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***====ECCO 2: THE TIDES OF TIME====***
               VERSION 3

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Version Information
Author's Note

Crystal Springs
Fault Zone
Two Tides
Sky Tides
Tubes of Medusa
Fin to Feather
Eagle's Bay
Asterite's Cave
Four Islands
Sea of Darkness
Vents of Medusa
Moray Abyss
Big Water
The Eye
Deep Ridge
The Hungry Ones
Secret Cave
Lunar Bay
Black Clouds
Globe Holder
Dark Sea
Vortex Queen
Home Bay
Fish City
City of Forever

Game Genie Codes

Credits and Taglines

VERSION 1 - 0734 GMT, 17-Oct-1999
Contains a few select hints from each of the levels in addition to the customary 
credits, Author's Note and copyright info.

VERSION 2 - 0312 GMT, 21-Oct-1999
Added the cheats section, which includes Patch Codes and the level passwords.

VERSION 3 - 0654 GMT, 29-Feb-2000
Thanks to Julia, the long-awaited password for Moray Abyss has been added.  
Julia also pointed out a boo-boo with the invincibility code and an omitted 
level, so a big thank you to Julia!  Also, the copyright info has been made more 

I don't have the password for Moray Abyss.  If you can help out, please e-mail 

I've actually never played Ecco 2, as I read it was be perfectly identical to 
the original and thus not worth buying.  While reading the Requests page at 
GameFAQs, I found a FAQ for Ecco 2 to be the most requested guide for the 
system.  In my nagging desire to help people out, I dug through my old SWATPro 
magazine and found (to my surprise) that the Ecco 2 guide of that issue was one 
of the few guides left in my mag that hadn't become anti-matter.  So I 
transcribed the tips into my own words and posted them on the 'Net to keep the 
people happy.
And can someone please tell me that the star pattern on Ecco's head is NOT the 
constellation Crux?

====THE LEVELS====
Here you must break loose three crystals one at a time, then push them towards 
the crystal near the ship to build them into one.

Push the falling rock to break the rock barrier in the path.  Zigzag along the 
following water way until the earthquake goes off, at which point you should 
repeatedly use the ram attack to minimise the damage you take.

After passing the Barrier Glyph, wait for the turtle to swim over the rushing 
water.  Nudge him with your snout until he withdrawls into his shell, then use 
him as a shield to block the current.

The Key Glyph is above the starting point, the Barrier Glyph being to the left.  
Continue to the left to another glyph, then go to the right for a Glyph in a 
water tube.

This is a forced scrolling level, so your best bet is to memorize everything.  
Avoid whirlpools at all costs.

You have to move with speed and precision in this level, which is a great 
exercise in frustration.  Medusa is persistent, so just make your way past her.

The Glyph says you use bubble clumps to climb up, which should be pretty self-
explanatory.  Use echolocation to see how far you've gone.

Here you can morph into other creatures.  When you transform into a seagull, fly 
right past the attacking birds and falling rocks to return to your dolphin form 
and find the Transporter Ring.

Head right to the meta-sphere, where you'll morph into a bird.  Fly left and re-
enter the water to find a Key Glyph.  Return to your feathered form, fly right 
and become a dolphin, using your new song to pass the Barrier Glyph.

After repairing the broken Glyph, you'll get the means to pass the Barrier Glyph 
above it.  Ask the dolphin pod for help in flying right and you'll encounter a 
wierd worm.  Force him into the rocks with your sonar to open the path, then you 
must piece together another Key Glyph to finally reach Asterite.

After listening to Asterite, you'll go through a lot of trouble in reaching the 
exit, mostly thanks to the helix you have to pass through.  To make matters 
worse, an orca requests help in finding her offspring.

Accuracy is the name of the game, with the water flowing in all different 
directions.  One dolphin offers to be a guide, but stay close to him or you'll 
have to repeat the process from the top.  If you have trouble keeping with him 
after a few tries, he'll teach you the song needed to pass the stones blocking a 
path leading to the exit.  A second guide takes you beyond that point.

This is a nice practise level for the rest of the game.  Use echolocation to see 
ahead, and you'll have to help another killer whale find her lost children.

