Walkthrough by CAmerica

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Again not going for flashy. Just to get you through. Email me at 
Captain_America3@yahoo.com with any correction, imput, or whatever I 
1. Characters 
2. Spells
3. Walkthrough 

Bowie(leader) - Of course you have to keep him in.  Great attack, 
Defense, Magic, and Good Agility.  No reason not to.  
Sarah - First priest on your team. I always kept her because she 
probably is the best you'll get, no Aura :(.  She can do some damage 
when she's a Master Monk.
Chester - Your first knight. Probably your best cause he has hp and 
attack, but low defense.  I think he works with the Evil Lance very 
well.  It hardly ever affects him.
Jaha -. Warrior. Pretty good for a while then he drops to trash. If you 
keep him in make him a baron where he might be semi-usful.  He has ok 
attack, High defense, bad agility.
Kazin - Wizard. My favorite character. This guy is the best wizard you 
ever get. Swarming in mp.  Atlas lv2 does near 100 damage.  Promote him 
to a Sorcerer for best results.
Slade - Hella sucky when you first get him, but raise him, it pays in 
the end.  He gets A+ speed, and gets the best sword in the game, which 
has an instant death attack.
Turrtle - Cute little fella. As sucky as they come though, don't even 
have him on a team.  In the beggining he can take hits good though.  
Use him as a shield 
May - Your first archer you get. A centaur too, pretty good and strong 
later. Keep her in.   A little low in HP. 
Peter - The strongest guy you get! Actually a phoenix, but keep him in. 
Period. You can't beat his attack and he can fly.
Gerhalt - Good damage potential, if you can keep him up he's great. 
Don't let him fall back though.. 
Rick - A knight, and a crappy one at that...leave him out 
Elric - Cool looking elf archer. I liked him on my team even though he 
is the weakest.  He does have good agility and a decent attack later.
Karna -. A priest. A good substitute for Sarah or a good partner too. I 
think the best healer because of her high HP and MP
Eric - Another knight, he's ok. Good damage and everything but bad bad 
Randolf - Best warrior. Promote him to Baron if you don't use Jaha 
Tyrin - A good mage, but takes some leveling up. Use him with Kazin if 
you turn her to sorcerer. 
Janet - The best archer. She gets good attack and is fairly fast. 
Rohde - Uh, another archer. He sucks though, just has a cool attack and 
he has decent defense. 
Higgins - Another knight. Pretty good. If you like knights keep him in. 
He gets good attack and good agility.  Give him a spear.
Taya - A sorcerer. Good, but needs leveling up when you get her. Make 
sure you use her though.  
Jaro - A flying knight. Good attack but weak with everything else. 
Frayja - Another healer. Not very good imo, but you can make him 
extremely powerful if you get him high.  Plus he has Aura(which gets to 
4 fast), but he starts out so late with only Heal 2.
Sheela - A master monk. That means good attack and weaker magic. She's 
ok to have.
Zynk - Uh I dunno? Pretty strong if you level up, but comes too late.  
He gets some special attacks that do set damage.
Chaz - A good wizard if you wanna level him up. Him and Tyrin both on 
the team maxed kick...Double Freeze 4 does serious boss damage.
Lemon - A natural baron. Pretty good, use him if you have free space. 

2. Spells.
Blaze - Basic weak fire based spell.  Naturally it shreds 
undead...Level 1=6, 2=12-14, 3=20-22, 4=45+
Freeze - Basic Ice based spell.  It has good range in later levels and 
does good damage.  Level 1=8, 2=12-14, 3=25-28(increased range), 4=55+
Bolt- Strong Spell.  Great area affect, great range, great damage. This 
kills undead and mechincal creatures extra good.  Level 1=20, 
2=28+(increased range area affect), 3=35+, 4=70+
Desoul - Ah, this is cool.  This makes a reaper come and Instantly kill 
an enemy.  This doesn't always work, and the weaker the enemy the more 
likely it will kill them.  Only can select 1 target, but on level 2 you 
get the + figure, which if it works can reall jack up some bad guys. 
