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               Topic: Mickey Mania for Sega Genesis

Mickey Mania is a nice, simple, fun game that stars Mickey Mouse.
Other great games with Mickey Mouse include World of Illusion and
Castle of Illusion. I have made a FAQ for the former. If you have
a question, e-mail j-d-walker@worldnet.att.net 

Notes on violence: not much violence. If you are very sensitive
this may not by for you, as in the final level some of the
obstacles include moving walls, pits of fire and enemies that
throw knives and fire arrows. In one particularly nasty part
Mickey must climb up a burning tower. Nevertheless, the game is
probably okay for most kids. For one thing, when Mickey dies the
screen disappears and Mickey says ''Uh oh'' comically. Another
con is the fact that the game is pretty hard, and the difficult
levels come early. Verdict: this game is okay for most kids. 

Okay, lets get into it. In this game Mickey has to travel through
six of his most famous cartoons, and defeat a character named
Pete. Controlling Mickey is easy. Press the D-pad to move, down
to duck, C to jump and B to throw marbles. Now, let's get into
the thick of it. 


Now that you're in the game, it's time to begin the walkthrough.
There is a level select cheat, which I'll tell you at the end.
Now that you're on Steamboat Willie, go right to find a goat that
is singing. The thing is, the notes are so bad they hurt you. In
the top left corner is a glove. One of the fingers goes down
after each hit. After five hits Mickey is toast. To pass the
goat, jump on the bottle and a cork goes into his mouth. This
stops the notes. Go past him and climb up to the steam funnels.
The steam hurts you, so run by when they stop steaming. If you
get hit, jump on the cat to the right and a hole appears in the
floor. Drop down and go left and you'll collect two stars and
push the crates away to get back. Each star you collect gives you
back a finger on the glove. After the steam funnels go right to
some crates with bird heads poking out of them. You can't hurt
the bird heads, so try to avoid them. When you come to a stack of
crates a crane will take them over to the other side of the water
one by one. Jump on the crate it will take over next. After a
while you'll see the pattern. If you fall in the water a fish
bounces you back. Once on the other side, go right to the end of
the stage. 

That first part was easy, but it gets tougher. The first thing
you'll notice in the second stage is the little gold balls. When
you touch them a bag appears in the top right corner that tells
many marbles you have. You can throw them at enemies. Your first
obstacles are two swinging cannonballs. Watch out! You can duck
to avoid the second one, and there's a star nearby. After the
balls cross the bridge that collapses. Mickey dies if he falls
off the screen, so look out! After the bridge you must cross a
rope. Jump to the platforms, then to the rope and cross it. But
there are two parrots flying back and forth. To beat them, either
jump on them or toss a marble at them. Jumping is better since
it's difficult to hit them with a marble. Also, you should try to
save marbles here, as you'll need them to defeat the boss as well
as a big cat here. Parrots can take one, two or three hits before
dying depending on the parrot. The stars up/left of the rope
aren't worth going for. Continue right to a rocket. Hit it so if
you die later on, you'll start over from here.

You can't beat the cat to the right yet; bounce up on the
springboard first. Jump from platform to platform left watching
out for the parrot. When you're back at the rope jump onto the
object hanging out, and then to a higher set of platforms. Watch
out for the parrot and touch the four bells. Once they are all
ringing, drop back down to face the cat. He'll spit things at
you, so be careful. Wait until he moves right, then jump on him
four times or hit him with four marbles to stun him. Now jump on
him to spring up to the ledge on the right.* 

Go back down and then screen gets color. You must now jump across
the platforms while avoiding falling crates. There are small
platforms in between where you'll be safe, but don't fall off the
screen! This is the toughest part yet. After crossing this part
jump on the block with an arrow. It moves right, over a pit. Jump
to the boxes on ropes. You must quickly jump from box to box
because they fall. This is the toughest part in this cartoon. If
you make it onto the platform above, go right to face the boss. 

*For really experienced players, you can get a 1-Up here, one of
five in the game. Before you drop down off the stack of crates,
wait for the parrot to come back. Bounce off him, and if you are
lucky you'll reach the platforms above. You must hurry to avoid
the crates, as there are no safe spots. On the last platform,
make a big leap right to snag the floating Mickey hat. Now you
have another life!

