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                  Royal Blood  vs Gemfire
                  Naming & Story Mini-FAQ
                   Revision 8 - 03/30/03

             Document and Translations by D-BOY

Revision 8: No real content changes, just update my contact
            information. Suggestions for the FAQ would be
Revision 7: Started a change list of events. Fixed a boatload
            of name inconsistencies I should have caught last
            release but missed due to translating sections of
            the prologues at different times.
Revision 6: Changed the name of the FAQ since it ended up
            including SO MUCH story info in addition to just
Revision 5: Changed the romanizations of several character
Revision 4: Added translations of the Scenario prologues for
            all four scenario's and each family's dialogue.
Revision 3: Cleaned up some spelling errors and added
            advisors and family names and a full translation
            of the game's introduction.
Revision 2: Added 5th units, wizards, scenario names
Revision 1: Initial release

I.    Agreement
II.   What is this?
III.  Scenario Names
IV.   Province Names
V.    Family Names
VI.   Character Names
VII.  Wizards, Advisors, and 5th Units
VIII. Events
IX.   Opening Translation
X.    Scenario Prologue Translations
XI    Credits & Notes

Suggestions for improvement are quite welcome. You can
e-Mail them to me at I would hope
that this document does generate some input. If there's any
other parts of the game you're like translations of just let
me know. It shouldn't take but a few minutes to add them.

If you would like to use my changes list in a text hack of
Gemfire or a fan remake of the game, feel free. I'd
appreciate it if you credited me though. If you do use this
list in something like that, e-Mail me and let me know! I'm
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Lastly, do not redistribute this document without my
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This document includes an index of changed names of families,
characters, wizards & 5th units, provinces, etc between
Gemfire and Royal Blood. It also includes a translation of
the Royal Blood intro and the Scenario Prologues in Royal
Blood for anyone interested in subtle story changes.

The original idea came up at the Gemfire fan page, Isle of
Ishmeria ( where it
was suggested I do a list like this after I sent the page a
load of information on the all the ports of Gemfire.

I decided now (about 5 months after I did it) that it would
be good to make this information into a FAQ where more
people would be able to see it. Isle of Ishmeria doesn't get
a whole lot of visitors (despite being the only Gemfire page
on the net worth visiting) but I'm sure Gemfire players must
visit FAQ sites from time to time.

The format of the list is very simple. It's numbered (it
makes such continuous information a bit easier to read) and
formatted like the example below:
I couldn't think of an easier of clearer way to show all
this. So without further ado, the lists.

  1. Erin and Ander -> Erin and Redwald
  2. Flax's Shame -> Felias' Crisis
  3. Terian's War -> Tirian's Struggle
  4. Gemfire -> Royal Blood

  1. Dunmoor -> Camelot
  2. Hyland -> Brigantes
  3. Norwood -> Hareck
  4. Lisle -> Island
  5. Erewood -> Mashia
  6. Rodale -> Cambria
  7. Ostlan -> Diala
  8. Powice -> Powys
  9. Cardyf -> Cardiff
 10. Centra -> Cortani
 11. Culiver -> Welmium
 12. Caster -> Brancaster
 13. Oldlyn -> Torvantes
 14. Londre -> Rondium
 15. Attley -> Atolvates
 16. Linden -> Lindinith
 17. Ashlan -> Dornwalia
 18. Penzan -> Penzance (as in the Pirates of)
 19. Celsea -> Celsie
 20. Cambry -> Canterbury
 21. Farlan -> Cartie

  1. Flax -> Felias
  2. Tate -> Sletat
  3. Divas -> Diahs
  4. La Forte -> Lafol
  5. Fouche -> Fahji
  6. Woode -> Woodbia
  7. Randall -> Randill (minor change but does affect sound)
  8. Roose -> Russ
  9. Schoffe -> Scelpi
 10. Harwood -> Havad
 11. Aslea -> Ashelay
 12. Harris -> Harrington
 13. Ashley -> Astory
 14. Bourchier -> Baucha
 15. Rivers -> Rivas
 16. Astley -> Astoly
 17. Ferris -> Feraz

