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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- The Movie for the Sega Genesis.

By Glacius.
Email: frankie_j12000@yahoo.com
Date written on: 6 June 2001

            i.Stage 1
            ii.Stage 2
            iii.Stage 3
            iv.Stage 4
            v.Stage 5
            vi.Stage 6
         3.Frequently Asked Questions.
         6.Copyright Information.


You're probably wondering why I am writing a faq for this game. Well, when I was 
nine, I was a mad fan of Power Rangers and so was everyone else in my third 
grade class. Now that I am almost 16, I think that it is crappy. However, the 
videogames have been quite good and this game is one of them. Although it is a 
bit on the easy side, it is fun. If by any chance, you still own a genesis, and 
your local video store still has Genesis games available to hire (mine doesn't) 
then I suggest you rent it. You'll have fun, I promise. If by any chance, you 
may have trouble with this game, then this faq is for you. There are a few 
tricky bits.


I. Stage one- Downtown Angel Grove.

Okay after the introduction with the telling of Ivan Ooze, pick your character 
and go to the level. In this stage, there aren't any tough bits so now is a good 
time to practise your moves. I'll explain some right now.
* Pressing B once makes you do a punch. Press B a couple more times to do a 
combination of two punchs, a kick and a weapon swipe.
* To do a jumping attack, press C and then B.

* To run, press the left or right directional button twice. To do a running 
weapon swipe, run then press B. To do a jumping kick, run, jump and press B.

* Hold B for a couple of seconds, then release it to do a powerful weapon 

* Pressing A will make you do a special attack. Warning! While this attack is 
extremely powerful, it will take off chunks of your life! You have been warned.
Okay once you at the end of the level, Ivan Ooze will appear and blast you. Then 
you will see a cutscene of Ivan Ooze attacking Zordon and the rangers 
teleporting to Pheados and the like, basically, that's most of the game. 
Personally, I can't see why they couldn't put that scene in as levels, but oh 

II. Stage Two-Return to Angel Grove.

Okay in this level, the main thing to do is to AVOID GETTING HIT BY THE CARS!! 
It will take off a lot of your life. A good thing to do is to lure the Oozemen 
into the cars path. Then the cars will hit them! There isn't much to say in this 
level. After that you will see pictures of the big bad Ecto- Morphicons. From 
here, choose your zord and move out. You can't jump but instead the C button is 
to block, which sometimes comes in handy. Now you will have to face the 

Boss Fight:Hornitron.
Maximum Health level:Yellow

Well this is pretty easy but Hornitron has some strong attacks. You should keep 
on bashing the stuffing out of him and block when he uses an attack. Use the 
special attack only when it is necessary. No good in holding the B button here, 
this guy is pretty fast. Now every time you run, if you hit an enemy it will 
hurt them. Just continue this.

After the fight, the Hornitron wimps out and runs away, and now you have to 
fight the Scorpitron!

Boss Fight:Scorpitron.
Maximum Health level:Yellow

This guy is easier than Hornitron but watch out for his tail lasers. Just do the 
same things you did with Hornitron but there is no need to use the block. After 
the fight the Scorpitron is destroyed.

After the fight Rocky, Aisha and Adam are back in the Command Center, then 
remembering when they joined, and you are taken back to the flashback. This is 
now based on the T.V show instead of the movie. It will show Lord Zedd taking 
over Rita Repulsa and Tommy turning into the White Ranger.

III. Stage 3-Battle of the Sentinels.

You are now in a park. Instead of fighting Oozemen, you fight Putty Patrol men, 
who are easier to beat. You can now pick up stuff and throw them. Just go 
towards the object and throw. Simple. Keep on belting the bad guys and once you 
get to one quarter of the level S.Sentinel Neck will show up and will want to 
fight you!

Boss fight:S.Sentinel Neck
Maximum Health Level:Yellow.

This battle is pretty hard. Neck is really fast and likes to attack often. Just 
go in, punch him, and then go back out. A good way to do this is to run and 
press B. After a long battle, Neck runs away.

After this, keep on pounding the Putty Patrol and once you get halfway will you 
have to fight S.Sentinel Ears!

Boss fight:S.Sentinel Ears
Maximum Health Level:Half Yellow

Well this is pretty easy. Just keep on pounding him. Remember to jump out of the 
way when he attacks!

After that keep on going into the level and once you get 3 quarters of the level 
you will have to fight S.Sentinel Ring.

Boss fight:S.Sentinel Ring
Maximum Health Level:Half Blue.

This guy is real hard. He often likes to zap you with his sceptre! Use the same 
strategy that you used on Neck, and he will go down. Using the special attack is 
excellent at this battle!

Now keep going into the level and at the end of it all, the three sentinels 
appear again and now you have to fight all three at the same time!

Boss Fight:S.Sentinel Neck, Ears and Ring.
Maximum Health Levels:Neck-Yellow, Ears-Half Yellow, Ring-Half Blue.

Now this is a tough fight! They all attack you at once, and they never stop 
attacking! Here's what to do. First take out Ears, then Neck, and then Ring. 
Since Ears is the easiest one to beat, attack him first and then the other two. 
Then, after a long, hard fight, victory will be yours.

Now Lord Zedd will be extremely pissed and make the three sentinels grow to be 
humongous. Now choose a zord and go into this level. Now you have to face the 
three sentinels again!

Boss Fight:S.Sentinel Neck, Ears and Ring.
Maximum Health Levels:Neck-Yellow, Ears-Half yellow and Ring-Half Blue

Well, it isn't so tough anymore now that you have a zord. Use the same fighting 
method as before, taking out Ears, then Neck and then Ring. Now that you can 
block, use it! It's extremely useful!