The boss is some cranes that drop bombs on you. The cranes fly
above and out of reach, and drop bombs. Marbles appear when some
bombs explode. Watch out for them! To defeat the cranes you must
destroy all four gears. First, destroy the bottom gears on each
side by jumping on them five times. Now, wait until a springboard
drops out of a crane. Jump on it to bounce up. At the peak of
your bounce, throw a marble to hit one of the upper gears. The
upper gears take three hits to destroy. After all the gears are
destroyed you'll rescue a girl mouse held captive and finish the
stage. Excellent work.


Ohhh... this is a tough cartoon. The only reason why it's so
early in the game is that chronologically it was done early. In
the first stage you'll have to cross a bridge with bats flying
over it. If you're a good shot you can take out the bats with
marbles. Otherwise, just run across the bridge fast because it
disappears. Set off the rocket and go right. In the rest of the
stage you'll have to dodge a series of skeletons that fall from
the ceiling. When they fall, move away and then throw a marble at
them and their bones go flying. Watch out for the bones and try
to take one skeleton at a time. Jumping on them is a bad idea
because they throw their skulls at you. Mickey says ''Uh oh''
when a skeleton is about to fall. Also watch out for knives that
fall at pillars. There are also two skeletons in there that walk,
and don't throw their skulls. Hit them with three marbles to beat
them. At the far right is the exit. 

In the second stage, first set off the pocket and throw a marble
at the spider on the rope. Once he's dead, jump to the rope to
cross the bog of flames, being careful of the bat. To the right
is a fireplace. Watch out for the flames it shoots and knock out
the spider. Use the rope and jump off to the left to grab the two
stars high in the air. You can and should also use the rope to
cross the fireplace. Kill the spider with a marble and cross
another fire pit. Now go right, ignoring the bats above, and walk
into the pipe to exit.

The third stage has you riding a cart. All you can do is jump to
jump off the cart. I can't give you a walkthrough here, but note
these hints: when the cart is about to go into an acid pit, jump
off and land on the cart on the other side. Watch out for saws
and spiked balls. Sometimes you can duck under them. At the far
right is the exit. Oh, and there's a 1-Up above the first set of
saws. Let yourself hit them, and then jump to grab the hat, and
fall back to the cart. This is great because you can re-grab the
hat if you die later.

The fourth stage has you trying to go down a tower. Some of the
ledges collapse, and you die if you fall. Giving a walkthrough
would be utterly impossible. Just take out the bats with marbles
and jump over the barrels. There are two stars to help you. At
the bottom there's a door ro the next stage. This stage is
probably the toughest in the cartoon. Good luck.

Stage five is similar to stage two. Go right, and before you
swing on the rope (luckily, none of the ropes have spiders)*
throw three marbles to the right to kill the skeleton on the
other side, and also take out the bat. On the other side you can
grab a star. You must cross several bogs, always taking out bats
and throwing three marbles to take out any skeleton on the other
side. Once the bogs are behind you you'll set off a rocket and
have to deal with a horde of bats and skeletons. Be careful. The
exit is on the far right. 

Stage six is weird. Walk into the elevator and it goes up. Toss a
marble a the skeleton and watch out for his bones. Every time you
take out a skeleton the elevator goes up. Every two skeletons
another one drops on top of the elevator and drops his skull and
bones on you. You can't beat him; just wait until he
disintegrates himself. On the last skeleton, the doors open and
you can go right to the exit. 

Stage seven is the last stage of this evil cartoon. Just push the
beaker under one of the orange poison spigots. Now climb up to
the top and, watching out for bats, jump on the spigot and poison
falls into the beaker. If you kill the bats they come back. once
the beaker has one drop of poison from each of the three spigots
and is full of gray liquid, push it onto the burner at the right.
Use the beaker to boost yourself up to the ledge and hit the
switch. The screen darkens and the beaker starts shooting sparks.
Wait on the switch until the beaker explodes and destroys the
wall. Go into the corridor collecting as many marbles as you can.
Go right until a door closes behind you. Now go right and prepare
for the boss. 

