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            Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds in Emerald Hill
              For Sonic The Hedgehog 2 For Sega Genesis
                             By: Sirhic
                 Email Address:
       Version: Final Release ( - October 24, 2010


                          Table of Contents

          I. Act 1
         II. Act 2



                           A. INTRODUCTION

Welcome to my first and hopefully not last FAQ. This FAQ will give you
a detailed explanation on how to get all 7 Chaos Emeralds in the first
zone, Emerald Hill, the RIGHT WAY (not through the cheat code or by
using the stage select to play the special stages). This FAQ spawned
out of my want to make a FAQ and from the responses I got from the
message boards that this is impossible to do. This is possible and
this FAQ is here to prove it.



                          B. HISTORY OF FAQ

Version: Final Release ( - October 24, 2010

Five years later, instead of doing something useful, I
decided to clean up this thing even more, and fix the
formatting. It's amazing the number of things you find
wrong with something half a decade later. Also, I
changed the contact email address to an address I
made for Sirhic Productions, a company name I made up 
years ago.

This is probably going to be the final time this is
changed. I'm really not adding anything new. I just
hope that by editing this in Visual Studio (where the
font is already at fixed width), I don't cause more

Version: 1.45 and a third - November 18, 2005

Just more error correcting. Simple typos, spelling
errors, and things I forgot to change which didn't
correspond with things that I did change, etc.

That's about it.

Version: 1.4 - February 28, 2005

I got bored, so I decided to update this. Not much else
one could do to this but fix errors and anything he/she
finds annoying about it. So that's what I did. I also
changed some contact information.

That is all.

Version: 1.32 - June 28, 2004

I've submitted this to be in the FAQ list for 
Sonic Mega Collection. Wonder if it will go. Also, I
verified some more info about the special stages,
correcting Tip #4.

Version: 1.3 - June 9, 2004

I edited some things like adding some stuff to my tips
section. Also I gave proof of my doublechecking of the

That's about it.

Version: 1.001 - June 6, 2004

I added a line of text... BIG UPDATE!!

Version: 1.0 - June 4-5, 2004

This is the first one, and hopefully, the only one.
Everything should be here.



                         C. BASIC INFORMATION

It would be pointless to try to do something like this if you didn't
know anything about the emeralds or how to get them, so this will
prepare you for the "legendary" feat.

The 7 Chaos Emeralds

These are the legendary gemstones of infinite energy. Each gemstone is
loaded with energy and power and by collecting all of them, Sonic can
turn into the all powerful Super Sonic. (If you lock the cart to the
Sonic & Knuckles cart, then you can use this FAQ to get Super Knuckles
the same way). The 7 colors are blue, purple, red, pink, yellow,
green, and gray/silver (the same order that special stages reward them
as prizes).

Super Forms

These forms come with great benefits. I'm only going to describe Super
Sonic. While super, Sonic gains the ability to jump higher, run
faster, and invulnerability to most forms of damage, including all
enemies and spikes. Super Sonic can still die by being squashed,
falling in a bottomless pit, or drowning. Also, running out of time
will still kill Sonic, obviously. Physically, Sonic changes colors
from blue to a golden yellow, flashes white, gains a spark trail, and
his quills turn up. Later games will change Super Sonic's appearance
and abilities.

Super Sonic requires an initial 50 rings to transform, which is done
by jumping once 50 rings and all the emeralds are collected. More
rings are needed, as 1 ring is used per second while super.

It is pointless, in gameplay, to collect all the emeralds as Tails
in Sonic 2, as he does not get a super transformation.  Only in
Sonic 3 & Knuckles does he get such a form, requiring all 7
super emeralds.

Checkpoint Posts

These posts allow Sonic to start from its position with the time clock
at the same moment he passed it after dying. They look somewhat like
red lampposts with white stars in the middle of the ball on top. These
also allow you to access the special stages where you get the Chaos
Emeralds, if you touch them while carrying 50 or more rings. There are
8 total in Emerald Hill, which gives you one extra post in case of an
error. Also, if you backtrack after hitting a post, any and all posts
before it will also be marked as if you hit it yourself.

