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Videogamerís The Lion King FAQ
Iím back with another faq.  This time itís for The Lion King.  Of course 
all the characters and settings in the game are copyright Disney and 
Virgin Games.
This FAQ is copyright 2000, 2005 by Videogamer and it may only be posted 
on Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) and vgstrategies.about.com.

Updates: I've added a reader contribution, and with that I think this guide
is probably as complete as it's going to be.  So, unless something absolutely
groundbreaking is revealed about the game, this is the final update.

Contents (version Final)
1) Intro. and legal stuff (above)
2) A Few Basics
3) The Walkthrough
4) Reader Contributions (new for version 1.4)
5) Miscellaneous (Cheats, Game Genie, ect.)

A Few Basics
Controls on the Genesis: A is roar, B is slash (adult), and C is jump. 
(default, can be changed)
To do a standing slash/throw/maul you need to roll your thumb from B to C 
(difficult), or use the X, Y, or Z button if you have a 6-button 
controller.  Rolling is accomplished by pusing diagonally down-left 
or down-right on the D-pad.

The Walkthrough
This should be a fairly detailed walkthrough of the game.  If you havenít 
seen the movie already, be warned that there are spoilers in this 
walkthrough.  Now, letís get on with it.

The Pridelands
 This is a fairly simple introductory level to learn the basics.  That 
 doesnít mean there arenít secrets here though.  Below the first continue 
 point, you might notice an African red bug (life meter extender).  Walk 
 off the left edge of the rock with the porcupine near the continue
 point, and then you can jump to the bug.  Near the top on the right, 
 there is an area you can jump into with a porcupine and a 1-up (only a 
 porcupine if you have 9 lives already) and roll through the opening 
 there for an area with a few goodies.  The bonus bug in this level is 
 at the top left of the level in a tree.  To beat the hyena boss, avoid 
 his attacks until he gets tired, then pounce him.

Just Canít Wait To Be King
 In the first part you have to jump on the heads of giraffes.  Then you 
 get to an area with monkeys in trees.  Roar at the two pink ones then 
 jump on the rhino to go to the first ostrich ride.  The 
 first one is pretty straightforward, just follow the arrows:  up is 
 jump, down is duck, and 2 ups is double jump.  On the second ride, 
 jump, duck, jump, jump, duck, double jump, duck, duck, and double jump.  
 Now, roar at the monkey by the third continue marker, and jump on the 
 left rhino.  When youíre stopped by another pink monkey, roar at it, 
 then jump across the logs to the side you were on and jump on the rhino 
 again.  Then roar at the two pink monkeys on the island youíre on and 
 grab the bonus bug while youíre there.  Now, jump on the rhino and exit 
 the level.

The Elephant Graveyard
 Here, wait for the two hyenas to pounce together to move, then defeat 
 them both at once.  Now, just follow the straight path to the end.
 A few things to watch out for would be the bonus bug just up and left 
 of the third hyena.  Also the elephant hides will break after three 
 jumps on them.  Donít let the green stuff after the continue point 
 touch you.  Finally, you have to defeat three hyenas to destroy the
 bones blocking the exit to the level.

The Stampede
 Stand at the middle right when you start.  After a wildebeest passes you 
 on the right, stand on the right side of the screen until a wildebeest 
 jumps in the middle of the screen.  Then go to the middle and jump to 
 avoid the rocks.  I find it easiest to stay near the middle
 for the rest of the level while avoiding rocks, than being on the sides 
 avoiding wildebeests.  A ? indicates that a rock will be to the left 
 or right of the center.

Simbaís Exile
 Not much to say here, just try to avoid the falling rocks and definitely 
 avoid the rolling boulders.  Donít go down any of the holes with ledges 
 for climbing out since none of them that I know of contain anything good.
 *correction, see reader contributions*  There are a lot of tricky jumps 
 in this level and the penalty for missing one is often landing on thorns, 
 so be careful.

Hakuna Matata
 This is definitely a relief after going through Simbaís Exile.  Go down 
 the right side of all waterfall slides and hold right on the d-pad for 
 an easier experience in this level.  After the first continue point, 
 jump over the waterfall to find another one that will also make your 
 experience through this level easier.  Now use the falling logs to 
 jump to the top of the waterfall, then go left and snag the bonus bug.  
 Then just go right, then down to meet the level boss.  To defeat this 
 gorilla, use the roll to send the coconuts rolling back at him, or wait 
 until he does his ground pound, and hit him. Youíll have to do this 6 

Simbaís Destiny
 Now, Simba is finally an adult.  Your slash is your main attack, so 
 donít be afraid to use it on every enemy.  Between the first and second 
 packs of leopards is a bonus bug hidden behind some vines near a monkey.  
 There is also a roar meter extender to the right of the last pack
 of leopards and last rolling boulder.