This boss is (of course) the mad doctor. When he opens his cape
he'll walk back and forth, throwing things at you. Watch out!
There are five stars and a rocket in this battle, so if you get
hit you can regain your health. To defeat the mad doctor, you
must hit him eight times. To hit him, either jump on him or throw
a marble at him. The latter is better. After each hit he throws a
horde of torches that explode, so use caution and try to hit him
from a distance. After he's defeated you'll rescue Pluto! 


Ha! This is so short it's almost like a bonus. But be careful. In
the first and only stage, you'll have to go to the far right to
the exit. Watch out for falling rocks - try running between them.
Also watch out for falling tree branches. There's a rocket about
midway through. Oh, and whenever Mickey says ''Uh oh'' it means a
moose is about to come charging from the right. Jump over him and
continue. He does this from time to time. 

The boss is a moose that chases you. After you finish the stage
you'll find yourself being chased by an angry moose. This is a
weird boss - you can jump and move left and right. Jump over or
move around boulders as they slow you down. Also jump over water
for the same reason. The most important thing here is to collect
the little green apples on the ground. It takes energy to run
away from a moose you know, and if you go too long without
getting apples Mickey gets tired and the moose starts catching
up. If you don't get an apple fast the moose tramples Mickey and
you die. Luckily that's about it. You can't get hit here and, of
course, don't need to hit the moose either. When you touch the
pink line on the ground, you've escaped! 


This is one of my least favorite cartoons. The first part is 
easy - just go into the house, jump over the first gap and drop
down the center of the second gap to grab some marbles and a
star. You'll land on a raft. Ride it to the exit. 

In the next stage, jump off the raft and go right. A ghost
appears who swings a stick at you and disappears watch out for
him and jump up the stairs. Midway up it turns into a slide. Walk
up the slide but watch out for the ghost at the top. All ghosts
here hurt you. Most of them just appear and disappear and don't
move. Jump right to a platform that swings up and down. The side
you're on goes down, like a catapult. Jump to the stairs up/left
of this platform. This is tricky - when the stairs become a slide
you'll probably hit the ghost above them. Climb up the slide and
jump to the balance platform to the right. Jump to the ledge to
the right and walk up the stairs/slide. Watch out for the ghost
at the top and jump to the balance platform to the left. Jump to
another one but watch out for the ghost who swings a stick.
Quickly jump to the stairway. Luckily it doesn't become a slide.
Climb up and watch out for the ghost.

Jump to the balance platform's left side to make the right side
go up. Jump to the raised right side and then to the platform
above. Above it is a star, and up/left of it, blending in with
the black background, is a 1-Up. It'll take a big leap to get it,
and there's a ghost who'll bother you. After bagging it jump from
the second platform right to a ledge. Climb another
stairway/slide and watch out for a ghost. Go right to a rocket
and four disks that bounce up and down. These disks are a mixed
blessing - they can hurt you, but you can bounce up on them by
holding down the jump button and jumping on them. Above each one
is a star. After the disks go right, being careful of bats. You
must now climb a long shaft by jumping on the platforms that fold
in and out of the walls. To jump from platform to platform,
perfect timing is necessary. At the top go left to a bridge. The
bridge disappears, so hurry across. When the first ghost appears,
walk through him and take a hit. The other two ghosts will have
disappeared when you walk by them. Touch the door to exit.

The third and last stage is tough. First quickly jump on the
barrel and the water starts rising. This water is toxic, so it
hurts you. Run right on the barrel until you find a ghost in a
boat. Wait until he zooms away, then quickly jump to the barrel
that was behind him because the one you're on starts sinking. Do
this several more times (be prepared to go through a few lives)
until you find a ghost with no barrel behind him. After he zooms
away make a big leap right and if you're lucky, the water drains
and you can set off a rocket. Jump up the stairs but watch out
for two ghosts. Grab the star at the top and swing on the rope to
the right. Now comes a tough part. The ghosts here walk, and
throw things at you before disappearing. To make things worse,
when you reach the little table you've got to push it right until
you reach a floating stairway. Ghosts will attack you all the
time, and there's nothing much you can do except take the hits
and maybe a life or two. Once you reach the floating stairway use
the table as a boost, and grab the star and swing left on a rope.
In the rest of the stage you'll have to contend with a floor that
goes up and down. The ghosts here are ''normal'', but the moving
floor makes it trickier. Try to get past one ghost at a time. At
the far left touch the doorway to exit. To get the star, use the
floor to get over the doorway and grab it. When you finish you'll
rescue another Mickey who's been trapped by the ghosts.