Special Stages

These areas are where you get the Chaos Emeralds. To get inside, pass
a checkpoint post with 50 rings and jump through the ring of stars
that appear above it. Each Special Stage consists of a bi-colored
half-pipe on which you collect the specified number of rings during
each of the three rounds. There are 7 different stages that get
increasingly difficult. If you fail a special stage, you must play
that one again until you beat it before you can continue to the next
one. Since you have only one post to make an error on, you can only
mess up in one stage. Oh, and watch out for bombs, they make you lose
10 rings per hit.

For further details on special stages, please look somewhere else.

Shields, Invincibility and 10-ring Monitors

These three montiors will be most helpful in your quest for the 7
emeralds in the first zone. The 10-ring monitor (and the most
important one) increases your ring count by 10. It is a monitor with a
single ring on its screen. The shield monitor gives you a blue shield
which protects you from one hit without taking any rings. The monitor
has a blue ball on screen. The invincibility monitor makes you
invincible to all attacks for a limited amount of time. I would
approximate it to about 20 seconds game time. The monitor has a few
white stars on screen.



                           D. PRE-PLAY TIPS                            

Here, I will be giving you some hints that will be helpful in getting
the emeralds via my guide or in general.

1. Remember, the way I mention isn't the only way, those are just my
   ways of getting to each post (which is easier than making a

2. If time is running close to 10 minutes, don't fear, let time
   expire and start the clock from zero after you die. With Super
   Sonic, lives will be earned much easier.

3. Be warned, skipping any post in my list will cause those posts to
   be rendered unusable if you hit any post after it.

4. When failing a special stage, you will play it again the next time
   you enter the ring above a goal post. I suppose practice makes
   perfect. Also, recent ports allow saving the current state of the
   game, so abuse it if you really need to try a particular stage
   several times.

5. Don't make any unnecessary moves that could end up in the loss of
   your rings. Killing badniks can be risky and losing rings will
   just force you to continue through the stage to find more rings.
   Be careful.

6. If you can't reach something by my way, there's always a second way.
   For example, on post 4 in Act 2, if you choose method 2 and cannot
   reach the land above the spring, continue right until you see a
   place that lets you jump up there and return to where you need to go.

7. Make sure that before you hit any post, have 50 rings so you can go
   to the special stage and get the emerald.

                        THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP

  Do not skip any rings on the paths mentioned by my FAQ or the path you
  choose to take, you may end up needing them in the end.



                           E. EMERALD HILL

Finally, the actual level. There are 8 checkposts in this zone.
Although this may sound hard, it is much easier than it looks,
provided you can beat the special stages. Now it's time to prove why
this Zone is called "Emerald Hill".

Note that the number of checkposts were verified through Debug mode.

I. Act 1 - Checkposts: 3

Post 1

Start the stage by running right and grabbing all the rings you see.
Hit the shield monitor on the platform and grab the rings. Run across
the bridge, getting the rings (from this point forward, I won't
mention the location of every ring on this path). When you get to the
moving platform, jump down in fron of the red spring and jump above
and behind it to get the rings in the wall. Next, hit the spring and
let it shoot you until you get to the curved ramp. Hit the 10-ring
monitor and head back down to the bottom of that curve. Charge up a
Spin Dash and shoot upwards. Hold left towards the wall while in the
air to find a hidden ring monitor. Continue left, jumping over the
fish until you get the 3rd ring monitor. Hit the yellow spring to fly
over the spikes. Hitting the boot monitor is optional. Go right to the
curved slope. Charge the spin dash to get the height needed to get on
the platform above and a little left of the curve. You should have 50
rings when you hit the post on this platform. Beat the special stage.

Post 2

You'll notice that you now have no rings whatsover. Well, get used to
it; after every post, you will lose all rings (when playing as
Knuckles, this is not true). Start by grabbing the 6 rings on the
platform. Jump off to the right and roll down the hill grabbing the
rings. Continue left to the boot monitor and spikes. Jump over the
spikes and hit the ring monitor a little below the left of the spikes.
Hit the yellow spring to get back over the spikes and get to the top
of the hill to the right of the spikes. Hit the yellow spring and go
right through the air to hit the invincibility monitor on top of the
loop. Jump off the left side of the loop and follow it through to get
the rings in it and continue right through the corkscrew spiral. Hit
the monitor to get 10 rings after getting past the spiral. If you
don't have 50 rings by now, hit the yellow spring to fly through the
air to get what you need. When you have them, run on the path below
that yellow spring to hit the next post.

