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   E-SWAT FAQ/Walkthrough

   Written by tedneweb


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   Version Info

   1.0  4/23/02

   This should probably be the only version I should need to make, but if I
miss anything, I'll be sure to add or change it.



   Well, I'm not too clear on the story, since I don't have the manual, but
I guess it's about a veteran cop determined to clean up the streets.  A few
levels into the game, he gets a new cyber-suit (called an ICE Combat Suit,
according to the game) to aid him in his mission/quest to stop the
organization known as E.V.E from destroying the world.  That should be story
enough, so let's jump on in.



      Without Suit

   A - Jump
   B - Shoot
   C - Jump
   Up - High Jump (with A or C), Aim Up
   Down - Duck, Low Jump, Fall Through Platforms (with most platforms)
   Left/Right - Move

      With Suit

   A - Switch Weapons
   B - Shoot
   C - Jump, Activate Jetpack (double tap and hold C)
   Up - High Jump (with C), Aim Up
   Down - Duck, Low Jump, Fall Through Platforms (with most platforms)
   Left/Right - Move


   ICE Combat Suit

   The ICE Combat Suit is armed with a variety of weapons and features to
help take down E.V.E.

   Shot - Your standard shot to take down your standard thugs.
   Super - A Super Shot.  Rapid fire capable, and more powerful than the
standard Shot.
   R. L. - Some kind of missile.  When launched, it travels diagonally
downwards until it hits the ground, then travels straight forward.  It
travels straight down if it runs out of floor, then travels straight again
when it hits a new flat surface.
   P. C. - A Pulse Cannon, I guess.  When you tap B repeatedly, you fire
little pulse shots that are about as good as the regular Shot.  When you
stop firing, it auto-charges.  When fully charged, you can fire a bigger,
more powerful blast.
   Fire - Your most powerful weapon, but I think it has zero effect on
bosses.  When fired, you spin rapidly, firing a powerful flame from your arm
cannon.  Any onscreen enemies get fried.  Be careful, because you can only
use it once per pickup, and it depletes your Burner Meter when used.

   Jetpack - Jump, then tap and hold C again to activate the Jetpack.  When
using the Jetpack, you can fly around using the Control Pad, or just hover. 
Your Burner Meter (in the upper-right hand corner of the screen) tells you
how much fuel you have remaining. When the meter hits yellow bars, you can
only hover when you activate the Jetpack again.  When the meter depletes,
you need to wait for the meter to recharge, or find a Burner Recharge item.



   Items can either be found on the ground, or picked up when you blast
certain bad guys.

   Life Up:  Looks like the letters "LUP" in a blue box.  Recharges two life
   (Note: You start with four life bars, and earn more when you get the ICE
Combat Suit.)

   Life Max:  Looks like an "M" in a blue box.  Recharges all life points.

   1-Up:  Looks like the letters "1UP" in a black box.  Gives you a free
   (Note: Can also look like the letters "1UP" in a red box.)   

   P. C.:  Looks like a white blast in a blue box.  Gives you access to the
P. C. weapon.

   R. L.:  Looks like a blue-headed missile in a black box.  Gives you
access to the R. L. weapon.

   Super:  Looks like a silverish cannon firing red shots in a black box. 
Gives you access to the Super weapon.

   Fire:  Looks like a white and red fire in a black box.  Gives you access
to the Fire weapon.

   Burner Recharge:  Looks like an "M" in a red box.  Recharges your Burner



   Mission 1:  "Guard Silent City!"

   You play the first two levels without the suit, just to get used to the
controls.  All you have to do here is make it to the end, so let's get

   Move to the right while watching out for the bad guys.  Jump the pit and
aim up to get the enemies on the upper ledges, including for the red-domed
robot that lobs bomb-like things in a tight horseshoe arc down on your head.
 Watch out for the one with shades that can aim down or up.  Watch out for
the enemies that pop out of the windows, and especially watch out for the
guy that slides to hit you.  Move on and hop from ledge to ledge.  Blast the
robot to get a Life Up, and keep moving up.  Be careful of shots from above
and below, and keep moving until you drop down a long shaft onto an
elevator.  (If you need a pick me up, a bad guy before the shaft holds a
Life Max.)