This is my favorite cartoon. Okay, you'll start on some
platforms. It's like you're high in the sky. Be careful not to
fall and hit the butterflies above with marbles. After you reach
solid ground go right, and you'll meet beatles who are invincible
but are slow and can be bounced off, and plants that shoot sprays
of dangerous seeds. When you come to a green apple push it right,
using it as a boost to the stars above and to the ledge when you
reach it. Go right, knocking out any butterflies, until you find
a pot. Push it right until it's under the stream of water
droplets and a flower grows in it. Push it back left and use the
flower to boost yourself up to the mushroom. Jump to the leaf at
the right and climb up via a series of leaves. Set off the rocket
and prepare for the toughest part of the cartoon. Jump onto the
pea pod and duck to avoid the dragonflies above. They're
invincible. The pod floats right on a pool of water. If you fall
in you die. When you see another pod ahead of you jump to it
because the one you're on sinks abruptly. If there's a dragonfly
in your way just jump through him, that is what hits are for. On
the last, non-moving pod make a leap of faith right. If you make
it, drop down and go right to the exit, watching out for beatles. 

The second stage is made up of tunnels. Besides beatles you'll
have to watch out for falling rocks. When they hit the floor two
creatures come out of them and are also a problem. There's not
much else to say, except that there's a star early on that you
can grab with a leap of faith. At the far right instead of an
exit you'll find a red button. Hit it and go back to the bridge
you crossed about halfway through. Drop down to a dark area. To
the left you'll see a star. Grab it and you'll hit a switch below
it. The screen lights up and the boss music plays, and a giant
spider appears. Be careful not to hit him when it's dark, as he
kills you instantly. Run right like a madman until you come to
the ladybug because he'll chase you. When you see the ladybug
jump on him and he'll zip you to the end of the stage. (Those
goodies on the floor are a trick - the ladybug is the only way to
escape the spider).

In stage three go right, and jump on the beans to make them grow
into plants. Use their leaves to climb up. On the second ledge,
jump left, bounce on the butterfly, and then bounce on the one
above it. This is rather tricky and should not be attempted
unless you're experienced. If you're lucky you'll bounce on the
butterfly above and be able to reach a ledge above where you
started. Luckily the butterflies can take two hits before dying
so if you miss you can try again. On the ledge, grab the four
stars and the 1-Up hat. Once the cache is dried up,  or if you
didn't go for it go right after the beans to a darkened area.
You'll set off a rocket. Some of the beatles from now on fly up
in the air for a few seconds. When they're doing this they can be
knocked out with a marble. Kill the beatles and climb up the
twisted brown beanstalk. This is tricky - jump on the ledges, but
they're slanted to make your life miserable. There are also
butterflies. Take them out with marbles or get above them and
jump on them. At the top of the beanstalk is the exit. (Ignore
the columns of marbles). 

Stage four is easy. You'll be on a table, having to deal with a
slew of bugs. Marbles will help a lot. There's not mush to say,
except that you can't kill dragonflies nor beatles that don't
hover. There's a secret passage under the first two pots with a
star each. When you find an object that springs you up, push it
right and use it to reach the pot. There's a rocket on the third
pot. Soon after that you find pairs of beatles rolling or
bouncing oranges back and forth. These oranges don't hurt you. At
the end you'll find another Mickey who's shooting himself out of
a bottle. Once he blasts off you can exit. No boss here. 


This cartoon is 50% tougher then The Mad Doctor. In the first
stage, go right to a box. Jump over it and push it left, then use
it to boost up to the ledge, and then jump to the platform with
candles. To make it move, press right, then left, and go back and
forth rapidly to make the platform swing back and forth. When it
swings right, jump to the next platform. It's tough, but if you
fall you can always try again. On the third platform make a big
leap right to a red stairway. You can't reach the stairway from
the ground. Jump up the stairs, set off the rocket, and hit the
switch at the top to turn on the lights. 