Post 3

This should be easier than the last two, if possible. Backtrack to the
yellow spring. Go a little farther left and get the ring monitor. Now
go right and jump OVER the yellow spring. Hitting it just means more
rings. Once over it, continue right and jump over to the next platform
and hit the invincibility and two ring monitors. Ignore the badnik
(unless it shoots at you while still vulnerable, then dodge). Continue
right at a fast speed over the tops of the two loops. Hit the spring
on the second one to launch to a higher ground. Jump up on the moving
platform to get some rings and to jump right to the next moving
platform. Keep going right, jumping to the 3rd platform. Be careful on
the last jump: Jump OVER the tree monkey and land of top of the edge
of the loop. Grab as many of the 24 rings on top until you have 50,
then hit the post to try for another emerald.

That's it for this act, continue right to beat it and prepare for the
next act.

II. Act 2 - Checkposts: 5

Post 1

Begin the act by running right and grabbing rings. Jump on the small
platform and hit the yellow spring at the end. Once you fly in to the
rings, press left a couple of times to land safely without hitting the
monkey. Continue right and jump on the platform to the boot monitor.
Hitting it is optional. Run right across the bridge to the end of the
platform. Roll down the hill to get some more rings if you feel like
it, but ultimately continue right to the moving platform. Once there,
hit the ring monitor and jump on the platform. Charge up a Spin Dash.
DO NOT use it until you get to the far right of the platform's
movement. When there, release and quickly jump over the spikes,
holding right. You will either 1. Go into the wall. or 2. Hit the
yellow spring that will send you into the wall. While in the wall, go
right to collect rings and hit the monitor. Go back out to the yellow
spring and use it to go up. Run right until you get to another yellow
spring. Bounce straight up on this spring until you see a moving
platform. Get on it and let it take you up. Once on the top of the
platform's movement, jump right to a platform with a yellow spring, a
ring monitor and some rings. Use these rings to get any rings you
lack. Preferably, pop the monitor. Stand in the remains of the monitor
and jump left onto the spring. Keep holding left and you should land
on a platform with the first post.

Post 2

From post 1, jump right over to the platform with the spring, monitor
and rings. Grab all 29 rings here. Next, jump off over the left side
and land on the loop with the yellow spring. Jump up from the left
side of the loop and backtrack over the bridge to the spikes and
monkey, collecting all the rings. If you can get back in the wall,
do it. If not, you should go right past the monitor below the moving
platform to the curve hill with the rings on them or farther. By any
method, once you have 50 rings, return to the spikes and the monkey.
Take the spring back up and go to the spring on the loop. From there, 
continue right and jump off towards the top of the second loop and hit
the second post.

Post 3

This will be the second most annoying post in this level to reach with
50 rings, and you'll see why. Jump off the loop at the left. Continue
left through the first loop and to a bridge with 4 rings and two fish.
Be careful around the fish. Head farther to the left until you get
back to the moving platform with the 10 ring monitor under it. Pop it
and return to the loops via either path mentioned so far. Once to the
second loop, go through it and get the rings. Continue right, dodging
the spikes that pop up out of the ground until you get to a wall. When
you reach it, a red spring will propel you up. Continue right to a
small curve. Spin dash up into the air and go a little left, through
the passage in the wall. Grab the rings going left. Fall down onto the
life at the end of the path. Get the life and charge up the spin dash
towards the right. Let it loose while holding right and you should go
through the wall right above the red spring you hit a little earlier.
Follow it through and get the ring monitor. Continue right onto the
small platform. Jump across and then up to the left of the spikes. Be
quick and jump up and to the left or the monkey will hurt you.
Hit the third post.

Post 4

This will be, by far, the most annoying post in the act. Well, it
might not be if you didn't have to figure it out on your own to the
point you can tell someone else from memory how to find it (I did
verify everything using the game). If you think that you will not mess
up at all, skip this post entirely, but I recommend using it. There
are two methods to do this until a certain point, in which they merge.

Method 1: I recommend this one due to the lack of enemies.

Trek left to the small hill you used earlier. Spin dash yet again to
go back up and left through the passage. At the end, jump up onto the
platform and then to the right and hit the spring. Let the spring
launch you to the platform above. Jump on the moving platform to get
to the top of the loop. Go right and jump to the next loop and hit the
ring monitor on top. Next, go left and through the first loop, then
turn around and go through the second loop. While still moving, run
through the really long corkscrew. Once through it, turn around and
head back to the beginning of it, which is above a red spring.