Blast - This is crappy.  Like a lil tiny tornado comes and hits them 
for weak damage.  Little range, little area...  Priest magic no 
doubt... Level 1=6, 2=10-12, 3=20+, 4=35
Heal - This heals you(duh).  Anyways, this is the base of defense.  You 
should ALWAYS have at least 2 priests in yuor party...Incase you wanna 
split up or somthing, you need it so both groups can take a 
healer...Anyways healing increases how much hp and the range as it 
levels up. Heal 1=12-15, 2=15(increased range) 3=37(increased range 
again), 4=all hp healed(1 range)
Detox - Antidote spell.  Range gets bigger as it gets higher.  I don't 
remember if you can get this past level 2...But if you can then level 3 
heals a huge group and 4 heals everyone.  
Egress - Well in Shining Force 2, only The Leader has this.  It makes 
it so you get warped to last/nearest church you visited.  You can only 
use it in battles though.  
Slow - Cast this on an enemy and he loses agility...Not much more to 
say.  This CAN be useful if you know when to use it.  It doesn't seem 
to hit alot though...=(  it has pretty bad range too...So you use this 
on really fast characters, or strong ones, or fliers.
Muddle - This is intresting.  ON level one it doesn't do much, except 
decrease the chance theyhave of hitting you...But on level too the Area 
effect inceases ALOT and it does some serious messing up.  It can do 
one of 3 things...1, it can make the person just stand there and do 
nothing, incased in a big wall of fog...2, it can muddle the person so 
they go crazy and attack their own team mates(my fave), or 3, it makes 
them attack themselfs, which is funny animation to watch.
Sleep - Well as you can guess, this puts the enemy to sleep.  This 
doesn't really work though...and it can only affect one at a time, with 
poor range...On level 2, it hits in the + formation and has quite a 
high chance of hitting...It takes alot to get it to level 2 though, and 
it's no good so late in the game...
Aura - Now this is a cool one.  This is group healing.  Aura 1 heals a 
little + formation for 15 hp, but Aura 2 has huge range, Aura 3 has the 
same range, but heals 37 to everyone, and Aura 4 heals everyone on the 
screan to full power.  This takes leveling up to get though...Works 
just like healing rain.
Boost - This makes the Defense and Agility of the group you cast it on 
go up.  1 is useful for leveling up(you get 5 exp for everyone you cast 
it on that doesn't already have boost affects on).  Boost 2 gets the 
big area and can totally charge up your party to kill.  It's a very 
useful spell to have and the Defense ring has a lv1 version of it.
Slade has his own set of ninja spells, Blaze and Bolt with different 

Part 1. You start out in your room. Go downstairs, then head for 
school. Talk to Sarah, then to Astral down in the basement. Search the 
barrel for a Herb. Go back up stairs and sit next to Chester. Astral 
will come up and begin teaching. Then a soldier will come in and take 
him away to the Castle. Sarah decides that she wants to explore the 
castle and asks if you are coming to. Say Yes. Sarah and Chester will 
join you. Then go up to the castle and talk to the guard, then enter. 
Before you go into the castle, go left and up into the equipment room 
and get the items. Enter the castle and go to the King's bedroom. There 
will be a conversation about the tower and Astral will tell you to go 
with him to check it out. As you go to the tower, go behind it to the 
middle(you should be able to tell the middle because it will center 
itself)and face up and search. This is your first Mithril. Go around 
and into the tower and you will have to fight a bunch of Gizmos because 
of Astral's big mouth. After you win, go back to the King's room. The 
minister will tell you he is in the Princess' room, so go up again. 
Astral and the king will fight a bit, then astral will pass out. The 
king summons you to the Main hall and gives you a mission to find a 
scholor named Hawel. Agree and then exit the castle. Go to the far east 
of the town and go into the dock and on the boat. Seach the barrels at 
the front of the ship and find the quick chicken. Go to the weapons 
shop and update your equipment. As you leave the town, Jaha will join. 
Once you are outside, you will have to fight a bunch of Rats and Ooze. 
This is a great fight to level up, so repeat it a few times by killing 
everything except one enemy, then Egress. When you are done with the 
fight, travel south untill you see a cave. Search the part of the cave 
the points down to make the cove. Then enter and go left and down, find 
the Power water. Exit back out and head north again. Enter the town and 
save. In the first house there is a healing seed. Talk to Kazin at the 
exit and he will follow you. Another fight is awaits you when you 
leave. After winning, go to Hawel's house and see what is going on. 
When you enter, you will see that Galem Soliders are killing him, they 
run away and Kazin check out Hawel. He eventually dies and Kazin joins. 