Be Prepared
 Compared to this level, the others before it are a cinch.  At the 
 start, go right avoiding the lava drops.  Then defeat the two leopards 
 by repeatedly slashing them.  Now you jump over 3 volcanoes, be sure to 
 defeat the bats above them as you jump.  Now you need to defeat
 a hyena and leopard.  Now you need to carefully time your jumps over 3 
 more volcanoes with two of them having bats above them, and a hyena 
 between the second and third ones.  Now, go right some more and avoid 
 the dripping lava and defeat a hyena.  Then you have to jump over two more 
 volcanoes and defeat a leopard.  After jumping over that second volcano, 
 walk left and into the wall for a roar extending bug, and a life 
 restoring beetle.  Now, go right avoiding more lava drops and defeating 
 even more bats, hyenas, and leopards.
  Now you will be at a dead end with three volcanoes.  Slash the rock 
 just to the upper right of the middle volcano until it falls and allows 
 you passage to the other half of the level.  Now you ride the log on the 
 lava.  When you have to jump onto the platform the log goes under,  I 
 recommend defeating the hyena, but not the leopard if you want to catch 
 the log on time.  At the end of the ride, youíll have to outrun a 
 rolling boulder, then immediately face a leopard.  After that, jump up 
 and down the ledges to the next log.  When it stops, you
 can just jump and slash to defeat the two leopards.  Now, just walk to 
 the part described below.

 Now, I will explain how to get past the end part with the 4 volcanoes.  
 I have numbered the volcanoes for convenience, #1 is on the far left 
 #2 is to the right of it, #3 is to the right of #2, and #4 is 
 on the far right.  #1 will erupt first, so stand to the left of it.  
 Then stand on #1 while #2 erupts.  After that, here is  the order of 
 which to jump:  #2, #1, #2, #3, #1, #2, #3, #4, #3, #2, #1, #2, #3, #4, 
 #3, #2, #3, #4, and youíre finished with the volcanoes. (note, this is 
 one of 2 or 3 possible scenarios, if yours is different, all I can tell 
 you is to avoid the lava and rocks until the fourth volcano becomes 
 plugged up.)

Simbaís Return
 First, go into the middle cave of your three choices, then defeat the 
 three hyenas and go into the cave directly to the right of the one you 
 came into for a life meter extending bug.  Now, return to 
 the area you started in.  Go into the farthest right cave and follow 
 the set path.
  After going through a few caves, you will have more than one option, 
 go into the first cave directly  to the left of the one you entered 
 from at this point.  When youíre faced with multiple choices again, 
 take the farthest left cave, then defeat the hyenas in there to finish 
 the level.  

Pride Rock
 To fight scar the first two times, land two slashes on scar, then maul 
 him when he sticks his tongue out (B+C, or one of the x,y,or z buttons). 
 Just do this two or three times, and heíll leave.  When you have to climb 
 the rocks to get to the top of pride rock, try not to jump on the middle 
 of the nine rocks, or you might get yourself surrounded by the fire. 
 Now, at the final battle just do the same thing, and throw Scar off the 
 cliff. To throw Scar off the cliff, you need to keep throwing him around 
 until he stops putting up a fight.  Then you'll be able to throw him 
 farther than usual and that's when you throw him off the cliff.    
 Now, listen to Simba roar.

Reader Contributions
In the elephant grave yard, there is another bug to get that you didnít 
mention. To get it, you need to jump to the top of the first jump from 
rock to rock thing. When you get to the top, kill the bird, but 
DONíT FALL DOWN. Take a running leap from the top to the ledge on the 
right side of the screen. Roll through the apparently solid rock face 
to reach the ledge with a blue bottle bug thingy. (And a bird too
unfortunately). When you jump back down, keep to the left of the screen 
or fall down the hole and die if you really want to.
Also, when you see the continue just above the bone spikes further on, 
get it. It doesnít matter if you do die because a continue is better 
than a life. Iíll also mention that you can roll or jump through
the bone blockades.

When it gets really tricky towards the end of the Stampede level, you
can actually go to the left of the screen and just run. The two rocks 
that pop up donít even hurt Simba, he runs straight through them.

In the Hakuna Matata level, once you make it to the top of the waterfall 
where you have to jump on the logs. Go right but instead of falling down 
the mini waterfall, jump over it and land on the ledge with the frog. Kill 
the frog and jump to the ledge above it. Kill the frog there to if you 
need to then roll through the wall for a health bug. Then go down like 
usual and kill the gorilla.

Here is a contribution from Lunapi
Actually, those holes in Simba's Exile do contain some goodies. The third 
one, if you roll though the wall on the left, you get a checkered health 
beetle, though you need to roll back out. In the fourth one, you roll to 
the left again and it leads you to a bonus bug. You have to swing back out 
and land on the second rock-running path, missing the first one 
altogether. Also, right before the end where you swing across little rocks 
the second time, you roll to the left again immediately before that, 
and there's a 1up (if you need it) being a peice of rock scenery. Note 
that the only ones I'd consider worth getting are the bonus bug (since 
you also miss a rock) and the 1up, as the health beetle seems 
only good if you are about to die, since you can still get hit by rocks 
trying to get out of the hole.

Here is a contribution from Monica
I don't know if you're still editing it, but I noticed that in Be Prepared, 
once you fall off the ledge when you reach the 3 geysers/volcanoes at the 
dead end, go back wards and you will go into the rock. If you keep going, 
you'll find one of those blue roar bugs.

Iíve found a whole bunch of Game Genie Codes for this game.  Go to:
Also be sure to check out the link to Gamesages.

Level Select and Invincibility 
At the Options screen, press Right, A, A, B, Start. Two new options will 
appear for invincibility and level select (unfortunately, it's a really
poor level select since unless you choose the last level, you play the
level selected then level 2 until the end)

If you have any questions or things to add to this faq, e-mail me at