  1. Ander -> Redwald
  2. Seth -> Leofrick
  3. Wolfen -> Wulfastahn
  4. Elgis -> Gimerush
  5. Sarthe -> Bimad
  6. Aigle -> Athelstahn
  7. Loryn -> Liahlia
  8. Terian -> Tirian
  9. Adryl -> Mordred
 10. Carlyle -> Shtarkel
 11. Karla -> Aglia
 12. Griff -> Griffith
 13. Aiden -> Adeen
 14. Lenne -> Eigil
 15. Nicolay -> Nicolai
 16. Francis -> Tense
 17. Erik -> Elias
 18. Jerras -> Jurask
 19. Lars -> Lanfrank
 20. Erven -> Joslin
 21. Geran -> Gawain (as in & the Green Knight)
 22. Keyla -> Galria
 23. Bryan -> Saddick
 24. Gerard -> Gerald
 25. Roland -> Argol
 26. Geoff -> Geoffery
 27. Randal -> Ulfathel
 28. Andrew -> Osway
 29. Elias -> Lias
 30. Alex -> Fyuno
 31. Gewyn -> Meltina
 32. Veen -> Raygia
 33. Seagal -> Eima
 34. Pender -> Pendragon
 35. Cairn -> Albion
 36. Eadric -> Edrick
 37. Kelvin -> Kelmaya
 38. Robyn -> Aevel
 39. Eselred -> Ethelred

  1. Eldrow -> Cid
  2. Zorax -> Laias
  3. Jade -> Feera
  4. Jasper -> Angas
  5. Pluvius -> Meteor
  6. Zendor -> Thunders
  7. Empyron -> Flame
  8. Scylla -> Machete
  9. Chylla -> Chilla
 10. Skulryk -> Poison
 11. Warriors -> Highlanders
 12. Spearmen -> Spears
 13. Pikemen -> Pikes
 14. Lizards -> Salamander

Blizzard -> Heavy Snows
Fairy -> Fey (French spelling of Fairy was used)
Far Gorta -> The Fear Gorta (a hungry man who gives luck to
             people who feed him)
Fire -> Brushfires

[Picture: Map of Ishmeria]

Long ago in the past, there was a small country at the end of
the seven seas. "Ishmeria"... a land where faeries appeared
to humans. A land where monsters dwelt in the dark forests.
How long have people called it their home?

[Pictures of faeries and monsters]

[Picture of the crown, Royal Blood]

In Ishmeria's early days, an evil magician summoned a dragon
to plunge the world into darkness. At this time, the dragon
of protection, Pastha, summoned six great wizards to seal the
dragon into a crown. The dragon was put to rest in the crown
and the wizards became six jewels to be a symbol of power and
authority. That crown's name was... Royal Blood.

[Picture of Aevel taking the jewels off the crown]

The power of the crown was so excessively strong; it finally
tainted the heart of good king Ethelred to madness. The
princess, Aevel, came to view her father as a tyrant. Then
one night, she heard the kind voice of Pastha speaking to
her within her heart. It said: "Royal Blood has now exceeded
the power of even the gods. The wizards of the crown must
once again be freed... Aevel, release the jewels into the
night sky and a hero will come to rule the rebellion."

[Picture of Aevel arrested and locked away]

The seal on the crown was broken... and the dragon returned
once again. The princess Aevel was then arrested and
imprisoned deep in the castle. And as for the maniacal King
Ethelred who controlled the crown to summon the dragon at
will, he began a military campaign to unify Ishmeria...

[Picture of Meteo]

Meteo: ... the stars have begun to move. The star of destiny
is shining over a blood relative. I will grant the knowledge
of the cosmos to Redwald, Lord of the Lyle house.

[Picture of Thunders]

Thunders: Lord Erin of the Blanche house appears to be fated
for hardships... But his eyes will never lose the light of
hope. I will use my thunder to secure him as the new king.