Get the items in the chest. When you leave the house, you get in 
another fight. No matter if you win or lose, the same outcome happens, 
so... You awake in the Galem prison, search the Table to find Chirup 
Sandels. Then, go next to Jaha and listen. After the conversation, the 
thief will save you. You then decide to take him with you. When you 
enter the hole, go strait up and search to find another Mithrill. Go to 
the church and save and raise and everything then go left. You will 
hear the King preparing to conquer your town. Go down and then get into 
another fight. After you win, Slade will take the Jewel of Light, and 
give it to you. Update you stuff at the weapons shop, and search the 
chests. Slade will join your team.Leave Galem and enter yet another 
fight. After you win, enter your town and find that everything is 
destroyed. If you want, you can search a house to the south and get a 
turtle on you team. I would not since it never gets more than 25 HP, 
and takes up other characters valuble exp. for other players. Soliders 
and guards are dead as you enter the castle. Upon you entrance, you 
will find Astral and Lemmon arguing. Let that pass and take the Kind 
and Minister with you to the tower. This time you can go down lower. 
Follow the path and enter the doors. Here is a scene again and then 
there is a fight. After you win, King Galem takes the princess and 
himelft away in some light tubes. Astral and the Minister throw you on 
the king. As you fight for the Jewel(quite stupidly I might add) your 
gem suddenly flares up and then you take the Jewel of Evil(now you have 
both the Jewels). Then King Galem falls into the hole. After that, an 
earthquake appers. The entire tower if falling down. Race back to the 
top, enter the castle and leave. When you leave the castle, 2 guards 
will be waiting. They fall into a big chasm. Go right and search the 
small hole to the left of the School. Go through the school then onto 
the ship, say you are ready to leave. The ship takes off just as the 
entire town falls into a huge pit. There is then a conversation about 
where they are going. It is decided that you are going to the east. 
Upon your arrival, you crash-land the ship and break it apart. Then a 
guy comes up and asks you to go with him to check on his friend. There 
is no way out, so just say Yes. Then you get in another fight(This one 
is very long). After this fight, you will save the Guy's friend. Then 
you will return to the town. Another cinema will happen and Astral will 
say that you need to find trading partners. Go to the room on the left 
and search the middle barrel to find Cheerful Bread. Then go all-the-
way to the right and up. This is your base...Search the shield on the 
Wall to find Warrior's Pride. Then leave the new castle and head out. 
You will catch two guys talking about a big bird in the Center of town. 
First go into all the shops and stea...borrow the items in the treasure 
chest. When you are done with that, go stand in the empty space and 
observe. A bunch of crap goes on and then the Minister takes the bird 
to meet the King. Go back to the castle and listen. Astral then tells 
you that you have to escort Peter(the bird, actually a pheonix) back to 
his home. Then leave town and head SE. You will get in another fight. 
Win this one and you can enter a Village called Ribble. Talk to the 
mayor at the very north of the village. Then everything will open up. 
Go to the shop and update your weapons and stuff...There are alot of 
hidden items in the Town. Search the middle of the sandbox to find a 
Mithril. Then go to the House at the very SW part of town. Search in 
there to find Bright Honey(Use it on Kazin). Then go infront of the 
church and talk to the Centaur. May will then join you. Leave again and 
head east. Keep going and you will enter a fight. This is a long one, 
but not to hard. One of the witches has a Power Ring. After that fight 
continue east. Then you should come to a bridge where you can go north 
or east. Pick east. You should see a range of moutains. serach the top-
middle(It is hard to explain) and find a Mithril. Go up until you find 
another bridge, cross it and go west. Then go up and into the cave. 
There you will have to fight a Hobgoblin. Not that hard, but annoying. 
After you win, seach the top right part of the cave. In the chest you 
will find A Silver Tank. Up up and left, then exit. Enter Polca. Search 
the blacksmith's house and find Protect Milk. Then talk to the Mayor 
who is at the very top. Here is where you get a long Sword and other 
good weapons, so buy here. Then head East(while still in the town) and 
go to Bedoe. On the way you will find mosters looking for a boy. Kill 
them and move on. Once in bedoe go to the seconds floor and get better 
weapons, and a Quick Ring in a vase. Go to the very top and talk to the 
King. Then go see Volcannon. He will say that he won't help you and 
that you have to kill the Devils by yourself. Then Peter will join(that 
means you can finally move him yourself). Talk to Kind Bedoe again and 
say yes. Then, before you leave, talk to the mother on the 3rd floor. 
