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Home Alone FAQ Version 1.1
for the Sega Genesis (A.K.A. Mega-Drive.)
by: Kevin T. Raffa
E-Mail: KTRaffa84@aol.com
AIM: KTRaffa84
ICQ: KTRaffa84

Table of Contents:

I.    Introduction
II.	Storyline/Plot
III.	Main Menu/Basic Controls
IV.	Basics of Game Playing
V.	The Houses
VI.	The Traps 
VII.	The Weapons
VIII.	Strategies
IX.	Special Thanks/Closing Notes
X.	Disclaimer

Section I: Introduction

     This is my, Kevin T. Raffa's FAQ for Home Alone on the Sega 
Genesis/Mega Drive systems. This FAQ is designed to fully appreciate 
this wonderful and creative game. If you have comments, questions, or 
if there are errors in this FAQ, please E-Mail me with your query to 
KTRaffa84@aol.com. Please place Home Alone FAQ in the subject line. If 
you have AOL Instant Messenger, message me at KTRaffa84. Finally, if 
you have ICQ, my number is 57681991. If you do not have AOL Instant 
Messenger or ICQ, they can be found at www.aol.com and www.icq.com 

Section II: Storyline/Plot

     Home Alone is based on the movie of the same name. You take the 
part of Kevin, the child who was accidently left home, instead of 
vacationing. The plot follows that of the movie for the most part, in 
that robbers are ransacking homes, and it's your job to set traps and 
create weapons to stop the criminals while you wait for the police to 
arrive. While you wait, you rack up points based on the traps you set, 
the weapons you create, and how well you prevent the crooks in their 
quest to rob all the houses in the neighborhood.

III: Main Menu/Basic Controls

Main Menu:

     The main menu of this game is fairly simple, as they have made the 
options prompt appear when you begin the game. Upon starting, you see 
the following options:
     High Score: This is set at zero the first time you play the game. 
If you beat it and play again, the high score will become that of the 
score you received when you beat the game. This is similar to most 
video games.
     Difficulty: Either Normal or Expert. On Normal difficulty, you 
have 20 minutes to hold off the crooks  before the cops arrive. On 
Expert setting, you have 40 minutes, along with additional traps to set 
and weapons to build. (See Section VI for traps and Section VII for 
     Controller: Upon beginning, the settings of the controller buttons 
will be as follows: A: tire, B: fire, C: jump. These, of course, can be 
altered to your preference.
     Music: From here, you can listen to the various musical score of 
the game.
     Sound: From here, you can listen to the various and whimsical 
sound effects of the game.
     Exit: Selecting this exits the option menu and brings you straight 
to the game.

(As predetermined upon start of game.)

     Start has the same function both indoors and out. This will bring 
you to the weapons prompt screen. This will also pause the game. (For 
more information about the weapons screen, check Section VII.)


     All buttons have the same function outside. They charge up your 
sled, allowing you to travel faster.

In a house:
     A: Tire
     B: Fire
     C: Jump

     Tires are collected throughout the game. They are used to jump 
upon to access higher portions of a house that cannot be reached by a 
normal jump.
     The fire button is used to shoot off whatever weapon you are 
currently equipped with. You begin the game with a BB Gun. (For more 
weapons, please check Section VII.)  
     Jump is exactly what it states. Your character jumps.

Section IV: Basics of Game Playing

     Upon starting the game, you will see your character in the center 
of the screen. In the upper left hand corner exists important 
information. They are: 

     Score: This is your score. By winning houses and collecting and 
building weapons, your score goes up.
     ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival. This is how much time you have 
left to fight the crooks before the police arrive.
     Houses Left: This is the amount of houses that have not been 
completely robbed by the crooks.
     Tires: This is the amount of tires you currently possess.

     In the upper right hand portion of the screen exists the most 
important of information. Right now, it says Charge. That is the amount 
of juice left in your sled. (For some reason, Kevin's sled is 
electrified and can achieve speeds that of a car.) Upon entering a 
house, this will change to Ammo. That will represent the amount of ammo 
left in the currently equipped weapon. Underneath that will exist Loot. 
This is the amount of loot stolen by the crooks in this house. As of 
now, this will be empty. If the crooks are in the same house as you, a 
third bar will exist, Pain. The pain bar will go up as you inflict pain 
upon the crooks. When the Pain bar reaches full, the crooks will drop 
all their loot and leave the house.

     Upon entering a house for the first time (usually before the 
crooks arrive there,) you will access that house's blueprints. Here, 
you set up the traps for the house. The traps are located on the left. 
Move the hand to the trap you desire, press any button, move right and 
select the location you wish to place the trap. (More information about 
traps, such as descriptions and locations to where traps can be set can 
be found in Section VI.) Pressing Start in the blueprint screen will 
make you enter the house. Leave the house and travel to the others to 
set traps in those houses too.