The next area is a big library where you must cross to the far
right. You can stand on books, and some books spring you up.
About midway through are two books with sparks (!) falling off
them. Jump on the left book to make it sink and make the other
one rise. Then quickly jump to the other one, and then to the
ledge. The main danger comes from the wolves. One kind throws
knives, and the other kind shoots arrows. All the guys here are
stationary. These guys are the main enemy throughout the cartoon,
so become proficient at beating them. To do so, hit them with
three marbles. Jumping doesn't hurt them, except if one already
has two hits you can jump on it to kill it. If you're short on
marbles, only kill the ones you have to. To grab the handy-dandy
star in the top left corner, walk off the ledge and hold left.
You'll bounce off the spring book and if you hold left you'll
grab the star. At the far right beat the arrow wolf and drop down
the steps (I don't think you can get the star on the right). On
the floor go left, hurrying past the jars that fall on you. Don't
kill the enemies; they're too numerous. At the far left you find
Pauper Mickey. Trouble is, you've got to find the prince.

In stage two, push the tea kettle right to boost up to the
platform, and knock out all the wolves. Jump right and you'll see
a tiny platform above. Jump and push it so it's midway between
the platforms. Now go left, to the top platform and hit the
switch above it. Use the platform you pushed to reach the one on
the right, knock out the wolf, and grab the star. Go right on the
platforms hanging from the ceiling, and jump to the small one.
Jump off, grabbing the star, and land next to the wolf. Jump over
him and into the entrance to the dungeon. Now, things get really

You'll fall into a room at the beginning of stage three. Quickly
jump up and down on that button to fill the duck with air. Hurry
because the room will fill with toxic water. (The music is the
same as stage one of Moose Hunters). Once the duck is floating,
jump on it until it's high enough to reach the ledge. Jump to
that ledge in the upper right corner (if you don't, you're
screwed) and go right. Knock out the wolves if you can spare the
marbles; if not just run by and jump onto the platform on the
diagonal grid. Jump off the platform when it comes to a spiked
ball to avoid a hit. Of course, you don't want to fall off the
screen either. When possible jump to the ledge and go right.
Knock out or avoid three more wolves, grab a free star, and ride
another platform. On this one, the balls move, so you might not
need to avoid them at all. Once on the other side, knock out the
wolf and launch a rocket. Things will get worse. 

Drop down a few times collecting a bunch of marbles. Go left to a
fire pit. Jump on the blocks to cross, but be careful of the
fireballs shooting out. Oh, and the blocks fall when you touch
them. You'll have to cross three such pits, on the second and
third ones the fireballs go in arcs rather then straight up. Be
prepared to lose a life. On the last pit you'll get a star when
you get across, but there are wolves in between the pits. After
these pits go down to a shaft with ledges on alternating sides.
Jump down and slip down from ledge to ledge, going very fast and
ignoring all marbles. Why? Because the walls are coming in (Star
Wars style!) and can and will crush you unless you're quick. At
the bottom slip through a small opening and go right. Deal with
two wolves and prepare for a corridor with spikes. When they
retract run by. Just keep running. If you don't time it just
right, you'll be hit at least twice. Isn't this fun? Knock out
the last wolf (tricky because of his position) and go into the

Jump over the rock and push it onto the button to make the
platform appear. Jump on the platform and then jump off, as it
goes through some knives. Jump to one of the lower platforms at
the left, and then to the other when it's about to break. Wait as
long as possible. When the second is about to break, jump to the
moving platform that should have come back. if you fall, just try
again. When you make it jump to the top breaking platform, and
then to the little alcove in the wall where the prince is. Great! 

The next stage is similar to stage four of The Mad Doctor. The
difference is, you are going up the tower, and it's burning. Also
platforms collapse twice as fast, so if you land on one that
shakes jump off quickly. Also there are spiked balls that come at
you, and if you have plenty of health you can let them hit you,
as it's better then getting incinerated by the ocean of flame
that comes up from the bottom. There isn't mush else to say,
except that the music is the same as stage three of The Mad
Doctor. At the top, jump into the door to go inside the tower. 

