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Powermonger FAQ
Version 1.3 (Last updated 3/11/14)
Author: Forlornhope (Allan Curtis)

Why I wrote this FAQ

I wrote this FAQ because getting an instruction book is impossible and the other
FAQ's on this site doesn't go that far into the meat of this game so I through
Iíd write a FAQ for of my fave games.

Version info

0.7: Initial release, sometime in 2009 or so.

0.8 09/20/10: Added more info, fixed typos. A year or two after this I began a
walkthrough for all 195 worlds. Yep all 195! Worked on and off on it since I
have so many other writing projects.

1.0	13/12/13 Added a lot of corrections and content to all sections of the FAQ,
wrote a proper introduction and wrote walkthroughs for the first 31 worlds.
Fixed a lot of typos. Years of experience between now and this FAQís last
revision as a professional writer really highlights how many typos and instances
of poor wording the first versions of this FAQ had!

1.1 14/12/13 Added 10 more worlds and fixed a few more typos and poor wording.

1.2: 21/04/14: Added 11 more worlds and more wording changes.

1.3: 3/11/14: Added 13 more worlds. Typo fixes.


1. The Basics
2. Command List
3. People
4. Food
5. Factions
6. Walkthough
7. Contact
8. Credits

1.	The basics

Game Object

The object of Power Monger is to conquer the world. You play as a King whose
country was destroyed by a natural disaster. You discover a new world ripe for
conquest but it is already inhabited with enemy warlords fighting over the
lands. Itís your job to conquer each land in turn until victory is yours!

Winning and losing.

To win a land you must conquer the vast majority of people and turn them to your
side. Conquering villages and killing enemy armies tips the conquest scales (the
large set of scales below the map) towards the right side. Once all grains of
sand rest in the right side of the scale you have won the land and may retire
from it, to move onto the next land. You lose the land if you are killed in
battle. Other captains can die in your service without the game ending, but if
your original captain on the left (You) dies at any point, even if you have
other captains, the game is over.

Working with captains

The captain on the far left is you. If this captain dies the game ends and he is
usually the only captain you start a land with. Other captains will appear next
to you as you conquer their villages and turn them to your side. Once you have
more than one captain you can order the others to do whatever you like. When you
order a captain that isnít your original one to do something the order must
travel to him via carrier pigeon. This causes a delay in the order being carried
out. The larger the distance between the captain the longer the delay.

If one of your other captains dies and you have more than two you lose all
contact with the other captains further along the chain and cannot order them to
do anything. Itís a very good idea to use your subordinate captains in order to
ensure that their death doesnít mess with the rest of your commanders.

Using subordinate captains can be useful as they can fight in dangerous battles
and be put in harmís way without risking a game over. Captains you recruit from
villages will usually be unarmed. This makes them vulnerable as they must enter
melee unlike your original captain who starts with a bow.

The large window with the close up map and the people standing behind it is
called the Captain Window.

The Captain Window is where you will execute orders, select captains and watch
things happen on the close up map.

Clicking a Captainís medallion/necklace chooses that captain to give orders to.
Al orders you give will be carried out by that captain until you select another.
The currently selected captain will have an arrow bobbing up and down above his

Captainís medals: Click these to display the captain's status in the text box.

Click on a captainís head to centre the map on his location.

Map Window

The four icons at the top Change between map display modes.
The icons from the left are:

Contour mode: This uses colours to express elevation. Dark green is sea level
land, then lighter green, light green, yellow, red then white for the highest.

Object mode: this lets you locate things like forests easily.

Red dots: Trees
Brown dots: Houses
Yellow dots: Workshops
White dots: Your population
Grey Lines: Roads

Settlements mode: the default mode and the easiest one to read quickly this
shows towns and roads.

Black dots: Settlements
Grey lines: Roads

Food made mode: This one can be useful as it shows settlements by food stores.
If you need food quickly this is much faster than querying each village. The map
ranges from black dots, which are villages with no food stores to white dots
which are villages with large food stores. The lighter the dots the more food is


D-pad: Moves cursor in all windows and the highlight in the command bar. If you
hold A and move the D-pad in the captain window this scrolls the close up map.

A button
Captain window: Select targets for commands. When held causes the view to
scroll, rather than the cursor moving.
Command bar: selects highlighted command.
Map window snaps close-up map to the location under the cursor on the overhead
Textbox: nothing.

B button
Switches between main windows, In command bar pressing B brings up online help
about the
highlighted command in the text box.

C button
Switches to command bar.

2. Command list

Starting from the top left column and going down.


These buttons let you tell your men how aggressive to be when carrying out your
orders. From the top they are Passive, Neutral and Aggressive. They affect most
other commands, Iíll put the effects of different postures in each command
description if they affect that command. In a nutshell Posture affects how
diligently your troops do something. For example, when getting food an
aggressive posture causes you to take ALL the food, a neutral posture takes 50%
and passive only takes 25%.

Go Home

This sends the captain and his army back to their homes. Your original captain
and army return to their starting tower and any recruits return to their
towns. Make SURE you don't do this by accident.

Transfer Men

This sends a portion of the selected captain's army to another captain.
Obviously this isn't instant as the troops have to march there. Also don't make
the troops march long distances to the other captain as they can easily get
stuck on lakes etc. Make sure the captain you're sending them to has food and
that your transferring captain is out of harmís way.

Use: Select captain with troops, click icon and click on captain standing behind
map who needs troops.

Get Food

This takes food from a friendly or allied settlement or a food cache in the
wilderness. The amount of food taken depends on the captain's posture:

Passive: 25%
Neutral: 50%
Aggressive: 100%

Taking food from a settlement repeatedly will make the people hate you and
leaving a settlement with no food will stop any inventing until there's is a
large enough food supply built up from the village's own fishing and farming.

Drop Food

This drops your food right where youíre standing, with the same amounts
to posture as above. Dropping all of your food so you have none will make your
troops desert. Dropping it outside a settlement turns it into a food cache which
is invisible to enemies. Enemies can't see your food caches and aren't capable
of stealing it. Dropping food in a settlement adds it to the settlementís

Supply Food

This gets the captain to supply a place or town with food. He will go to a
settlement you own and take their food before coming back and dropping it in the
targeted settlement. He will then go to a different town you own and repeat the
process. He will continue this whenever the settlements he's going to actually
have food or not. This can be buggy and sometimes he will drop it outside the
town instead and it will make loyalty in your other settlements drop like a rock
while increasing the supplied settlementís loyalty. Also since youíre dropping
your troops will desert unless youíre doing it with another posture besides
aggressive, which makes the command slow and somewhat useless. Its best to have
another captain use this command with no troops.


This is a very involved command. See 6. Inventions for more info.

Move Captain

This command simply moves your captain and army to a point you specify. For some
reason if you want him to go to a random point in the wilderness and not a town
etc. you can only use the overhead map to select it. If you want him to go to a
landmark or object, such as a town or even a tree or person you can click it on
the main map. Why
this is I don't know, but it's harder to accurately direct a captain using the
overhead map.

Sending a captain with only a tiny army or all by himself isn't a good idea. If
gets close to any town that isn't yours the townspeople will usually attack and
kill him, even if he just tries to walk past. The captain will sometimes
randomly attack
by himself if he has an aggressive posture and will be slaughtered. You can
sometimes use this to retreat a captain and army away from a battle but the
captain won't
always move and often the enemy will chase you all the way.
Sometimes there is a bug when after your stop marching and the troops sit around
the campfire the pursuing enemy will start attacking your troops and they won't
fight back, but will rather just sit there and be killed unless you order them
to fight.
Make sure you have a plan when trying to retreat from a hopeless battle and if
you won't survive without help, march straight to a friendly town and get men.


Query is one of the most useful commands. When used it brings up
info about the selected object. The type of info depends on what is queried.


The type of building
The town it's in
What forest is nearest to the town. This doesn't necessarily mean that forest
can be used for inventions
The kingdom the settlement is in. See factions for more info.
Owners. These people are inside the building if there is nothing else for them
to do.
The total amount of food in the settlement
The total population of the settlement
Loyalty of the settlement
Unequipped items in the settlement.

