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FAQ for Beavis and Butthead

Written by Tom (WebWhizTommy@aol.com)

Version 1.1

   I. Introduction (About me, and all that other stuff)
  II. Versions of this FAQ
 III. Introduction to the game
  IV. Weapons
   V. Items
  VI. Enemies
 VII. Walkthrough
VIII. Codes and Cheats
  IX. Thanks to...
   X. Disclamer and Legal Stuff

I. Introduction

First of all, I'm 14-years-old. I spend a lot of time playing video games. 
If you see any mistakes, email me at WebWhizTommy@aol.com (spelling and
grammar mistakes you send me will be ignored). Thanks in advance.

II. Versions of this FAQ

Version 1.0, 9-27-01: First version
Version 1.1, 6-17-02: After going through the game again, I found a vast
                      number of mistakes here. As a result, I pretty much
                      had to redo the entire walkthrough part. Sorry for
                      any inconvenience I caused for anyone who had problems
                      with my walkthrough.

III. Introduction to the game

This has to be my favorite game for Sega Genesis. It's the only game I
know that seems near impossible to do without the aid of a walkthrough
(I mean, come on, how are you supposed to know you need to use the gum
to fish for the ticket piece?). Basically, the story starts where Beavis
and Butthead have tickets to GWAR, and Tom Anderson's dog takes them, barfs
them up, and the lawnmower cuts them up and blows them all over town. 
It's up to Beavis and Butthead to find those pieces for the GWAR concert. 
And, if they're lucky, they may get to go backstage.

IV. Weapons

Burp: Beavis' main weapon. Not the powerful.

Fart: Butthead's main weapon. Not that powerful.

Chainsaw: Only used by Beavis. Can only slice trees. Found on the Street.

Baseball Bat: Only used by Butthead. More powerful than Spit Shooter, can 
destroy shopping mall carts. Found at Turbo Mall 2000.

Spit Shooter: Less powerful than the baseball bat. Found at Turbo Mall
2000 and Burger World.

Toy Gun: Most powerful weapon. Found on the Street and Turbo Mall 2000.

V. Items

In alphabetical order.

Binoculars: Trade for cash at the Pawn Shop.

Bird: Trade for cash at the Pawn Shop.

Bird Cage Key: Open the Bird Cage with this.

Bomb: Blow up the Snack Shop with this.

Boot: Bait for Fishing Pole.

Boxed Snake: Get this after you pay for the Snake.

Cat: Use this to distract the Dog.

Chemical A: Mix with Chemical B to get Chemical AB.

Chemical B: Mix with Chemical A to get Chemical AB.

Chemical AB: Show this to the Principal.

Costumes: Get on stage at GWAR.

Donut: Bait for the Fishing Pole.

Fishing Pole: Fish outside your window.

Fries: Put them in the fryer.

Full Tickets: Needed to get into GWAR.

Gum: Bait for the Fishing Pole.

Headphones: Trade for cash at the Pawn Shop.

Oil: Opens the last washing machine without waking the Old Lady.

Pants: Needed to get in the Laundromat.

Pizza: Bait for the Fishing Pole.

Rat: Put it in the fryer.

Rat With Fries: Give them to a customer.

Remote: Travel from place to place.

Rotten Hamburger: Eat this for access in the Hospital's sick room.

Scissors: Cut the rope to kill the last GWAR Bouncer.

Secret File: Bait for Fishing Pole.

Shed Key: Opens Tom Anderson's shed.

Snake: Needed to scare the Army Guy.

Soap: Needed to get in the Laundromat.

Suitcase: Bait for the Fishing Pole.

Ticket Piece: 9 of them. Needed to get into GWAR.

VI. Enemies

In alphabetical order.

Army Guy: Found at Turbo Mall 2000, in the Military Office. Will kill 
you if you pick up his files.

Bird: Impossible to kill. Found at Turbo Mall 2000, in the pet shop.  

Bouncers: Found at GWAR. Very powerful.

Bowling Ball: Impossible to kill. Found at the Hospital and Turbo Mall 2000.

