• Drive Anywhere

    To drive anywhere on the track, go to Set Options, then press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Right, Left.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Infinite Bullets

    For infinite bullets, enter the Buy Equipment screen, then press Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Down.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Infinite Money

    At the main screen showing your racing stats, driver, money etc. Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. $250,000 will be added to your cash. You can do this as many times as you want.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Unlock Olaf

    To unlock Olaf, at the character select screen, press Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.


  • Codes for any character and powered up cars in any division

    These codes allow you to play with any player including Olaf the Last Viking (hidden character) with a fully powered up car.

    RM20 RS!V XWJ!Rookie - Flea
    8M2H RSYV XWJ!Rookie - Hawk
    RM1H RSKV XWJ!Rookie - Jake
    8M20 RS6V XWJ!Rookie - Katarina
    RM10 RSTV XWJ!Rookie - Olaf
    RM2H RS2V XWJ!Rookie - Snake
    8M1H RSFV XWJ!Rookie - Tarquinn
    HM2W RS!V XWJ!Veteran - Flea
    0M2C RSYV XWJ!Veteran - Hawk
    HM1C RSKV XWJ!Veteran - Jake
    OM2W RS6V XWJ!Veteran - Katarina
    HM1W RSTV XWJ!Veteran - Olaf
    HM2C RS2V XWJ!Veteran - Snake
    0M1C RSFV XWJ!Veteran - Tarquinn
    8M28 RS!V XWJ!Warrior - Flea
    RM2R RSYV XWJ!Warrior - Hawk
    8M1R RSKV XWJ!Warrior - Jake
    RM28 RS6V XWJ!Warrior - Katarina
    8M18 RSTV XWJ!Warrior - Olaf
    8M2R RS2V XWJ!Warrior - Snake
    RM1R RSFV XWJ!Warrior - Tarquinn

    Contributed By: Ko_Enshaku.

  • Passwords for Veteran skill level

    6!!W R429 RJ6Qpart 1 of planet 2
    3KWW C92J RJ6Qpart 1 of planet 3
    4SBW Z52N 8S8Ppart 1 of planet 4
    7!7V 7G1X 8S8Ppart 1 of planet 5
    XFDW S60V WS6Mpart 2 of planet 1
    Y26W M609 RJ6Qpart 2 of planet 2
    WHGW CL0D 8S8Ppart 2 of planet 3
    X0NV MT0N 8S8Ppart 2 of planet 4
    3LLW RGZX 5TF9part 2 of planet 5

    Contributed By: Alekhnovich.

  • Play as Snake, fully loaded car, any difficulty, any planet, any division

    These codes allow you to play as Snake with loads of money and a fully powered up car.

    SPFH 7G2B XWJ!Rookie - Bogmire
    J5YH Z70B XWJ!Rookie - Bogmire, Div A
    Q40H HT23 XWJ!Rookie - Bogmire, Div B
    HQWH T80V XWJ!Rookie - Chem IV, Div A
    G!!H JN03 XWJ!Rookie - Drakonis, Div A
    Q40H HT23 XWJ!Rookie - Drakonis, Div B
    S5YC Z70B XWJ!Veteran - Bogmire, Div A
    JPFC YG2B XWJ!Veteran - Bogmire, Div B
    RQWC T80V XWJ!Veteran - Chem IV, Div A
    Q!!C JN03 XWJ!Veteran - Drakonis, Div A
    G40C HT23 XWJ!Veteran - Drakonis, Div B
    T5YC Z70L XWJ!Veteran - New Mojave, Div A
    K5YC Z72L XWJ!Veteran - New Mojave, Div B
    L5YC Z7ZV XWJ!Veteran - NHO, Div A
    B5YC Z71C XWJ!Veteran - NHO, Div B
    15YR Z70B XWJ!Warrior - Bogmire, Div A
    9PFR 7G2B XWJ!Warrior - Bogmire, Div B
    0QWR T80V XWJ!Warrior - Chem IV, Div A
    Z!!R JN03 XWJ!Warrior - Drakonis, Div A
    740R HT23 XWJ!Warrior - Drakonis, Div B
    W5YR Z723 XWJ!Warrior - Inferno, Div A
    45YR Z713 XWJ!Warrior - Inferno, Div B
    25YR Z70L XWJ!Warrior - New Mojave, Div A
    !5YR Z72L XWJ!Warrior - New Mojave, Div B
    V5YR Z7ZV XWJ!Warrior - NHO, Div A
    35YR 271V XWJ!Warrior - NHO, Div B

    Contributed By: Ko_Enshaku.

  • View ending

    To view the ending of the game, enter the password RG1Y 5HP1 2F!!

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

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