Game Script by PPike

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Jungle Strike Script
By Paul Pike
Created 08/25/2004
Jungle Strike and all characters copyright of EA Games
Version 0.33

Chapter of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Choosing your co-pilot
3. Washington D.C. 1
4. Sub Hunt
5. Training Grounds
6. Night Strike
7. Puloso City
8. Snow Fortress
9. River Raid
10. Mountains
11. Washington D.C. 2
12. Version History


Somewhere in the Pacific

::a jungle is shown with animals playing around before panning out to reveal an
island before a man holding binoculars is seen::

::the POV of the binoculars is then shown as a timer counts down::

Man 1: Three...two...

::back to the shot of the animals::

Man 1:!

::the island is then shown as a nuclear explosion goes off, a mushroom cloud
rising into the air before going to two men, one having a moustache and holding
a phone, and the other a bearded man who was holding the binoculars::

Man 2: Impressive.
Man 1: ::he puts down his phone:: As I said, I still have nuclear resources.
Man 2: So, can you deliver the components to my jungle fortress?
Man 1: With ease. Is 72 hours soon enough? I cannot wait to avenge my father's
Man 2: Destroying Washington D.C. will teach the Yankees to stay out of my drug
trade. At last they will suffer for the trouble they've caused us!

::now we go to a newsroom where a female newsanchor reports the news::

Anchorwoman: We interrupt this broadcast for a special report... Moments ago, a
nuclear explosion was detected off the coast of South America. As of yet, no
one has claimed responsibility for the blast. We will keep you informed as the
story develops...

::now we go to your living room. you're watching the news when you pick up the

You: Hello...
General: Captain, there's been an incident.
You: Just saw it. Somebody's showing off.
General: There's a special forces briefing at the White House at 08:00 hours.
You: I'm there.


Mike Sierra: Mr. 3-D
Still smells like the Academy. Mr. 3-D can pluck the pimento out of an olive
with the winch, but he can't hit a white whale on a black background.

Scott Antonio: Ego
Ego is the most focused copilot of the group. He doesn't have a life, doesn't
want one. He's average with the gun and winch. Always ready, Ego never sleeps.

Grant Foster: Faceman
He's a hot gunner but his winch skills could freeze a campfire. Recruited from
a local arcade: every mission is a game to him. He was last seen off the coast
of South America.

Rosalind D: Annihilator
She's a tough, tenacious copilot that's a force to reckon with. Roz is good at
everything except her aim's shaky. She was last heard from over a dark jungle.

J.W. Fennel: Wild Bill
Wild Bill's the best of the bunch, just ask him. He's the top gunner and he
uses the winch like a lasso. He learned the rules so he could break them.



The White House

::the scene takes place in the briefing room::

General: ::he turns on the logo of the NSA (National Security Agency):: Here's
the situation: we have spy satellite photos of the blast area simultaneous with
the detonation.
You: Good thing Congress didn't cut the Space Program. Much.
General: ::the next picture is a yacht:: This imperial yacht was spotted near
the destroyed island.
You: Any idea whose toy boat it is?
General: ::he brings up the next picture of the two men from the introduction::
We further enhanced the photo and identified these two suspects.
You: Boy, these guys look familiar... Ugly, but familiar.
General: They should. ::he then brings up a picture of the second man's
mugshot:: Carlos Ortega, the notorious South American drug lord. His huge
private army just sprung him from a Florida prison. A lot of good men died to
put him in that prison. This is Ibn Kilbaba, son of the Desert Strike madman,
and more ruthless than his father ever was. ::he then shows a picture of three
men, a circle around the man in the middle::
You: Birds of a feather. What's the plan?
General: You will take command of the Super Commanche Attack Chopper. Your
first mission is to stop the terrorists threatening the Capitol. ::he said as a
picture is then shown of the chopper you'll be using for this game::
You: Good. I was afraid this was gonna be easy.
General: Next, the President's motorcade will arrive soon. Make sure it's safe.
And last, Ibn Kilbaba's men in D.C. know where the drug lord's jungle fortress
is. Find them.
You: No sweat.
General: Just select your copilot and you're ready to go.

Mission/enemy/item info:

1. Monuments

Terrorist attacks on our nation's capitol
1. Protect the Washington Monument, the Library of Congress and the Jefferson
Memorial from terrorist attacks. These buildings are historical shrines and
must be saved!