These are explained in detail below.

Building: This is important mainly because only towns with workshops can invent
things. There are only a few different temples for towns and a workshop is
very easy to spot: It has a red sign on it. A farmhouse in town
means there will be fields and the town can farm its own food. A fishhut
means there are fishermen somewhere in town.

Town name: It's easy to tell what belongs to what since the buildings are always
close together.

Forest: This isn't always accurate and can be actually a long way away from the
or not even the one used for gathering wood.

Kingdom: The settlement will either be Jayne III's Jos XVIII's, Harold II's or
yours. Attacking it will draw the ire of whoever owns it, including you. If
you're close enough your army will automatically aid your own settlements in
See Factions for further details.

Owners: This isn't really important. The most fitting person from the settlement
will own each building such as farmers for farmhouses or fishers in fishhuts.

Food: This is a big topic and is very important to everyone. See Towns for
more info.

Population: This obviously varies with each type of town. See Towns for more

Loyalty: This can be important. Again see Towns for the description.

Items: This means items that nobody is using and they are just sitting outside
the workshop. These items can be equipped by anyone from the same kingdom as the
town. For inventing tips and what items can be created see the Invent command
earlier in this section. Item dropped by people who die in settlements are also
added to settlement items. When a settlement is attacked townsfolk will equip
any weapons the town owns before starting to fight.


Who they live with
How hard they work

Name: Names are always the same for each person in a land though there are a
limited amount of names and you'll often see the same names. If you use your own
captain as a spy his name will always be Ctatand if you query him while spying.

Settlement: where they live.

Health: See People for info.

You can also query corpses or the spirits of the dead and it will say their age
with a different adjective depending on how old they were and who they served in
their life.

Home: Usually relates to their job. Merchants almost always live in squares or
ruins and often in hamlets or fishhuts. They can't be a very rich merchant
if they live in a square or ruin.

Partner: It's not said what relation they are and I've seen 13 year olds with 42
year olds and teenagers together.

Work rate: This is another word for speed. The faster they're moving or working
the higher
this is. Just like armies, people move slowly in rain or snow and farmers don't
work during winter as their crops are under snow.

Work rate from highest to lowest


I.E. If you load a captain up with a ton of surplus items, he and his army will
move very slowly at a speed of 2 (the lowest possible) and it will say he's
hardly working as will his soldiers.

Job: This is an in-depth topic and is discussed at the People section.

Item: things that person has equipped like weapons. Each person can carry two
things: a weapon and a boat or plough. Townsfolk can equip anything.

Age: No matter how high this gets they can never die and it doesn't affect them
in any way. I've seen ages over 200 years after leaving the game on for hours
hours. People age one year every 5 mins or so. The youngest age possible,
besides Hoa, is 12 and they can be anything from soldiers to leaders.

Lord: People have the same loyally as their home settlement, when they can get
home to change to the corresponding colours. If they are stuck they will stay at
their old loyalty. If you query a captain, including your own captain on the map
you'll see you obey nobody (yay) and you are always 21 years old and don't age.


Type of tree
What season it is
If there are birds in it or not

Type: This doesn't matter any tree can be used for inventions except for stumps
since they have already been used or cut down.

Season: This is described in detail in the Towns section

Birds: Why this info is here I don't know. Doesn't affect anything.

Dropped equipment

Who it used to belong to and what it is.

When somebody dies outside a settlement anything they had equipped is left after
their corpse disappears, it says who the previous owner was. If you keep the
information up and pick the item up with the equip command the description
changes to "This was (name)'s thing."


What town the mine belongs to
What it's currently being used for

Town: Only the town that owns the mine can use it.

Use: It either says swords or cannons. If they are trying to make cannons you'd
better conquer it quickly if it isn't yours.

Derank: This sends a portion of your army home 25% 50% or 100% depending on
posture. It leaves your captain where he is. As you can imagine this is a very
dangerous command if you accidentally activate it. Your original army goes back
to its base and recruits go back to their homes.

Spy: This interesting command is often a death sentence for whoever undertakes
it. It sends the selected captain to the settlement and causes him to join it as
a citizen. There's a small chance it won't work and he will be attacked (and
almost certainly killed) but usually it will work and he will live in the house
selected with the spy command and with a job of solider. At this point everyone
living in the settlement will show up on the map as the appropriately coloured
dot for the settlements kingdom. If the spying captain is recruited into a army
you can see them on the radar as dots. Trying to give a spying captain an order
instantly reveals him for who he really is to any enemies around and there a
very good chance he won't escape alive. The best time to escape is when the army
or settlement he's in is involved in fighting a battle then hopefully he can run
away while the population is too busy fighting the invaders.

An odd quirk with this is if you attack a settlement with a spying captain in he
will still act like anyone else and fight your army. Its possible to actually
kill your OWN captains, (including your first one, resulting in a game over!) if
you attack the settlement with another one and you can also recruit him as a
solider into one of your own armies which you can then see in brown on the map.

Alliance: this command makes a very tenuous alliance with one of your enemies.
Allying with any of the settlements allies you to that entire kingdom. During
this time you can take their food and inventions from their towns like you owned
them. You cannot recruit men. Attacking an ally breaks the alliance and often
you allies armies won't hesitate to attack you. Allying will usually require you
to donate something from your surplus items if you have anything, tho sometimes
they might agree without that. Really this command is only useful for stealing
food from enemies when you really need it. Approaching an allied settlement with
a tiny army will still often result in them attacking you. There a funny message
when an alliance is broken too (ĒMay a million fleas infest your

Get Men

This command recruits soldiers from the targeted settlement or tower. The
posture setting controls how many men you recruit:

Aggressive: 100%
Neutral: 50%
Passive 25%

You can only recruit men from settlements you own and not individual people
walking around. This only recruits those who are at the settlement. The people
first have to be recalled to the square, youíll see the settlements population
walking towards the square when you issue the command. If they reach the square
while your troops are
still marching they will be recruited. If you see people walking towards the
settlement but the command ends before they get there, execute the command again
to recruit them also.

Equip Invention

This command equips your troops with inventions found in settlements or left
behind by casualties in battle. When somebody dies in battle their items will be
left on the ground and can be picked up. If you have a mixed army, your captain
is equipped first, his original followers second and other recruits from
settlements last. When troops have more than one item to choose from they will
pick bows first, then swords, then pikes. They will also pick boats before
ploughs. People in settlements will automatically equip items left in that
settlement, even items that normally cannot be equipped on troops such as pots
and catapults. Itís fun to see a whole village with catapults, particularly if
you recruit them into your army and use them in an attack! Also when you
attack a settlement, the settlement's population will often equip themselves
with any weapons
the settlement owns before fighting.

Drop Invention

This command simply drops surplus items right where your captain is standing.
Only surplus items are dropped; you can never drop or unequip items equipped to
your captain or other people or troops. If you drop it outside a settlement it
turns into a stockpile and is hidden from enemies just like a food sack. If you
drop it inside a settlement, it's added to the settlementís stores.


This command is almost useless. It trades either food from your carried amount
to the settlement for inventions, or hands over your surplus (not equipped)
inventions for food. You can't really control what happens although you can use
aggressive posture to make the captain trade food for weapons first, rather than
items like ploughs, or passive for vice versa. Really this command is useless
you're better off just conquering the settlement and taking everything.


See 7. Combat for details.


The final command is just for bringing up the in game menu with the following

Continue: Back to the game

Retire: Leaves the current map. If you control enough of the population that the
Conquest scales are fully on your side you'll see a victory screen and get a
password before selecting the next land to conquer. If you retire and do not
control enough people you see the grisly "you have been defeated" screen and are
returned to the main menu with the land left unconquered.

Replay Map: Starts the map over from scratch.

Select Map: Returns you to the world select screen if you want to pick a
different land to conquer.

Random Map: Loads one of power mongers maps at random for you to play in a one
off game after which you are returned to the main menu. The map isn't actually
randomly generated but one of a number of preset maps.