She will tell you her hatchling is sleeping. Then leave, but not the 
town. Just outside to the spot that you can enter. Then go right until 
a bird falls on your head. You will save him and the mother will thank 
you. Nothing happens yet. Leave all together now and go back to Polca. 
There will be a scene then a fight then Gerhalt will join(this is a 
good level upper too). After you win, talk to the Mayor. He will give 
you a raft. Then say yes and Agree to take Oddler with you(not like you 
have a choice). Outside the town, you will get Luke on you team. Before 
you go, take Luke back into the town and get him a Long Sword. You also 
have a raft now, so sail down river. Now, go all-the-way down until the 
river turns left. Don't go left yet though. Instead, get off and walk 
right untill you enter a fight(you should be at a desert). After the 
fight, go into the cave and talk to the old man. He decides to follow 
you. Get the Steel sword out of the chest and go back to your 
raft(remember where we parked:)) Then travel north again to the cave on 
the River bank(You probally saw it on your way to Bedoe). Enter that 
and get in a fight. Since this is a rather annoying fight, and you want 
to finish as fast as you can, kill the Arrow Launcher in the middle. 
After winning, you will discover that the door to Grans is locked. Oh 
well, not a complete waste. Go up and get the Wooden Pannel, then go 
east and get the Power Water. Go back to Ribble(the town above the 
cave) and use the wooden Panel in front of the trees(won't work on the 
sides). Enter here and get the Achilles Sword. Now, get back on your 
raft and said south. This time you can go left. As you are Sailing, you 
will meet a Kraken. This is a difficult fight if you are not promoted, 
which you should be by now. After killing the Kraken,(all you have to 
do is Kill the head...) enter the town... Part 2. As you enter Hassen, 
there are lots of things to do. First, go to the abandoned resturant, 
and look in the barrels. You should use the Running Pemento on You. 
Then go find the Mithril through the left gate, and the south dock. One 
is in a chest and the other is in a barrel. Then(Since I told you to 
get the Achilles sword first)talk to Rhode. He will follow you, but not 
fight. Then leave and go west. Here is a fight. Go west some more until 
you reach a shrine. Enter is and fight Taros. This is an easy fight 
equiped with that. After that fight, you get some healing water, and 
the Caravan. Go back to Hassen and you will see Rick. Talk to him, and 
Rick will join you. There will also be another weapons dealer next to 
the gate. You have to be promoted to use these though. Then leave the 
town and go NW, and go up on the trail of rocks. Stop and check out the 
dwarf in the cave. Then go and get into the hidden forest Town. Lots of 
stuff here. Fairy power, Mithril, Vigor ball, and a Secret Book. The 
Mithril and Vigor Ball are tough to get, because you have to weave you 
way through the trees. After you get all that stuff, exit the town. 
There will be a fight when you leave, and one of the monsters has a 
Shining Ball. Then travel west until you reach a pond. Oddler will here 
something and you will enter into a fight to save an elf. After the 
fight, Elric will say he owes you and then join you. Go back to the 
town and talk to the Bartender. Go back to the pond and Elric will open 
a passage. Lots of hidden stuff here..Line yourself up with the bottom 
of the stairs, then go down, you will find a hidden passage. Go all the 
way right(walk through the wall again to find the chests. TO get the 
Mithril, you have to be in the middle of the wall you are walking 
through. When you leave, there is another fight. One of the Witches 
have a Protect Ring. After you kill them all, search to top row of 
mountains for a mithril(it is a far up as you can get in the 
mountain)then enter Creed's Mansion(at last!!). Before you enter the 
actual mansion, head west where the is a Chest with a Healing rain(Save 
this!!!!). Then enter and talk to the guy. Go through the wrong 
door(like an idiot) and become shrunk. Then explore around, and when 
you are done talk to the King. He will tell you if you can beat his 
Chess Army, then he will get you to the Floor World. This is a very 
hard fight, but like in real chess, the King falls, so do the rest. 
Take out the Bishops, then the King. That is the easiest way. After you 
win, the King will give you a Cotton Balloon. Go around the bottom of 
the chess board, talk to the guard, stand on the tip of the pencil, 
then use the Cotton Balloon. Once you are on the Floor, go left until 
you see a little boy trying to pick up a ring. Then go back and find 
the Priest. Raise and Heal as nessicary. Then travel right and go into 
the hole. Eventually, you will have to fight a bunch of oozes and 
Rats(kill the Willard to win) After that, go up and you will find 
Creed. He will return you to your normal size, then take you to see 
Evil Sprit. Watch and wonder. When you go back to the top, the fairy 
will go with you to heal the dwarf. Oddler will say that he would like 
to stay, but Creed will tell you that you can pick from 4 people. 