2. Terrorist HQ

Government buildings seized by terrorist factions and used as headquarters
2. Locate and destroy the terrorist headquarters. They've occupied several
government buildings. Capture the leaders for information about future
terrorist plots.

3. Car bombs

Car bombs used for terrorist attacks against foreign embassies
3. Find and neutralize the terrorist car bombs before they detonate in front of
the five embassy buildings. Model car used is unknown. Don't target innocent

4. Agent Akbar

Secret agent 86 Codename: 'Akbar'
4. Find and rescue Akbar, our secret informant. We believe he is being held
captive in a basement. He knows how and when the president will be attacked.

5. Motorcade

Presidential motorcade en route to the White House
5. Protect Presidential motorcade from terrorist incidents. Defeat any attacks
along the route and assure that the Presidential limosine reaches the White

6. Enemy sniper

Enemy sniper on a mission from the Madman
6. Capture the enemy sniper to learn details of the Madman's plan. He will
attack from a U-shaped government building. Blast the building, but capture him


Heavily Armed Terrorist Attack RV  Armor: 150  Power: 100
Facing these RVs is no vacation. Good armor combined with strong firepower. But
fire rate is slow. Catch 'em while they reload.

Attack vans

Enemy terrorist attack van  Armor: 100  Power: 20
These innocent looking vans have infiltrated Washington and converged on the
Jefferson Memorial. They must be stopped!

Fuel drums

Fuel drum contains: 100 units of fuel
Pick up fuel drums when you are low on fuel. Your vehicle cannot hold more than
a full tank of fuel.

Ammo crates

Ammo crate contains a full reload of firearms
Pick up these crates when your ammo is low. All of your weapons will be fully
reloaded. Your vehicle cannot hold more than a full load.

Ammo truck

Covered truck contains one ammo crate  Armor: 35
These covered trucks will drive around Washington to supply you with ammo.

Landing zone

Landing zone
These pads are safe drop off points for MIAs and POWs. Your vehicle's armor is
increased for each person you drop off here.

Mission completions:

Mission 1: Nothing

Mission 2:

::Inside the chopper, the terrorist is being interrogated::
Terrorist: I know how the embassies are going to be attacked.... The carbombs
you are looking for are green station wagons.

Mission 3: Nothing

Mission 4:

::Akbar speaks::
Akbar: I found out that the President's limo is going to be attacked! It will
be entering the city from the south-west corner any moment.

Mission 5:
::a scene is shown of a Secret Service agent getting out of the limo while the
President runs into the White House::

Mission 6:

::inside the chopper, a man holding a sniper rifle is being interrogated::
Man: Don't shoot me, I'm just a patsy. The Druglord gave me a map and told me
to meet him in his jungle fortress...

Mission failures (by either killing someone or blowing something up by yourself
or letting the enemy do it):

White House--
General: You blew it! You redecorated the White House Beirut-style!

Any of the three buildings neear the White House--
General: Wake up! Don't blow up taxpayers property!

Washington Monument--
General: You blew it! You let the Washington Monument get toppled!

Any of the buildings at the Library of Congress--
General: You blew it! The Library of Congress has been checked out permanently!

Jefferson Memorial--
General: You blew it! The Jefferson Memorial is only a memory!

Any of the five embassies--
General: Bad mistake! Now the embassy is unrecognizable!

The captains in Mission 2--
General: What a snafu! You let the terrorist leader get deep sixed!

Akbar in Mission 4--
General: You blew it! You let Agent Akbar get iced!

Blow up the limo in Mission 5--
General: Bad mistake! You let the President's motorcade get way overheated!


::the scene takes place in the briefing room, but this time, we're joined by
the President::

General: Good work Captain. Your mission was a success. You saved the President!
President: Which I appreciate. Sorry about those defense cuts.
General: You helped us locate the Drug Lord's jungle fortress, too. ::he then
flips the screen to a map:: The sniper you captured had this map that details
the area's main targets.
You: I love what he's done with the place.
General: While you attack the fortress, I'll be flying overhead in the AWAC
feeding you the latest mission briefing.
You: Let me know if you see any good surf up there.