   Boss:  Robo-Copter

   This boss starts off by hovering overhead for a few passes, then going
offscreen to the left.  He then hovers back and takes a few shots at you
(stay under) and then goes back offscreen.  He flies straight to the right,
going offscreen then flying downwards and taking a few more shots.  Getting
back onscreen, it sprouts "legs" and trots forward a few steps, blasting at
you.  After this, he takes off and flies in a figure 8 pattern.  You should
be firing at him whenever you can, aiming for the cockpit.  15 shots should
take him down.

   Mission 2: Infiltrate Cyber Prison!

   See the odd-looking platform you're sitting on?  Use the Control Pad to
move it around.  First, move all the way to the right, blasting the bad guy
on the way.  Backtrack a little and take the nearest path up.  Ride it all
the way up, firing upwards all the way to hit the security guns.  When you
hit the top, go 1 path downwards and blast your way left.  You should hit a
bad guy that carries a 1-Up.  Backtrack to the top-right of the stage and
high jump where a sign flashes "In".  Proceed to the left, nailing the
baddies all the way, until you find a hole.  Hop in to proceed to the next
floor.  Do this 2 more times, picking up a Life Up along the way.  When you
get to the next hole, jump over it and proceed to the right to get to the
next area.

   You're now on a conveyor belt behind a fence.  Hold Down and jump to get
to the other side of the fence.  Grab the Life Max, but watch out for the
spikes.  Move all the way to the right to get to the boss.

   Boss:  Cyber Destroyers

   Jump to avoid the first shots, then just duck and concentrate you fire on
one at a time.  When one jumps to the opposite side, turn, duck, and fire
repeatedly to avoid its attack.  After several shots, its armor will be gone
and it will now fire 3 shots after and before jumping.  Keep repeating the
pattern to destroy one,  then blast the other one the same way.

   Congrats!  You now have access to the ICE Combat Suit!

   Mission 3:  Defend Neo Three-Mile!

   Just a straight run to the end here, but you can pick up some weapons and
a 1-Up along the way.  Grab a P. C. from the red-domed bot and watch out for
the green-topped bot above it.  Watch out, also, for the missile troopers
that can pop out of the blue cylinders and the guys with jetpacks of their
own.  Collect an R. L. from the first jetpack and move on a little farther. 
Use a missile to take out the red-dome and collect a 1-Up, then use a
charged P. C. shot to knock the jetpacks out of the sky and rapid-fire shots
to take them out.  Keep moving to take out the bot barrage and grab a Super
weapon.  Be careful - the next 3 cylinders contain missile troopers.  Get a
Life Up from the one on the right, then survive another bot barrage.  You'll
get surrounded by ground troops, but the Super can take them down.  Beat the
final green bot to get a Fire weapon, then cut through a final unit of
troops.  Boost up to the high platform, and keep going to find the boss.

   Boss:  Name Unknown

   Pathetic.  You don't even need a strategy for this one.  Just hover at a
diagonal angle and hit him with missiles when he launches his faceplate. 
Done and done.

   Mission 4:  Attack Mad Scientist!