3. Towns

Towns or settlements are the building blocks of Power Monger's world. People
live there and you must conquer then to win each map and thus the game. Each
settlement is completely separate from each other and the people will not
combine to make armies unless there is a captain to recruit them from each
settlement. They can however share inventions with merchants.


Loyalty measures your settlementís belief in your rule.

This seems to have an effect on inventing. You can often only invent the best
weapons like cannons and catapults with a loyal settlement and they seem to stay
with you if you recruit them longer even if you have no food. They will also
stay and
fight to the death with you, even if you are losing instead of running if they
are loyal.

When loyalty dips too low the settlement will join another rulerís kingdom. This
takes a very long time and generally in a normal game settlements wonít have
time to change loyalty much.

Settlement loyalty is based on food. Taking food
from a settlement so you leave them with none will decrease loyalty. Taking food
leaving them with some doesn't seem to. Leaving a settlement with no food for a
while steadily decreases loyalty. If a settlement has food you can actually keep
dropping food into it when you have zero food. Even though you are giving them
nothing, you can still raise their loyalty. This is probably a bug although it
works if the settlement actually has food to start with. Dropping no food into a
settlement with zero food will not work. If you keep dropping food into a loyal
settlement they will eventually go back to being zealous and their loyally will
never change again, so stop when the settlement becomes loyal.

The loyalty levels are

Loyal: the best loyalty and often needed for making the best stuff. Keep giving
settlement food and they will reach this.

Trusting: A few food drops into a conquered settlement will get you this.

Zealous: The average but perfectly acceptable loyalty.

Discontent: The normal loyalty a settlement has after just being conquered.
Still not really a problem, but they won't be very useful.

Traitorous: Leave a settlement without food or keep taking it and you will get
this. You should make them more loyal to prevent you losing the settlement.

Rebellious: This is the worst loyalty. The settlement is on the brink of
converting to another kingdom. It takes a lot of abuse for a settlement to reach
this level and you should give them food right away before they convert. If they
do you can just conquer them again to set them back to discontent.

Settlement Templates

Each settlement in Power Monger has a template. This means that there are a few
different sized towns with different populations. The towns you will find are
here from smallest to largest.

Hamlet: This is a single building off by itself, usually a fishhut or farmhouse.
It can have 2 or 3
people and with two it will always be a male and female. They will sometimes be
fishers, farmers or sometimes merchants, meaning they can't get any food for

Tower: The home base of an army. See Armies for details.

Village: contains 5 buildings usually a ranch, farmhouse, ruin, workshop and a
square in
the middle. Can have 10 or 15 people.

City: Has nine buildings including a Tavern, a farmhouse, a ranch, a barn, a
a workshop and a church. Has 17 people, 18 if there is a captain and sometimes


3. People

People inhabit towns, hamlets and bases and are the tools you'll use, kill and
exploit to achieve dominance over the known world!


There are 7 levels of this: Fit, Well, Weak, Very Weak, Sickly, Very Sickly
(Very Sick for captains) and Dead. People lose health as they are in a melee
depending on what the attacker is equipped with and hurt others at the same time
depending on what they have. Health comes back gradually if the person is
inactive. Injured townsfolk will always stay indoors until they are fully
healed. If they are in your army they can only heal when you're in camp. After a
battle you should stay in camp for a minute to let your troops have a chance to
heal up before the next fight.

A strange thing with Power Monger is that dead people eventually come
back. If you watch a slaughtered town for a while a carrier pigeon will leave
from one of the town's buildings
and fly to another settlement. Once it gets there, a person with the same name
a dead person from the original town will appear from the building and walk to
the original town and start living there. Their health will be permanently stuck
at very sickly, so they are no use in an army and they will also have the same
age as the original person did. Even weirder if you query the pigeon it will
change to a query of a person called Hoa when it reaches the settlement the
replacement person comes from! This name exists nowhere else in game and Hoa
will always be 0 years old!

There is only one way to see somebody with a health of Dead and that is by
clicking a captainís medals. If you keep the info up and the captain dies the
textbox will
say (name) is (whatever the last action he was preforming, usually fighting) and
dead with X units of food etc. Fighting and dead? Sounds like he's doing real


People in Power Monger each have a job as follows


Your original army and opposing professional armies have this job. People in
never do, except for captains that are spying. Soldiers fight and nothing else.
They have equal health to most people besides merchants.


There are quite a few of these in most settlements. They harvest the
Fields by moving across and down them. Once a farmer has finished harvesting he
takes the food to the nearest building before coming to harvest more. Farmers
make 2 food items for each field finished and 4 if equipped with a plough. They
cannot harvest during winter.


Obviously only seen in coastal towns fishers are rarer than farmers. They always
have a boat sitting by the water. Taking their boat will stop them from fishing
even though if you query the fisher it will say they have a boat. Fishers take
their boats out
for a few seconds and then return to shore and go back to town, generating 2
items per trip. There is no way to increase this. Fishers have lower than
average health like merchants their maximum is Well rather than Fit.


These people herd sheep if the settlement owns any. They will go and get sheep
that have wandered away from the village and herd them all together close to the
settlement. The settlement never seems to actually use these sheep for food, but
the herd will slowly grow larger if sheep aren't killed.


Merchants go from town to town swapping inventions for
inventions. They often just hang around towns without any inventions and then go
to others without any. Usually merchants are a waste of time and are the most
useless job. There must be a merchant in town to build a catapult and it must be
a merchant from another settlement. Their health maximum is only Well as opposed
to Fit. This makes them less useful in battles.


What you and your subordinates are. They lead armies into battle for all

Cities and capitals can have a Captain just like enemy armies. That Captain will
often get food from the city he's in and recruit the population to make a small
army. As these are made of villagers and are small they aren't much of a threat
unless the army conquers other villages to get more recruits.

It's a good idea to kill off any city armies quickly. Enemy
captains almost always need to be killed or converted to your side to win the
map as they count for a lot on the conquest scales.

4. Food

Food makes the world go round in Power Monger. Without food your army will
desert. Taking food from towns changes their loyalty. Most of the early part of
a game of Power Monger will revolve around getting enough food to maintain your
army long enough to conquer the land.

Food is produced in settlements. Farmers harvest their fields by slowly moving
down and across them. Each trip produces 2 units of food, which they add to the
settlementís stocks. If the farmer has a plough he creates 4 units instead,
him much more effective. Ploughs can be created with the Invent command and
will usually autonomously build ploughs, which farmers will equip if left to
their own devices. You can also recruit them and then equip them with ploughs.
Farmers do not harvest in winter.

Fishermen also create food. They take their boats out for a few seconds at a
and when they return to town they will add 2 units of food to the stores. Unlike
farmers there is no way to increase this.

Enemy armies also carry a large amount of food which they will slowly use up.
Defeating enemy armies early on will usually net you enough food to finish the

If you are suffering from a lack of food, the best idea is to disband your
army with the Derank command and return to a village you control. If you wait
for a while they will usually harvest enough food for you to keep your army long
enough to conquer another village where you can get more food. If you tell the
villagers to invent, which you don't need an army for, you can have them create
ploughs to make this easier.

Leaving a village without food for a long time can lower their loyally and
repeatedly taking all food from a settlement also decreases it. If you drop food
in a settlement you can raise its loyalty, even if you don't have any food to
drop. The village must have some food already for this to work.

5. Factions

Besides your army three others are vying for dominance in the worlds of Power
Monger. The strength of each faction depends on the world. Some world's populace
will be made up of completely one faction. Some will have an army of a faction
conquering enemy villages and some will have multiple faction armies they won't
often fight each other. Power Monger's factions are as follows

Jayne III

The blue faction, Jayne is by far the biggest. Almost every world will have
villages of Jayne and his armies are the most common. He tends to use small
armies quite a bit as well as large ones and is always very aggressive.


Jos the red faction isn't as common as Jayne but when he's seen he usually has
large armies. He doesn't seem to be as aggressive as Jayne and won't always
attack, sometimes preferring to just camp out passively or come to the aid of
his own settlements.

Harold II

Harold, the yellow faction is usually confined to having villages His armies are
very uncommon and he's often the one just getting conquered by the other two.