Cops: Found at Turbo Mall 2000 and the Hospital, and maybe in your house...

Dog: Impossible to kill. Can only be distracted. Found on the Street and
at GWAR.

Eagles: Impossible to kill. Found on the Street.

Earl: Found at Highland High and on the Street, and maybe in your house...

Fat Bouncer: Can only be killed by a huge bag. Found at GWAR.

Fat Hospital Guy: Found in the Hospital. Will try to chase you down.

Fat Lady: Found at the Drive In. She will chase you down.

Girl: Found at Highland High.

Hospital Guy: Found in the Hospital (obviously).

Ice Cream Guy: Impossible to kill. Found at Turbo Mall 2000, in the 
Ice Cream Shop.

Old Lady: Found at Turbo Mall 2000, in the Laundromat. Will kill you if
she wakes up.

Oil Can Guy: Found at Turbo Mall 2000 and Burger World.

Rats: Impossible to kill. Found on the Street, Burger World, and the Drive In.

Raw Sewage: Impossible to get rid of. Found in the Street.

Rotten Hamburger: Eating this will make you sick. Found at Burger World.

Science Teacher: Impossible to kill. Found at Highland High.

Shopping Mall Cart: Found at Turbo Mall 2000. Only destroyed by a baseball bat.

Skateboard: Impossible to kill. Found at Highland High, Burger World,
and Turbo Mall 2000.

Tom Anderson: Found on the Streets.

VII. Walkthrough


HOME: Go into Beavis and Butthead's Room. Grab the PANTS. Head back to the TV,
grab the REMOTE and head to TURBO MALL 2000.

TURBO MALL 2000: Burp or Fart at the cops until you make it to the entrance. 
While avoiding shopping carts, make your way to the Car Store. Kill the Oil 
Can Guy and grab a free OIL sample. Leave the Car Store and head to the Ice 
Cream Shop. The psycho behind the counter will start throwing cones at you 
for messing up the place last time. Run to the table and have someone pick 
up the SPIT SHOOTER. Then enter the bathroom. On the sink there should be a 
bar of SOAP. Pick this up, leave the Ice Cream Shop, and head to the Laundromat. 
Since you have the PANTS and SOAP, the cop shouldn't stop you from getting in.
Open all of the washing machines, except for the last one. Now, be sure to
have the OIL selected, and open the last washing machine. If you didn't have
it selected, the Old Lady would have woken up and killed you, for reasons
unknown. Grab the TICKET PIECE, then leave TURBO MALL 2000.

HOME: Put the TICKET PIECE on the poster, head back to the TV and go to

STREET: Kill Earl, then go down the sewer. When you first enter the sewer
there should be a hot dog to the left. Save it for later and head right.
Run and jump over the bones and rats until you get to the end, which is
very hard. When you emerge from the other end, take the two food items and
grab the BIRD. Enter the dump, grab the TOY GUN, and make your way to the
other end, avoiding eagles and Earl. On your way, grab the BOOT. When you
make it to the end, grab the BONE. Now, backtrack all the way past the dump,
through the sewer. Now you can pick up the hot dog I told you not to pick
up before hand (see, I'm always right, huh?). Kill Earl once again, and enter
Tom Anderson's yard. Using the TOY GUN, kill Tom Anderson on his lawn mower.
After he's dead, grab the SHED KEY off of him (I don't think you'll see a key
but you'll see something be grabbed. Head over to the tree, where his dog is
chained up and waiting. Don't enter the shed yet, because he will attack. Go over
to him, throw the BONE, the dog will run away, and now you can enter the shed.
On the left side of the shed is a FISHING POLE, so pick it up. On the right side
is a CHAINSAW. Only Beavis can pick it up because he "likes to cut things up".
Leave the shed, go over to the tree, and chop it with the CHAINSAW. The tree
should fall, and so should a TICKET PIECE. Grab it, and head HOME.