In this level you become a jellyfish, with little means to defend yourself 
against the hungry dolphins.  Take the first right for a Key Glyph, and if you 
make it to the top OK you'll become a dolphin again.

Swim around the area until you find the Transporter Ring; when you enter it, a 
Shadow Ecco makes a strange request.  After completing it, use the shells to 
move against the strong currents but be careful to avoid damage, and quick 
before your lungs burst.

This level is HARD; avoid the giant spiked shell and red moray eel as you bump 
off the yellow eels along the walls with your sonar as you proceed down the 
shaft.  When the shell hits the bottom, keep hitting it with your sonar and with 
any luck you won't have to fight the moray eel.  From there, it's simply a 
matter of following the instructions.

***THE EYE*** {Thanks Julia!}
Remember Asterite from the previous game, the giant entity consisting of a heap 
of spheres in a double-helix?  Well, you have to gather up his spheres from 
passages blocked by Barrier Glyphs.  After you recover two of Asterite's spheres 
and return them, you will be able to unlock a particular Barrier Glyph to access 
the next two spheres.  It's one long frustrating puzzle, but after getting the 
hang of it you should be OK.

Your objectives here aren't that obvious until you find two of Asterite's 
spheres.  A giant whale helps you out in this department.

You continue rebuilding Asterite in this level, grabbing two spheres at a time 
and entering the nearest Transporter Ring.  Repeat the process until you find 
all the spheres, getting clues about the story as you go.  The exit of this 
level is well-hidden.

Ecco takes the form of a shark in this level, so keep moving to breathe and 
avoid dolphins to conserve energy.  After a series of morphs you'll finish the 
level as a dolphin.

Basically, get the story from the Glyph and swim through the Transporter Rings, 
but it's hard because a fleet of sharks are after you.  Sonar the sharks and 
leap through the rings when all's clear.

If the clawed Vortex alien creature gets a hold of you, you'll warp to a sub-
level where you morph into it.

At one point in the level two of the alien creatures grab you and warp you to a 
future world.  Escaping involves complex puzzles, giant leaps and backtracking 
in order to find the Key Glyphs.  Take full advantage of the Milestone Glyphs.

Similar to lunar bay, and quite dark.  Use echolocation to help find all the 
Glyphs and find the exit towards the right.

Keep an eye on the gravity indicator to know when you'll fall down or rocket 

Use sonar to break the globe free, then keep pushing it into the walls until the 
tentacles burn off.  Remember the darned thing will try and slam you into a 
wall, so be careful.

***DARK SEA***
A pod of dolphins taking on some Vortex aliens will give you some help, but 
don't worry about the aliens the pod is fighting.  Go through the first gate and 
use echolocation to find the boxed-in Glyph; keep trying different corridors.

You have to be wary of the Queen's various attacks and the arm.  When she spits 
the globes, move down to avoid them and hammer her with the sonar before 
climbing just above the laser beem.  You'll have to give the Queen a few rams 
before she falls.

If the Queen swallows you, you'll enter a sub-level as a Vortex alien.   When 
you find the Morph Ball you can return to the main battle.

***HOME BAY***
Defy the current to find the Transporter Ring, then you'll go through a sequence 
not dissimilar to the Secret Cave....only you're fighting jellyfish, poisonous 
shells and sharks.

Asterite explains how time split into two different histories, and how you have 
to fix it.

After entering the level, you morph into a school of fish under attack by a 
hungry dolphin pod.  When you can, take on stray fish to keep the population 
high.  The Morph Ball is to the right, near the exit.

This underwater city is home to many strange creatures which zap your life 
energy like there's no tomorrow.  However, you can use some of them to open 
doors from a safe distance-don't be too far away when you open it or you won't 
make it through.  Keep exploring until you find the exit.

Use blocks to fight the current, and you're a stone's throw to another door and 
the Transporter Ring.