IF the army is actually led by one of these leaders they will always carry a bow
like your captain
does and their troops will carry nothing, just like yours. They will almost
always have a lot of food on them. Enemy armies can run out of food though
troops will never desert an enemy army unlike yours.  Enemy armies seem to start
with about 1000 food, as they
tend to drop around the 900 mark if you kill them early. It can be handy to
wipe out enemy armies so you can claim their large food cache and not have to
worry about food for a long time. You should take their bow for one of your
troops to use too.

The posture of enemy armies is usually aggressive but sometimes they will be
passive to conquer villages for recruits. A handy tactic is to wait near a
village for the army to attack it then join in and fight them along with the
village so you can take advantage of the support and their possible passive
posture to wipe them out.

Enemy armies come in two flavours, either ones that have a base and are a
professional army like your army is, or ones that are led by a captain from a

Professional armies are always led by one of the three kings od the faction.
They start at towers and will usually begin conquering and recruiting from towns
around the map to become stronger. These armies range in size greatly and
sometimes may be very small and simply die trying  to fight a town. They always
drop a lot of food and a bow.

Town armies are simply captains who began the map in a town and recruited that
townís population to make a makeshift army. They tend to act the same as
professional armies, but are much weaker. They carry little food, as the only
food on them will be whatever the town had at the beginning of the map and the
captain will not have a weapon. Since they are comprised of townsfolk, not
soldiers they are a good bit weaker than professional armies.

6. Inventions

The command Invent is one of the most useful and complicated in Power Monger.

Invent causes your troops and, If there's enough food, the townsfolk to harvest
raw materials from the surrounding area and use them to create items at a
workshop which small and medium towns have. If you have no troops and try to
invent in a settlement, the population will start inventing until they run out
of food. If they run out of food they will start making it instead until they
have a decent supply and you will need to issue the Invent order again.

You cannot control what is created, but you can influence it by inventing in a
settlement with certain things in the area


Towns with nothing else near them always can get mud from the ground right near
the workshop. It can be used to make pots. Towns without forests nearby are
quite rare, so you will rarely be able to make pots.


Wood is obviously obtained from forests. Almost all towns have forests near
them. Wood can be used to make ploughs, boats, bows, pikes and catapults. It is
the most common resource in the game.


Steel is very uncommon. The only way to get steel is though mines. Mines are
usually found in settlements on high land, away from forests. The villagers will
first walk to the mine and start building it, which takes a while. Once built
they will start going back and forth, harvesting steel which can be used to make
swords and cannons.


Though not a resource for inventing, a town must be near a lake and there must
be fishermen in the town to create boats. It's easy to tell if as town has
fishermen in it since there will be boats in the water near the town.

Inventible items

These are in order of technology from the simplest to the most advanced.


Pots are created when there are no raw materials around at all, which is
actually rather rare. The population will walk in circles around the workshop,
collecting mud and use it to create pots. Pots are only useful for trading with
other settlements or tributes for alliances, and as such aren't much use at all.
Pots are the only items in the game that doesn't slow your army down when you're
carrying them. You cannot equip them on your troops or captain, but if left in a
town the townspeople will eventually equip themselves with pots. This doesn't
actually do anything for them however. Pots look like black circles when they
are on the ground.


Ploughs are created in any town with a forest nearby and a captain with passive
posture. Almost any town can make these. Equipping them on troops or your
captain has no effect on them, but if you recruit farmers from a town and equip
them with ploughs they will collect 4 food items from the fields rather than 2
food each time they finish harvesting. This might not seem like much, but it
makes it MUCH easier for a town to take care of itself and to produce food for
you when you need it. Townspeople will automatically equip ploughs if they are
left in a settlement, but they are only of use to farmers. They look like small
yellow shapes and can be hard to see. Equipped ploughs are visible on people.


Pikes are the simplest weapons that can be created in a town. They have a small
effect on troop's battle ability. When used in battle they make troops somewhat
more effective in battle over them having nothing at all. Pikes require wood and
a neutral posture. Pikes look like groups of brown vertical lines.


Boats are vital in some of Powermonger's worlds. They obviously allow passage
over water. Don't just give a few people boats or when you attack a town only
those troops and your captain will go and will be severely outnumbered. You also
shouldn't make boats for every person in your army, as they take a long time to
make and you'll be there for ages and use up all the wood. Instead make enough
boats so enough troops can come with you to easily conquer the town, while the
rest just stay on the other side of the lake. Then you can sail back and your
trapped troops will rejoin you. Don't steal fisherman's boats you see around or
the settlement they belong to won't be able to get food from fishing anymore.
The fishermen will just go to were his boat used to be and stand there. A query
will still say he has a boat but he can't use it.

Sometimes you don't even need to make boats. If you can get the conqueror scales
to tip all the way without conquering towns over the sea you can just resign and
not have to waste time making boats. Boats look like round black shapes with
brown rings around them.


Swords are very rare to have because steel is hard to find, but they have a
large effect on troop combat. An army equipped with swords will tear through an
army almost twice their size. If you're having trouble fighting an enemy army,
getting swords for your troops will help you out.  Swords need steel
and a passive or neutral posture. Swords look like groups of&well, swords: they
are easily recognizable.


Though very rare indeed, a catapult is extremely useful in battle, able to wipe
out people and also destroy buildings. A catapult will make virtually any battle
you fight one sided as long as you keep enemies away from your captain while he
blasts the snot out of them. You can only equip the captain with a catapult not
troops but if left in a settlement townspeople will actually equip them on
themselves, making the village a nightmare to take over if it isn't yours. I
once had a ten person settlement with eight catapults and they were all equipped
on people. Lucky it was mine.

Catapults are tough to make and need wood, an aggressive posture, usually high
settlement loyalty and most annoyingly there has to be a merchant in the
settlement. Merchants are always out at other settlements you can see them
walking around or hanging out at a settlementís centre building. There must be
one in the settlement at the time of inventing or otherwise your troops will
make nothing and just waste food and wood. It's best to disband your army and
get the town itself to invent, they seem to make catapults themselves more
often. Make sure to give the settlement food repeatedly till they are loyal.
Catapults look like brown squares with a visible white throwing arm.


Cannons are the ultimate weapon in Power Monger. They will just utterly
devastate anything you use them on. Think catapults but stronger and better.
They need what catapults need but steel instead of wood, making them even rarer.
They are completely worth it, as you'll just totally massacre anyone who dares
to stand against you. They look like brown squares with grey lines for the

You shouldn't use cannons or catapults if you want to invent in the settlement
afterwards as any building hit will become a ruin and will be unusable for
anything until it is rebuilt which can take a very long time. There is no way to
rebuild buildings yourself: the town does it automatically very slowly. If the
workshop happens to be hit the town won't be useful for a long, long time.

7. Combat

Combat is the main way of expanding your power in Power Monger. After all, the
object of the game is to conquer every single territory you set foot in!

You can attack many different things in PM:

Town: If you win you take the town over. If you lose, the townsfolk will always
kill you or follow you back to your tower and try to kill you.

Person: You can attack single people wandering around, if they are far from
their village you won't incite combat with the population, but if they are close
enough so their village is visible on the close up map you'll have a fight on
your hands. When the person returns to their village if you don't kill them they
will remain loyal to their previous lord, not you.

Army: Attacking an enemy army simply kills that army and the survivors rout back
to their original homes. It's best to go to that army's tower and finish the
job. Towers count for a lot on the Conqueror scales so you should always wipe
towers and their garrisons when you see them. Sometimes an enemy army may be in
passive posture and will simply rout your army and you back to your home tower,
but most of the time enemy armies will kill you and your troops.

Trees: Attacking a tree chops it down. This makes it useless for making
inventions and is basically a dumb thing to do.

Sheep: If you attack a sheep you slaughter it and receive 180 food units. This
is a great source of food and you should kill sheep whenever you find them.

The manual says you can attack birds if your troops have bows, but you actually
can't in game.

Passive: You bully the people into submission.

Neutral: You try to bully the people, but if they resist you kill them. About
half the settlement survives the battle. It's usually not a good idea to use
this as it's the worst of both worlds.

