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      Date: 25 jan 1997 18:15:00
      Maintainer: er_fico@mail.electroniapc.it
       I.   Items, and what they do.
       II.  Spells, who gets them and their effects.
       III. List of battles.
       IV.  People and where to find them, secret characters too.
       V.   Items for promotion, which are and where to find them
       VI.  Most powerful weapons for each character.
       VII. General hints

I. Items, and what they do.

 Single-Use Items:                
 - Stat enhancers:
    Brave Apple     - Level up
    Bright Honey    - Increase MP (up to 4)
    Cheerful Bread  - Increase HP (up to 4)
    Power Water     - Attack up
    Protect Milk    - Defense up
    Quick Chicken   - Agility up
    Running Pimento - Movement up

 - Stat recoverers:
    Medical Herb   - Recover 10 HP
    Healing Seed   - Recover 20 HP
    Healing Drop   - Recover 30 HP
    Healing Water  - Recover HP to full
    Healing Rain   - Casts AURA 4 (heals entire party to full)
    Antidote       - Negate poison
    Fairy Powder   - Recover xx MP
    Fairy Tear     - Recover MP

 - Wierd Stuff:
    Dry Stone      - Use to get to Dwarven Blacksmith
    Mithril        - Forged into special weapons by Dwarven Blacksmith
    Blizzard       - Damage enemy
    Shining Ball   - Damage enemy

 - Rings
    Name:           Normal Effect:          Special Effect (as an item):
    Power Ring      Attack +5               ATTACK
    Protect Ring    Defense +5              BOOST
    Quick Ring      Agility +5              --
    White Ring      Defense +10             AURA 3

II. Spells, who gets them and their effects.
 Leader - EGRESS / BOLT
 Sarah  - HEAL   / BLAST  / DETOX  / SLOW
 Slade  - KATON  / RAIJIN
 Karna  - HEAL   / BLAST  / BOOST  / AURA
 Taya   - DAO    / APOLLO / NEPTUN / ATLAS
 Frayja - HEAL   / DETOX  / AURA   / ATTACK
 Sheela - HEAL   / BLAST  / MUDDLE / BOOST

 Spell    Max         Effect     Description
 Name     Distance    Radius
 EGRESS    N/A         N/A       Retreat party from battle
 BOLT 1                        Damage enemy
 BOLT 2                        Damage enemy (RAIJIN 1)
 BOLT 3                        Damage enemy (RAIJIN 2)
 BOLT 4                        Damage enemy (RAIJIN 3)
 HEAL 1    1           1         Recover 15 HP (18 if cast by vcr or mmkm)
 HEAL 2    2           1         Recover 15 HP (18 if cast by vcr or mmkm)
 HEAL 3    3           1         Recover 37 HP
 HEAL 4    1           1         Recover to max              
 BLAST 1   1           1         Damage enemy
 BLAST 2   2           2         Damage enemy
 BLAST 3   2           2         Damage enemy
 BLAST 4   2           1         Damage enemy
 DETOX 1   1           1         Negate poison
 DETOX 2   2           1         Negate poison
 DETOX 3   2           1         Negate poison
 DETOX 4   3           3         Negate poison
 SLOW 1    1           2         Slow enemies (lowers defense and agility)
 SLOW 2    2           3         Slow enemies (lowers defense and agility)
 BLAZE 1   2           1         Damage enemy
 BLAZE 2   2           2         Damage enemy (kATOON 1)
 BLAZE 3   2           2         Damage enemy (kATOON 2)
 BLAZE 4   2           1         Damage enemy (KATOON 3)
 FREEZE 1  2           1         Damage enemy
 FREEZE 2  2           2         Damage enemy
 FREEZE 3  2           2         Damage enemy
 FREEZE 4  3           1         Damage enemy
 DAO 1     2           2         Damage enemy
 DAO 2     2           2         Damage enemy
 APOLLO 1  2           2         Damage enemy
 APOLLO 2  2           2         Damage enemy
 NEPTUN 1  2           2         Damage enemy
 NEPTUN 2  2           2         Damage enemy
 ATLAS 1   2           2         Damage enemy
 ATLAS 2   2           2         Damage enemy
 DISPEL 1  ?           ?         Silence spellcasters
 KATON 1   2           2         Damage enemy
 KATON 2   2           2         Damage enemy
 KATON 3   2           1         Damage enemy
 RAIJIN 1  3           3         Damage enemy
 RAIJIN 2  3           3         Damage enemy
 RAIJIN 3  ?           ?         Damage enemy
 AURA 1    3           2         Recover 18 HP
 AURA 2    3           3         Recover 18 HP
 AURA 3    3           3         Recover 37 HP
 AURA 4    N/A         N/A       Entire Party recovers to max.
 DESOUL 1  ?           ?         Instant-Kill Enemy
 DESOUL 2  ?           ?         Instant-Kill Enemy
 MUDDLE 1  2           2         Enemies act strange
 MUDDLE 2  ?           ?         Enemies act strange
 ATTACK 1  ?           ?         Attack power up
 BOOST 1   1           2         Defense & agility up
 BOOST 2   2           3         Defense & agility up
 SLEEP 1   2           2         Make enemies fall asleep