Tyrin(a wizard), Karana(a priest), Randolf(A warrior), or Eric(a 
knight). I like to take Tyrin, but you are free to take who ever you 
want. After that, leave and go back to the cave with the sick dwarf. 
Talk to one of them and they will give you a cannon. Search the 
Fireplace for Drystone(That you need later). After that, return to New 
Granseal. Talk to the King and Astral. After that, the Astral will join 
as an Adviser. You will find that the Weapons Shop has new Weapons as 
well. Go to the side of the Weapons shop and talk to the Guy, he will 
give you dynamite. As you are about to leave, Elric's Girlfriend, Janet 
will stop you and ask to join(she is an archer like him). Then go to 
the blocked cave(the place where you first fougt here). There is 
another fight here with alot of new creatures. After that, use the 
Dynamite and Cannon on the rocks. Rhode will get "hooked" and join your 
team as a Brass Gunner. Inside the cave is another fight, just like the 
Hobgoblin one. Up in the NW corner, there are Fairy Tears(They restore 
you MP). When you are done, exit into North Paramicia. Enter the little 
town Ketto. In the town there are alot of annoying signs from the 
Devils. Oh well, in the Shop there is Healing Water and in a house 
there is Bright Honey. Go past the weapons shop, weaving your way 
through the bushes, and find the weapons shop keeper. He will sell you 
weapons after all. When you decide to leave the town, you will meet 
Geshep and Higgins. Geshep is trying to posess Higgins, but fortunatly, 
you're there to help. To quicken the fight, kill the Lizard man. 
Somewhere in the fight, there is a Black Ring. After that Higgins will 
join(A good fighter). Go east towards Palacon. There is a lot of stuff 
here. A Pegasus Wing, Mithril, Cheerful Bread, and lots of herbs and 
such. The Pegasus wing is hard to find(you have to be in the throne 
room(the room with Frayja), stay on the carpet but be as right over as 
you can. Walk down and search. It should be there. The cheerful Bread 
is in a barrel in a house and the Mithril is in a room. Look for three 
stones on the side of the castle(as fas left as you can get) then go 
up. Walk through the wall because there is a hole there. When you 
leave, head north to Tristan. On the way there is a fight though. Kill 
the Center Lizard man to win. After that go east onto the bridge. As 
you can guess, here is a fight. Kill the Master Monk to win. After 
that, you meet Cameela. A quick thing with her and Astral happens. 
Leave and go up to Tristan. About time. Go to the weapons shops and all 
that, then explore the Carverns. There is 2 Healing Seeds a Protect 
Milk. Enter the garden and talk to the priest, eventually he will turn 
into monsters and you will have to fight them. Once you win you will 
have to fight your first Greater Devil. Zalbard. When you think you are 
ready, go inside and fight. It wouldn't be a fight, but Astral and his 
big mouth...Not that hard of a fight. BE SURE AND TAKE OUT THE MASTER 
MONK FIRST, THEN ZALBARD! After that fight, Mutalia will appear and 
talk to you. Finally you can listen to the damn story tellers. They are 
in the room to the right. In the main Shrine, you can get mithril, a 
Critical Sword, and a healing water. Then go into the room on the left. 
Search the statue and get Taya on your team(she is my favorite). When 
you are about to leave Tristan, A birdman will come in looking for you. 
This is Screech(the birds life you saved back in Bedoe)and he will join 
you. Part 3. After that, go back to Pacalon. Go back into the Throne 
Room, and talk to Frayja. He will follow you, but won't join yet...As 
you are taking him out of the castle, Geshep will appear and set up a 
fight. Kill the Dark Soldier to win. After that, go north and get in 
yet another fight. During this, Jaro will join. Kill the Bow Master to 
get his one to go faster. After the fight, go NW to Moun. Frayja will 
get mad and Join(He usally replaces a good character, so Egress and 
ajust). Come back and fight. Kill the Shaman to win. You should also 
get a Mage Staff. After winning, you will enter an underground refuge. 