     To win the house, you must max out the Pain bar. This is 
accomplished through traps and weapons. Once you max out the Pain bar, 
you have won the house. You will be sent to a new screen, where points 
are tallied, and a whimsical scene is shown, based on the last weapon 
you used on the crooks. You score more points for the traps used in the 
house and the amount of weapons used.

Section V: The Houses 

     In his game, there are five houses for you to save. Upon starting 
the game, you will see the first house, the Mansion. West of that 
exists the Ultra Modern House. East of the Mansion is the Colonial 
House. Two other house exist, a bit to the south. The Old House in the 
west, and the Country House in the east.

     Mansion: This is intended to be Kevin's house in the game, and it 
serves its purpose just fine. The Mansion has three floors, and is 
inhabited by a spider that crawls on the ceiling. The spider will reach 
down now and again, and if touched, the character, whether crook or 
Kevin, will fall to the ground in a faint. After a few seconds, the 
character to come to and continue about his business.

     Ultra Modern House: Like the Mansion, this too has three floors. 
The house has a security system of its own, a robot with electrocuting 
powers. It will go up and down the floors, arms outstretched, 
electrocuting whoever is in its path, whether it be crook or Kevin.

     Colonial House: This house is the only house will five floors. It 
can be the hardest house of them all, but it's not, as the loot is 
spread out over the house. The house is haunted by an old ghost. He 
will appear out of the walls and shoot electric bolts from his hands. 
Whoever is in the way of these bolts will be shocked.

     Old House: This house has three floors. The blueprint may allude 
you to think four, but the top floor cannot be reached. This house is 
the only one not possessed or guarded. This house however, is old, and 
ridden with weak floorboards. When you jump on one of these weak spots, 
the floor will give, and you'll drop a floor. As such, these weak 
points exist only on the second and main floors.

     Country House: This house, unlike the others, has four floors. The 
guardian of this house happens to be a cat. The cat can be found on any 
floor, and it is always found sleeping. Jumping on the cat or touching 
it wakes it up and smothers you. Pressing the control buttons will 
shake the cat off you.

Section VI: The Traps.

     As aforementioned, traps can only be accessed and placed at the 
blueprint screen of a house. They exist on the left hand side of the 
screen, and once placed are placed for good. The traps are:

     Torch: can only be placed in door jams. Once used by the crook, it 
disappears and cannot be used again.
     Tacks: (**Only exists in Expert mode**) placed on floor sections 
of the house, these tacks can be used twice times before disappearing. 
Be careful, as even you can step on the tacks.
     Ice: like tacks, these are placed on the floor sections. These 
also can be used three times before disappearing, and you can also slip 
on the ice.
     Grease: (**Only exists in Expert mode**) like tacks and ice, 
grease can be triggered three times before it disappears. Yes, you can 
slip on the grease too. 
     Tar: although not damaging, tar, in my humble opinion, is the best 
trap in the game. It can be used an infinite amount of times, and yes, 
you can get stuck in the tar. Tar only slows a crook down, giving you 
more time to escape or shoot him with a weapon.
     Toys: a simple trap, Kevin's toys serve as means to hurt a crook. 
They can be triggered once before they disappear, and like other ground 
traps, you too can trigger them.
     Marbles: another simple trap that the crooks slip on. They are 
down for a short amount of time, so be forewarned. These can be 
triggered three times before disappearing, whether from you or from the 

Section VII: The Weapons

     As you play the game, you collect various items used to build 
weapons. These items are found in snowmen outside, or on shelves in the 
houses. Pressing Start at any time accesses the weapons prompt. On the 
left exist all the weapon parts you have collected. An arrow is above 
all of the parts, and there is one below the parts. The arrows will 
cycle through all the parts you've collected. In the center, Kevin 
demonstrates whatever weapon he is currently equipped with.                  
Above Kevin's demo exists the name of the weapon he is currently 
equipped with. To the left and right of the name are arrows, used to 
cycle through all the weapons you have built.  On the bottom exists the 
three parts of the weapon construction. In order, they are Platform, 
Operator, and Ammo. I will explain these shortly. To the right of the 
weapon construction are a wrench and a hammer. The wrench will put a 
weapon together, the hammer will take one apart. In Normal difficulty, 
weapons will be pre-made. That is, when you collect enough items that 
satisfy the requirements for a weapon, press Start, and the game will 
have pre-made a weapon for you. Click the wrench to build the weapon.

     The Platform is what the weapon is primarily made of, or what 
holds it together. These include a crossbow, a can, a blow dryer, an 
ice cream scoop, and in expert mode, a camera, and a cd player. The 
Operator is what is used in conjunction with the Platform, whether to 
hold the Ammo, or to use as a slingshot. These include rubber bands, 
balloons, and wire. Ammo is the most important of the three, as once 
you run out, you'll need to find more, and unlike the Platform and 
Operator, Ammo is usually the hardest to find. 