Aggressive: You butcher everyone you can find.
You should use this on enemy armies who are usually a lot tougher than
settlements and on large towns where it can be hard to subdue everyone at the
same time, making the fight go on and on until your troops are eventually worn

If you attack a large town with equal or more people as you have troops with
passive or neutral posture chances are you'll lose. Townsfolk always try to kill
you and if you're not fighting back fully your troops will be massacred. Only
use passive posture when you easily outnumber the enemy by at least two to one.
Using passive posture is also a bad idea when the town has lots of merchants all
around the map your troops have to go and find. While you're doing that the rest
of the townsfolk will go back to their homes and restore their health and
sometimes will renew the fight meaning your tired and wounded troops will lose a
lot more than they would otherwise. If a town is taking a long time to conquer
and has a lot of merchants switch to aggressive and attack the town again to
slaughter the populace. You will have less people to recruit, but you will
suffer fewer losses.

Land walkthrough

This walkthrough starts with land one in the top left hand corner of the map and
works its way across the map in rows from left to right.

Something youíll often see in world walkthroughs is conquering small villages
before doing anything else. This is done because conquering small villages gives
you soldiers you can then use to bolster your army so you can defeat larger
villages with passive posture, and thus gain access to even more recruits.

Itís very important to remember that attacking villages should be done passively
unless the walkthroughs say otherwise i.e., subdue, donít slaughter. Killing off
villages, while fun denies you recruits. Not having enough soldiers can make
many lands unwinnable. Attacking and killing people is always referred to as
ďslaughterĒ or otherwise clearly described as killing off populations.

Donít worry much about inventing unless the walkthrough says otherwise. Most of
the time you never really need to invent anything to win a land. As long as you
can get the numbers you donít need good weapons.

World 1

Not much to say about this world; just set your posture to passive and take both
small villages. Donít bother taking food or men, as youíll finish long before
you need either.

World 2

Attack the village above you, recruit its men and take their food. Do the same
with the next village. Now attack the 18 man town nearby and with your strong
army youíll conquer them easily. Recruit everyone, set your posture to
aggressive and then butcher the big city. You donít need to take the hamlet

World 3

A big jump in difficulty here, as this is the first world where youíll encounter
opposing armies. You need to work quickly so you can intercept them.

Start by taking Haywarsh, the town in the south closest to your base. Quickly
recruit all their men and attack Scrlys, the town in the south. Recruit everyone
and almost as soon as you recruit them youíll see an army of Jayne arriving.
Quickly attack him and with the recruits from this town you should win. If he
doesnít attack right away, just wait as he almost always attacks this village.
Grab his food and then stay in camp for a minute to let your troops heal from
the battle. There is another army nearby and you donít want to move until your
army is fit again. Now head over to Macnogh in the west and take it and recruit
everyone. There is almost always another army around here as Dmmtte, the captain
in the city nearby usually recruits the people in his city and makes a small
makeshift army, heís likely near Scrlys. Butcher him. Since his army is
comprised entirely of civilians heís unlikely to be much of a problem. Now just
take over whatever else you need to finish the world.

World 4

This world is a bit strange as your base sits in the middle of a village that is
not yours. Regardless take over the village, recruit them and then attack the
village just to the south. Jayne will attempt to attack this village with a tiny
army and fail miserably, so make sure to loot his food before simply taking over
everywhere else on this map. There are only a few easy towns.

World 5

Start taking over the hamlets around the place if you like and recruit their
people to get a few more troops. There is a Jayne army around, but he will
impale himself on the southern town and die so make sure to collect his food
sack. Now just kill off the two big towns with aggressive posture. Nothing to

World 6

This land is heavily populated and you only start with a fairly small army.
Start by attacking Ccidmit, the town thatís to the west of you on the road. They
only have 14 people so you easily outnumber them. Recruit everyone and then
march down and grab Jayneís food from outside of the large city there, as he
just gets himself killed trying to attack it. Jos XVIIIís army also is here. For
some reason it just gets stuck outside of this town so take it out as well.
Conquer the smaller towns nearby and then recruit everyone and take over the two
big cities. Easy. Donít worry about using the other captains you get here.

World 7

This place is neat as itís the first land that contains a town you own when you
start the level; the town of Azarria is already yours. Unfortunately it is about
to be crushed by a large Jos army! Get there and attack the army as soon as it
appears and you should easily fight them off. I like to wait until they begin
attacking the village and then storm in and crush them so they are attacked by
two groups at once. Grab their food and recruit from your village. Jayne has an
army in the east and if you give him enough time he will conquer and recruit
from the large town there and youíre in for a world of hurt.  March over there
as quickly as possible and wait for him to attack the town. When he does, begin
attacking him and between you and the villagers he should fall quickly. Now just
finish off any other villages and towers.

World 8

Take the small village above you and then the towns in the south. From here itís
an easy matter to just butcher the large cities. Jayne has a small army near one
of the towns, but he just gets stuck on the water and he is easily killed. Make
sure you grab his food. It can be difficult to get your troops to path around
here, so make sure to order them across the small land bridge in steps by
ordering them directly in front of it before telling them to head across using
the ďMove CaptainĒ order. The cities down here are empty, but thatís because
their population formed into two armies, both of whom are stuck on the coast.
They are easy to find; one is just north of the large north city and one should
be close to the land bridge you used to cross. Once you kill both of them you
win! I like to conquer the empty cities first and then defeat the armies with
passive posture this way they become your citizens when they return home.

World 9

Attack the small village to your baseís west and youíll see a small Jos army
march by. Recruit from the village and attack him. Youíll kill him easily and
you can take his food. Now itís just a matter of taking out the small villages
until you win! The town at the top of the map is bugged; since it is so close to
the edge of the map you canít reach everyone in it and sometimes the pathing
messes up. If this happens, switch to aggressive posture and kill everyone you
can. If you take over the other villages in the land this should be enough to
win the land.

World 10

Makes sure you slaughter the sheep of the town you start near and you wonít have
to worry about food. The village just to the east has more sheep. A tiny Jos
army will attack the city of Hayeria which is to the east and will be easily
killed by the villagers, providing you with even more food. There is nothing
hard about this world, just march around and take over the small settlements
until youíre victorious! Hfofr, the town on the small jutting out piece of land
near the centre of the map is a pain to conquer since while your men walk around
the lake and hunt down its citizens, others will renew the fight. This makes it
difficult to subdue all of them. Itís much better to use aggressive posture and
slaughter them.

World 11

This peaceful and idyllic world has no enemy armies or strong villages and is
just waiting for a tyrant to conquer everything. Just recruit from the town next
to your base to take out the sole city and kill the sheep at that capital to
solve your food problems. Now just bash people up until youíre victorious.

World 12

Another easy world. The only threat is one small Jayne army that will usually
hang around the two small villagers in the centre of the map. Just recruit the
nearby villageís population and youíll easily defeat him. There are plenty of
sheep around here for food. Then itís just a matter of rolling over everyone.

World 13

This world, the one in the upper right of the map seems to be bugged. Youíre cut
off from most of the land by water and there are no land bridges leading
anywhere or fishermen on your side of the water to construct boats. Even if
there were fishermen, there are no trees to build boats with. This land is

World 14

World 14 is extremely simple. Just conquer the small villages and use their men
to defeat the slightly larger one. Easy.

World 15

Conquer the small villages nearby and take their soldiers. Now just take out the
big city with aggressive posture. The village in the north can make swords if
you want to play around with metal.

World 16

This world is full of armies. Conquer the small villages around you quickly
before you run out of food. Ignore Jayne; he will usually head north and get
slaughtered by an army of Jos after he attacks their villages. Calmly continue
gaining troops and you should have over 50 when youíre done. Now shred Jos and
finish off the other villages.

World 17

In this world just conquer the villages on your side and create some boats. This
can be buggy so if no boats are made just leave the game running for a bit until
the villages make a few. Now grab them and sail across to get that last village.

World 18

World 18 can be tricky if you donít know what to do. You have little food and
there is almost none in this world, making it tough to keep your army with you
long enough to win.