HOME: Put the TICKET PIECE on the poster, drop the BIRD and the BOOT, and

HIGHLAND HIGH: Shoot Earl with the TOY GUN and walk into the room with a
picture of Einstien on it. Fart or Burp on the teacher until he turns red.
Quickly, pick up CHEMICAL A and CHEMICAL B. They should combine into CHEMICAL
AB. If you aren't quick, the teacher will start shocking again. Leave the room,
continue avoiding the stupid popular girls until you reach a classroom with a
picture of the Earth on it (Beavis and Butthead's class). The hippie teacher is
there to give helpful advice, but come on. This FAQ has more helpful advice than
he'll ever give. Pick up the wad of GUM under his desk, then leave the class.
Keep walking. You don't need to enter the bathroom, there's nothing exciting in
there. When you reach a door labled "PRINCIPAL", enter it. A TICKET PIECE should
float through the window and on the principal's head, but how to get it? Well,
show him CHEMICAL AB and he'll collapse right on the floor. Grab the TICKET
PIECE and head back HOME.

HOME: Place the TICKET PIECE on the poster, drop the GUM, and head to BURGER

BURGER WORLD: Walk over to the dumpster and, whoever doesn't have one yet, grab
the SPIT SHOOTER. Now, grab the RAT in the dumpster. Walk over to the Employees
Only door and type in "BUTTHEAD" (28884323). Walk over to the fryer and grab the
FRIES. Put the FRIES and the RAT in the fryer. A RAT WITH FRIES should come out.
Grab that, then take the HEADPHONES, then walk over to the counter where a hungry
customer is waiting. Give him the RAT WITH FRIES, he'll pay you money, and after
a hilarious cut-scene, will barf it all up. A TICKET PIECE is laying there in the
puddle of...yeah. So walk around to the front door and grab the TICKET PIECE. Walk
back to the dumpster and grab the ROTTEN HAMBURGER. You will see Beavis and Butthead
become sick, and Beavis says "We're sick..." every couple of seconds. Leave BURGER

HOME: Place the TICKET PIECE in its place and drop the HEADPHONES. The following
things should be in your room: HEADPHONES, BIRD, BOOT, GUM, and CAMERA. Don't pick
up anything yet. Since you're sick, now's the perfect time to head to the HOSPITAL.

HOSPITAL: I really don't know why there are cops trying to kill you on the way to
the HOSPITAL, but whatever. Kill them and enter. Since you're sick, you're able to
enter the sick room. Do that. The nurse tells you that you have "Acute Burgeritis",
and she makes you better with full health. Before you leave this room, take the
SCISSORS on the shelf. Now, leave, and walk over past the fat guy on the treadmill.
Kill the janitor in front of the bike-thing, and hop on it. Now you have to evade
the fat guy you passed earlier. Move up and down while avoiding the health supplies.
I think if you run into 5 things, the guy jumps on you. This can be very hard. Once
you make it to the end, all three of them will fall down the stairs. The fat guy will
be unconsious, so grab the TICKET PIECE next to him, and leave the HOSPITAL.

HOME: Put the TICKET PIECE on the...you know. Drop the SCISSORS. Now we can pick
stuff up. Just the HEADPHONES and BIRD. After you pick those up, it's time to go
back to TURBO MALL 2000.

TURBO MALL 2000: You know the drill...destroy cops and head to the entrance. Avoid
shopping carts and go in the elevator. Go to the Pawn Shop and trade in the BIRD
and HEADPHONES. Now go the Army Recruit Center and take the BOMB on the shelf.
Leave TURBO MALL 2000.

HOME: Go into the bedroom and pick up the CAMERA. Also, keep the BOMB. Since you 
have enough money, you can now go to the DRIVE-IN.