     Here are all the weapons that can be made in this game, listed in 
order of Platform, Operator, and Ammo.

Rifle Weapons:

     Rifle Weapons are fast, use low ammo, but inflict little pain. 
Probably the best overall. They shoot in a straight line, making them 
the best to use for beginners.

Crossbow   +   Balloons   +   Glue   =   Glue Rifle
Crossbow   +   Balloons   +   Pepper   =   Pepper Rifle
Crossbow   +   Wire   +   Coals   =   Hot Coal Rifle     

Mortar Weapons:

     These are hard to get used to. They fire in a great arc, but can 
be useful. I tend to stay away from mortar weapons unless it is early 
in the game, or I'm up for a challenge.

Can   +   Rubber Bands   +   Snowball   =   Snowball Mortar
Can   +   Rubber Bands   +   Super Ball   =   Super Ball Mortar
Can   +   Balloons   +   Glue   =   Glue Mortar
Can   +   Balloons   +   Pepper   =   Pepper Mortar  
Can   +   Wire   +   Coals   =   Hot Coal Mortar

Bazooka Weapons:

     Slower than Rifle Weapons, the Bazooka Weapons pack more of a 
punch. They take up more ammo, but are very worthwhile. They too, shoot 
in a straight line.

Blow Dryer   +   Balloons   +   Snowball   =   Snowball Bazooka
Blow Dryer   +   Balloons   +   Glue   =   Glue Bazooka
Blow Dryer   +   Balloons   +   Pepper   =   Pepper Bazooka

Launcher Weapons:

     Like the Mortar Weapons, these fire in an arc. The arc is not as 
large as a Mortar Weapon, which makes it easier to aim and use.  

Scoop   +   Rubber Bands   +   Snowball   =   Snowball Launcher
Scoop   +   Rubber Bands   +   Super Ball   =   Super Ball Launcher
Scoop   +   Balloons   +   Glue   =   Glue Launcher
Scoop   +   Balloons   +   Pepper   =   Pepper Launcher
Scoop   +   Wire   +   Coals   =   Hot Coal Launcher

Expert Only Weapons:

     Besides the aforementioned weapons, some weapons exist only in 
expert mode. They are:

CD Player   +   Wire   +   Battery   =   Sonic Wave Gun
Camera   +   Wire   +   Flashbulb   =   Flashbulb Shotgun
Can   +   Wire   +   Magnet   =   Electrical Grenade
Crossbow   +   Rubber Bands   +   Rope   =   Rope Rifle
Can   +   Rubber Bands   +   Rope   =   Rope Mortar
Scoop   +   Rubber Bands   +   Rope   =   Rope Launcher

Section VIII: Strategies

     Here I will detail some strategies in a somewhat logical order.

- If you're playing this game for the first time, start on Normal 
difficulty. You'll understand the game's mechanics and what weapons you 
favor, etc. 
- It takes one minute for the crooks to enter the neighborhood. In that 
one minute you have free, visit every house, place traps in the houses, 
and quickly move to the next house. Do the same there and continue 
- The crooks will enter the neighborhood from the south road all the 
way on the right. Unless you lose a house, they will always enter from 
here after you win a house.
- In the house, you can run or jump into the crooks. If this happens, 
you will be placed on a hook. There is a hook on every floor of every 
house, so you won't leave the floor. To get off the hook, press the 
control buttons rapidly.
- Mix weapons up. Ammo can last a while, so change the weapon around a 
bit. Make a Snowball Bazooka. Then, disassemble it and make a Snowball 
Mortar. If you win a house, you get 100 points for every weapon you 
used in that house, and changing the weapon around a bit constitutes a 
new weapon.
- For fun, you can go at max speed on the sled, and ram into a fire 
hydrant to net 50 points. 

Section IX: Special Thanks/Closing Notes

     In closing, I'd like to thank my parents for buying me the 
original Sega Genesis, way back in the early '90s. Thanks to my sister 
for selling me Sega Genesis 2 when the original one broke. Thanks to 
Toys 'R' Us for stocking the new Sega Genesis 3, so I could re-live the 
older games I used to love. Many thanks to CJayC for creating GameFAQS 
so I could put this walkthrough online. 

Section X: Disclaimer

     This walkthrough, authored by Kevin T. Raffa, is copyright 2000 
under United States law. It should only be found on www.gamefaqs.com 
and nowhere else. If you found this FAQ on another site, please contact 
me immediately, as they have violated United States law. This FAQ is 
not to be re-distributed in any way, shape, or form, whether 
electronically, or in a magazine of some sort. Thanks, and enjoy this 
wonderful game.