III. List of battles.
  1. Vs. Gizmos
  2. On the way to Yeel
  3. On the way to see Hawel
  4. On the way back
  5. In Galam castle
  6. On the way from Galam castle to Granseal
  7. Vs. Evil King Galam
  8. Vs. Monsters at tunnel
  9. On the way to Ribble
 10. Hobgoblin Cave
 11. Vs. Cliff Monsters
 12. Battle to save Oddler
 13. Vs. Kraken
 14. Desert Battle
 15. In tunnel-cave
 16. On the way to get the caravan
 17. Vs.Taros
 18. Fairy Special stage (optional)
 19. On the way to see the fairy
 20. Battle to save Elric
 21. Outside Creed's mansion
 22. Chessboard
 23. Mice
 24. Outside blocked tunnel
 25. Inside blocked tunnel
 26. Battle to save Higins
 27. On the way to Tristan
 28. Bridge
 29. Mitula's courtyard
 30. Battle to free Mitula
 31. In Pacalon 
 32. On the way to Moun
 33. In Moun
 34. At Nazca ship
 35. Battle at cape
 36. Geshp's trap - Prism flowers
 37. Vs. Red Baron
 38. Vs. Geshp
 39. Vs. Wiener Demons
 40. Vs. Odd Eye
 41. On the way up the tower
 42. Vs. King Galam
 43. Vs. Zeon

IV. People, and where to find them.

 Leader  - At Start.  
   SDMN, promotion to HERO
 Sarah   - At Start.  
   PRST, promotion to VICR, or MRMK with VIGOR BALL.
 Chester - At Start.  
   KNTE, promotion to PLDN, or PGNT with PEGASUS WING.
 Jaha    - When leaving Granseal for Hawel's home.
   WARR, promotion to GLDT, or BRN with WARRIOR PRIDE.
 Kazin   - After Hawel's death.
   MAGE, promotion to WIZ or SORC with SECRET BOOK.
 Slade   - Just before leaving Galam.
   THIF, promotion to NINJ.
 ?????   - In Granseal after coming back from Galam.
  *TORT, promotion to MNST.
 May     - In Ribble, the first time you'll reach from the new Granseal.
   RNGR, promotion to BWNT.
 Peter   - After you speak with Volcano.
   PHNK, promotion to PHNX.
 Gerhalt - In battle to save Oddler.        
   WFMN, promotion to WFBR.
 Luke    - After battle to save Oddler.
   BDMN, promotion to BDBT.
 Rick    - In Hassan, after getting caravan.
  *KNTE, promotion to PLDN, or PGNT with PEGASUS WING.
 Elric   - After saving him from a pond.
   ACHR, promotion to SNIP, or BRGN with SILVER TANK.
 Karna   - Either when leaving Creed's mansion, or after nazca ship.
  *PRST, promotion to VICR, or MRMK with VIGOR BALL.
 Eric    - Either when leaving Creed's mansion, or after nazca ship.
  *KNTE, promotion to PLDN, or PGNT with PEGASUS WING.
 Randolf - Either when leaving Creed's mansion, or after nazca ship.
  *WARR, promotion to GLDT, or BRN with WARRIOR PRIDE.
 Tyrin   - Either when leaving Creed's mansion, or after nazca ship.
  *MAGE, promotion to WIZ, or SORC with SECRET BOOK.
 Janet   - When leaving Granseal for north Parmecia.
   ACHR, promotion to SNIP, or BRGN with SILVER TANK.
 Rohde   - Just before battle outside sealed tunnel.
 Higgins - After saving him.
 Skreech - After rescuing Mitula, when you're going to leave Tristan
 Taya    - After rescuing Mitula, talk to a statue.
 Jaro    - On the way to Moun, in the middle of the battle.
 Frayja  - When battle in Moun starts.
 Gyan    - After winning battle in Moun.
 Sheela  - Behind monk's Dojo on Grans island.
 Zynk    - After talking to Petro in Roft.
 Claude  - In hall of Ancients, give him his arm.
 Chaz    - In Yeel, when leaving for Force sword research.
 Lemon   - When leaving Yeel after getting Chaz.