::the scene takes place with an AWAC flying overhead, your chopper below before
cutting to a split showing the General on the left and you on the right::

General: How are we feeling this morning? Here's our mission:

There are two Navy SEALs stranded on an island south of the bridge. Rescue them
for intelligence info. The sector is also covered by a large number of
anti-aircraft guns. Our downed F-15 pilot is proof of this. Luckily we've
spotted a prototype hovercraft in the area that may aid you in beating these
weapons. We've also learned that the Madman is smuggling stolen crates of
plutonium into the jungle fortress. Get them before they're shipped inland. And
we believe that the Druglord's fleet of nuclear submarines is stationed nearby.
Destroy them before they are armed for attack.

Mission/enemy/item info:

1. Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs stranded on island south of bridge
1. Rescue the 2 Navy SEALs and fly them to our Coast Guard chopper. They have
spotted the stolen XL-9 hovercraft and have a code to jam the alert zone.

2. Elec fence

Prototype XL-9 model hovercraft protected by enemy ground weapons
2. Wipe out all the enemy weapons protecting the hovercraft. Once the island is
secure, land the Commanche to take control of the XL-9.

3. Plutonium

Drug Lord's speedboats transporting 10 plutonium shipments
3. Stop the Drug Lord's speedboats from reaching the shore. Then pick up at
least 8 plutonium crates. Do not destroy the crates or a catastrophe will

4. F-15 pilot

F-15 pilot lost somewhere in sector
4. Rescue our downed F-15 fighter pilot. He knows the secret locations of the
Drug Lord's nuclear submarines. Don't delay: his plane may sink at any moment!

5. Nuke subs

Alpha class nuclear weapons submarine  Armor: 500
5. The Drug Lord's fleet of 4 nuclear subs is in this sector. Destroy the subs
to eliminate their threat of attack. Caution: they are well armored and


Armscor G4 155 mm Howitzer  Armor: 100  Power: 25
Anti-aircraft gun. This weapon's rapid firing rate compensates for its low

Gun boats

Enemy gun boat  Armor: 100  Power: 75
These armored boats patrol the Drug Lord's coastline, seeking intruders. They
attack with shoulder-launched rockets.

Fuel drums

Fuel drum contains: 100 units of fuel
Pick up fuel drums when you are low on fuel. Your vehicle cannot hold more than
a full tank of fuel.

Ammo crates

Ammo crate contains a full reload of firearms
Pick up these crates when your ammo is low. All of your weapons will be fully
reloaded. Your vehicle cannot hold more than a full load.

Armor repair

Armor repair toolbox
When you pick up an armor repair box your vehicle's armor is restored to full

Landing zone

Landing zone
These pads are safe drop off points for MIAs and POWs. Your vehicle's armor is
increased for each person you drop off here.

Mission completions:

Mission 1:

::the Navy SEALs climb into the chopper::

Navy SEAL: We have the code to jam the alert zone on the hovercraft. And we've
spotted the plutonium shipments. Fly us to our chopper and we'll punch in the

Mission 2: Nothing

Mission 3: Nothing

Mission 4:

::you're shown inside the cockpit::

You: Looks like we found Faceman. Now let's see how fast a top gun he really is.

Mission 5: Nothing

Mission failures:

Rescue chopper--
General: You blew it! Now where are you going to drop people off at?

Navy SEALs--
General: Those Navy SEALs had the locations of the plutonium shipments!

General: Explain to me how you expected to get under the bridge without the

The boxes of plutonium--
General: That stuff will poison everything within 1,000 miles for 10,000 years!

General: Code Red! You waxed our top gunner!


::a scene is shown of the Madman and the Druglord arguing::

Madman: You told me your army could protect my plutonium! One pilot stole most
of it back from me and sank your subs like they were rubber rafts!
Druglord: It is beyond explanation! My gunships should have neutralized him
before he even came near the transfer zone.
Madman: He must not interfere any further! I want him to be obliterated, burned
like the trash he is. I want the jungle vermin to feed on his charred remains!!!
Druglord: I will put my ground troops on alert. If he dares to attack my camp,
he will be greeted by a sky full of fire!


::the usual intro part::

General: Good to hear from you, Captain. Unfortunately, the enemy has been
tracking you on their radar, so most of this sector will be alerted to your
presence. The headquarters here is a listening outpost for the Drug Lord. We
need to establish a wire tap to track his movement. The communications expert
we sent in on this mission has been captured and is being held in a POW
barrack. Rescue this expert and airlift him to his objective. Then capture the
enemy commanders to get their radio passcodes. Once the area is secure, recover
the nuclear reactors that the Madman is planning to use to make his weapons of


0.33--08/28/04 Introduction to the beginning of Training Grounds complete.