[Picture of Poison]

Poison: To rule an order less country is like hopelessness
in a virtuous heart. If Leandil has the power of monsters
and my sorcery, we can cut through the poison of these
turbulent times.

[Picture of Flame]

Flame: I've grown weary of being within the jewel. I'll join
forces with the fiery country of Dornwalia's ruler,
Lanfrank. The requiem for that dragon can be held in my

[Picture of Machete]

Machete: Elias of Felias is preventing Ethelred from
advancing south... He seems to be a sharp and able person.
If I lend the power of my vacuum wave, then the world will
bow to him.

[Picture of Chilla]

Chilla: Maybe the hero is on the remote island nation? The
earl of Chrysalis, Garth, may seem clumsy. However, his
heart is truly pure.

And so with hope, each of the jewels were scattered. Only a
powerful person with the six wizard jewels can defeat the
dragon and break the evil ambitions of the king to create a
new Royal Blood. The imprisoned princess silently shod tears
while the nobility took up their swords. And now, the
crusade for Ishmeria begins...

                 Scenario 1: Erin & Redwald

And so, 6 nobles rose up to defeat the nation of Ethelred.
Among them were the most powerful nobles, Erin and Redwald.
To return peace to Ishmeria, all territories must be
controlled, the six jewels and the crown must be obtained,
and Royal Blood must be revived. And now, the curtains of
the long crusade open.

House of Blanche
Thunders: I am Thunders! With the magic of my lightning I
will make Erin a path to power.
Karl: Erin! Thunders is an amazing sorcerer. With him we
should be able to defeat the dragon the king has.
Anselm: Our old enemy, Redwald, and the king could join
forces. But don't worry, brother, it hasn't happened yet.

House of Lyle
Meteo: I am Meteo! A new king with great political strength
would be appropriate. I'll make it happen with my cosmic
Leofrink: Lord Redwald, Meteo is the strongest wizard. With
his help victory of the Lyle house is guaranteed.
Wulfastahn: But Thunders has sided with Erin. Before we can
defeat Ethelred, we must conclude our battle with him.

House of Coryll
Flame: I'll roast that dragon with my flame powers! Lanfrank,
lend me your strength.
Eustace: The red hot fires of the wizard Flame and us,
Lanfrank. What a strange combination.
Joslin: Before battling the dragon, we must secure our
territory. There are frequent earthquakes in this region
so we desperately need to build protection.

House of Chrysalis
Chilla: I am the ice wizard, Chilla. Please use my strength
to help create a new Royal Blood.
Bimad: Our Chrysalis house seems fated for misfortune. Even
if father is a kind king, now is the time for battle!
Gimerush: Other nobility have started to amass their power
since the dispute began. They will probably attack soon.
Our first enemy will be Redwald.

                 Scenario 2: Felias' Crisis

Before the great power of king Ethelred's troops came; the
battle was affot within the chaos of human hearts. Elias of
the Felias house annihilated the Coryll house; however he is
now threatened by the Sletat house, founded by former
retainer of the royal family who refused control of the
king, Tirian. In the midst of this Erin and Redwald became
even more powerful in the crusade as they expanded their
territory. However, there is still no-one who possesses the
power to defeat the king and his dragon.

House of Blanche
Thunders: Why has Flame joined with Tirian? What if we joined
forces with Tirian? We could defeat the king quickly.
Anselm: Brother, I'm sorry. I just didn't have the power
to prevent the enemy from taking province 3, Colbridge.
Karl: Erin, right now three border countries are our enemies.
We must quickly take action.

House of Lyle
Wulfastahn: We've taken province 3, Colbridge, from Erin! If
things continue to go our way we can defeat Blanche!
Ulfahel: Brother! With Garth dead we can now take the
solitary island.
Galria: Brother, I will fight again! In swordplay I have
never lost to anyone. Stay here and don't worry.