- Secret characters:
 ????? : when you'll be back from Galam to Granseal, you have to look in the buildings, in one
         you'll find one of the beasts that were in the zoo, speak with him, name him and he'll
         join your force.
 Skreetch : when you had speak with Volcano, usually go speak with king Bedoe, don't do that,
            before go down a level and speak with a bird on a pirch. Then go up and speak with
            the little bird on the pitch. Then go down again and speak with the bird again (she'll
            say the same thing as before). Now exit from the castle (not from town). Go on the
            left side, the camera will move up to the mother, the little bird'll fall down on
            your head, the mother will thank you and bring away his child. After you save Mitula,
            when you'll be going to leave Tristan, Skreetch will join your force.
 Sheela : she's hidden in the monastery, you have to go on the left side of the monastery, and
          you'll find her bathing, after a short chat with Astral she'll join the force
 Claude : he's in the tunnel that lead from Grans island and Parmecia, you'll need is arm that is
          in Moun, speak with Moun inhabitants then walk on the debris in the top-left corner of
          the town, it will appear. When you'll find Claude, you'll give his arm back and him to
          tank you will join your force.
 Eric, Karna, Randolf, Tyrin : one of these will join you before you'll leave Creed mansion,
          after you defeat Cameela go once again to Creed mansion, you'll find the other three
          that, after they speak with you, will join the force.
 May, Rick, Taya : these three aren't properly secrets, but you must speak with them if you want
          they join your force. May is in Ribble. Rick will appear in Hassan after you get the
          caravan. Taya is in Mitula's shirine, she's a statue, but when you'll speak with her
          she'll turn to human and join your force.

V. Items for promotion, which are and where to find them
 Secret Book is in the fairy town on a bookshelf in the tavern.
 Silver Tank is in the Hobgoblin cave.
 Vigor Ball 1 is in the fairy town, hidden in a chest in the top-left corner of town.
 Vigor Ball 2 is in Sheela monastery, hidden on the isolated tree near the lake where Sheela is.
 Warrior Pride is in Granseal, in the room where you can speak with all your friend, search on 
the banner on the wall and you'll find it.
 Pegasus Wing in in Pacalon, wlak down the right side of the blue carpet that is in king's room, 
go on walking till you reach the wall, search there and you'll find it.

VI. Most powerful weapons for each character:

 BDBT - Critical Sword (+32)
        Battle Sword   (+35)
 BRGN,BWNT,SNIP - Nazca Cannon (+33)
                  Buster Shot  (+37)
                  Hyper Cannon (+40)
                  Grand Cannon (+43)
 BRN,RDBN - Heat Axe  (+32)
            Critical Sword (+32)
            Atlas Axe (+35)
            Battle Sword  (+35)
            Counter sword (+39)
 GLDT - Heat Axe  (+32)
        Atlas Axe (+35)
 HERO - Critical Sword (+32)
        Battle Sword   (+35)
        Counter Sword  (+39)
        Force sword    (+??)
 MMNK - Misty Knuckles  (+??)
        Giant Knuckles  (+55)
 NINJ - Critical Sword (+32)
        Katana         (+34)
        Ninja Katana   (+39)
        Gisarme        (+42/Instant Kill 25% chance)
 PLDN,PGNT - Valkyrie      (+33)
             Holy Lance    (+39,+5DEF)
             Mist Javelin  (+42)
 SORC,WIZ - Mage Staff    (+27)
            Great Rod     (+28)
            Supply Staff  (+32/Regenerate 2MP)
            Mistery Staff (+39/Regeberate 2MP)
 VICR - Wish Staff    (+26/Regenerate 2HP)
        Great Rod     (+28)
        Holy Staff    (+29/Regenerate 2HP)
        Mistery Staff (+39/Regenerate 2MP)

VII. General hints
- Taros can only be defeated using Achilles sword. To get it you have to go in Ribble and use the
  WOODEN PANEL (that you'll find in a chest in the HOBGOBLIN TUNNEL) on the tree. A passage will
  open. Inside you'll find the sword. Only the leader can use that weapon. Neither spell nor
  other characters may damage Taros. Taros using his sword will cause a second level bolt.