March directly to the village thatís at the northern end of the road and take it
over. Recruit everyone and then march to the top of the map and attack the large
village there. Jos will be around here somewhere with his army, either stuck on
the coast or close by. Find him as quick as you can and kill him for his food
sack. If youíre fast enough youíll be able to do this before your men start
deserting you from lack of food. This is about the only way to get any useful
amount of food in this world because there are no sheep and few farmers. Now
conquer the other villages and use the men to slaughter the large one in the
northwest. Sometimes another Jos army arrives, so be ready with a lot of

World 19

Start by conquering Jayneís village to the south. While youíre doing this look
just east of your base and youíll see a small red army depart from their tower.
They will march to the large city in the north and die trying to attack it. Head
up there and grab the food sack they leave behind. Make sure you do this after
you recruit the men from the ex-Jayne village, as otherwise the large city may
attack you when you get close. A large enough army stops this from happening.
Now take over the other small villages in the area and use the abundant food and
men to conquer the city and youíre done.

World 20

This is another world where you start with a village under your control. Ignore
them however and head north and youíll see Jayne attacking a village. He will
likely finish the attack just before you reach him. Since youíre attacking him
directly after the previous battle his troops will not have had a chance to heal
and he should die to your attack, though it might be a close battle as the
village nearby that he just conquered will join in too. Once heís defeated, itís
an easy matter of recruiting everyone and killing off the large city for the
win. Make sure to get your men to march to your controlled town that is just
east of the city and then issue the attack to make sure your troops make it
across the narrow piece of land leading to the city.

World 21

This land is another easy conquer Ďem up. Jayne has large army in the north, but
he generally keeps to himself.

World 22

For such a sparsely populated land this is packed with armies and youíll see a
lot of combat. Conquer the villages near you and then recruit them and rest your
men. Jayne will be marching by shortly on his way north, so once your men are
rested, destroy him and loot his food. Another smaller Jayne army may be lurking
about as well. Jos has an army here as well, but itís not like heís a threat.
Just march over to the west and wipe him out. Jos will make his way east after a
while. All armies will attempt to gather troops, so the quicker you finish them
the better.

World 23

This world is all about stopping Josí armies. The large town in the north will
form an army and they will spread across the land, recruiting everyone and
before long youíll have a problem. March west and conquer all the villages there
and recruit everyone so Jos doesnít get a chance to. Soon after you do this, Jos
should arrive to attack you. Kill him with your 40+ man army and that should be
enough to tip the conquest scales all the way over, winning you the land. If not
just conquer villages until youíre victorious.

World 24

Start by conquering each fishhut as you head east and recruit the 2 people, in
each. While this might seem ridiculous, this is the only way to get enough men
together. Be quick as there is very little food and all the sheep are inside the
major city you need to conquer to win, meaning you canít get any food during
this land. Conquer the small village in the east and take their men as well.
When you have about 28 men or so attack the city nearby. Thanks to your
soldierís natural superiority to civilians you should win easily even though
youíre outnumbered.

World 25

Stay away from the large city you start near. They can turn hostile and
slaughter you as they outnumber your starting army. Begin by heading north to
the small village at the east end of the road. Youíll find a small Jayne army
here, stuck against the shore, so kill them and take their food. Now head to
Joslleme, the small town in the north and conquer and recruit the men there.
This will give you just enough men to conquer the two 18 man settlements.

This world can be very hard or easy depending on what the city you begin near
does. It will form into a huge army that either gets stuck on the coast to the
north or attack the village of Siar. If they get stuck on the coast and do
nothing this land is easy, but if they donít this is a huge pain. If youíre
really having problems, restart the land over and over until they get stuck.
Once youíve conquered the small village in the north, use the troops to take
over the two 18 man settlements. You may take a few losses doing this because of
how spread out they are. Now gather every man you can find and attack the large
army that came from the city in the south. This is a tough battle but with the
rest of the world population under you your army should win. This is easily the
hardest world yet.

World 26

A nice breather from the previous world, this is just as easy conquer them all
affair. Just conquer the small villages in the south, slaughter the large town
and then finish off the other towns. Just grab food from towns on your way and
youíll easy finish before food becomes a problem. Easy.

World 27

World 27ís only danger is a small Jos army ranging around. Just start conquering
and recruiting from the villages in the south, continue up the east side,
killing a few sheep for food and youíll find the Jos army somewhere in the
north. Crush it and conquer the rest of the villages to win.

World 28

Another easy one. Just recruit from the small villages near your base, grab
sheep from the northern one and then conquer everything in sight. This is a fun
land as its one of the only worlds where you can gain over 100 troops. Just
recruit from everywhere, passively destroy the small Jos army youíll see so you
can follow them back to their base and recruit them and grab their food to
support your troops. You should be able to support an army of 102 or so. Wow!

World 29

Conquer the small villages near your base. Recruit from them and take out the
big town. The Jos army south of your base will just kill themselves trying to
attack the large town. Easy. The far east town here can glitch out with some
people stuck beyond where your troops can move. Donít worry if this happens
since you donít need to take this place to win the world anyway. Just take over
everything else and retire and youíll win.

World 30

Take over and recruit from the village nearest your base then march off and
attack the small Jos army in the east. His tower is near the eastern most
village. Once heís crushed itís an easy matter of conquering the small villages
on the map. Make sure to grab some sheep from the nearby villages to support
your army.

World 31

Take over the village nearest your base and kill their sheep for lots of food.
Take over the northern villages as well and recruit everyone so you have about
40 soldiers. At some point while youíre doing this Jayne should show up to
attack the villages. Try to make sure he doesnít catch you while youíre taking
over another village or youíll be outnumbered. Crush him. Ones heís dead itís
just mopping up.

World 32

World 32 is an interesting land as it has a few massive population villages. Two
small villages near your base have 20 people, rather than the normal 10 and the
city in the middle of the map has a massive 56 people! The other two towns on
the map have no inhabitants at all so ignore them. Instead conquer the two
villages near your base; you start off with enough troops so make sure to
passively conquer them and kill off the sheep for food. Now roll into the 56
person village and slaughter it. Itís surprisingly easy. Donít even think of
using anything else other than aggressive posture. With that many people youíll
never subdue all of them at once. Expect heavy casualties. I attacked with 58
troops and only had 27 left afterwards Once you defeat them youíll need to track
down the Jayne army in the area. Find him and crush him. You should have just
enough troops left to beat him even after taking over the city. I had 5 soldiers
left after the battle with Jayne. If you still donít own enough to win, just
take over some of the scattered hamlets and youíll win.

World 33

Another rather glitchy world youíll notice your soldiers keep marching at your
base rather than making camp for some reason. They also sometimes get stuck
celebrating after combat, yelling constantly until you tell them to do something
else. Often your captain wonít extinguish campfires either before breaking camp,
leaving burning fires wherever he stops. What the? Check to the west of your
base and youíll see a small, Jos army march to the town in the north and get
slaughtered by a Jayne army who was already attacking that town. Step in and
crush both armies while they are distracted and grab the food. Recruit whoever
is left after the slaughter and just conquer the rest of the towns. I tend to
have a hard time subduing the towns around here as there are a lot of merchants
so it might be best to just wipe the land clean of life and slaughter all the
towns. Donít forget Jayneís base to the south of the small village in the west
of the map.

World 34

World 35

Take over the village in the mid-east of the map. Check out the village in the
southeast of the map and youíll see the first army of Harold II youíll have seen
in the game. He will march to the Jayne army as he attacks the Haroldís village
and get crushed. Loot his food and then attack and take over the village.
Jayneís army will join in, but you should win with the recruits from the other
village. Now just take over the other villages. If you need more food, the
village in the southwest has sheep. Once youíve recruited everyone, conquer the
big town in the north and the two army bases on the map and youíre done.

World 36

Grab the little village southeast of your base and then march to the medium
village in the east. Youíll see Jos attack and lose a lot of troops. Crush him
while heís weakened and grab his food. Take over the weakened village while
youíre here and then take over everything in the north, including Jayneís army
base. Jayne himself doesnít do a lot he just marches to the medium village on
the water and hangs around there with his tiny army. Go over there and crush him
and youíre done.