Thought the tower escape was over? Think again! In stage five
you'll be doing the toughest part of the GAME. There's a shaft
that's burning from the bottom, and the screen scrolls up. You
must jump from ledge to ledge on either side of the narrow shaft.
This stage is long and torturous. Not only do you have to do it
very fast, and one false move kills you, but there are wolves on
most of the ledges. Luckily the enemies here take only one hit to
kill, and getting enough marbles shouldn't be a problem as you
can collect them on the way up. You'll need to hit them in
midair, before they have a chance to fire or throw their

At the top of the shaft it doesn't get much better. True, you can
grab three stars and a rocket, but now you must go right over a
slew of wolves, and as marbles are scarce you'll need to only
kill the ones you have to. You'll also need to cross some pits,
some by jumping and some via swinging chains. At one point you
must jump from chain to chain. Good luck. Near the end there are
some arrow wolves. Duck to avoid the arrow, throw a marble, and
quickly duck again. At the far right, you'll end this hellish
stage only to face Pete.

Considering all you've been through to reach Pete, this guy isn't
too hard. There are four stars around the battlefield that can be
used if you get hit. First he throws his sword at you. Duck to
avoid it. Now run under him when he jumps. Some snowflakes and a
spiked cart fall from the ceiling. Look out for the snowflakes
and push the cart under where Pete will land. If you succeed,
Pete will be hurt. Repeat this until he's gotten whacked in the
butt five times. Then the music changes, and a ball on a chain
appears. Now, when he jumps and lands the snowflakes fall in a
different pattern and are more numerous. Wait until he jumps
toward the side of the scree the ball is on. when he throws his
sword, duck and then jump on it when it's stuck to the wall 
before it disappears. Quickly jump from the sword to the button
above, and the ball swings across the screen, whacking Pete on
the head. You can only use the button on the side the ball is on.
After six head spanks, Pete is beaten and you win the game. Great
job! The ending consists of showing you all the enemies, the
credits, and it also asks you if you found Mad Doctor Mickey and
Band Concert Mickey. These are covered in the next section.


To find him is tricky and should not be attempted until you've
gained some experience. In stage six of The Mad Doctor, when the
elevator stops and you can exit, get off the elevator but DON'T
EXIT! Instead, walk back into the elevator and it takes you up to
a secret area. Walk out, go right, and drop down collecting
marbles. In the next area it's pitch black and all you can see is
Mickey's eyes, and it's spooky. Go right to a column of stars.
Jump up to the first star, and then to the next one, collecting
them as you go. If you fall you can still climb up, but the
places where the stars were are invisible and it's tougher. The
jumps can be tricky. At the top, jump right from the last star
and hold right until you go right automatically. You'll go
through a 1-Up and find Mad Doctor Mickey and finish the stage.
Great job!


In the third stage of Mickey and the Beanstalk, jump up the steps
but DON'T KILL ANY BUTTERFLIES! When you reach the first beatle,
wait until he's about to fly up, and then jump on him. You'll
kill him and hopefully trip the switch above him. You only have
one chance, so do it right. Once you've tripped the switch, go
back down to the second ledge, and, using the tips for this
stage, reach the ledge by bouncing off the two butterflies that
take two hits to kill. The ledge is above the start, and is tough
to reach. Grab the four stars and the 1-Up hat, and then touch
the red question mark to be warped to the band concert.

Now that you've reached the band concert, you find yourself in a
whirlwind. You'll be standing on a box, and using your jumping
skills jump to another box. The boxes move back and forth across
the screen, some faster then others. Also some boxes move up and
down. You should only jump when the boxes are in a favorable
position; i.e the one you must jump to isn't too high, and
preferably at the side of the screen as when a box is moving
across the screen it's harder to reach. If you fall down off the
screen, you get a big fat nothing for getting here, and have lost
your opportunity to find Band Concert Mickey. Too bad for you, as
I say. But if you reach the box below the one Band Mickey is
standing on, a ring of stars and hats surrounds you. You don't
get any of them, but you do find Band Concert Mickey and get an
extra continue - the equivalent of three lives! Congratulations!


Go to the options menu, then to sound test. Press right at each
one of the sounds. Select music to Continue, FX to appear, and
speech to Think. Now, without playing any of these, select exit
and press and hold left on the controller until you hear a sound.
Now go to start game and you'll choose which level to start on.
You can start at the band concert. Time for me to go, but thanks
for playing, buy other Mickey titles, and above all, good luck!