Serch the barrels and get an Angel Wing and a Running Pemento. Talk to 
Gyan and he will join. Also, Zynk will follow you. Get some weapons and 
stuff and head Left to leave. Before you do, walk around in the very NW 
corner until a hand appears. Search with A and take it. You need it 
later...Head west until you see the Nazca Ship. Unfortunatly for her, 
Cameela is in the way. Kill her and take the ship. Enter the eye of the 
ship and use the sky orb on the cockpit. Zynk will take you back to 
Grans. Boom! You crash and arrive on Grans. Go south to the little 
house, and search the barrels for another Brave Apple...If you go 
left(be careful) you will find Sheela. Talk to Sheela and she will 
join. Search the Single tree and find another Vigor Ball. Leave and 
head West some more. You will encounter some enemies. To make it 
easier, kill the Bow Knight. Also Mud Men will appear during the fight. 
Kill 'em and advance. The next town, is Roft. Move through the trees 
and find the Blizard. Then go to the house with the guys dying. Zynk 
will get mad and join. Then head south and follow the Trail. When you 
arrive in the Shrine, find Claude(the Golem)and use the hand on him. 
Claude will join. Continue down until you get back to Paramicia. When 
you do, go back to Creed's and you can now get the rest of the people 
you didn't take. Use the Vigor ball on Karana to have 3 Master Monks! 
Next, head west some mroe to the valley. upon your arrival, you will 
have to fight the famous Prism Flowers(This is an EXCELLENT Level up 
fight because of the Flowers)! Kill the Executioner to Win. He will 
drop a Battle Sword. After that, go back to Roft to heal, because the 
next fight is HARD. Once you leave go through the vally again and meet 
your next opponent. The Red Barron. This is a tricky fight, and a 
suprise awaits you at the end. This is where you finally get to use 
your Mithril all up. Go up to the River and you should see a place 
where it is indented on both sides, use the Drystone here. Enter the 
town and find tons of stuff. Explore all the tunnels and Barrels to 
find a White Ring, a Healing Water, and a Demon Rod. Go to the 
Blacksmith and make Mithril weapons(I suggest you don't get one for 
your leader, because he will get the Force Sword later). When you are 
done with all that, return to Galem. Search the second bush to the left 
to get the Evil Bow(this is one of the cursed items you SHOULD equip). 
Also, now the Treasure room is unguarded, so go in there and get the 
Healing water. Go walk around and stuff then leave. Next fight: Geshep 
This is not that hard, except for Geshep's Freeze(keep Peter away from 
that). After winning, you should get a Buster Shot(doesn't even compare 
to the power of the Evil Shot). Head to Yeel. Go into the abandoned 
bar, and search the Piano. Say Yes you want to play it, then visit the 
church. Go down and meet a desendent of Hawel, Chaz. Chaz will join. He 
is a good Wiz, except he doesn't get freeze soon enough...I would just 
get him up a bit and keep him though. Before you leave under ground, 
head through a secret passage in the room you are in to get Quick 
Chicken and Evil Knuckles. On the way out, you will see Lemmon appear. 
Talk to Lemmon and he will join you. On your way out of Yeel, head back 
to the Shrine. Some petty monsters will try and stop you, but they are 
weak(except for the cyclops). Enter the shrine, and go down. When you 
find the Force Sword, you go up to it and search with A. A block will 
move and now you can get the Evil Axe from the chest. Then go around to 
the right side of the tower, and enter the Skull's mouth by using the 
Force Sword. Before you enter, weave your way around to the back of the 
Skull and search to find the Evil Lance. Here is an annoying maze. Not 
really a way to get through, so just explore. After you go throught the 
doors, you get an intresting piece of information. Too bad for him 
though. Kill him and move on. His choice though. Another suprise awaits 
you. It's Creed! He will act as a priest from now on. go up some more 
to find a LONG fight. Kill the reaper first. You shold also get a Holy 
Staff from the Shaman. Move on some more and here comes yet another 
fight. This is my favorite one. Teach that queer to show his face. Oh 
well, destroy him and move on. Now Zeon will appear and you will have 
to fight him withour recharging. I can give you two hints for this 
battle, first. Go around and take out the Zeon Guards first. Second, 
have lots of Wizards and Archers so you can take him out faster too. 
Wham! He is gone(King of the Devils?!). A big scene comes up and it is 
like the epilouge. That is technically the last fight, but there is one 
more. After the two Gems are sitting there, wait about 5 minutes and a 
fight where you have to fight EVERY boss is there. VERY HARD!!!!!