Crystal Springs: UEPMCVEB
Fault Zone: OZUNSKZA
Tubes of Medusa: QSJRYHZA
Skylands: MULXRXEB
Fin to Feather: YCPAWEXA
Eagle's Bay: YCJPDNDB
Asterite's Cave: AOJRDZWA
Four Islands: UOYURFDB
Sea of Darkness: UQZWIIAB
Vents of Medusa: MMVSOPBB
Moray Abyss: YCJXDZZA {Thanks Julia!}
The Eye: SXGBPWSE {Thanks Julia!}
Deep Ridge: UXQWJIZD
The Hungry Ones: WBQQHMUE
Secret Cave: CHGTEYZE
Black Clouds: CLOCVFZE
GravitorBox: UIXBGyWxe
Globe Holder: SBFPWWJE
Vortex Queen: YJUWFUAA
Epilogue: CEWSXKPA

As you move Ecco left and right, he turns to face you.  While Ecco is facing 
you, pause the game and enter AB Right ACA Down AB Right A (it spells 'abra 
cadabra').  With this code on, Ecco can neither drown nor be injured to death.

Make Ecco face you, pause and enter ABCB CACA B.  If successful, a debug menu 
will appear offering Level Select, Sound Test and Invincibility amongst other 

I feel I should make it known that because Patch Code devices like the Game 
Genie alter the data of the game, either your game or machine could get messed 
up permanently. The companies have a nice little disclaimer saying it's not 
their fault since you're the one using the thing, and none of the devices are 
endorsed by Sega.
As for me personally, I don't even believe in the use of a Patch Code device 
because of the risks involved. But like a wise man once said there's one born 
every minute and there's no way I can stop you if you decision to use one. 
Consider yourself warned and use these codes at your equipment's peril.

The following codes work most of the time:
Eating fish won't heal: ADLA-WAD4
Eating fish restores 1/2 as usual: BDLA-WAD4
Eating fish restores double as usual: EDLA-WAD4
Eating fish restores full health: HDLA-WAD4
Infinite air: AKZA-TA7A
Infinite health and air: REAA-W6V0
Always have 360 sonar blast: A4KT-2A38
Don't lose rings if you miss gates: ALBA-4A8R
Don't lose rings if you shoot gates: AKCT-4A7N

The following codes only work in practise mode, where you only see the level.  
Enter the code to start on the desired level.
Sea of Green: AB0A-TAGY
Deep Ridge: AF0A-TAGY
The Eye: AK0A-TAGY
Sea of Birds: AP0A-TAGY
Secret Cave: AV0A-TAGY
The Hungry Ones: AZ0A-TAGY
Convergence: A30A-TAGY
Globe Holder: A70A-TAGY
Two Tides: BF0A-TAGY
The Lost Orcas: BK0A-TAGY
Vents of Medusa: BP0A-TAGY
Four Islands: BV0A-TAGY
Maze of Stone: BZ0A-TAGY
Home Bay: B30A-TAGY
Sea of Darkness: B70A-TAGY
Crystal Springs: CB0A-TAGY
Fault Zone: CF0A-TAGY
Gateway: CK0A-TAGY
Trellia's Bay: CP0A-TAGY
Skyway: CV0A-TAGY
Asterite's Cave: CZ0A-TAGY
Eagle's Bay: C30A-TAGY
Fin to Feather: C70A-TAGY
Skylands: DB0A-TAGY
Tubes of Medusa: DF0A-TAGY
Vortex Arrived: DK0A-TAGY
Aqua Tubeway: DP0A-TAGY
Sky Tides: DV0A-TAGY
Moray Abyss: DZ0A-TAGY
Asterite's Home: D30A-TAGY
Epilogue: D70A-TAGY
Atlantis: EB0A-TAGY
Fish City: EF0A-TAGY
City of Forever: EK0A-TAGY
Black Clouds: EP0A-TAGY
Vortex Future: EV0A-TAGY
GravitorBox: EZ0A-TAGY
Lunar Bay: E30A-TAGY
Dark Sea: E70A-TAGY
New Machine: FB0A-TAGY
Inside: FF0A-TAGY
Inter: FK0A-TAGY
Innuendo: FP0A-TAGY
Trans: FV0A-TAGY
Vortex Queen: FZ0A-TAGY
Big Water: F30A-TAGY
The Pod: F70A-TAGY
The Machine: GB0A-TAGY

This information was transcribed (in my own words) from a guide appearing in 
SWATPro magazine, so thank them for the information.  GameSages provided 
everything found in the Codes section, and Julia provided information about The 
Eye level and Moray Abyss password.

Cyber Predator

"Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have acheived." 
- Claudius Galen
The Force will be with you, always