World 37

Take over the small village near your base and then, after recruiting from them,
kill off the larger town nearby. It should be an easy victory due to your
soldierís superiority to civilians. Kill off their sheep for food. Now slaughter
the village to the north and take over the army base and a fishhut or two in the
west. Youíll now control enough people to win the land without having to build
boats to conquer the village across the river, so retire.

World 38

Conquer the village near your base, recruit them and then destroy Jayneís army.
He is stuck on the coast to the southwest of the village. With the recruits you
should narrowly defeat him. Grab the food and then take over his base and the
other villages. Once you take over everything on the mainland, including the
army bases and the fishhut you should have just enough to win. Luckily you donít
need to take over the villages on the remote island in the southwest.

World 39

The Jayne army in this land is very odd. They begin in a tower in the north and
ignore all other villages as they march down to the village nearest to your
base. There they will slaughter a few sheep and after they kill a few they will
attack that village. Since they make a beeline for that village you have little
time to react. Take over the village and recruit its people right away. Kill a
sheep or two and then attack Jayne when he arrives. You should kill him easily,
so take his food. From there the land is a completely basic conquer Ďem up as
the only villages in the land are small, easily conquerable ones.

World 40

World 40 is another glitchy world. The villages in the north of the map canít be
taken over very well as it is tough for your troops to reach the buildings.
Jayne will attack one of these villages so take him out while heís in combat and
grab his food. Now conquer the two small villages that are away from the map
edge, the one in the south and Jayneís tower and you should have enough to win
without conquering the glitchy villages. Whew.

World 41

Begin by conquering the Jos village nearby. As soon as you attack it, a Jos army
will begin heading your way. Recruit from the village and then stay in camp
until the last possible moment so your troops have a chance to heal. Attack the
Jos army when it gets close and you should beat them quite easily. Grab their
food and start taking over everything. There is another small Jos army around,
but it is just a captain and villagers from the village in the southwest village
so they shouldnít be hard to defeat.

World 42

World 43

You need to move as fast as possible during the start of this world. Begin by
conquering the village near your base and killing some of their sheep for food.
Quickly recruit them and move to the next village and recruit them as well. Make
sure to manually move your army with move captain to get them around the water.
For some reason the pathfinding is very stupid in this land.

Now start heading north to the medium village in the east. As you move up there,
you should see Jayneís army marching towards it. If youíve been slow he will
already have conquered it and youíll have a problem. If youíre fast though he
wonít have conquered it yet and you can destroy him with the villagerís help or
not. Once heís dead, loot his food and take the village for yourself. Now
finishing the land should be a simple process. Only if Jayne manages to conquer
the village and gain access to reinforcements does this level become hard.

World 44

This is the first world where you start off with a subordinate captain. Finggd
is the leader of the town of Scrataeux and will be very useful for this land.
Switch to him and have him butcher about four of the sheep outside his town. Now
have your first captain transfer men to Finggd. Now you have an army without
your captain having to march all the way down there. Have Finggd recruit from
his town and then just use him and his army to take over every other settlement
on the map. They are all large, but your army is larger and there are no enemy
armies to worry about. Finggd does not start with a weapon, so give him a chance
to rest between battles since he will be in the melee taking damage. This is a
fun world, as you can get the maximum six captains if you passively conquer
every village. Itís neat seeing all your leaders standing there. Your power

World 45

Take the town near your base, but ignore Jayneís army in the nearby town.
Instead head north and recruit from all the towns as you conquer them. Kill the
bountiful sheep around to support your army. When youíre ready, march down and
destroy Jayne with your unstoppable army. He shouldnít do anything but stay in
his settlement.

World 46

Begin by marching to the village near the centre of the map, northeast of your
base and slaughter the sheep there to solve your food problem. Take over the
small villages nearby and recruit men ASAP. Jayne will attack the village with
the sheep and take its men but he shouldnít attack you and will head off east
instead. When youíve recruited from the villages so you have about 35 troops
attack his army and butcher it. From there itís an easy matter to get a few more
men and slaughter the large town in the north for the win! This is another
village that sometimes has people your solders canít reach. Killing a majority
of the population should tip the conquest scales all the way so feel free to
retire mid combat if you like once they do.

World 47

Begin by attacking the village to the west. Take the men and then look at the
village to the south and youíll see Jos. Crush his tiny army and loot his food.
From there itís a very easy matter of just taking over all the small villages on
the map.

World 48 not done

World 48 is pretty danm hard since you start with a grand total of six soldiers.
This means that you cannot even take over a village because you do not have
enough men. Take over the fishhut to the north and recruit the two people from
it and kill any sheep that have wandered away from the large north city to feed
your army. Jane will conquer this town, leaving the sheep free to wander into
your clutches.

World 49

World 49 is refreshingly easy. Just attack the eastern village and kill their
sheep then recruit from it and the one just to the south. There are a lot of
sheep around here so make sure you get them all. Once youíre ready just take
over the towns to the north and find the Jos army; heís likely in the centre of
the map somewhere. If youíve taken a while he may be attacking the southern
villages. His army is small so just butcher him. Now just take out the rest of
the villages and make sure you get Jayneís tower for the win!

World 50

Conquer and recruit from the small village near you and then attack the one just
to the north. Soon after you conquer this village Jayne will arrive. You will
see him marching down from the north, so recruit the people as quickly as
possible. Maybe sure to give your troops and the villages a minute to rest
before killing the sheep nearby for food. This ensures they arenít slaughtered
in battle with Jayne at low health. Once youíve killed him, this land is very

World 51

Start by conquering and recruiting from the small village to the northeast.
After that head to the large city in the south. Jos XVIIIís army is here getting
slaughtered by the inhabitants as they are complete outnumbered. When heís
destroyed, grab his food and conquer the two villages in the south. Recruit
everyone and use aggressive posture to crush both the city and Josí tower. Easy.

World 52

Conquer the two close by villages and grab the sheep from the southern village.
Once you have recruited everyone, attack Jayneís army who should be somewhere
near the fishhut in the centre of the map. Sometimes some of his soldiers might
get stuck, but as long as you kill a majority of them it shouldnít matter.

Now the problem is that there is a capital in the north with a population of 68
people, far too big for you to defeat with the other people in this world. What
you need to do is use the Derank command to send all your soldiers home and then
move your captain to the southernmost village that has steel. Drop your food in
the settlement and then invent with neutral posture. The villagers will begin
making swords. Wait in the village as the villagers produce swords and food for
you. When they have made about 30 swords, grab them and recruit men from all
your villages. Drop and equip the swords again to give them to your troops and
attack the large village with aggressive posture. As long as you have 35 troops
or so and most of them have swords youíll absolutely tear your way through the
village even though your outnumbered greatly since the swords give a huge boost
to melee skill. Once the village is full of corpses, hunt down and destroy the
guys inside Jayneís tower on the eastern edge of the map and you can retire!

World 53

Begin by quickly conquering the village to the north. Right after you conquer
it, grab the men and attack the Jayne army that should be marching towards you,
on aggressive posture. Rest your troops in the village if possible if Jayne
hasnít reached you yet. Donít wait for the recruiting to finish; as soon as you
have recruited everyone, order them to march to the village they are already in
so they stop what they are doing. This gives your troops a few seconds to heal,
which is vital for winning the fight against Jayneís army with few causalities.
Make sure to rest your men again after the fight as they probably have taken a

Now just conquer the rest of the map. There are large villages here, the one
nearby has 17 people for example and people love to spread out across the land,
giving their friends time to heal, so itís a good idea to use aggressive posture
to help avoid any protracted melees.

There is another Jayne army about who seems to randomly move around. Sometimes
they attack you along with the first army at the start of the world and
sometimes they just camp out in a village. If they attack you early and wipe you
out, try restarting the land and they likely wonít.

If you really canít kill; the other Jayne army with your remaining men, just use
the first village you conquered to make some pikes for your troops. These will
tip the melee balance in your favour and you should easily win.

