author are in no way
affiliated with SEGA or any other company.

You can e-mail me any questions/possible additions about this guide, but be
sure that the question is not already answered in this guide.