- To have a greater probability to obtain the best items from the dwarven blacksmith, make 2
  ordinations each time, i tried 10 times to get Gisarme, then i turn off the Genesis, when i
  tried again, i ordered a weapon for Slade and one for Sara, i obtained at the first try the
  Gisarme and Giant Knuckles.

- To create a very powerfull group first of all: DON'T promote any character till he reach level
  40. It's a bit difficult go on without promotions but it will be very usefull going on with
  the game. Mine prefered strategy to reach level 40 is this: kill Taros, then use the desert as
  your training camp: in the desert monster continue to appeare even if you defeat them, so give
  the protect ring to thc character you want to reach level 40 and continue using it (for each
  time you use it on 5 people that aren't yet boosted you gain 25 exp). if it's going to brake,
  repair it and so on. While you do this with the first one make Sara cast an heal spell for
  each turn so she will go on with levels very quickly. After 3 members of your team have reach
  level 40 the second part of the training will start. It's better you start promoting people
  who has only one possible one promotion, my suggestion is to promote the Leader, Luke and Sara
  (to MMNK, there are 2 vigor balls so you don't need to compare her with Karna). Now go to the
  fairy stage with these three and a couple of other character, for example Peter and Geralt. At
  the beginning let LESSER DEMONS appear, till your three main character reach level 7 then put
  someone on the spot and move the Leader and Luke near the spot where MIST DEMON appears. Start
  increasing the two character level. Peter would be quick enough to act before MIST DEMON if
  that's not, make him equip QUICK RING, that would be enough. However when you see that the
  leader and Luke make 50-55 HP damage to MIST DEMON, then send Peter or geralt to attack him,
  they will earn always 49 exp if the demon is killed. So they'll reach quickly level 40. Repeat
  this steps with every member of your group. Someone is too slow to act before MIST DEMON, so
  you'll have to use some defensive strategy, mine personal will be explained at the end of this
  paragraph. When any character reach level 40 promo him. except for Warriors, Knights and Mages.
  For these it's better you wait to have the comparison, in fact you can promote only one knight
  to pegasus knight, so you'll select wich one to give maximum promotion when all of them will
  be at level 40. In fairy stage promoted characters can reach level 23 and till you'll start to
  fight with Greater devils (from Zalbard) you won't fnd any difficult, and if you think that is
  hard to reach level 32 in the game...
  Naturally people that will join your group after Janet (from Rohde) will become useless..
  Rhode joined mine group with 35 HP... when the other BRGN (in my case Elric) had more than 100

- battle plan for slower characters in fairy stage
  C represent your strong character
  P is your character too but is the one MIST DEMON attacks, it changes every time but usually is
    the leader, however put in that position the attacked character
  Q as well is one of yours but is on the spot where LESSER DEMON would appear
  A is another character but he will attack the demon before he moves while all the other will do
    nothing (remember: make sure that L can kill demon with one shot!!!)
  L is the weak character
  X is where MIST DEMONS will appear
  - are empy squares (remember: every simble represent a square, so C P means that in a square is
    a person, and in the adjacent one (on the right) there's another)

      first             second             third             fourth             fifth

   - C - - X A       - C - - - A        - C - - - A        - C - - X A       - C - - - A
   - - C - - C       - - C - - C        - - C - - C        - - C - - C       - - C X - C
   - Q - - C -       - Q - X C -        - Q L - C -        - Q L P C -       - Q L P C -
   - - C P - -       - - C P - -        - - C P - -        - - C - - -       - - C - - -
   - L - - - -       - L - - - -        - - - - - -        - - - - - -       - - - - - -

   X will appear     X will move        L will move        P will make       X attack P make
   and A attack      and attack P       up and kill X      one steps to      someone else kill
   him                                                     protect L while   X and make L retreat
                                                           X appears again   and restart.