Now they will be finally dead!! Woo hoo!!

IV. Stage 4-Goldar and the kidnapped teenagers.

Now there will be a cut scene showing Goldar kidnapping Rocky, Adam and Aisha. 
Now you have to rescue them. This level is EXTREMELY CONFUSING, as there are 
many routes and if you take the wrong one, you will end up having to fight 
thousands of Putty Patrol!!! So follow my lead, please.

When you start, go past the first two huge removable rocks, fighting the Putties 
that are in your way. Then when you get to the second set of rocks, destroy the 
second rock, and go inside the cave. Lord Zedd will be waiting for you!!

Boss Fight: Lord Zedd.
Maximum Health Level: Blue.

Lord Zedd will appear as a huge monster with a huge hand. You have to attack the 
hand. This battle isn't really as hard as it should be, just stay on the right 
side of the screen and keep attacking his hand.

Now you will be in a cave. Just follow the path killing all the putties and then 
you will have to fight Goldar.

Boss Fight: Goldar
Maximum Health Level:Blue

This guy is way tougher than the sentinels. This stupid monkey rarely stays on 
the ground, he flys up in the air and fires bombs at you. To win this battle, 
when he flys up in the air, jump up and attack him and when he is on the ground, 
punch him. This is a loooooonnnngggg battle. When his health goes down to one 
quarter, Goldar cowardly runs away.

Once again, Lord Zedd is pissed and makes Goldar huge. Choose a Zord and then 
you will have to fight him.

Boss Fight:Goldar
Maximum Health Level:Blue

This battle is made tougher by the fact that you can't jump and that he still 
flys around. So when he is up in the air, use the special attack on him. It will 
reach and make him fall to the ground. When he is on the ground attack him. Just 
repeat those steps. Then Goldar will run away again.

Now there will be a cutscene showing how Rocky, Adam and Aisha discover about 
the Power Rangers true identities. Now you have to go to the Forbidden Planet to 
get the sword to transfer the power to them.

V. Stage Five- The forbidden planet.

Once you get there, Goldar will be there AGAIN! You will have to fight him.

Boss Fight:Goldar
Maximum Health Level:Half Yellow

The good news is that Goldar is much easier to beat here. Just use the same 
techiniques as before and you will be fine. Then he runs away AGAIN! Why can't 
he die?!

Now keep going forward into the level beating the putties. Then, the falling 
fire balls will start. Just keep on avoiding the fireballs where you can and 
don't worry about the putties, the fireballs will take care of them for you. Now 
you will be at the end with the statue and Zedd's huge dragon firing the fire 
balls. You now have to get the sword!

Boss fight: The statue.
Maximum Health level:Blue.

The main enemy is the Dragon, who keeps on firing fire balls. Just keep on 
pounding the statue and avoiding the fire balls. After a while, you will get the 

Now you will leave the flashback and go back to reality. Now you must fight Ivan 
Ooze! Now it will show him fusing with the Hornitron to create Ivan Ecto-
Morphicon! Choose your zord and let's get ready to rumble!!!

Boss fight: Ivan Ecto-Morphicon.
Maximum Health Level:Blue.

Okay now here's where things start to get hot. Ivan is really fast and powerful 
and likes to use both of those in this battle! What to do? Just punch, use 
special attack and block when he attacks. Use every form of attack attack 
possible to bring him down. When his health gets low, Ivan will try to get away. 
Quick! Follow him!! 

Now you will be on the moon with Ivan. Now the real fight begins!

Boss fight: Ivan Ecto-Morphicon
Maximum Healh Level:Blue

Now it gets even worse! Use every single attack possible and remember to 
BLOCK!!!!! Ivan's attacks get worse, so you have to use every ounce of your 
strength. Then Ivan will run away again.

Now it will show you and Ivan punching each other in space. Just when Ivan gets 
the upper hand, Haleys Comet gets him and, like Aisha says, "Boom! He's 

Now it will show those two pathetic losers Bulk and Skull claiming that they 
defeated Ivan Ooze, like Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z does when Gohan defeats 
Cell. Don't listen to them! You did!! Now just sit back and enjoy the ending.

3. Frequently asked questions.

1. Q. Is there a way to play as Ivan, Goldar of any of the other bosses?
A. No

Q. How do I fight Lord Zedd?
A. On level four, go to the second set of rocks and bash the second one and go 
inside the cave.

Q. I hate this game! It's so stupid.
A. Erm... don't play it.

Q. Is it possible to get more health?
A. Yes. Just find a White Tiger, Pterodactyl or Triceratops coin to get more 

Q. Is it possible to get more credits?
A. Yes. Just find a Tyrannosaurus coin.

Q. Can I post your faq on my site?
A. Email me and I'll think about it.

Q. Do I have to watch the show to understand the game?
A. No.

Q. Is there a SNES version of this game?
A. Yes, but it doesn't follow the same pattern as this game.

4. Cheats.

Fight Lord Zedd.

On level 4, go to the second set of rocks and bash the second one. Now go inside 
the cave.
 and you can fight him.

5. Credits.

Thanks to GameFaqs for publishing this faq
Thanks to Saban for making the show, then this faq wouldn't be possible.
Thanks to Banpresto for making this game.
And finally, thank you to all members of Gamefaqs! Your support has made this 

6. Copyright Information.

This faq was written by Glacius.

Copyright Glacius 2001

If you want to post this faq on your site, email me first and I'll see what I 
can do.