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Fast, fast, faster, weeeeeeeeAli_X_Rexus8/10
A great Sega game(AGAIN).AVexer8/10
Sonic is back, but this time he brought a friend.BenhTheMan10/10
The Best Sonic Game To DateBlackWarriorX10/10
The second fun game of Sonic the Hedgehog!CChan9/10
Speeding Out Of My Good BooksCHRISMC645/10
A pretty good sequel!cutiepie9/10
A classic that always delivers!DayoftheRhodes10/10
It is a classic just like the original.Doctrine Dark9/10
Best Sonic Game Everflyerfan12488/10
Blue is back, but not better than ever!FrenZy9/10
Sonic runs Faster than your average Hedgehog in this Second Installment to The latest Sonic Series.Game Master X10/10
Excellent classic gameirrewonderful10/10
Super Speed, Super Game, Super SequelJordanM10/10
A true classic.JPeeples10/10
Aren't Sequels Supposed to Be Worse?Kwing10/10
The best in the series, but not by very much.LordAtomic10/10
A stunning sequal to a great game. The return of the Hog!Mage9/10
Best in the seriesmf299/10
First Genesis game I got.NESMaster10/10
The Sega Genesis did not do so well in the battle of the consoles, but this game rocked!! And still does!!Nivla9/10
The Super Sonic Bros.Ofisil7/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Sequel of the Centurypokebreeder12310/10
Puts all the other Genesis Sonics to shamePsycho Penguin10/10
Great Old School Play!!!PsYcOpInE9/10
A little bit better than the first oneRXavier6/10
Sonic's second outing is still one of his best.ShadowGuardian98/10
Better than the originalShady8/10
Better than the first!sonikuu9/10
The Best of the Sonic GamesStinger9/10
Best. Sonic. Game. Ever.SuperMan6789/10
Still the greatest Sonic game ever to grace our thumbs.SuperYoshi10/10
Good, but not what I expected from a sequelTBranford7/10
Sonic and tails return to bash Eggman into a pulp againTman1069/10
Run in SONIC SPEED to your nearest game store! It's the BEST game in the entire series!Tokyo Fusion10/10
My favorite of the original three Sonic games!tuvok4710/10
Don't hurt me, Sonic.waterforprez6/10

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