   You start this level with a serious disadvantage:  No Burner. (Just read
the sign.)  Blast through the roadblock and crawl through the passage. 
Blast through the other roadblock and get out before you get crushed by
purple sludge.  (You'll see more of these situations in the level.)  Move on
to find the three main enemies of this stage - genetically engineered attack
sludge.  Yuck.  The first kind just hops really high.  The second kind
splits into six and forms a tower.  The third kind crawls around and rises
up to bite you.  It can only be hit when it rises up to attack.  Get past
them before you get crushed and get into the next passage.  Nail the guys in
biosuits and escape another wall of slime.  Blast through more slime beasts
and escape more sludge.  (This is starting to get old...)  The next passage
is a little different.  An electro barrier is coming straight at you - shoot
it to force it back and high jump to avoid it when you get to the vertical
passage.  Ride the platform to the right up and shoot the sludge to force it
up.  Get off when you get to the top.  When you get to the middle of the
next room, sludge pours out of the passages and forces the bridge you are on
upwards.  While you float up, "slime hands" pop out and toss slime balls in
an arc.  Watch which way the "hands" point to dodge some balls and shoot
others.  When you get to the top, move on to the right.  This time, the
sludge pours upwards.  To avoid swimming in it and get to the exit, shoot
the lights on the ceiling and use them as floats to get to the ledge.  Get
through another crusher and face a slime launching bot.  Beat it and proceed
a little onwards to get trapped by 4 slime biters and another bot.  Go
through the final passageway (expect resistance) and beat the final 3
enemies to recharge your Burner and some Life Ups.

   Boss:  Scientist and Slime Launcher

   Another easy one.  Just blow up the three yellow lights.  Be careful of
the "heads" that try to strike you.  Also be careful of the slime copies of
you that just crawl along.  Jet to the ceiling and use the P. C. to hit the
first light, R. L. missiles to hit the lower light, and another P. C. volley
to hit the final light.

   Mission 5:  Destroy Dark Base!

   Hover and use a missile to get past the "barricade" and the Super to mop
up.  The red guy in the background can't be hit, but he can hit you.  Wait
for the dark shadow to pass, then go on.  Boost past the barricade, and take
a look around.  Blast the crates or boost through them, but take a look at
the floor before you move on.  Stepping on the blue/green panels recharges
your burner meter.  The red/yellow panels do the same thing, but cost you
life bars.  Move into the big empty room to run into the dark shadow again. 
This time, it attacks!

   Mini-Boss:  Dark Shadow, Part 1

   Aim for any part of this boss to damage it.  Use Super shots do disable
it.  If it attacks, watch out for the jet mines.

   Once it moves away, move through the lower door and recharge at the
panel.  Pilot through the little obstacle course, recharging when you can. 
To get past this area, step on the platforms with the down areas until the
platform creator gets destroyed.  Hover to avoid the up arrows.  Fly under
the moving barricade and blast the guard to get a P. C. Recharge and boost
flame first into the barricade to smash it and move on.  Do the same with
the next barricade.  Fly on and blast guards (the second one drops a Life Up
and the third drops a Burner Recharge) and pass through the third barricade.
 The final one is a bit tricky.  Hover right under it and tap Down to smash
it.  Cut through the mild resistance and hover downwards, taking out the
hovering guns as you go.

   Mini-Boss:  Dark Shadow, Part 2

   Look out!  It's the Dark Shadow!  No damage can be done to him.  You need
to get across the passage to escape the Dark Shadow, and I don't think your
Burner can hold out.  Thankfully, the red boxes drop Burner Recharges and
the grey ones offer solid ground.  Fall into the pit at the end to escape.

   See the platform below?  Hop on to get it moving and recharge your
Burner.  Move through the passage, hopping on the platform to recharge after
getting past a barrier.  The last barrier doesn't move until the platform
passes so hover around until it rises.  Go down and right past another
barrier maze.  You'll now head up, so get past the moving barriers and hover
guns.  Once you get to the top, you get your burner supercharged, which
means you can get infinite Burner power.  Move on to the last fight of the

   Boss:  Dark Shadow, Part 3

   As a point of interest, this is where you fought the first time.  Use
Super Shots and P. C. charges and aim for the eye to beat this guy.  Take
advantage of you Burner power, because it goes away at the end of the stage.
 Be careful of the lasers and homing missiles.