Method 2: The badnik way. Enemies aside, this path is probably easier.

Go right past the monkey. You should see a monitor soon, so hit it.
Keep going until you pass through the waterfalls and see the wall.
Once you do, turn around and go back until you return to the monitor.
A little farther left is a small platform, use it to get up to ground
above. Spin dash up the hill and to the right to hit an invincibility
monitor. Go back down the hill. Charge up the spin dash and shoot into
the air and to the left to land on the ground to the left of the red
spring, this may take a few tries. Head left through the loops or
right through the corkscrew to get any rings needed, then return to
the ground above the spring and to the left of the corkscrew.

From here, both methods merge into one. Jump down onto the red spring.
Once you hit this spring, DO NOT HIT THE D-PAD (or analog stick)!!!!!
You should fly to the top of a loop with a monitor, but the spring's
force will keep you going right and into the yellow spring to the
right. Watch the screen as you fly right. Once you see a monkey on a
tree, tap left a few times to land through the ring pyramid unharmed.
This may take some time to get it right and I apologize if you hit a
monkey as you land on the platform (though it would be your fault).
Destroy monkeys as needed and hit the life. Go right and make a medium
jump to the very VERY small platform with the post on it. Mess up and
you'll have to repeat this part. Play the stage.

Post 5/Super Sonic

If you walk off the platform from post 4 and go a little right, you'll
probably see post 5. However, you don't have the rings for it. Also,
if you didn't mess up once getting the emeralds, you should be ready
to go Super Sonic. Either way you can use this to get the rings
needed. Go to the left of post 5. From there, go left to get 8 rings.
Next, get any rings on the platform and dash across the corkscrew.
Jump up to the loop that is just to the left of that corkscrew.
Go through the loop and the corkscrew that follows. If you don't have
50 rings, continue through the following loops. If you have all the
emeralds, jump to change into Super Sonic, if not, run right to get
back to post 5. By this time you might be creeping very close to 9:59,
depending on your speed.

That's it. By this point, with no more than one mistake, you should
have the seven emeralds needed to be Super Sonic.




Now, this entire section alone defeats the entire purpose of this FAQ.
However, since I'm a nice angry person, I'll give you the way to get
the 7 emeralds the easy way.

Stage Select Code:

1. Go to Options and to the Sound Test.
2. Play these songs
3. If correct, a ring sound will play
4. Press start while on Sound Test
5. At title screen, hold A and press START

Emeralds Code:

Although I learned years ago that, in order to do this cheat, you must
hold A while playing the sounds, that isn't needed. So, do this with
or w/o holding A:

1. At the Sound Test choice in Stage Select, play
2. If done correctly, instead of Hill Top Zone, the music will be the
   Chaos Emerald sound.

Debug Mode:

Simply put

1. In Stage Select, go to the Sound Test and play
2. A ring noise should play along with the Oil Ocean's music.
3. Hold A and press start on the stage you wish to play.
4. To use debug mode, press B to change into the objects, A to cycle
   through available objects, and C to place it.

Using this, you can save yourself from death by becoming an object,
explore the level unhindered, and even make a Super Tails. That isn't
all, have fun with it.

That's it. If you want more cheats, get lost and find them elsewhere.



                              G. CREDITS

Yes, it's now time to give credit where it is due.

1. GameFAQs for publishing this FAQ. 

2. The various sources from which I first memorized the cheat codes,
   I'll give the most credit to Tips & Tricks for this one.

3. The numerous FAQs that I looked at so I would know how I should go
   about making this one FAQ.

4. My years of playing this game and wasting my life to find every
   little detail of this level that was needed.

5. The readers, of course, for without them, this FAQ will not have a



                       H. COPYRIGHT/DISCLAIMER

This FAQ is a written work by me. It was created for non-commercial
use and should not be copied for any commercial purposes (ie, sold),
as I do not own the materials that this guide covers. This FAQ should
be found only on these websites.
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Other places may host a copy of this guide with or without my
permission, but I am not responsible for updating the copies on those

Using this written document for commercial purposes as defined above
is prohibited and a violation of copyright.

Sonic, the Chaos Emeralds and all other related materials are property
of SEGA.

All other materials are copyrighted by their respected owners.

Please send any questions, comments, or requests to the email address
at the beginning of the FAQ.

Copyright 2004-2010 Chris Coleman (Sirhic)