House of Felias
Machete: Lord Elias, I don't see Flame anywhere. It seems
Eustace's best vassal has now sided with Tirian.
Jurask: We're closing in on our pursuit of the king's troops.
We should drive them into a distant land.
Esuk: Lord Elias! Please! You must let my fight the king's
troops. I will take province 24, Lindinis.

House of Molbrew
Poison: Lanfrank's power has come to an end and Flame of
Coryll has come under Tirian's power.
Fuster: Tirian suddenly betrayed the king. I don't
understand why. Joslin, what do you think of this?
Joslin: I've heard that Flame's power still resides with
Coryll... perhaps it is Eustace is the one he now serves...

                  Scenario 3: Tirian's War

The crusade had escalated even further. Tirian annihilated
the Molbrew house and acquired their territory. During
Tirian's attack, the Molbrew family's retainer, Joslin,
escaped to establish the Tordin house which now threatens
the king's territory. The stage is set as Erin and Redwald
continue to draw on the power of the gem wizards. For the
first time, signs have begun to point to the end of the
King's military threat.

House of Blanche
Poison: I am the wizard who controls poison. Even with
Molbrew lost, I must still continue the fight to bring an
end to these turbulent times.
Arkin: That bastard, Redwald. To suddenly break alliances,
then attack our territory and kill my brother, Anselm!
Karl: Arkin, I know it's difficult but leave Redwald to me!
He's too much for you to handle.

House of Lyle
Meteo: Chilla, the Chrysalis family which you've served has
been destroyed by Lord Redwald. Will you lend us your
Chilla: In order to save Ishmeria I have no other choice.
We must combine our strengths and end this battle quickly.
Leofrick: Your old enemy Erin, King Ethelred, or Tirian...
Lord Redwald, please tell me which of them I should advance

House of Sletat
Saddick: Our western territory has been lost, but I still
desire to defeat the king. Father, justice will be served!
Flame: That's right. With the Coryll family lost I pledge my
services to help Lord Tirian save this land.
Gerald: The great bishop's power and Anise's charm. These
will be the keys to the Sletat House's victory.

House of Tordin
Meltina: How can we end this battle? We have neither a jewel
nor fame. At this rate...
Fyuno: Don't lose hope, sister. While the others battle, we
can focus on building our power.

                   Scenario 4: Royal Blood

The people wished for peace from the bottom of their heart.
Edrick had become the new ruler of the Tudoria house amonst
much gossip of Ethelred having a long lost son. Loryn turned
against the king forming the House of Diahs, while Pendragon
switched sides choosing to battle Erin with the king...
The end of the long holy war to obtain Royal Blood draws

House of Blanche
Poison: That bastard, Pendragon! One night he betrays us and
becomes one of the king's generals! What the hell is he
Thunders: Pendragon has a strong, competetive spirit. It's
quite a blow to lose his strategic skills.
Gawain: Lord Erin, let's hurry and kill Lord Arkin's old
enemy, Diahs. After that we can quickly bring down the king.

House of Lyle
Meteor: The battle has grown immensely. Before defeating
the king, we must first defeat Erin.
Chill: We six wizards of the crown must battle to bring
Royal Blood to lord Redwald.
Mordred: I can see my father, Ethelred, as king no longer.
Redwald would be much more suited ot the task.

House of Tudoria
Machete: I can't help protect lord Elias any longer. Though
we were once enemies... from now on I'll lend you my
Kelmaya: If you are Ethelred's son, then you're the one who
should ascend the throne. I'll follow you.
Bradley: I've heard rumors of such. If I can be any use then
I, Bradley, will join your cause.

House of Diahs
Laias: My territory was snatched away by Edrick. Could he be
the rumored lost son of Ethelred?
Raith: Surely the story of Edrick being the king's son is a
rumor. It seems we may have more enemies.
Melgan: The king's military power is falling. Lord Liahlia
will be the best ruler.

Special thanks go out to Jennifer Ornellas and everyone else
at the Isle of Ishmeria board for suggesting to even bother
with translating the names in Royal Blood. Also thanks to
her and Patrel for suggesting some alternate province name
spellings. Much appreciated!

Copyright 2003