   Mission 6:  Penetrate Secret Sewer!

   I think that I would perfer the sludge...  The missile carriers that pop
out of the ground are dealt with easily; just shoot the missiles and hit the
carrier with a P. C. blast.  After you blast the second one and deal with a
hopping bot, go back and forth and blast the guards for continuous Life Ups.
 Blast the slimes that come out of the pipes as soon as you can; they can
latch on and drain multiple life bars.  Look out for the cannons on the top
levels because they cannot be destroyed.  To deal with the red-plated
gunners, use the Super and duck quickly to avoid retaliation.  After cutting
through a wave of enemies (stay on the lower path to recieve a 1-Up) you
will get to the boss.

   Boss:  Digging Sewer Snake

   This thing starts off by coming out of the ground to the right and going
back down in a little arc into the center of the screen.  He next comes out
at the left and keeps low before coming back into the center.  Right after
that, he comes out at your current position and goes back in at your new
current position.  Then, he repeats the pattern.  To beat him, blast the
eyes on his body when they open (use the Super).  Keep an eye out for those
blue energy things while you do this.

   Mission 7:  Destroy Tactical Complex!

   This is a big area, so keep up.  Cut through some mild resistance and
keep going right until you find the mini-boss.

   Mini-Boss:  Thrasher

   Simple, but watch out all the same.  Take out the red orbs to beat it,
but watch out for the gears and grinders.

   Follow the "Go" signs left an up into a new passageway.  To get out of
this chamber, use Super shots to force the wall back, then boost up through
the hole in the ceiling and back to escape.  The daring can try to pick up
the Life Max, but you have to be careful.  Ride the elevator up, but watch
out for the red beams.  If you cross one, you get shot at.  Go up and to the
left to enter a block room.  To escape, shoot out the security guns on the
red boxes.  Yikes!  To get past the black balls, wait for the one on the
left to go up, then jet on up.  Boost up a little more, then ride the
left-hand yellow block to the top. (The one on the right throws you back
down.) Boost up and left, then fall down the passage, hitting as many laser
guns as you can.  Grab the Life Max to the left, then ride the spike trap up
to find a Fire.  Head back to the Laser passage and boost up to find a 1-Up
and a Life Up.  (You can't get them both in one trip.)  Move right, up, and
left, watching out for those odd-looking barriers.  Step into the upper
teleporter (yes, that's what those are) to proceed.  Ride the platform to
the top and proceed right.  Hit the lasers and boost past the gaps in the
barriers.  Get all the way to the right to find the mini-boss...

   Mini-Boss:  Cyber Destroyers, Part 2

   You've beaten them once before, so you can do it again.  The same
strategy doesn't work as well, so try to hover overhead and use missiles.

   After beating the mini-boss, you move on the the real boss.

   Boss:  Security Maintainer

   Use P. C. shots on the lights on its side, but watch out for the lasers
from the arms and the sides.  Once that's done the boss will just start
hopping around.  Watch its pattern, hover overhead, and hit it with Super
shots when it lands.

   Final Mission:  Break E.V.E's Plan!

   Final level...  Thanks for sticking around.  Blast the guards right in
front of you for recharges and a P. C., then hop on the elevator for one
long trip.  Watch out for the little gun bots - they shoot when far away and
drop bombs when close.  If you survive the trip, you get a recharge.  Wow,
look at all the cyber suits.  Hey, wait a minute - one of them's moving!

   Final Boss:  ICE Double

   This impersonator flies around, stopping once in a while to hit you with
P. C. blasts.  Just keep moving and do the same to him.  Try not to get hit,
if you can.  When you've beaten the impostor, he goes into a full-blast Fire
attack.  If you have enough Life (or if you dealt the final blow offscreen)
you'll survive.

   The rest is on automatic, so enjoy the show!

   Thanks for playing E-SWAT.  Now, enjoy the ending (such as it is) and
keep on playing all the great games out there!