DRIVE-IN: Pay the 3 dollars to get in, and go into the Snack Shop. Toss the BOMB,
and tons of grape pop (soda) should be gushing all over the place. The guy who
works there doesn't seem to mind... Anyway, run over to the cars, and you should
be seeing one bouncing up and down (I don't want to know what's happening in
there...). First, pick up the BINOCULARS lying there next to it, and use the
CAMERA on the car. A huge lady should start chasing you. Race back to the Snack
Shop, avoiding puddles and rats. When you enter the Snack Shop, the lady should
slip and fall on the pop (soda). Grab the TICKET PIECE by her leg and leave for

HOME: Put the TICKET PIECE in its place, keep the BINOCULARS, and go back to

TURBO MALL 2000: This will be the last time you come here...finally. Go back to
the Pawn Shop and trade in the BINOCULARS. Now, find the Pet Store and pick up
the SNAKE. Go to the cashier to pay for it and wrap it up. While he's busy
wrapping it up, take the BIRD CAGE KEY off of the cash register. If you forget,
you can just ask the cashier to wrap up your SNAKE again. Take the BIRD CAGE KEY
and unlock the cage in the far right of the store. Lead the bird away from the
cage so you can avoid the eggs it drops, rush back to the cage, and grab the
TICKET PIECE. Now, don't leave yet. You don't think you bought that SNAKE just
to distract the cashier, did you? Take the BOXED SNAKE to the Army Recruit Center
and show it to the Army Guy. He will get scared and duck beside the desk. Now's
the prefect time to grab his SECRET FILE...and while you're at it, take the
TICKET PIECE that was under it. What to do with the leftover money...hmm, well
you could go to the Toy Store and buy a TOY GUN for whoever doesn't have one
yet, and maybe a BASEBALL BAT for Butthead, since he likes frog baseball. I
guess that's all, so head HOME.

HOME: Place the TICKET PIECE in the poster. Now it's time for a little fishing.
Keep the SECRET FILE, and pick up the BOOT and GUM. Keep the SCISSORS in the
room. Go over to the couch (be sure you don't have the REMOTE selected) and
pick some bait from the couch. You will get DONUT, PIZZA, and SUITCASE. Now
select the FISHING POLE that you got earlier in the game and start fishing.
Repeatedly press "C" to reel in. I found this really hard, and the only way
I was able to do it was to set the controller down and use both index fingers
as fast as I could on "C". You will get the following with the certain bait:

DONUT         Cop          (kill him)
BOOT          Earl         (kill him or he'll kill you instantly)
SUITCASE      Stuart       (gives you advice you don't need)
SECRET FILE   Daria        (gives you advice you'll use in about two seconds)
PIZZA         CAT          (keep)
GUM           TICKET PIECE (your last one)

Now that you have your last TICKET PIECE, you can put it on the poster. Now
you can just grab both FULL TICKETS. Also, take the CAT and the only item
left in your room...the SCISSORS. Leave to the final stage in the game, GWAR.

GWAR: Give the tickets to get in. If you want the don't want the special
ending, just go through the door. If you do, then keep reading. Inch your way
across the screen and keep pressing "C" with the CAT selected. If you go to
far, a Dog will leap out at you and chew you to bits. If you select the CAT
at the right time, the dog will chase after that, and you can continue. Now
it's a piece of cake, right? Wrong. Next comes the worse enemies in the game,
the Bouncers. the just keep coming, so I suggest you use your TOY GUN for
these hellians. After what will seem like forever, you'll finally reach the
back stage door. There is one Bouncer left, and he's HUGE!! He'll kill you
in one hit, nothing will stop him...except a pair of SCISSORS. Use these to
cut the rope, a huge sandbag will crush him, walk by, grab the COSTUMES, and
head to stage.

Now you can control Beavis and Butthead on stage, and make them fall down and
stuff. Now you have completed the game. Congratulations.

VIII. Codes and Cheats

Enter the following to start with 2 complete GWAR Tickets:
aJKt0 bAb69 RitRk gwear Ylhr4

Enter the following for Two player items:

IX. Thanks to...

...all the little people! Oh, and www.gamefaqs.com, for being the
greatest site ever. And Beavis and Butthead, for being the stupiest, yet
greatest show on MTV. Is it even on anymore?

X. Disclamer and Legal Stuff


Do not rip off this FAQ, please! I spent a lot of time and nearly went
insane with all the writing and stuff.

Keep playing Sega Genises. I know it's obsolete, but come on! It's still
awesome people!

Do not worship Pokemon. If you do, then please come to realize how dumb
it really is.

FAQ by Tom (WebWhizTommy)