World 54

Conquer the village next to you and grab their men. The medium sized village to
the north will form an army and come for you, so give your troops a chance to
rest then chop up the attacking army. They are small so it should be very easy.
The problem is that there is no way to make boats in this land since the only
village with fishermen also has metal. This means that inventing will always
make swords, since they require passive or neutral posture and not boats. This
makes it impossible to outfit your army with boats, so you need to be a little
bit sneaky.

You need a catapult and unfortunately this is as annoying as always to have
made. Try to have one created by dropping all your food in a village and
inventing with the local population. If this doesnít work, try just leaving the
game alone for a couple of hours or fast forwarding for ten minutes or so if
youíre using an emulator. After a while it is very likely one of the villages
will create a catapult or two. They generally do this when they have a large
amount of food.

Once youíve got a catapult, recruit a few soldiers and grab every boat around
the place for them. If you recruit soldiers who have boats and then grab the
boast off the landscape that you can see as well you should have about six or
seven soldiers with boats. Now move your captain to the sea near the large
village and have him attack the army youíll see on the shore. The captain will
fire and it should kill most of the enemy soldiers before you men even reach
melee and they should have absolutely no problems cleaning the few remaining
ones up. Now attack the village and much the same thing will happen; your
captain will kill most of the enemies with his catapult and the soldiers will
finish the rest. Congrats you win!

This is the only strategy I have found that allows victory in this world due to
the lack of boats, if you have a better one email me.

World 55

World 56

World 56 is another bugged world. There is just no way to make boats to reach
the villages across the lake. The only village that has fishermen doesnít have
access to wood. Luckily there is still a way.

First, conquer the village to the north and then the village to the east of that
one at the top of the map and slaughter their sheep to solve your food problem.
Now conquer the rest of the villages on the land you can reach. Make sure to get
the army on the southern coast as well. Take about 30 men to ensure their
defeat. Now the middle village here, the one that is just south of your starting
tower has a steel mine. Dismiss your army and drop food in the settlement and
have the villagers invent until the mine is complete. Use aggressive posture to
invent and youíll eventually get them to make you a cannon. This is a bit hit
and miss sometimes, so just keep reissuing the order now and then and trying
until one is made. Now grab a boat from the shore near the northern coastal
village and sail your captain, by himself, close to the other piece of land on
the map, but donít land on it. Youíll likely see that islandís people in a mass
against the coast, trying to path to the rest of the land across the sea. Target
then with an attack order and your captain will kill everyone with a few well-
placed cannon shells, instantly taking over the village. If you still havenít
won, just continue shelling people without actually touching dry land and youíll
win! That was fun!

World 57

World 57 is refreshingly straightforward after the annoyance youíve just been
though, trying to game the system. Just take over the local villages. Make sure
to hit the smaller village to the south first to give you the manpower to
conquer the larger ones without killing people. Now set up shop in there
northern large villager and begin cranking out boats. Once you have 18-20 boats
grab them all and head overseas to the villages. Save yourself some effort and
just massacre these people as it makes no difference and hunting them down can
be annoying. Easy.

World 58

Start by taking over the village just to the east and slaughter their sheep for
food. Grab the men and then march down to the other small village in the central
west. Jayneís army will be either attacking this village or nearby but their
army is tiny, so crush them and take over the village. Now conquer the other
small villages around the map. The southern village can be a pain if its people
re spored out so massacre them if the melee goes on too long. With 38 or so
troops you can attack the central city and they should easily fall. Easiest land
for a while.

World 59

Take over the small village nearby and look south; youíll see a Jayne army
heading towards a Jos XVII army in a village. March down there quickly and time
it so you attack the Jos army as the same time Jayne does. Without intervention
Jayne will lose, but if your army is there as well you will destroy Josí army
and Jayne will have taken such serious causalities that you can wipe him out as
well after the battle. Grab the abundance of food and then start conquering the
other villages here, recruiting every person. There is another Jayne army around
and it tends to be a bit random in its movements. They have quite a few men and
youíll likely be low on soldiers after the big fight against two other enemy
armies, so use the southern village with the steel mine to make some swords if
you like as that will allow you to easily kill Jayne.

World 60

World 60 is not an easy world as there is little food and two large armies that
hate you. March to the Jos village in the south and attack it. On the way there
youíll see Jayne attack the village and take it over, only for Jos to arrive and
eat his army alive. The Jos army should then leave. About the only way to win
this land is to attack that village while Jos and Jayne are fighting and hope
Jos doesnít attack you afterwards. As long as the village is taken over while
the two armies are fighting and not before or after he should ignore you and
leave after wiping Jayne out. If this doesnít happen keep restarting the land
until it does. Once you have the village, kill the sheep and take the men. Now
march around the map taking over Jayneís villages and recruit all men you can.
Sometime during this Jos will attack you but you should be able to see him off
with your large army. Now just finish conquering the villages. You donít even
need to conquer the large village to the southwest as it should have barley any
men left in it anyway.

World 61

I havenít found a good way to beat this land yet. Jos starts off with two big
armies and owns every village in the land. As soon as you do anything youíll be
stomped into mush and there is next to no food that you can obtain without being
unceremoniously crushed. Hopefully there will be a way to beat it here in future

World 62

World 62 is very easy after the hellish lands you just conquered.  Just take
over the village and fishhut nearby then attack the large village on the island.
This seems to be a glitch, as the pupation will just sit on the coast and an
enemy leader is the only one in the town. Kill him and he will drop a ton of
food. Now just invent in the village and create enough boats for your army and
go get that last village, Easy.

World 63

Begin by passively conquering the small village nearby and kill every sheep you
see for food. Now take the men and conquer the fishhut nearby. This fishhut has
a fisherman living in it so recruit him into your army and begin inventing with
passive posture at the first village you conquered. Since you have a fisherman
in your army you will create boats rather than ploughs. You will not have enough
wood to make boats for your entire army but you should gain 25 or so. Now
conquer the villages over the sea and kill off the sheep to keep your food
supply up. There are no trees on this side of the sea so it isnít possible to
make any more boats so donít bother recruiting anyone. You still cannot win this
land. There is no way to transport enough troops, so you must create superior

 Sail back to where you started and Derank everyone. Head to the first village
you conquered and drop all your food in it until they are loyal. Now invent in
the settlement with neutral posture so the populace creates pikes. Make as many
pikes as possible before the wood runs out again. I managed to make 15. Now grab
your original army and all the villagers again and equip them with pikes. You
should have 28 troops with hopefully 15 or so wielding pikes.

Now head south and attack Jayneís army that should be somewhere on the coast.
You should destroy him with your pike equipped army despite being outnumbered,
although you may take a few causalities. Now take over the villages nearby and
you win!

World 64

The only problem with world 64 is that food is at a  preueiem and you must move
quickly before you run out of food to feed your army. Begin by conquering the
two villages to the north of where you start and grabbing their men Both of
these villages have sheep and killing all of the sheep should give you enough
food to take over the southern villages and the fishhut. Do not recruit men as
this isnít needed and will simply use up food faster. When only the larger
village in the east is left, recruit men from the nearby village to take it over
without causalities. You do not need to take over the village across the river.

World 65

Begin by moving to conquer the village to the north. Get the men, kill a few
sheep and move as fast as possible to the village in the east and do the same.
There is a Jayne army in the north making a beeline directly for you at the
start of this land and you must conquer these two villages and recruit the men
ASAP. Once the second village is conquered and you have their men kill a few
more sheep and if Jayne isnít there yet have the men rest to restore their
health. Jayne will be along shortly, but with the men from these two villages
you will destroy him.

Now march to the village north of your location and take out the small Jos army
there. From there itís an easy matter of simply taking over all the villages.

6. Contact

If you have anything to add to this FAQ or comments about it you can email me
at Proudnerd255@gmail.com. Iíd love to hear from readers of this FAQ and fans of
this game so drop me a line about anything. Please tell me about typos or bad
grammar as well.

7. Credits

EA games for making many good games back in the 16bit days, although nowadays
they tend to make bad ones.

My sisters, girlfriend and mum for being awesome.

Alexander Davidson for creating Metapad, a great Notepad replacement and tool
for writers.

Steve Snake for creating KEGA, the best Sega emulator ever.